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November/December 2019

Vol. 36, No. 6

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Value Is The Name Of The Game At Midwest Distributorship

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Longtime publishing executive B. Don (Don) Rankin, who along brother, Dr. W. Dale (Nancy) Rankin, of Joplin, MO, and four grandwith his wife, Linda Rankin, co-own and co-publish Maintenance Sales children, Sophia Zella Rankin, of Edwardsville, and Cale Squires, News; Busline; Broom, Brush & Mop; and Discover Central Illinois Madison Rankin and Caden Rankin, of Las Vegas. He was a graduate of Northeast Missouri State (Truman publications, died Oct. 25, 2019. He was 76. State) University where he was a member of Blue Key acDon Rankin spent a career in the publishing business, first ademic honorary society and president of Sigma Tau as a newspaper editor and, after moving to Arcola, IL, in Gamma fraternity. 1977, started Rankin Publishing with Linda. The couple Along with the publishing business, Don Rankin was purchased the Arcola, IL, Record-Herald newspaper and very active in the Arcola community where he was a the Broom and Broom Corn News newsletter, the latter proud citizen and supporter until his death. He and Linda of which would eventually become Broom, Brush & are lifelong members of the United Methodist Church, Mop Magazine. Over the years, the couple also purand he served the Arcola United Methodist Church as a chased several other weekly newspapers, and added representative on various committees and boards. He was trade magazines Maintenance Sales News, Busline and also a past president of the Arcola Chamber of Commerce Discover Central Illinois to the business. and the Arcola Sports Boosters, along with being a member In 2000, the decision was made to focus entirely on of the Arcola Music Boosters and other community organithe company’s trade magazines. zations, and a willing volunteer for community events. He was Rankin Publishing will continue to be owned and opera board member of the Arcola Foundation for 30 years, ated by Linda Rankin, in Arcola, with Harrell B. Don (Don) Rankin serving as its vice president. He and Linda were named Kerkhoff as editor. Don Rankin was born on June 6, 1943, in Princeton, MO, the son grand marshals of the Arcola Broom Corn Festival in 2016. Shrader Funeral Home, of Arcola, handled arrangements. Memoof William Harrison and Mary Zella Busby Rankin. Along with his wife Linda Rankin, Don Rankin is survived by the couple’s two sons, rials may be made to the Arcola United Methodist Church (121 S. William Jason (Sarah) Rankin, of Edwardsville, IL, and Donald Locust St., Arcola, IL 61910), and the Arcola Foundation (127 S. Oak Chase (Lynn) Rankin, of Las Vegas, NV. Other survivors include his St., Arcola, IL 61910).

4 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

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Is The Name Of The Game


Shown outside Atlas Supply’s facility in Pekin, IL, are, left to right, Bob Carlson and Rick Scotti, territory managers; and Tony Comella, president.

“We pride ourselves in having ‘very deep’ product knowledge.”

At Midwest Distributorship By Rick Mullen, Maintenance Sales News Associate Editor

ounded in 1984, Atlas Supply Company, of Pekin, ask a manager, who also doesn’t know the answer. IL, focuses primarily on the jan/san segment, while “They know the brand name of what they are selling, but touting its “high touch, customer-centric” the sales associates really don’t know the products,” “Thinking approach to service. Comella said. “In the world of keeping the workplace “In this day and age, many companies say they clean and healthy, there is a large market of people long term is who want to make sure they are getting the correct are ‘customer-centric,’ but sometimes they really aren’t,” said Atlas President Tony Comella, durinformation from someone who knows the right the most ing a recent interview with Maintenance Sales products for a particular application.” successful News at the company’s facility in Pekin. “When Comella gave the example of a well-known brand you think about people buying on the internet, or of disinfectant wipes that people buy because of way to purchasing products at large retailers, customer brand recognition. service at those outlets is negligible.” “It is a common brand that people know. It claims deal with Comella explained that oftentimes if a customer to kill seven of the most common viruses, which is asks an associate at one of the large retail or inter- customers.” fine in the home, but it is not the best in a business net businesses a question such as, “What is the or school environment, where people are exposed to right chemical for a particular type floor?” he/she will likely many more viruses,” Comella said.

6 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

Morning flights just landed



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“In contrast, we offer disinfectant wipes that kill 41 of the “We offer everything that a business would need for clean“We focus ing,â€? Comella said. “We stock more than 1,000 of the most used most common viruses. When you think about the flu season and the fact that everybody seems to get sick at the same time, items, and we can get next-day delivery on more than 50,000 it is because many places are probably not ‘deep’ cleaning, on products additional items. We can place an order before 2:30 p.m., and rather they are just making a counter look nice.â€? products will arrive here at 3 a.m. the next morning. The that really the Atlas’ product offerings are listed under such categories as delivery folks have a key to our building. chemicals, which includes adhesives and lubricants, cleaning “When we arrive at work in the morning, there is a pallet full provide chemicals, dilution control systems, insect and weed control of products ready to be delivered. We can deliver almost anyand odor control. thing the next day.â€? great In addition, Atlas Supply operates an authorized repair area Other product categories are office supplies, HVAC, tools and for many types of vacuums and scrubbing equipment. specialty equipment, health and personal care, food service, value to “One of our greatest services is that we take the time to teach towel/tissue and washroom. The company’s facility supplies category includes can customers.â€? our customers how to use the products that provide the greatest value for them,â€? Comella said. “While jan/san is our main focus, liners/bags, cleaning equipment, floor care, brooms and accessories, floor machines and accessories, floor machine parts, floor matting, floor like other companies, we also offer office and break room supplies. We pride pads, mops and accessories, sweeping compounds and vacuums and accessories. ourselves in having ‘very deep’ product knowledge. We want to offer high quality products to customers to save them money, rather than selling just on price. “I had a conversation with a customer recently who said, ‘I’m using only a fraction of the chemical that you supplied, where before I was using half a bottle of a cheaper product.’ Our offering may be a dollar more, but it takes much less to do the job. We focus on products that really provide great value to customers. Of the about 1,000 products we stock, 95 percent are the most commonly used items.â€? For less-used products, such as something Atlas Supply might sell as few as 10 a year, Comella prefers to order from a redistributor. He explained, “In this industry, there are paper, chemical and mop manufacturers. We get deliveries directly from them. However, for some products it makes more sense for us to buy from a redistributor. “So, there are products that we do not sell enough of to buy directly from the manufacŕ Ž 2PSS  VMIHJ[LYPHPUZLJVUKZ turer. But, whenever it makes sense, we deal directly with manufacturers, as they can help us with training and customer support.â€? ŕ Ž (WYV]LUZHUP[PaLYVUZVM[Z\YMHJLZ About half of Atlas Supply’s customer base is not-for-profit entities such as schools, govŕ Ž ,SPTPUH[LZVKVYZSLH]PUNZ\YMHJLZ ernment facilities and churches. “The other half covers everything from ZTLSSPUNJSLHUHUKMYLZO manufacturing to hospitality to medical to nursing homes and many in-between,â€? Comella said. “Some of the most interesting ŕ Ž 5V)H[[LYPLZ\USPTP[LK\ZL customers are building service contractors UVJOHYNL[PTL[V^VYY`HIV\[ and residential cleaners who need the highest quality products and the ability to receive them right away. “For a very small office, people just bring cleaning products from home. In contrast, very large companies and hospitals probably buy their cleaning products direct from the manufacturer, because they have the same buying power that we do. Pretty much all type of businesses in the middle of that group are potentially our customers.â€? It is always a plus to be able to do business with a major manufacturer in a distributor’s area, such as Caterpillar in Atlas Supply’s area. However, Atlas Supply does not do a lot (PY_3HIVYH[VYPLZ7OVUL ŕ Ž^^^HPY_SHIZJVT(PY_PZHKP]PZPVUVM;OL)\SSLU*VTWHUPLZ of business with that company. The distribuZLL^LIZP[LHUKSHILSMVYM\SSLMMPJHJ`KH[H torship does do business with many indus-VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVU]PZP[HPY_SHIZJVTZWYH`UNV tries that serve Caterpillar.

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8 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019















Comella said Atlas Supply’s sales are growing, albeit on a modest scale. “One of the expectations of our owners is to grow the business five to 10 times our current size,” Comella said. “They are looking for me to put together strategies concerning new and existing customers, as well as for expanding product lines and potential acquisitions.”



f there is an underlying theme or principle that is the guidepost of everything Atlas Supply is trying to accomplish to remain current and stimulate growth, it is encapsulated in the word “value.”

The “value” concept is, many times, the opposite of the fallacy that selling at the lowest price is actually saving the customer money. “The price a customer pays for an item is only part of the value,” Comella said. “How well the product works, how much is the cost “I would per use and how well it is used are bigger components of the value proposition. rather lose “Roll towels are a perfect example. A well a little sale known type of roll towel garnered its biggest sales when the company said, ‘You can buy a now, but roll of towels that lasts three times as long, but

be seen as somebody who is adding extra value in the long term.”

only costs twice as much.’ This proposition provided a better value for end-users.” As he continued to emphasize, one of the pillars of being able to offer the highest value to customers is “deep” product knowledge, which Atlas Supply’s salespeople possess.

“Our salespeople really do a good job of listening.”

10 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

“We like to focus on making sure customers are receiving value,” Comella said. “For example, we have a very large manufacturing customer that buys paper products from us. I could be happy just selling them the same paper over and over, but I said, ‘I can offer you another paper product that feels slightly different and costs 25 percent more per roll. However, with this paper, your usage cost would go down.’ The customer is trying the product to see if it actually saves him/her money. That is where we’re at in doing business. “My background is in sales, and I have found it is best to focus on the cus-

tomer’s needs, even if sometimes, in the short term, that doesn’t give you what you want. Thinking long term is the most successful way to deal with customers. I would rather lose a little sale now, but be seen as somebody who is adding extra value in the long term. “There are only two jobs at Atlas Supply — either an employee is serving customers directly, or is serving somebody who has direct contact with customers. That is the mind set that permeates our organization.” It also helps, when navigating the nuances of selling with the long-term

view of adding tangible value to customers, that Atlas Supply’s salespeople have an average of 30 to 35 years sales experience. “Our salespeople really do a good job of listening,” Comella said. “I’m not originally from this industry. I came into it a couple of years ago. However, I have a very steep background in sales and I have even taught sales. When I went out with the guys to understand more about the jan/san segment, I was very pleased that they asked the right questions, and then really listened to the answers. It is amazing how often a salesperson will learn pertinent information when they just stop and listen. “Zig Ziglar said, ‘You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.’ When calling on a customer, twothirds of the time the salesperson should be listening, while spending only one-third of the time talking.” Hilary Hinton “Zig” Ziglar was an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker.

“I think people are truly understanding that clean is not just a visual concept.”

12 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

When speaking of what he sees as trends in the jan/san industry, Comella said one positive development is people are gaining a better understanding of what “clean” means. “I think people are truly understanding that clean is not just a visual concept,” Comella said. “Schools are starting to embrace that concept as they can see a direct financial benefit to good cleaning, because students are not getting sick as often.” Indeed, many public school districts nationwide receive state funding based on Average Daily Attendance (ADA). “One of our mottos is, ‘We believe in clean,’” Comella said. “It is not just a matter of touching a surface and not getting dirt on your finger, it is a matter of this is the counter where we eat food — is it truly clean? That is one of the concepts we try to talk about and emphasize.” On the other side of the coin, a major negative trend impacting Atlas Supply is companies that are just price focused, which some sales professionals call “the race to zero.”

“At least once a month, a customer will call us and say something like, ‘I am buying this paper from you for $48 a carton and somebody came in and said they would sell me a carton of paper for $25.’ “In such a scenario, I will listen to the customer, and then take a close look at what the competition is offering. For example, I might find the $25 carton has 600 feet of paper and fewer rolls in the case, rather than the 1,000 feet we are offering. The result is, when looking at cost per use, the $25 offering is actually more expensive, and the paper probably doesn’t absorb as well. The customer is not getting value, other than the perceived lower price.” Another area Atlas Supply tries to offer a better value proposition to customers is emphasizing dilution systems for chemicals. Comella explained that when shipping chemicals in bulk, most of the weight is water. While a concentrated chemical product might seem to cost a little more up front, the usage will outlast a bulk container of the same chemical at the same cost. Another part of Atlas Supply’s value proposition is passing along the “deep” product knowledge its salespeople have onto customers. “The biggest thing in training NOW TWO GREAT DEODORIZING is to get the products in cusTECHNOLOGIES IN ONE UNIT! tomers’ hands,” Comella said. “Therefore, we will bring in scrubbers and products and get customers using them correctly right away. Putting floor finish down with a mop sounds like no big deal, but if you don’t do it right, you end up with too much finish on one part of the floor and not enough finish on another part. With anything, there is a best way to accomplish a task. “A lot of our customers have wooden floors. It is a bigger challenge putting finish on wooden floors, so they have us come out to the schools and conduct training. I would say pretty much everyday, our salespeople are showing somebody how to use something.” Activator 500 HG 1500 Hydroxyl Tornado Ozone Generator Atlas Supply reps provide training on an individual need Serious foul odors, resulting from fire and flood damage, require immediate help to alleviate. basis. There are times, however, when a formal class setting is apSuch help is available with the use of ozone generators and/or hydroxyl air treatment systems from Queenaire Technologies, Inc. propriate. With established brands Newaire, Rainbowair and Queenaire in place, and a management team with over 30 years of “Let’s say we start carrying roair quality and odor control experience, Queenaire Technologies provides various products that incorporate up-to-date botic scrubbers. In that case, we ozone generating technology, as well as hydroxyl air treatment, for fire and water damage restoration, and more. would probably offer a class,” Comella said. Atlas Supply’s value proposiThe Ozone Experts tion for customers includes its 9483 State Hwy 37. equipment service and repair opOgdensburg, NY 13699 eration. “Anything we sell, we service, and even some items we don’t sell we service,” Comella said. “We also add value by offering training. I had a customer

“The main negative trend is industry consolidation where some of the competition only cares about how much product they can sell at the lowest price,” Comella said. “They change quantities in cases to advertise a lower price and claim that they are giving away something for free, while charging for it later. The industry knows that dispensers are not free — they result in higher-priced refills. We make sure our customers know this, and have the choice of paying for the dispensers or not, depending on what is the best long-term value for them.

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14 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

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recently who brought in a vacuum. We repaired it, but I also spent about 15 minutes on the phone explaining why the vacuum ended up being broken in the first place, and what they can do to prevent it from happening again.”



hile cleaning for health, safety and sustainability has made inroads in the jan/san industry in many markets nationwide, Midwest customers are generally not champing at the bit as much for “green” products, Comella said. “I am a big believer in going ‘green,’ but it still seems to be primarily a West Coast/East Coast phenomenon that has not permeated as much in the Midwest,” Comella said. “We talk about it and we show green products. There has been some modest growth in the green market, but it is not huge. Customers are not clamoring for it. Nonetheless, we want to make sure customers are aware of Helping customers succeed in cleaning is a major objective at Atlas Supply. Shown, left to right, inside the company’s office are Rick Scotti, territory manager; Brian Farlin, office administration, standing; and Bob Carlson, territory manager. green products.” Comella gave an example of when the higher price of a specialized green n Gen Z (born 1995-2000); and, product took the average customer out of the equation. n Gen Alpha (born 2000-2015). “I recently went to a neighboring county to talk to businesses about the Most of the conversation in today’s marketplace centers around the trangreen initiative. One company, out of all the companies present, said it would sition from the baby boomer generation to millennials, who are now the pay more for compostable paper plates, which cost five times as much as largest generation in the workplace. regular paper plates. Much of the discussion about the differences between the two genera“The company is a highly profitable insurance business and can afford to tions has to do with how millennials perceive the workplace differently pay the higher price. However, if I said to most customers, ‘I can get you than their older counterparts. Some of it has to do with millennials’ view compostable paper plates, but they cost five times as much,’ I would proba- on the life/work balance aspect, as well as the differences in how they like bly not make that sale.” to communicate. “People talk about millennial workers having different expectations in the THE GENERATIONAL SHIFT workplace. I don’t believe that is necessarily true. I think millennials have had different experiences and they have “I think as long had access to a larger body of knowledge, but I’ve not found here is a generational shift is today’s workforce that is unlike prior shifts, in that there are several gendynamic where a millennial expects to be the ‘CEO,’” as you focus on that erations in the workforce at the same time. Comella said. “They do, however, expect to continue to reAn article posted on in April of this year information. I think as long as you focus on commucommunication ceive says, “In the past, the generational gap used to be so large nication and present them with a plan and an education that one generation would retire, or be on the brink of restrategy, there is no difference between millennials and and present tirement before the next even entered the workforce. But boomers. developments in technology have reduced the gap to “Millennials just grew up with more technology. As a them with a around 10 years. If there’s one thing people disagree on, child, when I had to do a book report, I went to a library. I plan and an it’s when the different generations begin and end. There’s went to a card catalog. I had to learn the Dewey Decimal Sysbeen a lot of conversation about the conflicts that arise in tem. I went to a bookshelf, pulled out a book and read it. education connection with the rise of new generations, and how comNow, people can do all that on their phones, but that doesn’t panies are missing the point entirely, losing out on the admean their expectations have changed, just their experiences. strategy, there The younger generations have had access to a lot more vantages of integrating new generations in the workforce.” Although there is some debate among experts as to the My sons, at age 30, had more knowledge than I is no difference knowledge. dates the generations span, Forbes lists seven generations had at age 30, because they grew up with more information.” beginning with those born in 1925: One of the ways millennials have affected Atlas Supply has between n The silent generation (born 1925-1945); to do with how they like to communicate and place orders. n Baby boomers (born 1946-1964); “In the past year and a half, we have added a very robust millennials n Gen X (born 1965-1980); e-commerce platform, because we are seeing more and more n Gen K (born 1977-1987); and boomers” that younger customers want to do business online,” n Gene Y, a.k.a. millennials (born 1981-1994); Comella said. “Currently, 5 to 10 percent of our business is


16 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

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conducted online, but that is growing quickly as we add new customers, especially millennials. They are excited about the ability to be able to go online and conduct business. We are excited, too, because it allows us to focus more on adding value as opposed to spending time taking orders.� As a practical matter, Atlas Supply likes to limit online ordering to customers in its sphere of influence, as opposed to taking online orders from afar. “We have received orders online from out of our area. I typically call those customers and tell them, ‘I can ship you a box of products, but it will cost you an extra $20 to receive it, when you can get it from another jan/san distributor in your area,� Comella said. “Furthermore, we are really not adding that much value to customers out of our area, as we are not going to be there to offer training and support for the product.� One of today’s challenges when it comes to building a quality workforce is the shrinking pool of workers due to the low unemployment rates throughout the country. “I also have a background in human resources. I don’t envision having problems finding somebody when I need to,� Comella said. “However, I


When “Close Enough� Isn't Good Enough...

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want to make sure when I hire someone, we have the infrastructure that allows him/her to grow.â&#x20AC;? Comella stresses to potential new hires that there is a steep learning curve when it comes to being successful in the jan/san field. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They must understand it is going to take 24 to 36 months before they really have the knowledge that they need to add value to customers,â&#x20AC;? Comella said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The breadth of knowledge it takes to be successful can be daunting at first. Looking around a room, there may be 20 different surfaces that need to be cleaned, and could be cleaned 10 different ways. In the cleaning field, there are many intricacies to be considered, such as floor types, traffic patterns, how products are used, etc.â&#x20AC;?



tlas Supply Company was founded in Pekin in 1984 by Jim Scotti. In 2016, Scotti sold the company to two local businessmen, Patrick Peronnet and Pierre Lewin. Scotti is still involved in the company as a consultant. Pekin is located just south of Peoria and just shy of 50 miles northwest of Bloomington/Normal, IL. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Between the metro areas of Peoria and its surrounding cities and Bloomington/Normal and its surrounding cities, there are more than 500,000 potential users of our products,â&#x20AC;? Comella said. Atlas Supplyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s primary delivery area is within a 60 mile radius of Pekin. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are about two miles from a major expressway (Interstate 474), and about two miles farther up the road from another expressway (I-74), so we have a very good way for trucks to get in and out of our warehouse,â&#x20AC;? Comella said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m originally from Chicago. If I send my driver out to go 20 miles and back on a delivery, I know he is going to return in about an hour. In Chicago, you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always guarantee that. So, we do have some advantages with less traffic congestion. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Pekin is a great town in which to have a business. We have a very loyal customer base. I always tell people I love Chicago, but At MVP, Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re the Most Valuable Person! Pekin is a great town in which to raise children. I have been here for 23 years and I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see myE-mail: self leaving.â&#x20AC;? Fax: 616.406.3125 For its delivery service, Atlas Supply has one box Wholesale Only. truck with a lift gate and a large van.


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“We will deliver the big stuff that goes on pallets with the box truck and the other deliveries we will do with the van. Both vehicles go out pretty much every day. Sometimes we will go out two or three times a day,” Comella said. “We have some customers who want us to deliver through the front door, and some customers have loading docks. We will deliver however a company wants. “We get compliments on our delivery drivers. We have a lot of stability in that area, as one of our drivers has been with us for about 12 years and another for three years. They know where customers want them to put products.”



“To mitigate challenges, we have to be brilliant at the basics. No matter what happens, we must make sure we have the right products for the right customer at the right time, and that is not easy.”

omella said one of the major challenges in doing business in today’s marketplace is rethinking ways to obtain business in the jan/san channel. “Everybody who needs products is buying from somewhere. There are no new customers out there, there are only existing ones,” Comella said. One of the challenges is obtaining customers by gaining share from other vendors, Comella said. “There is a little bit of inertia involved in that challenge,” he said. “Therefore, we have to figure out how to build a better mousetrap and tell a better story, because people get comfortable buying from a particular company.” Part of the problem is modern-day salespeople often have a hard time getting to buyers to tell their story. “I went into a very large company in the area and I couldn’t get past the person at the front desk,” Comella said. “Getting to the right person to show we have a better value is a challenge.” Another challenge, he alluded to before, is the drive to the bottom in terms of price. “As companies provide less value and internet shopping is on the rise, selling only in terms of price has become more prevalent,” Comella said. “Currently, copy paper pricing is a perfect example. Copy paper prices have been going up, but a lot of companies are claiming a lower price, because rather than 10 reams per case, they put eight in a case. So, they say, ‘I can sell you this copy paper cheaper than the competition.’ The reality is there are only 4,000 pieces in a case, rather than 5,000.” To mitigate challenges, Comella said, “We have to be brilliant at the basics. No matter what happens, we must make sure we have the right products for the right customer at the right time, and that is not easy. We are striving to maintain the mindset that everybody we come in contact with is a customer or potential customer. We also know, in order to grow, we have to recruit, hire and train more staff.” Atlas Supply President Tony Comella is shown inside the company’s product showroom. While there are always challenges to overcome in running a successful business, Comella is optimistic about Atlas’ future. “The future is strong. The market is there,” he said. While some companies like their drivers to keep an eye on customers’ inEver in search of ways to add value for customers, Comella attended the ventories, Atlas Supply leaves that mostly up to its sales reps. For some cusrecent ISSA Show in Las Vegas, NV. tomers, salespeople are involved in vendor management inventory. “It is nice to attend the education sessions at ISSA, but I also get great “We have customers who want us to monitor their supply closets,” value from walking around, seeing the booths and exploring different ways Comella said. “We know their move rates. We might tell a customer, ‘You to provide extra value for my customers,” Comella said. went through one case of a particular product in a certain amount of time. You probably need two cases because I’m not going to be coming back for Contact: Atlas Supply Company, a month.’” 2000 N. 8th St., Pekin, IL 61554. Atlas Supply facilitates deliveries from its 9,300-square-foot warehouse, Phone: 309-347-1584. about 85 percent of which is devoted to storage. “We use DDI System as our ERP (enterprise resource planning) that tracks Email: sales, orders, inventory and financials,” Comella said. “In addition, we have Website: created bin locations so our warehouse team can easily find and pull the * MSN editor Harrell Kerkhoff contributed to this article. correct products.”

20 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019




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Cleaning Professionals From Around The World Come Together For 2019 ISSA Show North America Events


ISSA To Partner With Informa Markets Which Will Take Over Management Of Show

n estimated 16,000-plus cleaning industry professionals, from approximately 65 countries, attended the ISSA Show North America 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in Las Vegas, NV. The event took place November 18-21. Attendees took part in three trade show days, educational and networking opportunities, panel discussions and guest speakers. Manufacturers, distributors, facility managers, building contractors and residential cleaners came together at this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ISSA Show North America for information sharing, relationship building and product innovation. They discovered new solutions for improving efficiencies, skills and profitability. According to ISSA, over 700 exhibitors, from 25-plus countries, showcased thousands of products and services during the event. That included innovations specifically designed for the janitorial/sanitary and food service industries. Pictured are outgoing ISSA President Paul Goldin, left, with new president Ken Bodie during the ISSA General Meeting.

Some of the ISSA board of directors are pictured during the General Meeting in Las Vegas.

22 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Maintenance Sales News

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ne highlight during each ISSA Show is the General Meeting, which includes the introduction of new, and recognition of outgoing, members of the ISSA board of directors. The 2020 board includes new ISSA President Ken Bodie, of Kelsan Inc. The president’s post is a one-year term. Bodie succeeds Paul Goldin, of Avmor Ltd., who now serves on the board as Immediate Past President/International Director.

24 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

During his inaugural address at the General Meeting, Bodie noted his past involvement on both the ISSA board of directors and with the ISSA Young Executive Society (YES), now known as ISSA Next Gen. He thanked retired ISSA Executive Director John Garfinkel for calling in 2006 and asking him to consider running for a spot on the ISSA board. He has since served on the board three times. “If you had told me 25 years ago that I would some day become president of ISSA, I don’t think I would have believed you. It’s been a dream come true,” Bodie said. “Thank you, John Garfinkel, for making that phone call years ago.” Bodie called his first term on the ISSA board, from 2008-2010, a great learning experience. “At first, I had no idea what ISSA really did on a daily basis. Like most people, I thought of it as an organization that put on the annual tradeshow,” Bodie said. “I soon learned that ISSA lives by the tag line, ‘Advancing Clean, Driving Innovation.’ It’s involved with so much, including certifications, standards and education. There is also the good work of ISSA Charities.” Bodie added that when his first term on the ISSA board came to an end, the words of his older brother kept coming to mind. “My brother once told me, ‘Ken, there are two types of people in this world — givers and takers. Don’t be a taker,’” Bodie said. “Well, during that first term on the board, I took and I took, learning as much as I could.” Eventually, Bodie served on the ISSA board for a second time in 2015-2017, as executive director, secretary and treasurer. That experience allowed him to give more back to the association and industry. His current (and third) board term began in 2019, serving first as vice president/president elect and now president. “Last year went by so quickly in my role as vice president. I truly enjoyed working with Paul Goldin. I want to officially thank him for his outstanding year of service as president,” Bodie said. “Everyone who I have served with during my three board terms has been an outstanding giver. I thank them all for their service and guidance. “I would like to add another term to go with ‘Giver’ and ‘Taker.’ Let’s call it, ‘Matcher.’ If I can somehow come close to match what all of the past ISSA presidents have accomplished, I will be very successful. I would like to thank everyone who has put their trust in me to help lead this great organization during the next year.” Outgoing ISSA President Paul Goldin also addressed attendees of the General Meeting. “This past year has been nothing

short of amazing. I have been exposed to a very special network of people,” Goldin said. “What I will cherish most are the many friendships I have been blessed with while involved with the ISSA board.” Among the people Goldin said greatly helped him during his past year as ISSA president was Avmor President & CEO Mattie Chinks, who served as president of ISSA in 2005.

“And while partnership with Informa was the big news, this group also invested in other programs that are critical to our membership at ISSA,” Barrett added. ISSA Charities Executive Director Mike Gies also spoke during the General Meeting, highlighting three signature charitable programs of the association: Cleaning For A Reason, the ISSA Hygieia Network and ISSA Scholars. “Cleaning For A Reason provides free home cleaning for patients with cancer. Founded in 2006 by residential cleaning contractor Debbie Sardone, it became part of ISSA Charities in 2017. Since its founding, Cleaning For A Reason’s network of 1,200 residential cleaning companies has given the gift of a clean home to over 38,000 patients. The value of the donated services exceeds $12 million. In 2019 alone, it has served 5,000 patients,” Gies said. “Cleaning For A Reason is also regularly featured on high profile local, regional and national media. That coverage provides positive and uplifting public relations as it relates to our mission (at ISSA) and for our industry.” Gies explained that the ISSA Hygieia Network is dedicated to advancing women in the cleaning industry. “Last year, the Hygieia Network launched a mentor and mentee program, free to all ISSA-member companies and their employees. There are over 1,000 mentor/mentee pairs now using the program,” Gies said. “The Hygieia Network has also launched a regional networking program and held its first regional networking seminar. “Our third charity, ISSA Scholars, is a legacy scholarship and internship program. Over its lifetime, ISSA Scholars has awarded $4 million in financial aid to over There were many educational opportunities for attendees during this year’s ISSA Show North America. 1,000 hard working and promising young college and “As a past president, Mattie understands the commitment necessary for this university students. With the support of this association and its members, ISSA role. He is always willing to lend me his ear. Thank you, Mattie,” Goldin said. Scholars awarded another 47 scholarships this past spring. Our industry benHe also recognized past ISSA presidents Richard Rones (2017) and Alan efits from added exposure directed at college and university students, with the Tomblin (2015) as well as ISSA Executive Director John Barrett for their hope of ultimately attracting promising young talent.” Gies added that the overarching goal of ISSA Charities is to continue the guidance and patience during his term as president. “I don’t think I could have chosen a better year to be president. It was any- ongoing development and advancement of its programs and resources. “We choose those charitable programs because they are directly connected thing but business as usual,” Goldin said. “Associations from all over the globe to our industry, to our work, to cleaning and to the creation of a healthy living have sought the guidance of ISSA. “As we look ahead, I cannot imagine a better person to take the gavel for environment,” he said. “We also choose those programs because they allow us next year than Ken Bodie. His experience, vision and dedication will allow to make yet another positive impact on our world and the general public.” him to be an outstanding president.” ISSA Executive Director John Barrett also spoke at the General Meeting. He discussed different ways the association has grown over the past few years, in the wake of new industry challenges. “(ISSA) has welcomed many organizations into its fold. The association continues to be recognized around the world as a reliable partner,” Barrett said. He added that ISSA made a big commitment in 2019 to partner with Informa Markets, which will take over management of the ISSA Show North America. It was announced by ISSA in August 2019 that, “ISSA and Informa Markets have forged a 25-year agreement in which Informa Markets will manage all operational aspects of ISSA Show North America, while ISSA will continue to oversee event programming as the show founder. This arrangement allows each organization to focus on what it does best, and it will position the show for significant growth.” “That is a huge deal,” Barrett said. “ISSA and Informa will work together to advance participation within the industry for the benefit of our tradeshow.” He also gave special thanks to Paul Goldin and the entire ISSA board of directors, stating the board has Distributors, wholesalers, building service contractors, residential cleaners and in-house cleaning professionals were among those attending the 2019 ISSA Show North America. demonstrated real courage and creativity. 26 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019



t was also officially announced at the General Meeting the names of two 2019 ISSA Achievement Service Awards honorees.

The Jack D. Ramaley Industry Distinguished Service Award was presented to Jay R. Vonachen, founder of Vonachen Group; while the Manufac-

turer Representatives’ Distinguished Service Award was presented to Bill Hemann, vice president of sales and marketing for HOSPECO. “It is a true honor to present these two awards to some of the most hardworking, professional and innovative leaders in the industry,” Barrett said. “The ISSA Show brings together those who prioritize innovation and change the way the world views cleaning. Both Vonachen and Hemann are true examples of what it means to succeed in this industry.” The Jack D. Ramaley Industry Distinguished Service Award honors individuals with 10 years of industry experience who have demonstrated outstanding service to the cleaning industry through innovation, professionalism, leadership, elevation of industry standards, promotion of the association’s growth and development, unselfish dedication without personal gain, and emulation of the ISSA Code of Ethics. According to ISSA, Vonachen has dedicated his career to helping organizations prioritize cleanliness and image, as well as training and mentoring individuals to set them up for success in the contract cleaning industry. With 44 years of service at HOSPECO, Hemann has earned a reputation as a visionary leader who inspires with his hard work and integrity, ISSA stated. “That makes him the ideal choice for the winner of the ISSA Manufacturer Representatives’ Distinguished Service Award, which honors individuals for significant contributions to the industry and ISSA, and who have been supportive of manufacturer representatives,” ISSA stated. “Over the course of his career, Hemann has contributed to HOSPECO’s growth in the awayfrom-home market by diligently working in several different departments and functional areas.” Meanwhile, Alexey Pak, of Home Depot Pro, was presented a Rising Star Award, during the General Meeting. The award recognizes emerging industry leaders under 45, and was given in honor of the late Jimmy Core.



28 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

t the end of the final day (November 21) of this year’s ISSA Show North America, it was announced the winner of the 2019 ISSA Innovation of the Year Award: Entry®, a chloride-free de-icer product from Secure Winter Products. The 2019 ISSA Innovation Continued on Page 42

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By Harrell Kerkhoff, Maintenance Sales News Editor


Mark Herbick, left, and Timothy Shea, experts in mergers and acquisitions, recently spoke during an ISSA Show educational session.

uying or selling a business is often a daunting endeavor. There are specific steps and precautions, however, that can be taken for business owners to be successful with either transaction, according to two mergers and acquisitions (M&A) professionals who spoke during a recent 2019 ISSA Show educational session, in Las Vegas, NV. Timothy Shea, managing director at PiperJaffray ( and Mark Herbick, founder & CEO at Pursant ( discussed the current M&A climate, specifically for jan/san distribution companies. The good news for the distribution side of the cleaning marketplace — now is a good time to be either a buyer or seller — according to Shea and Herbick.

32 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

Shea noted that organic business growth can be slow, leading corporations to drive growth, and shareholder returns, through company acquisitions.

“Also, the lending environment is as robust as we have seen. Coming out of the last (economic) downturn, certain regulations were put into place and people became more cautious. That trend has

now reverted,” he said. “Credit markets today are more ‘frothy’ in terms of leverage levels. The large amount of money financial institutions are willing to lend is very much back in place. The paradigm has changed 180 degrees. There is a lot of capital available today for acquisitions. Therefore, it’s a very good time to be a seller.” That was not true coming out of the last downturn (of the U.S. economy), Shea added. “People were nervous and not willing to take risks on M&A transactions,” he said. According to Shea, between 2009 and 2013, many potential strategic buyers of businesses stayed on the sidelines.

cash stockpiles growing significantly. As the (U.S. economic) recovery has lengthened and confidence has been restored, more company boards have taken the attitude, ‘We need to find ways to grow. We need to look into acquisitions.’” Shea added the current robust acquisition market has led to more money, on average, being paid to business sellers. That includes distribution companies involved in the cleaning marketplace.



hallenges and changes taking place in today’s jan/san distribution industry are leading the charge when it comes to current M&A activity, according to Herbick. “The industry is currently providing a textbook profile of (a sector) that is ripe for M&A activity and consolidation,” he said. “Those dynamics are what fuel “The lending environment is as robust as we have people’s interest in selling their seen. Coming out of the last (economic) downturn, companies. For buyers, there is certain regulations were put into place and people a lot of power and value in acbecame more cautious. That trend has now reverted.” quiring other companies.” According to Herbick, U.S. — Timothy Shea jan/san distribution is a $8 billion revenue industry, but it “That was true of facility services, has declined at a rate of 4-plus percent over the commercial services, industrial — past five years. That trend is expected to continue. pretty much across all end-market ex“Revenues have been declining for a variety of ecutives. They were reluctant to put reasons. A major factor is more people buying money to work. They just went through products from places like,” he said. one of the toughest times (due to the “Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) have Great Recession), and M&A activity been in decline, from an average of 4.4 percent in was not on their priority list. If they were going to 2014 to 3.2 percent in 2019, as there continue to be active in M&A, they were going to do it very be price pressures.” cautiously, and were only willing to pay very reaHerbick added an estimated 1,500 entities are sonable or low prices,” Shea said. “That resulted in currently involved in the U.S. jan/san distribution sector, with that number expected to decline at a rate of 1.6 percent per year. Four companies account for nearly 45 percent of jan/san distribution revenue, while 70 percent of operators work within a 60-mile radius of their locations. “They are either local or regional providers, representing a big chunk of those 1,500 companies, while 15 percent of all operators compete on a national scale,” he said. “That is a textbook profile of an industry ripe for consolidation. You have to make a choice today as a business owner in this industry. You either must grow, evolve your business model or exit. Treading water in such a rapid state of change and consolidation is not a sustainable exercise.”

34 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

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With today’s various challenges facing the U.S. jan/san distribution market- who are motivated sellers. Those are often people entering retirement age.” n Acquiring talent can be beneficial in an era of low unemployment — place, why would anybody want to be buyers in that space? Herbick listed “As many business owners know, there is a big struggle right now to find good several main reasons: n Augmenting organic growth is important, as pure organic growth in people to hire. We see a lot of companies buying other companies just to access the sector is challenging — “I’m not suggesting you, as a jan/san distribution their employees,” he said. “Gaining customers and earnings, experiencing margin enhancements and having access business owner, fire your sales peoto new geographic markets are all ple and just buy other companies, but “When purchasing another company, you are really nice when acquiring a company, but a great way to augment top line growth is to start acquiring busipurchasing a ‘recipe’ that somebody else has perfected.” it’s also great to have more sales people and business leaders who come nesses,” he said. — Mark Herbick through the acquisition process.” n There are plenty of targets as n Multiple Arbitrage (acquiring the jan/san industry is still highly fragmented — “It’s estimated that 70 percent of operators in this space are at 2-4x when your value is 4-6x) makes sense — Basically, multiple arbitrage means increasing the value of a company between buying and selling it, absent affordable companies to purchase,” according to Herbick. n Acquisition capital is abundant and cheap — “As Tim (Shea) discussed, any operational improvements. “It’s one of the reasons why, for growing enterprise value, acquisitions make capital is plentiful right now. Banks are very ready, able and willing to lend at a lot of sense,” Herbick said. affordable rates (when it comes to acquisitions),” he said. n Taking advantage of the baby-boomer exit period (10k a day) — “If BEST PRACTICES you look at the average age of a business owner today, he/she is nearing those FOR ACQUIRING retirement years, especially in this industry. Overall, there are 10,000 baby boomers exiting (the workforce) a day, a chunk of those are business owners,” Herbick said. “If I am a buyer, I want to make sure there are plenty of targets ccording to Herbick, introducing acquisition complexity and cost into an ill-prepared or dysfunctional organization is a major reason why M&A can get a bad rap. Therefore, business owners looking to buy other companies must first make sure “their own house is in order.” “There are stories upon stories of buyers who have had the attitude, ‘I’m going to acquire companies. It’s going to be cool. It’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be good for my business,’ and all they really do is create a big mess,” Herbick said. “When purchasing another company, you are really purchasing a ‘recipe’ that somebody else has perfected. The problem is, there are buyers who come in and start tinkering with that recipe, and then they can’t understand why the business they purchased isn’t performing the way it did prior to the acquisition.” Important points to consider when looking to acquire a business include: n Define the ideal target and stick to it, but at the same time, don’t look for perfection — “There are a lot of things to consider when looking for the right company to acquire. It’s really important to stick to a criteria and not deviate,” Herbick said. “At the same time — don’t look for perfection. Many companies seek the perfect business to acquire and never find one. That is because like people, there are no perfect companies.” n Due Diligence Support — “Once a company has been chosen for possible acquisition, how are you going to evaluate the opportunity? A lot of people will hire a third-party firm to conduct a quality earnings review. That is a great practice, but should not be viewed as a substitute for your own due diligence,” Herbick said. “Don’t accept a report from a third party as the absolute gospel and immediately move forward. There are plenty of stories of business people who received favorable third-party reports, quickly closed the deal and then realized they just bought themselves a bunch of problems.” n Hiring the wrong attorney can be expensive, and can kill deals — “Get good legal counsel. Don’t hire your day-to-day corporate attorney to do M&A work, just as you wouldn’t hire your day-to-day general practioneer to conduct heart surgery,” Herbick said. “You want an attorney who ‘eats, sleeps and breathes’ M&A. Hiring the wrong attorney can get really expensive, and can unnecessarily kill the deal.” n Prepare your team on how to mange “acquired” versus “hired” personnel — “That is a biggie. I see a lot of companies successfully negotiate and close transactions, turn it over to a team, and then that team mishandles the newly acquired company,” Herbick said. He noted that there can be a lot of anxiety among employees of companies that have just been acquired. “Many people start out cautiously optimistic about working for the new owner, but if your team is not properly trained to work with those people, it can lead to disaster,” Herbick said. n Should You Integrate? Be smart. Don’t mess up the recipe you just bought — “Think carefully about integration. A lot of the best buyers I know of acquire companies and do nothing major to them afterward. They


36 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

just let the companies do what they do really well, bring it to me.’ That will bring you a with some minor changes added to make ‘the ‘deal flow’ (the rate at which business recipe’ a little bit better,” Herbick said. “What proposals are received), but the bad they don’t do is immediately start tearing apart and news is, those brokers are not just going rebuilding a company that has been acquired. to call you. They are going to call everyWhen it comes to integration, make sure it’s not body else who is interested in buying, and you are going to have to compete. unnecessarily disruptive.” n Find the best deal structure (cash versus That can drive the purchase price up. It’s contingent payment) — “Most deals don’t go therefore important to find a way to gendown in all cash. There is usually some type of erate proprietary deal flow.” contingent payment,” he said. “It’s important to de“If you have a customer who keeps you awake at cide the right breakdown.” n Ownership Retention night, you have to fix that situation or a buyer could — “They are hard to find, devalue your business.” but look for owners of com— Mark Herbick panies being acquired who are willing to stay on, at least for the short term,” Herbick said. “This can be a double-edge sword. Many past owners are BEST PRACTICES the ones who made their companies successful, FOR SELLING but they can also be hard to manage. There is often a good reason why a person has owned a very business owner faces the company in the first place, instead of working for same dilemma: What will hapsomebody else.” pen to my company when I am n Generating deal flow — “It’s important to no longer around? commit resources to sourcing ‘passive’ sellers; “Statistically, only 10 percent of otherwise, you will pay a premium through bro- today’s younger generation has any inkers running competitive auction processes,” Her- terest in going into the family business bick said. “It’s easy to just call a broker and ask, ‘Do — regardless of the industry,” Herbick you know of a company I cay buy? If so, please said. “It’s just not the way most kids are wired


38 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

today. They usually want to do their own thing. So, unless a company owner wants to simply close the doors, selling is often the only option. “Again, in the jan/san distribution sector, staying in place is not an option today. Companies need to either grow, evolve or exit.” Regardless of the immediate intentions of a business owner, Herbick said that preparing a company for eventual sale is a good practice. “The need to sell a business can hit a business owner without warning. It can be due to an unfortunate circumstance, such as a health issue. The problem is, if that person hasn’t properly prepared the business for possible sale, it’s kind of like selling a house in a week without repainting the rooms and getting rid of the shag carpeting,” he said. “If you haven’t prepared that house for the selling process, chances are the value of the house will be much lower. The same is true with a business, which should always be sellable at any point. You never know what the future holds.” He added that many business owners simply wake up one morning and decide they no longer want to have the responsibility of running a company. The problem is, if that person hasn’t properly prepared the company for sale, it’s going to take much longer for him/her to step aside. According to Herbick, too often business owners going through the process of selling find themselves saying, “I wish I had better prepared my business for this process. I wish there were fewer surprises. I wish I had known earlier what I know now.” Those are all avoidable thoughts and fears if a business owner goes through the steps of properly preparing his/her company for possible sale. “It’s important to remember — the act of preparing for a sale is no different from the act of making

experts will pay for themselves over the long run,” Herbick said. n Prepare professional materials (memorandum, etc.) — “That involves a professional snapshot of your business,” Herbick said. “As a seller, a lot of times you won’t have the opportunity to speak face to face with a potential buyer. Many active buyers view “It’s important to remember — the act of preparing memorandums like résumés. You may have a great business, but if there is not a lot of for a sale is no different from the act of making your thought put into the memorandum, your company better. You won’t be disappointed if you go company might not be getting the attention is deserves from potential buyers.” through the process of getting your business ready for n Help develop the right buyer pool — sale, even if you don’t end up selling.” “The right buyer is somebody who can stand — Mark Herbick to gain more from your business than another buyer. It’s important to remember, a “People tell me all of the time, ‘You don’t understand buyer is purchasing a business for what he/she can do how hard I had to work to make my company what it with it, as opposed to what you, the owner, have done is today.’ Unfortunately, their past hard work has noth- with it in the past,” Herbick said. “Look for buyers you ing to do with the actual value of their company,” Her- feel can make your company even better in the future.” n Highlight value drivers and growth levers in nebick said. “Businesses (are often valued) from a simple formula of EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, gotiations — Herbick said it’s often good if a business depreciation and amortization) times such multiples owner, during the selling process, is willing to share peras company attributes, value drivers and market con- tinent information to potential buyers, focusing on what ditions. What drives those multiples is the risk profile that owner feels can be done with the company in the fuof a business. Focusing on that risk profile is critical, ture to make it even stronger. “Those ideas can help a buyer see the company’s true leading to a company’s enterprise value. “A business owner looking to sell may ask, ‘How potential,” he said. n Prepare well in advance for due diligence — long will it take to improve my company’s risk profile?’ The simple answer is, ‘It depends.’ There are “Some buyers will have a quality of earnings report some things that can be done that are easy, such as conducted on a business before a possible purchase. changing how a company keeps its books. Then there That is essentially a financial stress test on that busiare more challenging changes or improvements, which ness, making sure it has actually delivered on the earncan take one or two years to complete. That includes ings being reported, and can achieve such earnings on minimizing an owner’s role in a go-forward basis,” Herbick the company, as well as resaid. “The more professional viewing the depth, makeup and buyers will have that done auto“Staying in place is not an presence of the management option today. Companies need matically, but there is no reason team. Those steps focus on the why you (as the seller) can’t do to either grow, evolve or exit.” sustainability of the business in it as well to make sure your com— Mark Herbick an owner’s absence. pany is prepared for the due dili“And then there are the very gence that is to follow.” difficult steps that can take a lot of time. That includes He added that due diligence for a company looking to involvement with the customer base and/or changing sell can be painful. It can feel very invasive and uncomthe company’s revenue trajectory. Those are all things fortable. that can influence the risk profile of a business. If you “Therefore, it’s important to prepare yourself emotionhave a customer who keeps you awake at night, you ally, and prepare your business as well,” Herbick said. have to fix that situation or a buyer could devalue your n Transition and integration can be as important business.” as the actual deal — Just because a company is sold does not mean all the hard work is completed. Other best practices for sellers include: n Properly assemble a transaction team that in“The seller will often maintain an active role for cludes an advisor, an attorney and an accountant — awhile with his/her former company. Therefore, that According to Herbick, those three professionals should seller’s ability to work with those anxious people rebe experts in M&A. maining with the newly sold business is important. It “Again, M&A is a specialized skill set. It’s therefore helps bridge the gap between the two organizations, important to take the time and spend the money. Those which can be critical.” your company better,” he said. “You won’t be disappointed if you go through the process of getting your business ready for sale, even if you don’t end up selling.” Herbick added that business owners should know the true worth of their companies. However, that is often not the case.

40 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

Essity Showcases Tork Innovations During ISSA Show


The latest innovations from Tork— designed to provide the best solutions in hygiene for the ultimate away from home guest experience — were on display by Essity during the recent ISSA Show, in Las Vegas, NV. Such items included: Tork PeakServe® Continuous™ Hand Towel System, an award-winning, patented innovation made for high-traffic venues. Neither a folded towel nor a roll towel system, Tork PeakServe® serves guests in less than three seconds — quicker than jet air drying time. Avoid runouts with 250 percent more hand towels* and lower consumption thanks to one-at-a-time dispensing; n New additions to the Tork PeakServe® Family — Tork PeakServe® Mini and Tork PeakServe® Recessed, available from Q2 2020, allowing more restrooms to unlock the benefits of the Tork PeakServe® system; n Tork EasyCube®, an industry-leading software solution made for customers looking for a fully-digitized cleaning and maintenance operation. The system helps cleaners deliver higher quality, by leveraging connected devices and data-driven cleaning to improve quality and efficiency; n New Tork Digital Cleaning Plans, an easy-to-use cleaning management software solution that offers real-time staff communication, up-to-date cleaning plans for easy onboarding and task handover, and quick follow-up and reporting to improve quality and efficiency. When combined with Tork EasyCube®, this new offering allows customers to achieve even higher value with the addition of real-time information on cleaning needs. This software can be downloaded and used free for up to 30 locations at; and, n New Tork Sustainable Life Away From Home, a platform that depicts how Tork products and solutions support the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals by delivering on three areas of influence — well-being, more from less and circularity. n


*Compared to Tork Universal refills and folded towel dispenser 552000.

ork is the No. 1 global professional hygiene brand, with the largest marketshare in that space. It’s great to be No. 1, but what does that truly mean for our distributor partners and their end-customers? To help answer that question, we have created a mantra within our organization that states Tork strives to be the ‘shaper of professional hygiene solutions,’” Essity President of Professional Hygiene Don Lewis said, during the ISSA Show. “To be the ‘shaper’ means we, representing the Tork brand, are thinking ahead of our competition, bringing solutions to future problems and changing the dynamics of the market. It helps that our innovations are driven by valuable customer insights that have been retained over time.” According to Essity, industries across the world are entering a new era. Demands for sustainable solutions are increasing, e-commerce is changing how business is done and digital innovations continue to disrupt every market. Companies are also constantly challenged by expectations for immediate results, cost pressures and higher demands from both customers and employees. “In this new landscape, what does it take to be ready for business? We feel the answer is, ‘You need to think ahead.’ In response, we feel Tork is a good partner to help distributors and end-customers ‘think ahead,’ so much so that those two words have been introduced as the Tork brand’s new tag line,” Lewis said. “Our Tork hygiene solutions help customers rethink what the ‘ultimate guest experience’ should look like. We redefine how cleaning can be done more efficiently, while reusing resources in more sustainable ways. Those are all critical areas that will

help companies remain successful in the future. “At Tork, we have to ‘think ahead’ to be the true shaper of professional hygiene solutions. It’s a bold statement, but one I feel we can stand up to. Innovation is the brand’s cornerstone. Every year, Tork offers new innovations in products, dispensing options and technology.” Lewis added it’s also important that Essity remain easy to do business with when it comes to working with distributors and their end-use customers.

“A main objective at Essity is to always help people and companies solve problems,” he said. “We also want to drive end-users to our distributor partners.” He noted that technology helps. That includes the use of Tork EasyCube® and the new Tork Digital Cleaning Plans. “At Essity, we continue to direct more resources and human capital to improved technology. It can become a bit overwhelming, but one of the things I always challenge my team to do is make sure the technology we are providing is easily understandable. It can be the best technology in the world, but if end-users can’t figure it out, it won’t be used. The technology we provide is designed to be relevant, add value and easily understandable.” According to Lewis, improved technology designed for the cleaning sector can greatly add to the training process at the end-user level, where the rate

of employee turnover is often high. “People are usually more comfortable using new technology in their personal lives as opposed to the work environment. It’s our goal, therefore, to provide technology for better cleaning that is also easy to use and acceptable,” Lewis said. “As the next generation enters the workforce, not only are they more adaptable to technology, they in fact demand it to better their performance.” The same is true when introducing products and services that focus on greater sustainability. “We see more consumers becoming attentive to companies that focus on sustainable products and services. That is true as well with the next generation of business owners who want to run companies that have a strong commitment to sustainability,” Lewis said. “At Essity, sustainability is part of our DNA, and we are open to help other companies become more sustainable as well.” Looking ahead at 2020 and beyond, Lewis said Essity will continue to bring forth new innovations featuring the Tork brand. “New innovations create two large benefits. No. 1, they provide added value for our distributors and their end-customers; and No. 2, they allow our distributor partners to be viewed as even more innovative themselves,” Lewis said. “At Essity, we want to enhance the value proposition that our distributor partners bring to their own customers. That is accomplished through the Tork brand.”

Visit and for more information.

November/December 2019 — Maintenance Sales News — 41

ISSA Show North America 2019:

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KNOCK OUT eliminates unpleasant odors left behind from cannabis smoke in one application. This product contains a new generation fragrance 0$03%((.!+*ü#1.!0$! malodors so that the human senses do not detect the obnoxious smell. KNOCK OUT will continue to work through a microbial process that absorbs odor molecules and terpenes, leaving the treated surfaces with a fresh clean fragrance. USE ON • Carpet • Cigarette Urns • Garbage Cans• Upholstery • Auto Interior • Draperies USE IN • Apartments • Detail Shops • Hotels/Motels • Auto Dealerships • Housing Authority • Rental Properties

Kansas City, KS • 800-423-9861

42 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

Award Program included 42 of the cleaning industry’s most innovative products and services. The program celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and featured three and a half months of online voting at Attendees could also see the entries from top manufacturers and suppliers firsthand in Las Vegas at the ISSA Innovation Showcase. Five honorable mention entries also were recognized during the Innovation of the Year ceremony. The five products were: • Bona Resilient Floor Renovation, by Bona U.S.; • GP PRO Pacific Blue Ultra™, 100 percent Use, High Capacity Coreless Toilet Paper System, by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific); • AutoVac™ Stretch™, by Kaivac Inc.; • Hoover Commercial MPWR™ 40V Cordless System, by TTI Floor Care; and, • Vectair P-Screen® 60 Day Triple Action Urinal Screen, by Vectair Systems Inc. Additionally, winners of the ISSA Innovation Award Program category awards were announced during this year’s show. Cleaning-industry professionals voted online to determine the following five category winners: • Dispensers: foamyiQ, by Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.; • Cleaning Agents: Foam Soap, by SC Johnson Professional; • Equipment: Whiz, by SoftBank Robotics; • Services and Technology: OptiSolve Surface Imaging Technology, by OptiSolve, a Division of Charlotte Products; and, • Supplies and Accessories: Entry, by Secure Winter Products. — Maintenance Sales News Editor Harrell Kerkhoff and Associate Editor Rick Mullen contributed to this article.

Products From Queenaire Technologies

Solve Odor Issues From Fires And Floods

Serious foul odors, resulting from fire and flood damage, require immediate help to alleviate. Such help is available with the use of ozone generators and/or hydroxyl air treatment systems from Queenaire Technologies, Inc. With established brands Newaire, Rainbowair and Queenaire in place, and a management team with over 30 years of air quality and odor control experience, Queenaire Technologies provides various products that incorporate up-to-date ozone generating technology, as well as hydroxyl air treatment, to an expanding marketplace. That includes fire and water damage restoration. During a fire, phenol gas from smoke is released, resulting in foul and hard to remove odors from the air and on all exposed surfaces. Fortunately, when introduced to that environment, ozone quickly breaks down as it combines with phenol gas molecules, destroying all foul odor characteristics. When it comes to flooding, restoration professionals frequently refer to three categories to describe the type of water that causes damage (and serious odor) in a particular location: n clean or “white,” n “gray,” n and “black.” The latter category, often the most troublesome, is water that came from an extremely unsanitary source, or describes water damage that occurred several days ago, leading to potential mold and mildew growth and resulting odors. Regardless of odor intensity from fire or flood damage, Queenaire Technologies provides a variety of ozone generators and hydroxyl air treatment systems to rid facilities of those odors and help with building restoration — all in an effort to ensure a safe environment moving forward. The company, based in Ogdensburg, NY, produces and sells a variety of products that permanently destroy indoor air odors naturally — using what nature provides in the form of ozone, hydroxyl radicals and UV light. “The one characteristic that all of our products have in common is that they reproduce what happens naturally outdoors — every single day,” Queenaire Technologies Founder and President Susan Duffy said. “If there were no ozone and hydroxyl radicals in the air, there would be no way to stop unpleasant outdoor odors. “Ozone is the ‘fresh’ a person smells in ‘fresh air.’ There is nothing ‘greener.’ It’s how outdoor air is cleaned.” Ozone is present in the air being breathed every day, and has been used over the past century to purify water and eliminate a wide range of odors.

“Ozone is not used as a re-odorant, but rather totally destroys offending gases, reacting with contaminants in air, water, and on fabrics, walls and ceilings,” Duffy said. “Hydroxyl radicals, meanwhile, are formed in nature by the reaction of UV light from the sun and dissociated water vapor. Hydroxyl radical is often referred to as the ‘detergent’ of the troposphere (the lowest part of the atmosphere), because it helps destroy many pollutants.” Duffy, along with an experienced staff, oversee a wide range of ozone and hydroxyl-generated products under the following brand names: ■ Queenaire Technologies — The company’s original line of ozone-generated products, Queenaire has had great success in such markets as hospitality and property management. The line is filled with products that are easily maintained and can last in the field for 20-plus years; ■ Newaire — The brand includes products with state-of-the-art hydroxyl generator technology, as well as the Newaire Plugin, which is designed to run continuously in rooms up to 500 square feet; and, ■ Rainbowair Activators — A brand that dates to the 1970s and was purchased by Queenaire Technologies in 2002. Duffy said her staff has made significant improvements to this line, which is often used in heavy-duty industrial settings. Success stories have followed. “Our Rainbowair ozone generators are very popular with realtors, funeral homes, fire and flood restoration companies, etc.,” Duffy said. “Those three brands have provided us with a strong foundation for growth. There continues to be great demand for odor-free environments. “We are also seeing more people who are sensitive to chemicals, and thus better served by ozone and hydroxyl-generated products for odor control.” Duffy noted that her company’s products are built to last, often being used for 10 to 30 years. “Our products have a long life and are affordable,” she said. “They are not designed to be quickly discarded into a landfill. Maintenance kits are available for all of our units.”

Visit or call 1-866-676-9663 for more information. November/December 2019 — Maintenance Sales News — 43

From Sörbo Products, Inc.

Innovative Window Cleaning Equipment “We manufacture the most Innovative Window Cleaning Equipment in the industry. Sörbo's products and techniques are created and dedicated to save the window cleaner time & money,” said Sörbo. For 20 years, Sörbo has engineered and produced high quality, highly efficient, reliable squeegees, washers and handles, as well as exclusive products including: • The longest squeegee, ranging from 48 inches to 78 inches in length, The Eliminator; • The quickest TwistLock System on an extension pole, The California Dream Pole; • Bucket Stands with tool holders all-in-one, The Quadropod & Leifcart; • A unique rubber blade trimmer, The Docket; and, • A vertical blind or louvre window washer & squeegee — The Tricket. Sörbo’s products are made in the USA. For more information, visit

oyce olls inger



From WizKid:

The WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat

WizKid Products has introduced its WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat, a customizable length matting solution for facilities of all types. This 25-foot-long customizable-length runner mat is available in two widths, 24 inches and 36 inches, features an acrylic-based tacky backing, and offers a customizable solution for facility managers in a large variety of locations where floors need protection from puddles, odors and stains. “We are excited to take our line of industry-leading antimicrobial matting beyond the restroom and put it to work in other areas of a facility,” said Jeff Crevier, president of WizKid Products. “The addition of the tacky backing allows for endless uses of this product throughout a facility, wherever moisture management is a concern.”

Features and benefits of the WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat include: • 25-foot-long customizable length, in two-widths 24-inches and 36-inches; • Acrylic-based tacky backing is easily repositioned, removes cleanly after use; • Eliminates odor through the antimicrobial treatment, killing 90 percent of microbes in six hours; and, • Carpet-like texture is a step above typical mats. The WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat is available now. According to the company, “Since 2004, WizKid Products has been striving to make the world a cleaner, better-smelling place. Beginning with the WizKid Original Cut Urinal Mat, the line of WizKid Antimicrobial Mat solutions has grown to provide moisture management solutions for entire facilities. The Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen, the urinal screen that goes up the back wall, is the only solution of its kind in the market today. Headquartered in Dalton, GA, WizKid Products has grown in the last decade by creating innovative solutions for the needs of facility managers.” For more information on the WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat, visit

- Durable, Stainless Steel Carts & Fixtures - 10 Year Guarantee Against Breakage - Easily Cleanable Stainless Steel Products

S PLASTIC DUSTPANS • 14 Colors Available • Large 12-inch • Small 7-inch Clip-On

Locking 0 0LFUR¿EHU U 7XEV


Request your free catalog today! IN THE USA

toll free 800-253-9638

fax 616-361-5976

44 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

Phone Number: 1-800-992-0181 Fax Number: 316-267-2930 e-mail address: website: P.O. Box 17082 Wichita, KS 67217

From ACS Industries:

Diamond By Gorilla® Floor Pads Clean And Polish Various Floor Types

Diamond by Gorilla®, from ACS Industries, is a system of floor pads that cleans and polishes concrete, terrazzo and natural stone floors mechanically, without the use of chemicals. The Diamond by Gorilla® system consists of floor pads impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds that will transform any dull, worn floor into a clean and shining floor. The diamond abrasives come in various sizes that create different levels of aggressiveness, each one ideal for different levels of cleaning and polishing. The system can be used on surfaces such as concrete, terrazzo, marble, ceramic and other natural stones as well as VCT when using the 1500 and up polishing pads. Visit for more information.

Manufacturing Squeegees Is Not Just A Small Facet Of Haviland’s Business; It’s Haviland’s Main Business

R.J. Schinner Adds Tim Hanley In Consulting Position

R.J. Schinner Co., a redistributor to the commercial wholesale trade, has added Tim Hanley to the leadership of the company through a consulting relationship. “Tim Hanley is a seasoned global executive, with extensive experience consulting with manufacturers regarding digital transformation, organizational strategy development and execution, acquisitions and market development. He recently led Deloitte’s Global Consumer and Industrial Products Industry practice and helped grow it to be the largest at Deloitte, with over $14 billion of revenues,” according to a press release. Hanley was most recently a senior partner with Deloitte LLP (“Deloitte”). In addition, he has also served as both a lead client service partner and advisory partner for several of the firm’s most significant global clients. In his leadership role, he was responsible for overall oversight of the global industry practice, including strategy, growth, as well as both talent and solution development. He served as an active board member of the NaTim Hanley tional Association of Manufacturers from 2008 to 2017. Hanley has also held leadership roles on the board of directors for several notfor-profit organizations, including board chair roles for the Milwaukee County Council of the Boy Scouts, and Partners Advancing Value in Education. He also serves as an executive in residence in the College of Business at Marquette University. Jim Schinner, chairman of the board stated, “We are excited to engage Tim with our company’s leadership. His vast experience will assist in our future growth as an independent/family owned company.” R.J. Schinner, for over 65 years, has been selling non-food disposables to the commercial marketplace through distribution. The company currently has 17 locations servicing the United States. For more information, visit

K 20 Lb. PARA BLOCK • With Hook, Or Bag, Or Both

BUY 100 e re Frreight w/ Free Phone Number: 1-800-992-0181 Fax Number: 316-267-2930 e-mail address: website: P.O. Box 17082 Wichita, KS 67217

Aqualir Pro™ was developed with specially compounded pure premium Natural Rubber for applications where heavy-duty impact and wear resistance in harsh real world environments is required. Aqualir Pro™ offers outstanding resilience, strength and resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion. Aqualir Pro™ is custom engineered in a sterile environment, using a homogeneous mixing method. Every batch is tested to meet specifications with an accuracy of .01mm with stringent dimensional control. Tensile and ozone testing is also conducted on each batch. Certifications include REACH, RoHS, PAH and CE. With more than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing blades for sweeper/scrubber machines and more than 70 years’ experience in working with different rubber compounds; Haviland Corporation has used this expertize to develop Aqualir Pro™. Visit


Old Address: Affix old mailing label or print old address here:

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P.O. Box 130, Arcola, IL 61910 • Fax: 217-268-4815 • Email:

November/December 2019 — Maintenance Sales News — 45

Americo EVP John Miller Receives The Company’s James Rones Distinguished Service Award

John Miller, EVP at Americo Manufacturing Co., was recently honored with the James Rones Distinguished Service Award for his outstanding contributions to Americo and to the cleaning industry. Richard Rones, president of Americo, presented the award at the 2019 Americo annual sales meeting held at the 2019 ISSA Show in Las Vegas, NV. The award is named after Richard Rone’s father, Jim Rones, Americo’s founder. The award is Americo’s highest honor.

daughters, Erika Sprotti and Marcelle Lalor. The daughters flew in for the event as a surprise for their parents. “Since 1969, Americo Manufacturing Company has grown to become one of the world’s leading producers of floor pads, cleaning accessories, and floor mats, with products that are distributed and sold in over 70 countries worldwide. It is a family-owned and managed business producing high quality products while embracing environmentally sustainable practices. Americo is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year,” according to the release. For more information, visit

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. has been a leader in the manufacturing industry for more than three decades. It offers a variety of safe and eco-friendly high-quality ice melters.

“The James Rones Distinguished Service Award is acknowledgement for extraordinary leadership and commitment to Americo’s people, sales representatives, distributors and customers,” said Richard Rones. Miller was honored in “celebrity-roast” fashion by industry colleagues, John Osborne, (The Osborne Group), and Joe Wysocki, (Advantage Waypoint). Wysocki presented Miller with the premier Golden Floor Pad trophy, signifying his 45 years in the industry. The men shared stories about the good times they have had together over the years. Also attending the event was Miller’s wife, Reyne Davis-Miller, and their two

New Look— Same Great Wipes!

For the ISSA Show 2019, XYNYTH presented Winter Warrior Enviro Leader. This product contains CMA, and has been specially formulated to meet LEED standards. CMA is made of dolomite lime and acetic acid and acts as a corrosion inhibitor. This product is a viable economical Green sustainable option for melting ice around Green/LEED eco-buildings. It is very powerful, and will work in temperatures as low as -21°C (-6° F).

Call 1-800-MELT-ICE or visit for more information.

MAINTENANCE SALES NEWS Industry Calendar of Events

March 14-17, 2020 — The Inspired Home Show, IHA’s Global Home + Housewares Market, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. For information: 847-292-4200.

April 7-8, 2020 — Canadian Sustainability Conference and Expo (CSC), Delta Toronto Airport Conference Centre, Toronto, Canada. For information: May 5-7, 2020 — National Hardware Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. For information: | 800.328.2282 | 46 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

May 16-19, 2020 — National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. For information: 800967-4590. October 26-29, 2020 — The ISSA Show - North America, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. For information: 847-982-0800.

Dorden Squeegees™ Marks 82 Years Of Squeegees “Made In USA” In 2020

Commercial And Industrial Use Higher Quality Products At Competitive Prices New Models: Dorden Reveals Three Newer and Unique Squeegee offerings:

1. Dorden & Co., Inc., offers squeegees specifically designed for floors. Dorden utilizes its unique Non-Rusting, Non-Sparking, All-Aluminum Floor Squeegee Framework, and offers a new type of squeegee blades. The first type of blade utilizes a “grey” proprietary, sealed, closed pore, vinyl blend that is non-marking and resistant to bacteria growth. There are no open cells to harbor or collect bacteria like open cell rubber blades. They are available in various sizes from 16 inches (inches/406.4mm) to 36 inches (inches/ 914.4mm). These items can be made in small or large quantities. Easily and seamlessly, these squeegees can give you additional SKUs to sell. No Dorden ID on the squeegees. We can put your labels on to help you sell your brand.

2. The second type is a “Red” Proprietary “Dorprene©” Blended Rubber Blade. The blade is now ¼ inch x 2 inches, and is a non-marking type. Dorden’s unique Non-Rusting, Non Sparking, AllAluminum Floor Squeegee Framework is also utilized on this popular floor squeegee. Labels with your brand – no problem.

3. The newest offering is a ¼-inch x 2-1/2 inch “Dorprene©” blade for a heavy-duty version of Dorden’s popular All-Aluminum, Non-Rusting, Non-Sparking Squeegee Frames. This is a unique and valuable tool to have in your arsenal of quality items. And don’t forget, we can put your label with your brand on the parts.

The Sky-Slender™ High Speed Hand Dryer From Sky Systems Company, Inc.

The Sky-Slender™ high speed hand dryer dries hands completely in 10 to 15 seconds. Sky-Slender™ is a true slim hand dryer. The product provides a smooth appearance with cover screws on the bottom. Patented parallel dual air outlets allow high drying efficiency and quiet operation. Thin profile protrudes less than 4 inches (10 cm) from the wall. The product is Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant.

Sky-Slender™ provides a wide drying area and allows users to dry hands more naturally and comfortably. There is an air speed adjustment and on/off heater switch. Standby power is less than 0.5W. Blue action light indicates sensor range and maximum drying efficiency. The product is easy to service. Visit

For more information, visit or call 1-313-834-7910.

From Bro-Tex

Fight Cold And Flu Season

Fight cold and flu season with Fresh Start wet wipes. Effectively clean and disinfect hard surfaces with these alcohol, solvent and bleachfree wipes. Kills most viruses and bacteria including MRSA, HIV-1 and flu viruses. Each pre-moistened wipe delivers the proper amount of solution for cleaning healthcare locations, schools, offices, child care, and everywhere people spread germs.

Visit for more information.

The Dorden Squeegee Warehouse is fully stocked with our Direct From the Belgian Factory “Moss” Squeegees. We invite you to contact us regarding the purchase of these items in Container or Less Than Container quantities. Belgian “Moss” Squeegees are available with Plastic Frames and Standard Threaded Sockets. Our Belgian “Moss” Metal Frames accept all Handles with the Universal Socket. For customer convenience we also offer threaded adapters for use with Standard Threaded Handles. Remember - Dorden produces a Complete line of Floor Squeegees in our Factory in Detroit, Michigan. Several configurations are available for every budget! Inquiries invited.

For more information contact DordenSqueegee @ 1-313-834-7910. Also, see many of our items online: Made in Michigan! Made in USA!

November/December 2019 — Maintenance Sales News — 47

By Harrell Kerkhoff, Maintenance Sales News Editor

“Our team only had eight players, which meant if one person did not show up, we had to forfeit,” Siebert said. “That often translates to running a comFor the past three years, attendees of the annual National Broom, Mop & Brush pany. What are you often looking for? The answer, good people to hire who Meeting in St. Louis, MO, have learned about, and received progress reports on, will show up everyday and do their best. Like coaching a youth sports team, various successful entrepreneurship programs in rural Missouri that can be du- it’s important to help your people become more productive, while properly plicated in other regions of the country. functioning as a unit.” To help his very young and under-manned youth baseball team reach its true The information has been shared each year by guest speaker Dr. Sean Siebert, an entrepreneur himself who is the founder/CEO of the strategic management potential, “coach” Siebert realized that success on the scoreboard would only firm Invent Yourself, LLC, based in Cuba, MO. Siebert also created the “Adopt come if his team played the game through unconventional means. That included deploying unique defensive shifts while in the field and imAn Innovator” business model for rural community re-develplementing a strict no swing policy to bad pitches. opment, and is involved with the Ideas & Innovation Sum“As coach, I soon realized we would not win if we played mit, focusing on education, innovation and economic normal baseball. We had to develop our own strategy for development in rural America. Participants of the summit are success,” Siebert said. “The same can be said when running mostly young people, and it has been described as a generaa company, which includes finding the right people in an tion-impacting event. era of low unemployment. It requires thinking like an en“We are very fortunate to have Dr. Siebert speak to our trepreneur.” group again this year,” meeting co-chairman Joel Hastings, He noted that after losing its first game by a large margin, of Nexstep Commercial Products, in Paxton, IL, said. “For his youth baseball team found success by using the players’ those who have been here in the past, you have heard him unique talents. The same entrepreneur sprit can lead to suctalk about the different programs he has been involved with cess in business. in association with small town leaders, companies and high “It’s about adapting to challenges and looking for unconschool students — all trying to find their way in a world that ventional ways to succeed in a changing work and business is constantly changing.” landscape,” Siebert said. “If you, as a company leader or Siebert titled his presentation for the recent 2019 meeting, employee, can think and operate differently, then maybe you “But ... Does It Work?” can actually be competitive in a way that nobody has ever “During the previous two years, I have shared many stories Dr. Sean Siebert been or seen before.” of individuals, projects and programs, and I feel I now owe everyone here some closure,” he said. “I have explained that ‘entrepreneurship is Siebert also shared the story of his oldest son who decided, after his junior year a mindset, not an occupation.’ When working with people, my goal is to attack in high school, to change his college plans. His initial goal was to attend college their filters, their processes and the way they view life in order to build upon what on a baseball scholarship, but later he decided to improve his running skills, not they are trying to achieve.” play baseball, and take aim at breaking several of his high school’s track records Siebert added he seeks to teach the principles of entrepreneurship that will help during his senior year. guide everything that a person or company tries to do to become successful. “My son, who is also a cross country runner, wanted to break his high school’s “That is important, because when you start to think that way, everything about records in the 100 and 200 meter runs. The track coach wanted to look at his other your life and existence can change for the better,” he said. talents as well, such as in the high jump and the 400 and 800 meter runs,” Siebert said. “How does that translate in business? It’s about finding a company’s niche. THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT It’s also about finding the hidden talents of employees. Are your employees in the correct positions at work? Whether coaching a youth sports team or running a business, how a leader guides “We found that niche with my oldest son during his senior year of high school, his/her people can be the difference between success and failure. To illustrate, Siebert with the idea of helping him pay for college through a track scholarship. We also discussed his youngest son’s summer youth baseball team, which consisted of eight worked on marketing his other talents for college, because if you don’t have a players in fifth grade or below who had very limited experience and skills. good product, nothing else matters when it comes to college recruitment. The 48 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

same is true with business. If your ‘product’ is not good, then how in the world can you expect to be competitive?” Part of that marketing initiative was to help his son score a 30 on his ACT, which meant he had to study for most of his summer break. “If you are going to be exceptionally competitive at what you do, whether in life or business, the responsibility of that goal is on you. It’s also important to tell employees that you believe in them, and that they are smart. When people start to think that way about themselves, it can change them for the better.” Through hard work, Siebert’s oldest son did achieve his goal of reaching a 30 on his ACT. “Before my son started that process, I didn’t realize how difficult it is to achieve a 30 on the ACT. It gave me added respect for anyone who has reached that level. There is a perimeter with standardized tests where the bulk of people taking them are going to score. After that, you really have to be good,” Siebert said. “The same is true with employees. As a company leader, what are you doing to look for your ‘rock stars’ within an operation? Also, in order to improve as an organization, you have to not only look at what you do right, but what you do wrong. “Again, ‘entrepreneurship is a mindset, not an occupation.’”

BUT ... DOES IT WORK? Along with his other duties, Siebert is president of the Cuba (MO) Development Group, Inc. He shared four key objectives of the group that can also be used by business leaders and companies to better succeed in today’s changing business environment. According to Siebert, the four objectives have helped the city of Cuba, and surrounding area, experience growth in sales tax revenue, successfully answering the question, “But ... Does It Work?” Those four objectives are: • Balance, And Build, Relationships — “Like many people, the person I was two years ago is not the same person I am now. I’m significantly better at what I do in many ways, due to having wonderful working relationships with people who have taught me much,” Siebert said. “It comes down to successfully balancing, and building, relationships.” He added the many relationships within a company environment, however, can go “sideways,” leading to conflicts. “Probably 90 percent of what you do (as a company leader) falls into the category of getting things back in balance,” Siebert said. “You are constantly ‘cleaning up the mess.’ If, however, you can find better ways to work collaboratively with your people, then positive results will follow.” • Build leadership within the community (organization) — Siebert noted that members of the baby boomer generation continue to “age out” of the workforce. Therefore, it’s important to identify and build the next generation of leadership. “As a company leader, you should be doing that daily,” he said. “It can be done through fostering new ideas from people throughout your organization. Be willing to give people your time. That is how you build future leadership.” • Make sure existing enterprises (as well as employees) have the resources and support needed for continued growth — As a company leader, Siebert added, it’s also important to convey to employees: “I’m going to take what you do, and I’m going to help you think differently (for a better chance of success.)” He added, “That change can be substantial.” • Continue to market Cuba and Crawford County, MO, (as well as any type of location and/or company) as a desirable place to live, work, visit and conduct business — “If you have ever worked and/or lived in rural America, you have heard people say that they don’t want to be part of such communities due to the perceived lack of opportunities and ‘things to do,’” Siebert said. “To counter that belief, you have to be passionate and sometimes a bit arrogant when supporting your community/organization. Failing to do so feeds those myths about living and working in rural areas. “It’s important to be proactive and tell people,‘Yes, this is a good location to visit, live and conduct business. We are going to continue marketing our community/organization as a desirable place to build a career, and provide a better way of life.’ You constantly have to ‘wear’ the brand of your community/organization.” DON’T GIVE UP ON PEOPLE, YOU MAY NEED TO HIRE THEM

Due to low unemployment rates and other issues — including the opioid epidemic and polysubstance abuse — a common problem many companies have

been experiencing, especially those in rural areas, is finding enough qualified workers to hire and retain. “It’s not only an economic issue, it’s also a societal issue. In a very tight labor market, you have to look for people wherever you can,” Siebert said. “That includes felons and/or those who have been in addiction recovery. It’s important to see those people differently. “It’s true that some people are incarcerated because they need to be. There are many others, however, who can truely be helped and become great employees.” Siebert discussed his involvement with a pilot program at a Missouri county jail, which recently received a national award for helping those incarcerated to eventually achieve fulfilling careers and lives. He was also part of a news conference where U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) announced that Missouri was receiving an additional $10 million in federal grants to fund both behavioral and medication-assisted treatments. “The federal government has acknowledged that what we are collectively doing in Missouri is showing desirable results, thus requiring more funding,” Siebert said. “The grant money helps to hire additional nursing staff and acquire other resources to sustain a greater path to progress. “There is no simple solution to helping people find a better way of life and stay on the correct path. You can’t just find a person a job and think that person’s problems will all disappear. Many of those people in recovery have to reinvent who they are and find a new social group. Programs to help them do that are very important.” Siebert also discussed the success of recent felon-friendly fob fairs in Missouri, put together by two people who are felons and recovering addicts. “The first job fair attracted 13 employment seekers. I heard from seven of those people who told me they had been hired due to the event. Such success prompted a second job fair, which was attended by 26 people. I personally know six of those who attended were hired. There were probably more,” Siebert said. “The felon-friendly job fair program has since been expanded into a multicounty event. The organizers have reached out to the local homeless shelter, community health center, housing authority and a dentist — putting agencies and employers together in the same place. The most recent event attracted 75 job seekers.” He added the problem with most job fairs today is that they are mainly directed at people who already have jobs. That is why many such events fail to attract much interest. “If you want to host a successful job fair, host one for people who don’t have jobs. That will include felons and/or those in recovery,” Siebert said. “Of the 75 people who attended the multi-county job fair, I would classify one-third of them as being very capable employees. They are people who employers are looking for every day. There was one employer who accepted 17 applications. I was assured as least 14 of those applicants would be hired. Two other companies left with 12 and 10 applications, respectively.” Siebert also discussed the merits of the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). “It’s not a high school diploma or a GED, but certainly for those who dropped out of school, earning that certificate proves they can do math, read and think. They are very skilled people for our society, and possess leadership capabilities,” Siebert said. “There are four levels of achievement with the NCRC.”

S PLASTIC DUSTPANS • 14 Colors Available • Large 12-inch • Small 7-inch Clip-On Phone Number: 1-800-992-0181 Fax Number: 316-267-2930 e-mail address: website: P.O. Box 17082 Wichita, KS 67217

November/December 2019 — Maintenance Sales News — 49

Since 1969, Americo Manufacturing Company has grown to become one of the world’s leading producers of floor pads, cleaning accessories, OEM specialty nonwovens and floor matting, with products that are distributed and sold in over 70 countries worldwide.

Essity provides the Tork brand of professional hygiene products and services for different types of facilities, ranging from restaurants and health care to offices, schools and industries. Products include dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue, soaps, napkins, and industrial and kitchen wipers.

CP Industries’ Superior® and Premiere® ice melters are EPA Safer Choice-recognized. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Utah, Pennsylvania and Europe. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Greg Lieber, Ann Lieber and Fred Lieber.

Kruger Products L.P. is a supplier of tissue products and various types of dispensers for the jan/san, food service and other industries. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Jason Finch, Doug McLean, Sandra Garcia, Derek Gracias, Jeff Hunter, Fleming Viegas and Tom Olsen.

RJ Schinner is a leader in wholesale distribution, “Delivering For You” at the ISSA Show North America 2019, in Las Vegas, NV.

The DPA Buying Group is a member-driven marketing and procurement group of independent distributors and national suppliers in the janitorial/sanitary, safety equipment & clothing, industrial, packaging and restoration industries. DPA distributors work with the group’s preferred supplier partners for mutual sales and growth opportunities. Shown, left to right, are DPA representatives Mary Rouse, vice president of distributor development; Zachary Haines, CEO; and Jarred Kennedy, vice president.

50 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

Intercon Chemical Co., Inc., manufactures a complete line of industrial, institutional and professional cleaning and maintenance chemical products and product delivery systems, marketing to endusers through its network of distributors and OEMs. From left to right: Jim Epstein, chief executive officer; Bill Biddle, chief financial officer; Jeff Huber, chief operations officer; Bob Nichols, midwest regional sales manager; Scott Petersen, vice president of sales & business development; Jamie Walsh, customer service representative; Rich Schroeder, executive vice president; Jory Montgomery, business director of Clearly Better Solutions; Jeff Rhodes, vice president of national accounts; Dan Lutes, technical service chemist; Steve Powell, director of procurement; and, Kennedy Paulus, marketing specialist.

Founded in 1925, Trojan Battery Co., is a leading manufacturer of deep-cycle energy storage solutions and a battery technology pioneer, having built the first golf car battery in 1952. Trojan provides power for a wide variety of applications that require deep-cycle battery performance, including floor cleaning machines.

DDI System is a leader in ERP software for jan/san, paper and packaging distributors. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Matt Harrison, Lisa Riebe, Jim Messina and Robbie LaRocca.

Bullen Companies, Inc., manufactures innovative products that are safer for end-users and the environment, and also reduce labor and costs. From the first non-butyl cleaner to the original EPA-approved carpet sanitizer to the first floor burnishing gel, Bullen’s products have led the industry in new ways to clean. Shown, left to right, are Scott Jarden, president; and Jack Collins, regional sales manager.

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., a North American leader in the ice melting industry, was founded in 1986. With a major focus on the environment, XYNYTH offers its customers several lines of high-quality ice melters that are organic, “green” and safe to use. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Parm Bharaj, sales executive; Kevin Wice, sales manager; and Michael Parmar, sales executive.

ACS Industries, Inc., provides such items as hand scouring, scrubber, sponge and grill cleaning products; floor maintenance pads; mops; brooms; handles; squeegees and accessories; brushes; sand screen discs; and steel wool products. An automated product demonstration, featuring the Turbostrip™ segmented rotary floor pad by ACS Industries, could be viewed by visitors to the company’s booth.

November/December 2019 — Maintenance Sales News — 51

Aluf Plastics is a manufacturer of can liners, custom bags and film for the jan/san and other industries. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Sheldon Rosenberg, Matt Schulgasser, Al Tabin, Susan Rosenberg, Joe Rosenberg, Moshe Moallem and Paul Sullivan.

Expanded Technologies Corp., manufactures floor, furniture and surface protectors for all environments. This includes homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and schools. The company’s products save money for end-users by reducing damage and wear to floors caused by moving furniture. Shown, left to right, are company representatives John Zvolensky and Bret Bushey.

U.S. Battery Mfg., Co., has been building flooded lead acid batteries since 1926. These American-made batteries are long-lasting and dependable for the cleaning industry. Pictured, from left to right, are company representatives Dwayne Porter, Mike Harris, Matthew Ealy, George Stratis, Brad Dwan, Mike Coad and Mike Wallace. Nexstep Commercial Products, the exclusive licensee of O-Cedar, provides a complete line of commercial-grade sanitary maintenance items. That includes wet and dust mops, mop sticks, mop buckets and wringers, janitor carts, waste receptacles and dollies, floor sweeps, angle and corn brooms, microfiber products and squeegees. Shown are company representatives Rachel Foster and Lee Bernhardt.

Established in 1912, Kutol Products Company has enjoyed a long and successful history in the hand hygiene business. With its state-ofthe-art laboratory and computer-aided manufacturing, Kutol is equipped to consistently develop, manufacture and deliver quality custom hand soap, hand sanitizer and soap dispensing solutions to commercial customers. Among the many products provided by Lindhaus USA are a wide variety of commercial vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Cliff Brady, Michele Massaro, Al Carpenter, Chuck Magee and Mark Dettmann.

52 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

STEP1 Software Solutions provides Windows-based (Microsoft SQL) distribution software for the jan/san, industrial paper, packaging supply and safety supply industries. The company’s product is affordable, scalable and easy-to-use, while its support staff understands industry challenges, helping customers make a smooth transition from their current systems to STEP1.

Berk International, LLC, is a manufacturer of toweling, tissue and disposable wiping cloths. The company offers a full range of standard, custom and speciality wipes through distribution to end-users, with a focus on the jan/san, industrial, health care, food service, automotive, electronics and aerospace markets. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Jake Berk, account executive; Larry Berk, CEO; Jeff Berk, president; Eileen Hupp, vice president of sales; and Bob Lee, vice president of sales.

New Pig Corp., provides innovative spill and liquid management solutions, including absorbent mats, socks, booms, pillows and wipers. Other products include adhesive-backed floor mats.

Lambskin Specialties welcomed the company’s representatives to its booth during this year’s ISSA Show. The company specializes in the duster category, featuring wool, feather, synthetic, microfiber and disposable dusters.

Queenaire Technologies, Inc., features a management team with over 30 years of experience in the ozone industry. All products incorporate the most up-to-date ozone generating technology available today. Further, the company’s trained service team offers maintenance and repair on several different makes and models of ozone equipment. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Karen McGrath and Susan Duffy.

Briarwood Products Co., supplies such items as Shank-free correctional facility tools, Adjust-a-Turn surface cleaning tools, wet mop holders, all-plastic floor squeegees, fiberglass extension poles, dry dust mop frames and sweeping equipment. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Felicia Sheffield, Dayna Piersa and Manfred Tomm.

November/December 2019 — Maintenance Sales News — 53

J&M Technologies: Since 1999, distributors have trusted the company’s online ordering and print catalog creation systems. Working with over 1,500 manufacturers, J&M Technologies has amassed a database of over 300,000 items (images and descriptions). From that database, J&M can build a comprehensive catalog of each customer’s items. The database is continually updated with new images and information from manufacturers, and provides a competitive edge for distributors when J&M Technologies develops their customized sales tools.

Perform Manufacturing, Inc., has been producing quality chemical products since 1995. The company provides a complete line of products for the industrial, institutional, construction and food service industries; and specialty chemicals for janitorial and industrial distributors. These materials are offered under the Perform brand or private label. Shown, left to right, are corporate staff members Cam Cravens, J.R. Crane, Stephanie Davidson, Duane Davidson and Josh Crane.

Haviland Corporation manufactures premium floor and window squeegees; aftermarket replacement blades, gaskets and splash guards for floor machines; paving and roofing tools; waterbrooms; serrated squeegees and more. Shown, left to right, are Randy Wolfe, senior manager of operations, Replacement Parts Division; Joyce Dudenhoeffer, marketing director; Jan Haviland, president and CEO; and Alice Andrews, executive vice president.

WizKid Products provides excellent products for an excellent restroom and provides the one, two solution in restroom care. WizKid Mats are precautionary tools that prevent puddling under urinals which can lead to future odor problems. The New Splash Hog is a highly functioning urinal screen that stops splash back where guys actually go, and deodorizes the restroom for 60 days.

CT Commercial Paper Company is an importer of high quality away-from-home towel and tissue products in the Western region of the U.S., with four distribution centers located throughout the market area. Through the acquisition of Carolina Paper, the combined company represents an ideal mix of domestic production and strategic importing capabilities, designed to deliver quality and a wide selection to customers.

54 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

APC Filtration Inc., manufactures Janitized® brand vacuum bags and filters. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Denise Kirkpatrick, Tom Henson, Steve Worrall and Tammy Kelly.

The von Drehle Corporation provides quality products for the away-from-home market, and backs those products with excellent service. von Drehle’s towel, tissue, wiper and dispenser products can be found in thousands of industrial and commercial locations, medical and government complexes, and in airports and hotels.

The United Group (TUG) is a national, member-owned sales and marketing group for independent, B2B distributors of jan/san, packaging, food service and safety products and equipment. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Tonya Moore, growth rebate auditor; Jeff Albritton, CEO; and Stacy Harper, rebate specialist.

Zephyr Manufacturing Co. Inc., is a family-owned and operated manufacturer. The company supplies cleaning products including wet mops, dust mops, brooms, brushes, dusters and handles. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Bob Schneider, vice president of sales; R.J. Lindstrom, president; and Sean Pence, national sales manager.

Michael J. Hawkins, Inc., is an executive recruiter for the sanitary maintenance and jan/san industries. The company connects people with opportunities, specializing in sales, mark- eting and executive level positions. Shown is Michael J. Hawkins, president.

Sky Systems Co., Inc., established in 1985, specializes in bag-in-box systems, featuring a wide range of general and foamy soaps. Sky Systems also offers a complete line of hand dryers that are suitable for many applications. That includes office buildings, shops, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools. Other products include metered aerosol dispensers, metered aerosol fragrances, gel air fresheners, urinal screens and rim cages. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Randy Su, George Vrionis, Jr., and Stella Wu.

QuestSpecialty Corp., of Brenham, TX, is a manufacturer of specialty products that address specific needs in a number of industries. This includes foodservice, janitorial maintenance, groundskeeping, industrial, automotive and fleet maintenance.

November/December 2019 — Maintenance Sales News — 55

Morgro, Inc., provides a variety of ice melter products to suit needs and applications for all jan/san businesses. The company’s products feature the strictest of specifications when it comes to particle size and homogeneous coating, while also addressing environmental issues. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Rick Jensen, vice president; and Mark Ihme, regional sales manager.

Universal Business Systems (UBS), Inc., provides fully-integrated, mobile software solutions and more to janitorial, paper, chemical, packaging, food service and safety supply distributors. Pictured, left to right, are Chris Raffo, president, and Edward Raffo, VP of operations.

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., has been a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional markets since 1956.

M2 Professional Cleaning Products Ltd., supplies a variety of cleaning items including different types of mops, brooms and buckets. Shown, left to right, are John Martin, sales associate; Emilio Marino, purchasing; Doug Arkinstall, sales associate; Gabriel Marino, vice president; Franca Marino, purchasing; Gaston Dussault, sales associate; and, Silvio Marino, sales associate.

Nyco Products Company is a manufacturer of specialty cleaning chemicals and sanitary maintenance brands. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Max Johnson, Bob Stahurski, Colleen Stahurski, Brendan Cavanagh, John Wunderlich, Tony Chiefari and Julie Ticsay.

56 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

A proud U.S. employer, Spartan manufactures high quality products from its stateof-the-art manufacturing facility in Maumee, OH, and sells both domestically and internationally through a selective network of distribution. Spartan Chemical’s products and services are used in the building service contractor, education, health care, food service and processing, lodging/hospitality and industrial markets.

Bro-Tex, Inc., is a wiper converter committed to customized wiping solutions. Additionally, BroTex offers a wide selection of speciality wipes. This includes microfiber towels, premoistened wet wipes and a “build-your-own” wet wipe system. The company was founded in 1923. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Dan Greenberg, sales; Erwin Rendall, general manager; and Lee Gilbertson, sales.

Malish Corporation manufactures and markets rotary and disc brushes for commercial floor cleaning machines. The company also markets a growing line of color-coded and janitorial brushes. Shown, left to right, are Fred Lombardi, vice president of sales & marketing; Tom Laurenzi, Great Lakes regional sales manager; Jeff Malish, president & CEO; Kim Fiorello, senior customer service representative; Kevin Young, director of North American sales; Terry Kukla, director of sales – distributor products; Dave Sternad, regional sales manager - food service division; Chris Shaw, northeast regional director of sales; Bob DiVito, western regional director of sales; and, Jon Love, new product development manager.

Golden Star Inc., is a full-line, vertically-integrated manufacturer of professional surface cleaning tools, systems and accessories. Products include wet and dust mops, microfiber pads and cloths, dusters, bonnets, corn brooms, push brooms and hardware.

Air-Scent International, with well over seven decades of experience, is an industry leader in cutting edge scent diffusion technologies, ambient scent marketing, fragrance creation and state-of-theart air freshening systems.

Motsenbocker’s Lift Off® products break molecular bonds, eliminating surface damage and providing fast, easy and safe removal of paint, graffiti, varnish, adhesives and stains without harmful materials and/or special equipment. Shown are company representatives Patty DuceyBrooks, sales and marketing manager; and Tom McCarty, sales manager.

Royce Rolls Ringer Co., is a manufacturer of stainless steel products. This includes housekeeping carts, utility carts, chair/trash carts, mop bucket/wringer combos, toilet paper dispensers and other restroom and kitchen fixtures. Pictured are company representatives Abby Murphy, marketing director, and Bill Swartz, president.

Magnolia Brush Manufacturers, Ltd., offers many types of brushes, brooms, mops, squeegees, buckets, handles, microfiber items and dust pans for the janitorial supply trade. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Hunter Humphrey, Gary Townes and Glenn Guyette.

November/December 2019 — Maintenance Sales News — 57


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Bro-Tex, Inc..............................................46

Bullen Companies, The.............................8

Compass Minerals...................................39

CP Industries............................................19

DDI System ..............................................21 DordenSqueegee ......................................47

Expanded Technologies ..........................33

Gift Sales Company ....................44, 45, 49

Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. ...................34

Haviland Corporation.............................10 Intercon Chem./Clearly Better ........30, 60

J&M Technologies.....................................5

Kruger Products............................3, 17, 29



ACS Industries, Inc...................................2 Aluf Plastics..............................................11

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Mor-Value Parts Co. ...............................18 Perform Manufacturing ...................36, 42

Royce Rolls Ringer Co. ...........................44 Sky Systems Co., Inc. ..............................28

Sörbo Products ........................................37

Tork.............................................................7 Trojan Battery .........................................23

U.S. Battery ..............................................59 Universal Business Systems....................27

von Drehle ................................................15

WizKid Products .....................................24

Xynyth ......................................................25

58 — Maintenance Sales News — November/December 2019

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Nov/Dec 2019 Maintenance Sales News  

Value Is The Name Of The Game At Atlas Supply Company (Pekin, IL) • MSN’s ISSA 2019 Post ISSA Show Coverage: Cleaning Professionals From Ar...

Nov/Dec 2019 Maintenance Sales News  

Value Is The Name Of The Game At Atlas Supply Company (Pekin, IL) • MSN’s ISSA 2019 Post ISSA Show Coverage: Cleaning Professionals From Ar...