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Leading candidate: Chris Scott with Marc Angel, who is top of the LSAP list in the capital city

but I wouldn’t say it was degrading or anything.” She is still in touch with many of the Miss World contestants via Facebook. “Most of them have done something with their lives.” Her passion now is carriage driving, a sport with which she also travels to meetings all over Europe with colleagues who together keep four Cleveland Bay horses --the only team of that breed on the European continent. Languages Through their parents, Scott and her sisters were naturally fluent in French and English. So they learned German at the European School--“our parents said if the other kids were having to make the effort to learn a foreign language, so should we.” Back in her school days there was, she says, little mixing between the European community and the “ordinary” Luxembourgish people. But her parents remedied that by encouraging their offspring to befriend local children on their street and to take up activities such as horse riding and ice skating. “That way we got used to hearing Luxembourgish, although they spoke to us in French or German. I actually only

learned Luxembourgish when I started working.” Actually, although it is now obligatory, when Scott joined the bar there was no requirement to learn Luxembourgish. But most of her clients in her first job, at a large law practice that specialised in litigation, were Luxembourgers. Her subsequent work with the OGB-L trade union as a lawyer also meant that Scott picked up Portuguese as many of her clients were immigrants. Despite the fact that she had wanted to practice business law, Scott soon became fascinated by her work with the union. “We were offering consultations, giving free advice, to a trade union and actually helping people. At university everything was so theoretical, yet here I was meeting people I didn’t know who had a serious problem and I had the expertise and faculty to help them. It was just so wonderful, and I realised this is what I needed to be doing rather than translating boring articles on statutes of companies; copy paste work.” In 1995 she formed a partnership with her boss, Jean-Jacques Schonckert. Two years later she struck out on her own. “The problem with having a partnership

with your old boss is that there is always a senior and junior partner. We still get on well.” She became, by her own admittance, “a militant left-winger”, working exclusively for the union and joining the LSAP. “In the 15 years since I qualified I have been practically one of the few lawyers in Luxembourg to publicly say what I stand for, that I am on this side of the bar when it comes to labour law.” Supporting victims Indeed, Scott has a record of standing up for victims. She was vice-president of the road traffic victims association (AVR) and she also supported victims of work accidents. That brought her to the European Court of Human Rights, where she won a case against Luxembourg based on article 2--the right to life--of the European Convention on Human Rights after she fought to win damages and an investigation into the death of a Portuguese father of two had been killed when a wall collapsed on him while he was working on the boulevard Royal. At a local level, Scott is also concerned about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the city. In particular, she is opposed to road cross-

I call myself a eurobrat” Chris Scott

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