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Horse play: Chris Scott now has a passion for the sport of carriage driving, here in competition at the “Cuts” in May where she won the “most elegant lady” prize

ings at which traffic lights are green for both cars turning right and pedestrians at the adjacent crossing, and also to the contraflow cycle lanes that have been introduced in some neighbourhoods. She also served as the British representative on the Conseil National pour Etrangers for five years and was president of its committee against racial discrimination. That involved some very tough cases assisting immigrants from non-EU countries. Scott recalls arguing on behalf of a Polish family that was refused permission to stay in Luxembourg even though Poland was due to become a member of the EU the following year. “We kept meeting people in dramatic situations, very human stories. It is

very difficult because the texts are so closed. But it is very unfair. Personally, all you can do is sit down and cry in those cases.” Scott is also a member of EUSONET-the Network of European Social-democratic Lawyers--which has been working on a number of topics that interest her personally, including women’s rights, abortion and divorce law. And she worked as an in-house legal expert for the national data protection authority on the right to privacy. “It was very fulfilling to have been part of that team, working with one foot in and one foot outside an institution like that.” Indeed, over the past seven years whenever an interesting job came up Scott would apply for it systematically. “On the one hand to improve my CV

and measure myself against others--I didn’t want to fall into the trap of saying I’ve got my own law firm and don’t need anybody. But also because I always thought, with my expertise, I could help on a bigger scale.” Scott readily admits that taking one individual case all the way through the courts is very difficult. In addition, being her own boss, doing everything from ordering printer toner to writing bills, was not allowing her time to pursue her other interests. “I was a victim of my own success.” So she eventually quit her law firm; a decision that she says “was quite something.” She now works for Robert Goebbels, MEP and a former heavyweight in the LSAP who served as minister for the economy, transport and

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