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游本寬 Ben Yu

Ben Yu is currently a Distinguished Professor


of visual art at the National Chengchi University

1956年生,美國Ohio University美術攝影碩士( MFA)、藝術教育碩士(MA),現任政治大學 廣告系專任‧特聘教授,台南藝術大學「藝術創作 理論研究所」博士班兼任教授,著有《游本寬影 像構成》-1990、《論超現實攝影》-1995、 《真假之間》-2001、《台灣新郎》-2002、 《美術攝影論思》-2003、《手框景‧機傳情》─ 政大手機書-2009,以及《台灣公共藝術─地標 篇》-2011。

Puppet Bridegroom, The History of Surrealism

in Taipei, Taiwan. Ben is the author of The In Photography and Its Applications, Ben’s Photographic Constructions and Reading into Taiwan, Part One: Between Real and Unreal a monograph. Mr. Yu has exhibited his work internationally in Paris, Berlin, Yokohama, Seoul, Beijing, Philadelphia, New York, and Taiwan. His photographic work explores cultural identity as it is manifested through vernacular Taiwanese architecture and cultural artifacts of Taiwan.





Ben Yu Solo Exhibition "The Latent and The Visible"  

After taking part of “Tai-uan Iánn─Imaging Art Exhibition” which was held by Main Trend Gallery in March 2011, Ben Yu, an imaging artist, is...

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