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100% renewable energy for all our clients* From 1st October onwards, all our clients* will be supplied with 100% green electricity “naturstroum”, originating from renewable and eco-friendly sources. This requires no technical intervention and no administrative formalities. Moreover, we will cover any additional charges compared to the conventional electric energy supply. Green electricity - it will not change your everyday life, but it will change our future. * private and professional (administrations and SMEs) clients with standard rate

tel. 26 39 48 48 • Mix 2011

100% énergie hydroélectrique

11,8% énergies fossiles

47,6% énergies fossiles

LEO 2010 émissions de CO2: 0 g/kWh

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0,1% énergies diverses émissions de CO2: 334 g/kWh

LEO prévisionnel émissions de CO2: 78,3 g/kWh

9/22/11 11:20 AM

Delano October 2011  

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