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Chris Scott

“I always thought… I could help on a bigger scale” Chris Scott could be a poster girl for integration. A lawyer and holder of four nationalities, she has gone from European School student to political candidate via Miss Luxembourg. Text: Duncan Roberts — Cover and opener photos: David Laurent/Wide — shot with analogic Mju camera

Chris Scott: grew roots in Luxembourg

It is difficult to get away from Chris Scott at the moment. Her photo is plastered all over the capital city, on the top row of candidates on the city’s LSAP party election posters. The socialist’s publicity machine is well oiled and Scott has also been appearing at events ranging from town hall style meetings to a satirical review put on by SPIC (Socialistes Pour l’Intégration de la Citoyenneté) at the Abbaye de Neumünster. Not that Scott is complaining if her profile is raised--after all in an election, and particularly a local election in tiny Luxembourg, recognition is half the battle in trying to winning votes. “If you are in a village and own the café or the local garage you have a better chance of being elected than if you are sit-

ting at home studying for a diploma,” she says. But Scott herself has been accustomed to being in the spotlight in the past. As winner of the Miss Luxembourg title in 1989, she became something of a local celebrity. Scott moved to Luxembourg with her family in 1974, the year after the UK and Ireland joined the EC. Her father, a professor of law, had taken a sabbatical year in 1973 to study European law in Nancy, and then was offered a job at the European Court of Justice. “Initially it was a temporary move, and then we grew roots,” she explains. Indeed, although her father passed away in 1983, Scott’s French mother still lives in Luxembourg. Her two sisters both moved abroad, but Scott stayed in Luxem-

bourg, because, like many former European School students, she feels at home here. “When we went back to England we were told we had a funny continental accent, or when we visited my mother’s family in France we were told our accent was Luxembourgish. Here, even in the 1970s, it was normal to speak several languages and be a foreigner. I call myself a Eurobrat.” She entered the Miss Luxembourg contest while still a student because the first prize was a Ford Fiesta. She ended up winning and having great fun. As a result she was entered for both Miss World and the much more commercial Miss Universe contest. It was, she says, a great experience, travelling the world and meeting the other girls. “I am a feminist,

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