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Basin “in crust� francesca perani / italy

Did you ever enjoyed rocks? since ancient times men’s relationship with natural stone, rocks, sea cliffs, has came to meet the human needs of relaxation, adventure and curiosity. Why 'then we insist on turning beautiful natural sculptures into cold stone artifacts?

travertino stone great friend of baths Inhabitants of Mediterranean area have always had since ancient times, an important relationship with hammams and thermal baths: significant religious and ritual places. The travertine marble was definetely the most used by ancient Romans to make their thermal spa creating spaces of an exclusive atmosphere of calm and elegance.

Man loves stones

Man works on them

..and make them unique

The entire project is based on the desire to maintain as much as possible the more engaging essence of a natural material, its crust Once extracted from the quarry Travertino stone of Tivoli (the most used marble from the ancient Romans) like many other extracted stones, shows marble crust/facades : natural, crude. This slice of material is discarded from the block to become generally stone grit. To create a sink that invokes the use of a single block of carved marble it was suggested the use of this CRUST, or the natural front of the block. The skillful assembly of slab splits cutted at 45degrees and glued with echological glue give the basin the impression to be made from a singleblock. It is then combined with a small basin created by the same block sandblasted and treated with natural water repellent. The use of irregular surface seems to rebalance the whole body from overuse of industrial machines. The user of the basin is so 'in a more organic, ancestral relationship with it. The Lavabo in crust wants to represent, as in the Mediterranean tradition a project to overcome rigid and repetitive visions typical of the economic globalization, the originality is created by an instinctive design relationship with emotions and memory. The use of marble in its most natural being is an exaltation of the irregularity, in marked contrast with the idea of perfection and reproducibility of industrial production it is a project in favor of an organized craft production.


Prototype : making it

rock basin  

concept design and prototype, to see more watch

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