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Private, Corporate & Public events | Venue hospitality

Welcome to Maison van den Boer, the party caterer specialising in hospitality, venue and event management.

With over 100 years’ experience in food service & hospitality, Maison van den Boer, part of the Royal Van den Boer Group, has achieved a leading position in the world of private, corporate and public events and venue hospitality. This family company has continuously renewed its products and services over the years, resulting in a wide range of satisfied clients and regular customers. In this brochure, you will find different cases, appealing concepts, multifunctional venues and a number of colleagues who are happy to realise the finest projects for you. In short, a look into the kitchen of Maison van den Boer. Taste our passion!

Noud van den Boer | Director Majority Share-

Wishing you a lot of inspiration, viewing and reading pleasure.

holder Royal van den Boer Groep

"For me, it’s always a great honour to be allowed to provide the organisation and hospitality for the best moments inpeople’s lives."

Jeroen Enzerink

Noud van den Boer

Jeroen Enzerink| Managing Director

"Our 'house' stands for experience and hospitality. Your guests are in good hands with Maison van den Boer."

Femke van Grinsven | Receptionist

"The contact with our customers, suppliers and all my colleagues really makes me happy!"

In a world where people are touched by experiences, Maison van den Boer aims to be theleading supplier of creative solutions when it comes to total concepts for events. Maison van den Boer offers the certainty of a perfect and stylish service that always fulfils and, where possible exceeds, the intended purpose with an eye for detail, passion and enthusiasm. Our core strength is reflected in the highest quality of gastronomy and hospitality.

“Freedom to enjoy.�

“Welcome to the home of original cuisine!�

Corporate events Each corporate event is unique. A new challenge, large-scale, small-scale, one-time or recurring. We are happy to take on this challenge with you, so you have the peace of mind and freedom to enjoy! Reliable, professional and representative of the goals you wish to achieve. Elder Meijning | wait staff employee

“How do you want people to remember the party? Once you know that, you can work towards it.�

product presentations | cocktails and receptions | lunches and dinners charity events | lifestyle and fashion events events

Priscilla van Velzen | new business manager

"I meet new clients every day and gladly bring them into contact with our unique hospitality and our art of creating a unique experience!"

Bellina Ronen | senior accountmanager

"A location is a prerequisite.There are endless possibilities in terms of atmosphere, style and design; the choice is yours.Modern, classic, trendy or 'like no one has ever had before." Martijn Blokx | patissier

“Preparing genuine and delicious pastries with my team,'isn't that a joy?' A delicious profession.�

Catfish with duxelle of mustard and carrot, lime, fried spinach and lobster foam

Private Parties For many years now, Maison van den Boer has translated your wishes and expectations into a more than successful party. Whatever the reason, a birthday, a christening, a wedding anniversary, a graduation or other special event. Your requirements are carefully mapped out and shared with our years of knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm.

weddings | graduation parties | anniversaries birthdays| religious festivals | cremations& burials

"Too good to be true."

Jose de Korte | accountmanager

"I start each day full of energy to create a party together with my client; from small to large... the passion for hospitality, food and drink gives me energy."

Partytime! Your child’s birthday is one of the most precious moments. This has to be an unforgettable day not just for you, but most certainly for your children and their friends.There is nothing as memorable as a party in your own home with our professional help. You enjoy a carefree day and your child will never forget this birthday or special moment!

“An unforgettable party!”

Remco Wols | creative chef

"Cooking is my passion. It sounds simple and easy. My wife sometimes jokingly asks if I’m married to her or to my profession. I practice my profession enthusiastically and with great pleasure every day."

Eugène Swalen | kitchen manager, SVH Master chef

“Craftsmanship, passion, product knowledge and discipline are the basis of a good chef. Always try to create the wow effect. Working with fresh ingredients and seasonal products is a plus. Be curious and get inspiration globally.Today’s guests expect a lot.”

Cuisine Our roots lie in cooking -where everything revolves around the taste of good food. A paradise for foodies. Top-class cuisine is our passion. Providing for small or large groups on location withconsistent quality requires a high degree of skill and experience. This is an art in itself.

“Gastronomy is in our genes.”

Nathalie te Pas | catering chef

"Catering is about top-class performance! Each event is unique and challenging. That is what I look for in my profession. Working with the best products at the most promising locations. Providing a lovely luxurious gala dinner, a barbeque with people at home, it can all be organised.That’s the strength of our business!"

"Deliciously Different"

Eric Veraart | procurement manager

"Not only our customers want the very best. I also find it a daily challenge to get the best from our suppliers in order to meet the needs of our customers. The work is multifaceted and requires a high degree of perfection. Every day I reflect with great pleasure on the results achieved."

Food design Sharing experiences, trying new things and tasting are rituals in our kitchen. No matter where or when, presenting the most beautiful dishes that not only meet your desired quality, but that also surprise you with special taste experiences and presentation methods. On top of that we take into account the essential catering principles of centralised food preparation, suitability for every size, guaranteed food safety and optimum quality control. Exactly to taste, place and time.

Buttermilk with apple compote and 'stroopwafel' Spring salad with asparagus and crayfish

Dutch mushrooms in white wine-mustard sauce Misosoup with tuna, tahu, wakam茅 and light wasabi

Sweet Meat!

Veal entrec么te with crusty Scorzonera hispanica

Robert Danse | creative chef

Dark chocolate with passion fruit-chocolate cream, mango and caramel crunch

"There is no disputing taste, but we want to surprise you with structures and combinations. Airy and crunchy to soft and full. Tasting every day is essential in order to continue developing your palate."

Prawns with chilli sauce

Veal schnitzel with spinach compote

House of Experience Specialists with a broad vision of events. Creators of complete experiences with the integration of all possible disciplines. We are able to provide complete solutions to achieving your challenges.

“We translate the finest thought or wish into an unforgettable event on all sensory levels.” Marjon Klok | Manager Maison van den Boer Events

“Enthusiastically developing full-service events with the DNA of the client as the main source of inspiration, that’s my passion! From beginning the creation on a white piece of paper to the realisation of a total experience really gives me a 'kick', every single day!"

Since 1906 Much has changed since Maison van den Boer began as a patisserie in 1906. We’ve grown from a small family business to a modern hospitality organisation that provides corporate, private and public events.With our experience, culinary knowledge, attention to detail and sense of hospitality, we belong at the top of European party catering. Craftsmanship and passion are still the core values of our family business, just like more than one hundred years ago. Some things never change.

Joke van den Boer

"The most important thing, amongst all the social changes and movements, is to remain true as a company to your own principles and products. Know what you’re good at and stick to it!"

“It’s for a good reason that we’ve been able to honour a name for more than one hundred years.”

Sports and cultural events On a day that involves an important match or a concert by your favourite artist... a snack or a drink is not to be missed in this vibrant setting. But we won’t distract you from the event – you won’t miss a thing. Not missing out on the activities, visibility and ease, that’s what it’sall about.

Robert Beks | projectmanager

"Being involved from A to Z, in beautiful, challenging and unique projects, allows me to do my job with pleasure, passion and pride."

tennis tournaments | golfevents equestrian competitions | polo matches auto racing | football matches | art fairs

“A relationship marketing tool par excellence.”

Tentaccommodaties Congres- en concertgebouw De Doelen, Rotterdam Museumkwartier 's Hertogenbosch

Circuit Park Zanvoort Zandvoort

Hulstkamp Gebouw Rotterdam

World Forum Den Haag

Philips Stadion Eindhoven Wil van de Ven | partymanager

Handelskammer Hamburg, Deutschland Stadion Galgenwaard Utrecht

"Even after 35 years of service, I still find Maison van den Boer a magnificent company to work for. The family also has a special place in my heart!" MECC Maastricht

Amsterdam ArenA Amsterdam

Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

Afas Circustheater Scheveningen

Kasteel Duivenvoorde Duivenvoorde

Cruise Center Altona Hamburg, Deutschland

Venues Maison van den Boer started out by providing dinners in people’s homes and has expanded this over more than one hundred years to unique locations at home and abroad, from a house, a tent, an industrial building to a castle. We are happy to be your culinary host!

Huub Zegers | senior accountmanager

"After almost 40 years with Maison van den Boer, I can assure you that we are the best partner for your full-service event, whether large or small"

football stadiums | theatres | fairs and conference centres| museums | heritage sites

Fan catering Maison van den Boer provides fan and public catering during major sporting events and indoor and outdoor dance events. Characteristic of these activities is the massive scale and that the guests want a more functional type of catering. Maison van den Boer is chosen by its partners because it is able to implement this kind of catering with more perfection and experience.

Bas Aarts | head of beverage warehouse

"A party should run likeclockwork. By that I mean that the guests should only see the hands of the clock and not the cogs that allow everything to run smoothly."

Norbert van Ommen van Guijlik Hospitality consultant

"Daily driven to excel in team format with only one goal: perfect hospitality service"

dance events | festivals | sporting events | concerts

Jack de Laat | finance manager

"I gladly grab the bull by the financial horns"

Pierre Smits | directeur services

"25 years ago, I read the following quote in the office at my former employer: 'The bitterness of poor quality remains long after thesweetness of low price is forgotten'. That is still our style today: deliver top quality in all your processes, know and exceed customer expectations, but stay true to yourself. By this, I mean: if you are not sincere about high quality or if that’s just not how you are, it won’t work. That’s how I assess people I’m looking to recruit for our company.

Advice & consultancy We support and advise our clients in the creation of sustainable and profitable (multifunctional) event locations, restaurants, retailprojectsand strategic personnel planning with the aim of increasing profitability and market position. Our experience teaches that successful hospitality and location management stems from a combination of a solid business plan, strategic management, commercial and facility management and a good operational entity.

DesirĂŠe Knook | HRM coĂśrdinator

"The desire to excel! That is what Maison van den Boer envisages for every event. We achieve this through our committed employees. People who enjoy their work and who want to develop their talents. The challenge for HR is to hire the best new colleagues and then to stimulate their growth!"

Louis Frankenhuis CEO Royal Van den Boer Groep

Noud van den Boer DMS Royal Van den Boer Groep

Jacques Laumans CFO Royal Van den Boer Groep

Jeroen Enzerink General director Maison van den Boer

Joke van den Boer Corporate communications Royal Vd Boer Groep

Pierre Smits Director services Maison van den Boer

“Our staff are worth their weight in gold”

Ralph Eradus Director operations Maison van den Boer

Maison van den Boer BV | De Amert 207 NL PO-box 5462 GH | Veghel, The Netherlands T: +31 (0)413 318 318 | | |

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ENG - Brochure Maison van den Boer  

ENG - Brochure Maison van den Boer

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