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Maite Santamaria Moreno Industrial Design

Maite Santamaria Moreno

Personal information

Work experience

I am a student at Mondragon Unibertsitatea, taking a degree in Industrial Design.

Summer camp monitor in 3 years

I have a keen interest in almost everything I should try to learn new things quickly.

Mathematics, physics, manufacturing processes, graphic design, technical drawing, materials

I consider myself a creative and optimistic person. When something is going wrong I try making people laugh, because if you are working in a pleasant atmosphere, the things will worked out better. The purpose of this portfolio is to show the process behind the project showing in the same time my capacities and skills.

Prizes 2012 - 2nd prize of The 24h. of innovation season 6, ESTIA (Bidart)

Languages Basque (EGA), Spanish, English (FCE )

Technical skills

Computer skills Microsoft oďŹƒce Adobe Ilustrator Adobe Photoshop NX Unigraphics SolidWorks AutoCad Rhinoceros V-ray Adobe PDF

Sincerely yours,

Selected work Kubecurve



Xtrimity S12

douce H+

KUBECURVE Year 2012 Place Mondragon Unibertsitatea Client Yor Type of project Product design Objective Design a bench for a certain place Team members Josu Luengo, Lide Montero, Jon Ander Urdalleta

KUBECURVEKU Analysis First place the bench in a speciďŹ c area of a city, in particular in Zurriola, Donostia. After this, it has been determinated the values that the bench has to transmit, taking into account the environment. Finally, it is obtained the positioning.

Donostia San SebastiĂĄn




Bench place

UBECURVEKUBECURV blend in the environment resistant craft


irregular ergonomic




In Zurriola there are benchs yet


if you are sitting down you CAN’T see the sea because of the wall




The bench will be manufactured to place it next to the wall so that old people can see the sea sitting comfortably

KUBECURVEKUBECUR Concept The skeching process ends in these three drafs, but taking into account all the values to follow, the ďŹ nal product choosen is Kubecurve.



Pine wood

Wood durability:

Salts’ impregnation: Varnish:


UNE 56-400-85 UNE 56-414-88 UNE 56-415-88 UNE 56-416-88 UNE EN 335 1 & 2 UNE EN 350 1 & 2 UNE EN 351 1& 2 UNE EN 460 UNE 21152/86 UV-rays protection Anti-damp Colour




Treatments: Wood protection:


Low carbon steel F-1110 Treatments: Galvanize



The objective of this part of the project is to develop until the bench is 100% done. All the materials, dimentions, manufacturing processes, assembly and the components have been choosen to obtain a bench completely defined.

Materials and treatments





RVEKUBECURVEKUBE Manufacturing process Pine wood Cut In the carpenter’s shop

Make the hole Drill

bit 6,6mm.


All the sheet metal pieces are welted each other with MAG welding Screw dowm the wood to the main structure Finally, with the SPIT screws fix the bench to the ground


Principal sheet metal (thickness: 7mm.) Stiffers (thickness: 7mm.) Back wood


Seat wood

Cut Water jet cutting (WJC)

Fold Folding machine all the radios with the same dimention (45mm)

Screw SPIT, TRIGA Z V10-15/10 M10 Bolt DIN 603 M6x25 Hexagonal nut M6x1x6,1, UNE EN 24034 Pressure washer GROVER DIN 6905x7,4 Cube sheet metal (thickness: 3mm.) Cube wood Self-tapping screw DIN 7401 M4,8x25

KUBECURVEKUBECUR Final product Renders of the Kubecurve and the ďŹ nal position in Zurriola.


Colour&TrimC Year 2013 Place Mondragon Unibertsitatea Client Maier S.Coop. Type of project Colour&Trim Objective Design the interior and exterior part of an automotive vehicle Team members Myself Additional information V Maier S.Coop. International design competition

Introduction Focus the Colour&Trim in the interior and exterior part of a vehicle.







Transmite sensations


Feel everything!










Brief design

Colour&TrimColour& Material board

&TrimColour&TrimColo Final car


Side view

Front view

Door panel


BeyeuxBeyeux 2012 ESTIA. Bayonne Azimut innovation Conceptualization Create an atractive product for silence vehicles (bicycle) because people or cars can’t see them Team members Garazi, Nerea, Nere, Ander, Itsaso, Maitane, William, Enara, David Additional information The 24h. of innovation - Season 6 _2nd prize Year Place Client Type of project Objective

Introduction The 24h of innovation is a competition organizazed by the university of Bayonne, ESTIA, to develop innovative concepts. People that don’t know each other have to create a group of 10 and find the best solution for the problem choosen in 24h. The competition starts when they assign a proyect to each group and finishes 24h. later with a 3 minutes presentation. The presentations are evaluated by a jury. (In the last page of this proyect is the link of the video used in the presentation)

Problem In the cities the vehicles that not make any noise, as the electric car or bike, become invisible for the others.

How can we see them?

xBeyeuxBeyeuxBeyeu Beyeux With Beyeux you will be able to make yourself visible to other people with only a light or just noise. The cars coming from behind will go through a security perimeter previously established and just then begins giving out a green intermittent light, so that cars will know there is a vehicle to respect. In addition, a sound created with wind alert pedestrians of the proximity of the bike.

BeyeuxBeyeuxBeyeux Eco Based on: Eco-care and Eco-design Optimized material volume Self-produced energy Dynamic into electric energy

Organic shapes. Mimeticked in the environment No ecological impact while using Recyclacle

Prototiping In those 24h. a prototype of polyestyrene was done.


Xtrimity S12

Drive your way

Year 2012 Place Mondragon Unibertsitatea Client Mondragon Unibertsitatea Type of project Modeling Objective Create a chassis for a radio-controlled car. Team members Nerea Lopez, Garazi Mitxelena, Julen Urkizu, Aritz Aranburu, Ander Arregi

XtrimityS12Xtr Analysis The following project consists on the design of the outside of a car. The car market has detected a large gap in electric cars. Nowadays the aesthetic of this type of cars is similar and taking into account this gap, it was decided to design an attractive car. Firstly, some sketches were done.

rimityS12XtrimityS12 Prototyping Having sketched out a shape we were happy with, we started with the prototyping. First we did a model with modeling compound to deďŹ ned completety the shape. After this, we did the same model but now using polystyrene; for obtaining a high ďŹ nish.

XtrimityS12XtrimityS1 Build process The challenge was to take the shape of the polystyrene model, scanning it with a Kinec 3D scanner and then started refining the figure in NX 7.5 Unigraphics. First, the opposite shape was made for building the mould in a CNC machine. After obtaining the mould, we did the final real size physical 3D model with carbon fibre.


douce H+

Year 2012 Place Mondragon Unibertsitatea Client Fagor S. Coop. Type of project Technical drawing 2D Objective Redesing a hairdryer Team members Nerea Lopez, Garazi Mitxelena, Nerea Barrasa

douceH+douc Technical drawing The aim of this project is to redesign a hairdryer. In this pages it is posible to see all the dimentions and tolerances of the outside case in 2D, the explosion and the assembly.

ceH+douceH+douceH+ Zirkuitu inprimatua



Maite Santamaria Moreno +34 675 71 39 30

Maite Santamaria Moreno - Industrial Design - Portfolio  

Maite Santamaria Moreno's portfolio - Industrial Design - Mondragon Unibertsitatea

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