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Photo: Hans-Peter Bloom , Styling Anki Johansson & Carina Adamsberg Layout : Sandra Lööv & Anki Johansson

News Spring & Summer 2011 Variation and inspiration

are the keywords for the Swedish Mairo. With the great number of patterns, all of them in many colour combinations, Mairo offers tradition, surprising solutions and unlimited combination possibilities. Mairo designs, develops and sells home furnishing products, particularly in the form of decorative textiles and roller blinds. Our long-term co-operation with established designers has resulted in a great number of enthralling and creative patterns. Swedish tradition Mairo fabrics originate from traditional and genuine handicraft and all of them are printed at our own printing plant in Blekinge. The colours are weighed and mixed by hand, then poured, also manually, into the 18-metre long printing machine. Each step of the process, from light exposure to laying patterns on the printing mats, is done by hand, with perfect precision and feeling. After printing, every single metre of the printed fabric is inspected, before it is carefully rolled up. Because we mix our colours ourselves, we have the chance to produce the exact colour and the exact tint we wish to get. The colours, from colour paste to ready colour, are water-based and environmentally friendly. At the same time we are still looking for new and even more environmentally friendly solutions. We always print whole roles of fabrics consisting of natural fibres, such as pure linen, half-linen and pure cotton. Welcome to be inspired! Regards from


Design Ida Arnfelt

Ida Arnfelt Ida gets mostly inspired of a form or a movement, around which she creates an own, little world. It is especially interesting to find half abstract shapes which, in different contexts, or through small changes, form something new. Her style is often rather graphical. The interest and the need to express herself through picture and form, has always been strong for Ida. Ida knew that she would work with pattern design already when she graduated from Beckmans School of Design, with focus on Advertisement and graphical form, 2009. The idea of her examination work was to tell a story through a wallpaper pattern. Since then Ida has run her own enterprise, Ida Arnfelt Studio, where she works as a graphic designer and illustrator, but the focus lies most on just pattern design.

In the pattern Pinje...

Ida, as she so often does, brings her inspiration from the nature. She wanted to create a depth and a flow in this pattern. Ida says: �I was sitting at home in my apartment in Stockholm and looked through a book about plants and animals and decided on the shape of a pine branch, which is graphic and organic at the same time.An expression that I often return to when I design patterns. The shape grew very intuitive. I like to depict nature scenes on a new and a bit stylistically way rather than the fully faithful. �

Styvmorsviol & Viola Design Linda Svensson Edevint

Linda Svensson Edevint Vigorous patterns that take much space and that are visible in their context are characteristic for Linda´s style. Because of her confidence in form and colour she has received great interest not only in Sweden, but also internationally. During her co-operation with Mairo she has designed the patterns ”Hosta” and ”Ranka”. Love-in-idleness´ blue-violet petals float in the wind. She is proud to stand on the meadow hill with the other pansies. The grass is green and lush. Spring is in the air! Viola is the baby sister of Styvmorsviol in a smaller version.


Design Ann Wessblad

Ann Wessblad Ann Wessblad is a product designer, educated at School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. A great deal of her work is devoted to drawing patterns for textiles. She finds that the challenge and the interest for the work lies in finding a rhythm and a balance in the interplay between colour and form, and in that the possibilities are infinite... Inspiration to the pattern Mizu was: water that drips, water that drizzles, water that splashes, water like hail, water like ice, water like rain, water that flows, water like snow, water that murmurs...


Design Lisa Bengtsson

Tatto´d sailor

Design Mrs Murphy


Design Ida Arnfelt. Repeat 63cm, width 148cm. 50% linen, 50% cotton

Fabric 02363 Nature, 02365 Green, 02364 Blue

Table runner 45x145 cm 05147 Nature 05149 Green 05148 Blue

Panel blind Sold by metre 06405 Nature 06407 Green 06406 Blue

Cushion 48x48 cm 04483 Blue 04482 Cerise

Cushion Ø 50 cm 04485 Blue 04484 Cerise

Table runner 45x145 cm 05152 Blue 05150 Cerise

Tray Ø 31cm 31052 Blue 31051 Cerise

Apron 08029 Blue 08028 Cerise

Panel blind sold by metre 06409 Blue 06408 Cerise

Tray 43x33 cm 31046 Green 31045 Blue

Wax coated fabric 03077 Nature, 03079 Green, 03078 Blue

Cushion 48x48 cm 04476 Nature 04478 Green 04477 Blue

Cushion 45x70 cm 04479 Nature 04481 Green 04480 Blue


Design Linda Svensson Edevint. Repeat 63cm, width 148cm. 50% linen, 50% cotton

Fabric 02369 Blue, 02368 Cerise Wax coated fabric 03071 Blue, 03072 Cerise

Tray Ø 46cm 31050 Blue 31049 Cerise


Design Linda Svensson Edevint. Repeat 63cm, width 148cm. 50% linen, 50% cotton

Fabric 02345 Blue, 02370 Cerise Wax coated fabric 03058 Blue, 03073 Cerise

Cushion 45x70 cm 04412 Blue 04487 Cerise

Cushion 48x48 cm 04413 Blue 04486 Cerise

Table runner 45x145 cm 05129 Blue 05153 Cerise

Panel blind sold by metre 06380 Blue, 06410 Cerise Panel blind 43x260 cm 06381 Blue, 06411 Cerise

Tray Ø 65 cm 31044 Blue 31053 Cerise


Design Lisa Bengtsson. Repeat 63cm, width 148cm. 100% linen Also available as a roller blind, roman blind, shade and toilet bag in all colors

Fabric 02055 Brown/Green 02054 Blue/Pink 02359 White/Black 02373 Beige/Orange

Table runner 45x145 cm Cushion 48x48 cm Floor cushion Ø 80 cm 05017 Brown/Green, 05016 Blue/Pink 04286 Brown/Green, 04285 Blue/Pink 04234 Brown/Green, 04233 Blue/Pink 04437 White/Black, 04492 Beige/Orange 04440 White/Black, 04475 Beige/Orange 05144 White/Black, 05146 Beige/Orange

Cotton canvas 02057 Brown/Green 02056 Blue/Pink 02360 White/Black 02374 Beige/Orange Wax coated fabric 03010 Brown/Green 03009 Blue/Pink 03065 White/Black 03076 Beige/Orange Panel blind sold by metre Cushion Ø 50 cm Tray Ø 46 cm 06033 Brown/Green, 06020 Blue/Pink 04001 Brown/Green, 04287 Blue/Pink 31001 Brown/Green, 31002 Blue/Pink 04438 White/Black, 04473 Beige/Orange 31038 White/Black, 31047 Beige/Orange 06392 White/Black, 06404 Beige/Orange Panel blind 43x260 cm Cushion Ø 70cm Tray Ø 65 cm 06019 Brown/Green, 06018 Blue/Pink 04003 Brown/Green, 04002 Blue/Pink 31003 Brown/Green, 31004 Blue/Pink 04439 White/Black, 04474 Beige/Orange 31039 White/Black, 31048 Beige/Orange 06393 White/Black, 06402 Beige/Orange

Tatto’d sailor

Design Mrs Murphy. Repeat 63cm, width 148cm. 100% cotton Also available as a dish cloth and notepads.

Fabric 02354 Grey 02355 White

Napkin/Towel 45x60 cm 09046 Grey 09047 White

Table runner 45x145 cm 05142 Grey 05143 White

Panel blind sold by metre 06388 Grey 06389 White Panel blind 43x260 cm 06390 Grey 06391 White

Wax coated fabric 03063 Grey 03064 White

Cushion 48x48 cm 04431 Grey 04432 White

Cushion 30x40 cm 04433 Grey 04434 White

Cushion 15x50 cm 04435 Grey 04436 White

Lampshade 16,5x14 cm 30044 Grey 30045 White

Toilet bag 25x17 cm 15018 Grey 15019 White

Toilet bag 20x14 cm 15020 Grey 15021 White

Cutting board 30x20 cm 32010 Grey 32011 White

Cocktail tray 43x22 cm 31040 Grey 31041 White

Tray 20x27 cm 31042 Grey 31043 White

Beverage coaster 9x9 cm 34008 Grey 31009 White

Pan coaster Ø 21 cm 31040 Grey 31041 White


Design Ann Wessblad. Repeat 63cm, width 148cm. 100% cotton Also available as a roller blind.

Fabric 02361 Blue 02362 Pink

Cushion 48x48 cm 04489 Blue 04488 Pink

Kids apron 08031 Blue 08030 Pink

Bib 11015 Blue 11014 Pink

Blanket 70x90 cm 14048 Blue 14047 Pink

Bedset 100x130 cm 12065 Blue, 12064 Pink

Panel blind sold by metre 06413 Blue 06412 Pink

Wax coated fabric 03070 Blue 03069 Pink

Cot bumper 13017 Blue 13016 Pink

Bedset Baby 70x80 cm 12067 Blue, 12066 Pink

Tray 32x32 cm 31055 Blue 31054 Pink

Cutting board 30x20 cm 32013 Blue 32012 Pink

Toilet bag 25x22cm 15027 Blue 15026 Pink

Toilet bag 20x14cm 15025 Blue 15024 Pink


Design Sandra Lööv. Repeat 63cm, width 148cm. 100% cotton Banderole length 2,25m 06415 Blue 06414 Pink

Fabric 02376 Blue 02375 Red

Fabric 02366 Green 02367 Pink

Cushion 48x48 cm 04491 Blue 04490 Red

Sir Harald Design Lisa Bengtsson

Mademoiselle Design Lisa Bengtsson

Svärmor Design Lisa Bengtsson

Strössel Design Elisabeth Dunker

Hosta Design Linda Svensson Edevint

Ranka Design Linda Svensson Edevint

Rocks Design Helena Svensson

Hedwig Design Helena Svensson

Palma Design Sandra Lööv

Ballerina Design Sandra Lööv

Wedding Design Sandra Lööv

Fuchsia Design Elin Cavallin

Ogräs Design Elin Cavallin

Blomma Design Mairo

Monstera Design Mairo

Agaphantus Design Mairo

Monster Design Karin Mannerstål

Zoo Design Karin Mannerstål

Busungar Design Karin Mannerstål

Fem myror... Illustrator Owe Gustafson More pattern at

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