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Architectural idea

The difference between extreme light and extreme dark. The difference between the spacious and the narrow. The difference between awareness and ignorant. And that one ray of hope at the point of new, pure start.

A sense of security is achieved if a human can feel confident and safe in his environment. Architecture could fulfill this need, but no matter how thick the walls one is behind, he could never find a true sense of security without a sincere faith in a higher power. A place for no religion, and all religions, indwelling the energy of being together: Monumental, Universal, and Timeless.

Creating a place of gathering and worship for a group sharing a history of pride. A place for them to celebrate, and where their ancestors are celebrated. A place for them to come back home to.

Employing the Platonic Ideals to create a heavenly form of truth, which one can reach after walking up seven floating horizontal planes. Using the proportions of Solomon’s Temple (ad triangulum and quadratum proportioning) to create timeless architecture that marks time using sunlight.

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concept diagraming graphite on paper

fall 2012