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Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future. Robert L. Peters

, Designer s Statement Design is a sea journey that does not have a

the words and that’s why graphic designers

lief Pakistan by drawing calligraphic Islamic

shore. In this journey curiosity and the love

consider typography as an important part

type. The period of time which I spent in

of discovery never ends. Tools such as effort,

in expressing feeling and emotions. Arabic

Pakistan gave me opportunities to deal with

tender and patience are required. Throwing

and English typography are my visual ele-

people from different cultures, share with

ideas through the hock of creativeness catches

ments for my translated messages. My great

them ideas and respect their believes and

objectives. I am inspired by the purity and

experience was in Pakistan when I spent

thoughts. Through my designs I want to make

beauty of nature. The shine of the golden sand,

one year studying in international school. I

change in social life where conflicts can be

the glitter of the sea and the gradient of the sky

loved Pakistan›s nature, people and culture.

solved through visual communications and

are always my passion in designs. Feelings and

I participated in a competition for Islamic Re-

also to serve humanity.

emotions could be addressed in the shape of

GRAPHIC DESIGN BRANDING SYSTEM ISEA Conference Summer 2012 Digital Logo Concept The logo for the ISEA 2014 Dubai Conference uses both English and Arabic to represent the merging of cultures in the location of Dubai. The Arabic typography repeats the word ÂŤDubaiÂť on 4 sides to communicate the cultural context in which the conference will take place. The logo is designed to represent both electronic art and the modern side of Dubai. The type is also configured to represent the old buildings in Dubai with a small dot to signify pinpointing a location on a map.


Name badge 10 x 4 cm

Ticket 15 x 6 cm

Letterhead A4 Size


Folder 31 x 22 cm





Booklet Package


Booklet overview Pages: 8/12 15 x 15 cm

A ISE L NA TIO ART A N NIC m ER ro INT TRO ts f e TH ELEC l artis at th E I T N d a e N n at and , E o , O i t e c s W M rna rld lo cienc ation , U ET t TH POSI s nte 0 i e wo f art, resen orking . 0 M h Y 1 t S tw ore to rp er er Ov ll ov poin Pape ps, ne nd m a a ing . o , y ksh nts ss og cro chnol , wor l eve te nels ecia pa s, sp g etin me


er b tem 014 p Se 2 Poster A2 Size


DUBAI 2 0 1 4

i a b






GRAPHIC DESIGN TYPOGRAPHY Maitha typeface Fall 2012 Digital This project was an opportunity for me to design a bilingual typeface. The typeface is inspired by the flow of henna. It was a great experience for me to get into the process of designing a typeface and also appreciate type designers. I named it Maitha because it was based on my handwriting and I think in some way it represents me.

Promotional Poster A1 Size

8.092 Collaboration Spring 2012 Digital A3 Size Collaborative project between Zayed

Dubai has the potential to be the Middle East’s leader in innovation according to some leading global innovators.The extensive range of inspirational projects and pioneering developments that are taking place in the Emirate, from the world’s tallest tower to the world’s largest airport, highlight Dubai’s bold, forward-thinking attitude towards innovation, setting it as the region’s most innovative city.

University students and San Francisco University students. Phase one of the project was to design two posters that represents Dubai and San Francisco. Phase two of the project was to design two posters based on a persona that we were asked to create and exchange it with my partner overseas to make edits. Phase three was to re-design the poster which my partner edited.

Dubai Poster

where the soul of nature is revealed where the soul of nature is revealed

San Francisco Poster




Event Information

A fashion show

Burj Khalifa by LOCAL DESIGNERS May 25th 2012 in


The designer collaborates with marketers and green business strategists to reach the intended audiences on an emotional level. The brand helps companies build relationships with their audiences, of coursebut it also helps companies know how to act Branding is largly about projection what value you are projecting your communications, but the process of developing and managing a green brand also involves a greatdeal of reflection. Busines managers are forced to look critically at their companies and identify any actions and policies.



JOIN US These messages—which are at the very core of what we do and largely determine the impact we have on the world—can often seem beyond the reach of graphic design. They are not actually out of our reach, but we may need to learn how to grab hold of them.


to learn more about ways to make a positive impact on the world using design




Remix Poster

Re-Remix Poster

Visual Arts Painting Book cover Summer 2012 water color on paper A4 Size

Photography Title: The Soul of my Grandfather Spring2012 A3 Size

Biography Maitha Ali Albloushi, is a Graphic Design major studying at Zayed University in College of Art and Design. She chose graphic design major because she likes designing posters, cards and logos. She thinks that designers have more opportunities to globalize their messages to people. Her great experience was in Pakistan when she spent there one year

and participated in a competition for Islamic Relief Pakistan 2007. In 2008 and 2009she was a member in Emirate club in American University of Sharjah and created posters and cards to support the club. Also, she participated in Zayed University Students’ Annual Exhibition 2012 with three different works such as posters design, video installation and traditional wall tapestry.

Maitha Ali Albloushi portfolio  

I am majoring Graphic design.