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Text: Alicia Núùez Puerto Design and illustrations: Maite Mutuberria All rights reserved

The day Poc got lost

Alicia Núñez Puerto Maite Mutuberria

Argo had only one friend, called Poc. They lived together in any normal forest in any normal region of any normal country. However, they did not live together as one would imagine. They did not share a house or any such thing. Poc was a tick and lived amongst the brown strands of Argo’s fur. Argo was a lynx and enjoyed the company of Poc. Poc was the size of a full stop, like this “.�, but fatter and with two big, expressive eyes which made him visible to the rest of the world. He never stopped moving! Argo was much quieter, a little cowardly even, but he had enough energy to stay standing for many hours. The most important thing was that they loved being next to each other.

One morning, a morning like any other, Argo awoke. He noticed that his fur was really quiet so he called his friend: - Poc, friend, good morning! Nobody answered. - Poc, are you there? There was still no answer. It was the first time something like that happened. Where could Poc be?

Argo searched among the leaves on which he had slept. He peered over the cliff. He asked the frogs and the flamingos. Poc was nowhere to be seen. Then, Argo thought: - Poc has gone around the world without me. What will happen to him out there alone? What if a chameleon eats him? Argo did not like leaving the forest. In fact, Argo was afraid to leave it. What would happened if Poc meets a fierce lion? And what about an angry hipo? Or a starving vulture? And then Argo realized Poc could be in danger! He decided it was his duty to find his friend Poc before anything bad happened. And Argo took way.

Argo arrived at one big jungle. He was really tired. Two chimpanzees rolled past and wrestled Argo to the ground. When they saw Argo rolling around too, they were very happy and continued pushing. - Look, mum, look! Another friend with fur! - Hey, please, hey! –Argo didn’t know how to stop them.–I’m getting sick! The chimpanzee mum looked at them. - Oh! Be quiet and come here you two! – said the mother, very seriously. – I am so sorry, sir. - My name is Argo and I am a lynx. The little chimpanzees sat down in front of their mother. Then, Argo took a step forward. He was determined for the first time in his life. - I’m looking for my friend Poc, he is a tick and he wants to travel around the world. The orangutans stopped playing and, very interested, they looked Argo. - Is he traveling around the world in his own? – said one of them. - It’s so annoying to travel that long alone. I would do it with you – said the other chimpanzee to his brother. - Well… that was his dream but he got lost and I’m looking for him. - And where is his favorite place? – the mother asked. Argo thought about that. Poc’s favorite place wasn’t the humid forests of the toucan, neither the bamboo where the weird bear lived, neither the big island for sleepy animals, nor the white land for the emperors, nor even the jungle he was in… Poc’s favorite place was the shore of the river where they played at night! And, in that moment, Argo had a big doubt: what if Poc was not travelling around the world but at home waiting for him? Argo said goodbye to the chimpanzee family and, quickly, went home.

The day Poc got lost  

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