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September/October 2011


SALES NEWS Exclusively Serving Professional Distributors

September/October 2011

Vol. 28, No. 5

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MSN FEATURE STORIES MSN’s 2011 ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America Preview A Welcome From ISSA President Scott Jarden................................................6 A Conversation With Incoming ISSA President Jon Scoles ..............................8 ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Schedule Of Events .......................................................12 Las Vegas, NV • October 18-21

ISSA Elects 2012 Board Members...............................................................16 ISSA Announces 2011 Award Winners ........................................................80

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Industry News/Products 50 | Advertisers Index 102 | Classified Advertising 102 On The Cover: Dalco Enterprises, Inc., is a major upper Midwest distributor focusing on the janitorial/sanitation marketplace. Left to right, front row are Chairman of the Board Ted Stark Jr. and Director of Operations Peter Stark. Back row are Executive Vice President Rod Dummer and President Ted Stark III.. See story on page 22.

Circle Number Replies Are Now Online @ Industry Calendar of Events October 18-21, 2011 — ISSA/INTERCLEAN® - North America, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. For information: 847-982-0800. March 10-13, 2012 — International Home & Housewares Show, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. For information: 847-292-4200. May 1-3, 2012 — National Hardware Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. For information: 203-840-5622. May 2-3, 2012 — New Jersey Sanitary Supply Association’s Supply Line, Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, NJ. For information: 973-283-1400. May 8-11, 2012 — ISSA/INTERCLEAN® - Amsterdam (NL) 2012, Amsterdam RAI Exhibition & Congress Centre. For information: 847-982-0800.

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September/October 2011

A Welcome From

The Future

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Circle 59

ISSA President Scott Jarden Dear MSN Readers, It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Las Vegas and the 2011 ISSA/INTERCLEAN® trade show. Las Vegas has shown us that it can reinvent itself, which can be seen as you drive in from the airport. Every time I come to Las Vegas it seems that something new has popped up and it is usually BIG. Speaking of BIG, this is the theme of the show and our keynote speaker, Tom Peters. His new book, The Little Big Things, 163 Ways To Pursue Excellence, leads with that thought. Known for his book, In Search of Excellence, honored in 1999 by National Public Radio as one of the “Top Three Business Books of the Century,” Peters is widely credited with almost singlehandedly inventing the management guru industry. His newest book communicates that excellence is the result of many small tasks, all of which can be practiced and mastered. Peters was the keynote presenter for the association back in the late ’80s and is still considered one of our top speakers. A new twist at the ISSA convention this year will be the ability to attend a major general session kicking off each day of the week — from the inspirational Vince Lombardi Jr. to business guru Tom Peters to Robert Stephens, the founder of the Geek Squad, to pro poker player Annie Duke. This year, for the first time, you also can set up personal meetings with key exhibitors, right from your registration dashboard, starting 45 days before the show. Just enter your product interest, scan the list of exhibitors meeting your needs and send a meeting request right through the ISSA registration system. There also will be a new mobile app that features not just the ISSA events. I saw a demo of this new tool and Bullen immediately signed up for a home page banner ad. The interactive map this app includes will also allow you to use GPS to plot the best route from your location to any exhibitor on the show floor. And you can easily share contact information with other attendees by just entering your show badge number. Visit to download the app. The educational seminars that run through the days of the show are not to be missed. Many people attend the ISSA/INTERCLEAN show just for the educational seminars — they are that good. I would be remiss in not mentioning one of my favorite locations in Las Vegas, and I always make a point of seeing what is new each time I'm in town. It is the Pinball Hall of Fame (PHoF). It’s a standalone and dedicated museum, with pinball, and nothing but pinball, for 10,000 square feet. Obviously I am a big fan. You can get more info at It is important to have fun while working! In closing, if you see me on the show floor, in the airport, at the Pinball Hall of Fame, stop me and say “hello.” I am connected with many of you via Linkedin and some follow me on twitter @scottjarden or on my blog, Let’s try to meet face to face, the old-fashioned way, at the show. It has been my pleasure to serve you as your ISSA president for 2011, and thanks to Maintenance Sales News for this opportunity to wish you a great week in Las Vegas.

Sincerely, Scott Jarden, ISSA President

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September/October 2011

A Conversation With

Incoming ISSA President Jon Scoles Jon Scoles, owner and managing director of Scoles Floorshine Industries, of Farmingdale, NJ, will be introduced as the new ISSA president during the ISSA/INTERCLEANÂŽ North America 2011 convention, which will take place October 18-21 in Las Vegas, NV. Scoles succeeds Scott Jarden, president of The Bullen Companies, of Folcroft, PA, located in the greater Philadelphia area. In the following interview with Maintenance Sales News, Scoles outlines his vision for taking ISSA into the future. By Rick Mullen Maintenance Sales News Associate Editor


& A On Jon Scoles’ Vision Of The Future Of ISSA

MSN: Please provide your background as it pertains to your company and the jan/san industry. Scoles: My dad, Bill, started the company in 1951 when he bought an Odorite franchise and began selling washroom supplies and services. Like many family businesses, I began working in the warehouse and making deliveries during my high school and college years. I graduated from St. John Fisher College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and began working full time in the business in 1972 as an outside salesperson. I took over ownership of the company in 1986 and am currently the managing director. I have served twice as president of the New Jersey Sanitary Supply Association, 1980-1981 and 2000-2002, and I have been district director of ISSA from 2005-2007. I have been married to my wife and partner, Eileen, for 40 years and have three sons: Daniel, a commercial pilot, Matthew and Philip, who both work in the business.

MSN: How long have you been affiliated with ISSA — both from a company and a personal perspective? Scoles: Scoles Floorshine has been a member of ISSA since 1956. I attended my first convention in 1972 and have been hooked on the industry ever since. I served on the ISSA Board from 2005-2007 and also during that period, held positions on the Exhibitors Committee and the Green Seal GS-42 Standard Committee.

MSN: What made you decide to seek the president’s post? Scoles: Throughout my career I have made it a point to volunteer my time to help improve the industry that has given me so much. I felt that I was in a place in my life where I could devote the time and energy that this position requires, and I believe I can make a positive impact on the future of ISSA.

MSN: What qualities do you possess that will make you an effective ISSA president, and how do you plan to utilize your leadership experience with your company during your term as president? Zephyr does what it takes to help you succeed. Zephyr is your single source for brooms, mops, brushes, dusters, squeegees and microfibers. When you choose Zephyr: • You avoid backorders with our 99% fill rate • You make good margins with our competitive, wholesale only pricing • Your questions are answered by friendly, trained professionals.


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Scoles: I guess my best leadership quality has been as a facilitator. In the coming year, the board will not only be monitoring existing programs and initiatives but will be tasked with developing a Strategic Long Range Plan. I will use my leadership skills to coordinate the collective knowledge of the board and staff to help shape the future of ISSA.

MSN: What, from your perspective, is the role of the ISSA in the jan/san industry? Scoles: First and foremost, ISSA should be the industry voice in changing the way the world views cleaning. We need to educate the end-user community that a solid cleaning program will not only benefit the health and safety of the occupants, but the bottom line as well.

MSN: What improvements can be made to the ISSA? Scoles: Our industry is constantly improving to meet the challenges presented by changing economic, environmental and health issues. How effectively ISSA communicates the responses to these issues to the membership and

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end-users will drive the improvements necessary to meet these challenges. We need to make sure that our educational offerings are periodically updated to reflect the current technological advances.

MSN: What are some of the most prominent challenges and concerns in the cleaning/maintenance industry today, and how can these issues be ad-

September/October 2011

dressed by the ISSA, its officers and its members? Scoles: One of the biggest challenges we face today is maintaining clean and healthy facilities with limited financial resources. Improving worker productivity without sacrificing quality and environmental standards will drive the industry moving forward. By providing a platform where best practices can be communicated, ISSA and its members can continually raise the bar.

MSN: How is the “green” movement impacting the cleaning/maintenance industry? Scoles: Although the current economic conditions have slowed the progress of “green” in some sectors, the overall acceptance of green has been steadily moving forward. As the public and private sectors become more knowledgeable about the benefits of implementing a green program, it will continue to be the main focus of our industry moving forward. A recent paper published by the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) Foundation with input from ISSA, titled, Sustainability “How to Guide” Series, is one of the best articles I have read on this subject. To download a free copy go to

MSN: What plans do you have as ISSA president for the coming year? What would you like to see accomplished? Scoles: As I mentioned earlier, the most important agenda item we have this year is to develop a strong Strategic Long Range Plan. This will help shape the direction of ISSA over the next five years. Working with our alliance partners, I would also like to see a certification program developed for the custodial staff. Having such a standard would validate the importance of their position and raise the level of professionalism for the industry as a whole.

MSN: Is there anything else that you would like to speak about? Scoles: As our industry becomes more sophisticated in dealing with safety and health issues like H1N1 flu virus, MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), etc., we have an opportunity to position ourselves as the front line protectors of public health and the overall environment. ISSA has dedicated its staff to bring this message to the world community. We will be changing the way the world views cleaning and that is the value of ISSA.

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ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America 2011 Las Vegas, NV • October 18-21

ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Tradeshow hours are: • Wednesday, Oct. 19 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. • Thursday, Oct. 20 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (with a show floor happy hour to follow); and,

• Friday, Oct. 21 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The theme of this year’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2011 is “The Start of Something Big.” The annual event is designed to help business leaders meet top executives from every major industry supplier and attend sessions conducted by leading business trainers. The event brings together the commercial cleaning industry, including 600-plus exhibitors and many networking opportunities to the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, October 18-21, 2011. Tradeshow hours this year are: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 19; 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 20 (with a show floor happy hour to follow); and, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 21. One of the highlights of each ISSA/INTERCLEAN tradeshow is the keynote session. This year’s keynote speaker, Tom Peters, business guru and best-selling author, will present “Be Prepared to Rethink the Way You Attack Your Business!” Fortune, The Economist, The New Yorker and the Los Angeles Times have called Peters the “uber-guru” of management and “the father of the post-modern corporation.”


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September/October 2011

Peters’ presentation is one of multiple daily sessions from experts outside the industry. They are designed to shed the best light on new approaches that companies can apply to stand out from the competition and succeed. The other experts include leadership speaker and motivator Vince Lombardi Jr., Geek Squad founder and Best Buy’s Chief Technology Officer Robert Stephens and poker icon and Celebrity Apprentice Annie Duke.

The featured sessions kicking off each day of are as follows: Tuesday, October 18 9:15-10:15 a.m. High Performance People Vince Lombardi Jr., Leadership Speaker and Motivator In his message, Lombardi answers the question: What do high performance people do and how do they do it? All high performance people, regardless

of their background, share a common outlook in how they perceive themselves and the world around them. Once you harness their tactics, you too can orchestrate high performance. Wednesday, October 19 8:45-9:45 a.m. Lessons from the Geek Squad Story Robert Stephens, Founder of the Geek Squad and Chief Technology Officer for Best Buy What do you get when you take $200, a crazy idea, and love for all things technical? Learn how Robert Stephens took the world of computer support and made it famous. Starring one Chief Inspector, 25,000 Double Agents and Geekmobiles, The Rolling Stones, The CIA, The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and more than 5 million messed up computers. Plus, learn how your company can apply similar creative ideas to make your business a trusted and memorable one. Thursday, October 20 8:30-9:45 a.m. Keynote Address — Be Prepared to Rethink the Way You Attack Your Business! Tom Peters, business guru and award-winning author This consulting session will share with attendees the “little BIG things” that impact business excellence. Peters also will help attendees tap the enthusiasm and innovation that reside in every organization, plus share which of the “basics” are less boring and more powerful now than ever before. Plus, Peters will teach where to place priorities to ensure that a company’s brand promise permeates everything it does. Friday, October 21 9:30-10:30 a.m. Applying Poker Principles in Business Annie Duke, Poker Icon and Celebrity Apprentice Bluffing can be an essential part of business. Whom better to learn from than pro poker player Annie Duke, where bluffing is her business. Get a glimpse inside the pro poker world and learn how conflict resolution and negotiation strategies implemented in poker apply to everyday business.

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September/October 2011

ISSA Elects New 2012 Board Members The elections for open positions on the 2012 ISSA Board of Directors closed July 28, 2011. The following individuals were elected to the new board, which will be led by incoming ISSA President Jon Scoles of Scoles Floorshine Industries. Vice President/President Elect: Lydia M. Work, American Paper Converting Secretary: Ted Stark III, Dalco Enterprises, Inc.

Manufacturer Director: Brendan A. Cherry, Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. Distributor Director-West: Chris Martini, Central Sanitary Supply Co. Returning Board Members In addition to Scoles, also returning to serve on the 2012 board are:

Past President/International Director: Scott Jarden, The Bullen Companies, Inc. Treasurer: Ken Vuylsteke, Hospeco Director Canada: Manon Larose, Larose & Fils Ltee. Building Service Contractor Director: John Barrett, Eurest Services Distributor Director-North: Michael J. Tighe, Industrial Cleaning Products, Inc. Distributor Director-South: Jim Chittom Jr., Roman Chemical Corp. Manufacturer Directors: Mark Bevington, NSS Enterprises, Inc. Matthew J. Schenk, Midlab, Inc. Manufacturer Representatives’ Director: Christopher J. DeBolt, The DeBolt Co., Inc. European Board of Representatives Chair: Niels Ysbrandy, Ettore Products Co. Mexico Board of Representatives Chair: Mauricio Chico Cañedo, Distribuidora Lava Tap, S.A. de C.V. Additionally, the European Nominating Committee nominated and elected Michel de Bruin, MGS International B.V. to serve on the European Board of Representatives representing the BeNeLux region. Outgoing Board Members The following individuals complete their service on the board in 2011: David Holtzman, R3 Richard Rones, Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc. Leland Fishman, Fishman Supply Co. William D. Sleeper, Georgia-Pacific Professional. ISSA members are invited to personally greet the new board members when they officially take office at the ISSA General Meeting on Friday, October 21, 8:00 a.m., during ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2011, which takes place October 18-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. Several Events Co-locating With ISSA/INTERCLEAN

Circle 71

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The following associations will once again co-locate their annual conventions with ISSA/ INTERCLEAN North America: Building Service Contractors Association Inter-

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September/October 2011

national (BSCAI), the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA), and the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI). Members of numerous distributor marketing groups will also attend special meetings during the week. 2011 ISSA Convention Seminars During the ISSA Convention seminars, attendees will have the opportunity to: n Learn how clean schools affect students’ health and performance;

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n Understand what’s required to bring the client and service contractor together for success; n Prevent the spread of infections and how to explain the value of cleaning to key decision-makers; n See how four simple principles can change the way company officials work with employees; and n Find out how to apply new laws to help increase cash flow. Along with the daily featured sessions, ISSA convention seminars include: Monday, October 17 1-5 p.m. — David Frank & Jim Peduto — CIMS: ISSA Certification Expert (I.C.E.) Workshop - Part 1. 3:30-4:30 p.m. — Vince Lombardi Jr. — Manufacturer Representatives Forum: How High Can You Go? Tuesday, October 18 8 a.m.-noon — Richard Bodo — IICRC Basic Skills Carpet Care Program. 8:30 a.m.-noon — David Frank & Jim Peduto —CIMS: ISSA Certification Expert (I.C.E.) Workshop - Part 2. 8:30 a.m.-noon — David Frank — CIMS: I.C.E. Renewal Workshop: How to Sell With I.C.E. 9:15-10:15 a.m. — Vince Lombardi Jr. — Featured Session: High Performance People. 10:30-11:45 a.m. — Dr. Al Bates — Advanced Distributor Program: Driving Profit in the New Economy. 10:45-11:45 a.m. — Panel Discussion — Industry Career Coach: Finding Your Future Stars. 10:45-11:45 a.m. — Stephen Ashkin & David Holly — Practice What You Preach: Steps to Becoming Sustainable. 10:45-11:45 a.m. — Dr. Richard Shaughnessy — ISSA Research Update: What Improves School Cleanliness? 10:45-11:45 a.m. — Dr. Fred Broder — Brand Your Mind Before You Promote Your Brand. 10:45-11:45 a.m. — J. Michael Marks — Ask Mike: An Open Industry “Q & A” Session. Noon-1:15 p.m. — Don Aslett — All Industry Networking Lunch: The Journey of Clean. 1:30-5:30 p.m. — William Griffin — IICRC Basic Skills Hard Floor Care Program. 1:30-5:30 p.m. — David Holly — Green Cleaning University Workshop. 1:30-2:30 p.m. — Scott Williams — Health Insurance 101: Cutting Your Costs. 1:30-2:30 p.m. — Mary Miller — Taking Care of Your Most Important Asset: People. 1:30-2:30 p.m. — Dan Wagner — CIMS and CIMS-Green Building: The Pursuit of Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Facilities. 1:30-2:30 p.m. — Bill Balek & Jack Geibig — A New Approach to Evaluating Environmental Preferability. 1:30-2:30 p.m. — Dana Telford — Flexibility, Knowledge & Cash: Lessons of the Great Recession. 1:30-2:45 p.m. — J. Michael Marks — Advanced Distributor Program: Pricing Strategies for Maximum Profit. 2:45-3:45 p.m. — Stephen Ashkin — Selling Green Cleaning: From “Why?” to “Why Not?” 2:45-3:45 p.m. — David Frank — An Industry Pulse: Trends in the Marketplace. 2:45-3:45 p.m. — Michel Theriault — Target Your Customers with What Drives Them. 2:45-3:45 p.m. — Bob DeStefano — Seven Steps to Search Engine Marketing Success. 2:45-3:45 p.m. — Dana Telford — Defend Your Castle, Grow Your Kingdom: Wielding the Sword of Strategy. 3-4:15 p.m. — Steve Deist — Advanced Distributor Program: Strategic Inventory Management in the New Normal. 4 -5 — WFBSC — Cleaning for Health in a Global Environment. 4-5 p.m. — Michel Theriault — Procuring Success: Customer Evaluation & Contractor Response. 4-5 p.m. — Nicole Kenny — Cleaning for Health and Infection Control. 4-5 p.m. — Robert Menard — Negotiations: Essential Skills for Buying and Selling.

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Wednesday, October 19 8:45-9:45 a.m. — Robert Stephens — Featured Session: Lessons from the Geek Squad Story. 10-11 a.m. — Don Aslett — Selling Clean Beyond Cost & Appearance. 10-11 a.m. — Nicole Kenny — Food Service Sanitation and Infection Prevention. 10-11 a.m. — Joe Ellers — Advanced Distributor Program: Improving Profitability Through Joint Sales Calls. 11a.m.-12:15 p.m. — Stephen Ashkin & David Holly — Green Cleaning Prod-

September/October 2011 ucts: What Are They and Who Defines Them? 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. — Ian Greig — Day Cleaning: The World is Changing, Are You? 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. — Dr. Bart Basi — Every (Practical) Thing Business Owners Should Know About Taxes. Thursday, October 20 8:30-9:45 a.m. — Tom Peters — Keynote Address: Be Prepared to Rethink the Way You Attack Your Business! 10:15-11 a.m. — Don Aslett — The Power of Positive Presence: Cash In Your idea$. 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. — Bill Balek & Jack Geibig —Transpare™: A New Platform for Environmentally Preferable Products. 11:15 a.m.-noon — Lt. Michael J. Maher — Core Values: How Honor, Courage, & Commitment Drive Success. Noon-1:30 p.m. — Show Floor Roundtable Lunch. Friday, October 21 9:30-10:30 a.m. — Annie Duke — Featured Session: Applying Poker Principles in Business. New Advanced Distributor Program New at this year’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN tradeshow is the Advanced Distributor Program. This program offers high-level executive advice from the leading distribution experts in America. Sessions will be conducted Tuesday, October 18 and Wednesday, October 19. Attendees can apply their course work toward earning the Professional Certificate in Industrial Distribution awarded by Purdue University. Sessions are as follows: Tuesday, October 18 10:30-11:45 a.m. Advanced Distributor Program: Driving Profit in the New Economy Presented by Dr. Al Bates This session will cover two main concerns every distributor has to unlock profit potential: payroll costs and pricing discipline. In the past, rapid sales growth allowed firms to be in a “business as usual” mode. Raises were granted automatically and productivity increased slowly. The new economy requires an entirely new approach to payroll management. The second concern is that firms tend to forget about price discipline. Every distributor is looking for the return to rapid growth and is likely to accept any and all new business that comes along. A much higher level of concern with pricing must be integrated into the company’s strategy. Continued on Page 58

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September/October 2011

By Rick Mullen Maintenance Sales News Associate Editor


ounded in 1959, Dalco Enterprises, Inc., of New Brighton, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul, is a major upper Midwest distributor, focusing on the janitorial/sanitation marketplace. The company’s primary service area is a large one, stretching over parts of four states. “Dalco’s headquarters is in the Twin Cities. The company also operates branch locations, including both sales offices and warehouses, in Duluth, MN, Rochester, MN, La Crosse, WI, and Marquette, MI,” said Dalco President and co-owner Ted Stark III, during a recent interview with Maintenance Sales News at Dalco’s main office. “Our general geographic service area is the eastern two-thirds of Minnesota, western and northern Wisconsin, all of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and a some of northern Iowa.” Along with Ted Stark III, Dalco is co-owned by Chairman of the Board Ted Stark Jr., Executive Vice President Rod Dummer and Director of Operations Peter Stark. Ted Stark Jr. is the father of Ted Stark III and Peter Stark, and the father-in-law of Dummer. Dalco offers a wide array of products in many categories, including: sanitizers/disinfectants, fresheners, deodorizers, boxes, brooms, brushes, dust pans and handles, can liners, garbage bags, carpet care, chemicals, dust mops, equipment, foodservice, floor mats and runners, floor pads, hand soap, ice melters, laundry and warewash, restroom, paper, wet and sponge mops and more. “Health care is our largest customer segment, closely followed by education, including K through 12 and higher education,” Ted Stark III said. “Building service contractors are number three, and then it spreads out from there. “We really have a very broad customer base. We also service industrial manufacturing, hospitality, health clubs and others. The fact that there is a very broad customer base is one of the things I really like about this business. “We are specifically janitorial supply or jan/san. This is our focus. We sell some safety products, but I wouldn’t call us a full safety house. I don’t call ourselves a foodservice house, although we do handle some foodservice disposables. There is a little overlap, but we focus primarily on jan/san products. “I see us as a one-stop shop for jan/san products. As a distributor, I feel it is part of our job to make it convenient for our customers.” Dummer added, “Laundry/warewashing is one category that is up and coming.”

Twin Cities Distributor

Dalco Enterprises Serves Broad Customer Base

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September/October 2011

Opening page top photo: Dalco’s top management team is, left to right, President Ted Stark III, Executive Vice President Rod Dummer, Chairman of the Board Ted Stark Jr. and Director of Operations Peter Stark. Bottom photo: Dalco’s management team also includes, left to right: Controller Arvin Breiwick, Customer Service Manager Robin Beebe, Director of Inventory Management Rod Franta, Warehouse Manager Craig Berry, Service/Parts Manager Blake Witte, Vice President of Matting Division Larry Tranberg and Marketing Manager Barbara Grundman. Not pictured is Vice President of Operations Kurt Anderson.

Another product category that has been a long suit at Dalco from the beginning is its focus on equipment sales and service. Companywide, Dalco employs about 15 people in its parts and repair operation. “We do very well with floor equipment, and we have full-service repair shops in all of our locations,” Ted Stark III said. “We see our equipment operation as an im-

portant differentiator for us. When you look at many foodservice, paper and medical distributors, they don’t handle equipment repair, which is one reason it is a major facet of our business. “We also offer equipment service at the customer’s work site. We have service vans that will go out and perform on-site work for customers. “We know the value our expertise in equipment sales and service can bring to customers. We feel, if you are going to sell equipment, you really need to provide the service to be a full service distributor. It is very frustrating for customers when they buy a piece of equipment if they can’t go back to where they bought it to get it serviced. We see this as a big value to customers.” While Dalco bills itself as primarily a jan/san house with a special emphasis on equipment sales and service, the company is also seeking some alternative sales possibilities. “We are looking at market segments like laundry and warewash, and maybe a little bit more in the safety area,” Ted Stark III said. “Another area that is becoming real big for us is floor matting. We offer custom cutting and installation of floor matting, and this is becoming a valuable service for our customers, and a good business for us.” Dalco Reports Steady Growth


uring its more than a half century in business, Dalco has only recorded three down years, one of which was during the latest recession in 2009, and then not by much. “In 2009, which was the worst year of the recession, we were just barely down. That year, I considered it pretty good to just stay basically even,” Ted Stark III said. “Since then we have experienced some slow, steady growth, which is fine. We are working hard to continue that growth and find other ways to grow. We have been fortunate in the history of the company that there have only been three down years.” Fortunately, when the recent recession hit, Dalco’s history of sound management and growth strategies paid dividends. “We run a conservative business,” Peter Stark said. “We have been efficient in our costs. This has allowed us to succeed through the tough times, when other companies have not. As a result, there have been opportunities for us to purchase other companies. We have purchased two companies during the past two years and there are others out there. “We are not a company of extremes. We are not quite as aggressive when times are good and we don’t take a lot of risks when times are bad, and that is why we are still around and doing well.” Dummer added: “There is opportunity for acquisitions, as well as growth organically. One of our challenges is becoming more efficient through technology and our operational efficiencies. This is what customers are looking for. They just want the path of least resistance — the easiest place to do business.” One of the ways many companies survived the recession was by concentrating on increasing efficiencies and lowering costs. This “lean and mean”

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September/October 2011

strategy worked in many cases and there is evidence that companies are not likely to abandon these measures even as the economy improves. “The recession caused us, and many of our customers and distributors, to make some changes to survive that are probably going to be pretty permanent life changes,” Ted Stark III said. He went on to explain that customers have made changes in how they use cleaning products and services to reduce costs to be able to survive the recession. “Now that they are accustomed to a different level of cleaning, and as long as this is satisfactory, they probably won’t go back to the old ways,” Ted Stark III said. Ironically, some of the ways Dalco helped customers cut costs by becoming more ef-

ficient have had a negative consequence on the company’s bottom line. “For example, look at all the dispensing systems we have now, especially for chemicals,” Ted Stark III said. “They are all great because there are safety and performance features built in and the customer gets the correct mixture every time. This means there is less waste, which saves money, but there is also a reduction in the volume of the product that we are selling. “Dispensing systems are good for customers and we are going to do what is right to help them save money and become more efficient. However, this means, in order for us go grow, we need to find more things to do. Are there other products we can help our customers with? Are there more services we can provide to our existing customers? Are there more potential customers out there? “We are pursuing both strategies. We are working to develop deeper relationships with our current customers, while seeking more market share. “The economy, during the past couple of years, has created some permanent shifts in how customers clean their buildings and how we interact with customers.” ‘Making You Shine’ — Customer Service Highest Priority


t is appropriate that Dalco’s motto, “Making you shine,” is a statement directly to customers, as the company’s highest priority is customer service. Indeed, Dalco’s commitment to customer service is reflected in the company’s mission statement, which reads as follows: “We will provide excellent customer service for cleaning solutions to our valued customers with the use of quality, well trained co-workers and quality products from leading industry manufacturers. We will grow sales and profitability through market leadership. We are committed to: n Customers as a primary focus; n Co-workers as a valued resource; n Continued use of current technology; nContinuous improvement as a way of life; n Ethics and social responsibility; n Customers and suppliers as longterm business partners; and n Support of family values.” “One of our goals is to be the most dependable distributor for our customers,” Ted Stark III said. “When we interact with our customers, product isn’t necessarily the main focus. It is what kind of service do they need? What are their goals for their facility? We want to make sure customers have the right products and procedures in place.” Dummer added: “Another key aspect is consistency. We want to be that consistent part of a customer’s day that he or she can depend upon. “Our sales people are professionals, having been trained specifically within our industry. We are not very good as strictly a product seller when it involves such programs as having a ‘product of the month’ and trying to push it through the marketplace. Rather, we are much more about offering solutions for our customers.” By continually being involved and educating themselves in a certain market segment over a period of time, many of

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September/October 2011

Dalco’s sales reps become “specialists” in those fields. “Many of our sales reps end up with some kind of industry specialization. We don’t specifically set that up, but it just kind of happens naturally,” Ted Stark III said. “Let’s say a sales rep has several health care customers. In caring for those customers, the sales rep will develop an expertise in health care. “Our sales people learn the industries they service. They learn the people within a particular industry and what Dalco can do to help a facility improve and be more efficient. Then they start to learn the best practices for a particular facility. The result is our sales

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reps become very effective consultants as specialists in a particular customer segment.” Peter Stark added: “One of our biggest advantages over our competitors is our sales force and our experience. We believe we know how to solve problems better than anyone else.” It is not just Dalco’s sales reps who are concerned with taking care of customers as the top priority. The company’s entire staff, of about 145 employees, is dedicated to taking the best care of customers as possible. “Our employees are right at the top of the list as far as valuable assets of the company,” Dummer said. “A company can have fixtures and lines and all that, but if you don’t have the right people in place, you don’t have a company.” Ted Stark III agreed: “High on the list of our priorities is making sure we have good people in positions within the company that showcase their gifts and talents. We provide training to enable our employees to do their job the best they can and grow as an individual. We feel good about the people who we have.” One issue that often worries some business leaders is the aging of one of the largest demographics in the country — the Baby Boomers. Many businesses, such as Dalco, foster a company culture that results in employees staying with a particular company for many years. Now that Baby Boomers have reached, or are approaching, retirement age, replacing these veteran and experienced workers can be a challenge. “I feel pretty good about our position now, but not too many years ago, we were in that position,” Ted Stark III said. “We had a very veteran staff throughout the company, especially in our sales force. We tend to have a lot of longevity in our company. “I think we have done a really good job, especially with the sales force, thanks to Rod (Dummer), in proactively looking for new talent to come on board in anticipation of people retiring.” One program that is working well at Dalco to integrate new people into the sales force is putting younger reps with older, more experienced vets. “A sales team will work together for a few years in anticipation of one person’s retirement,” Ted Stark III said. “This approach has really helped us develop talent coming up behind the folks who are getting ready to retire.” Dalco’s reputation in the jan/san distributorship industry has also proven to be a factor in attracting talented people to the company. “Because of the way we have grown and developed, we think Dalco is perceived by many as one of the market leaders,” Ted Stark III said. “As a result, we often get talented people who are interested in working for us for this reason, especially in the sales area.” Because of the down economy, some distributorships have gone out of business or have reduced their work force or have been bought out by other com-

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September/October 2011

panies. This has often resulted in perhaps more talented people looking for jobs than during better economic times. “We have lost a little experience, but we have hired some very talented people,” Peter Stark said. “One benefit of the down economy is there are a lot of good people looking for employment.” One of the primary ways Dalco has expanded and grown over the years has been through acquisitions, which is also another way the company has added talented people to its staff. “Over the years, we have bought out many of our competitors,” Ted Stark Jr. said. “We got a lot of our talent through acquisitions.” Dummer added: “While you never are quite sure what you are going to get with an acquisition, we have found some diamonds.

“We have gained some great people who, with the resources we can provide, have grown professionally. While working for Dalco, we provide an environment for them to be successful, and many times they respond.” Historically, Dalco has primarily promoted from within the company. The effort to attract talented employees from outside is a recent turn of events. “As Peter (Stark) was saying, one of the things that has changed in recent years — and the economy has played a part — is there are many talented people looking for new or better jobs,” Ted Stark III said. “Therefore, we have been able to bring in some knowledgeable people from outside Dalco who are helping us take the company to the next level. “We still try to offer promotion from within and we want our employees to grow, but we are also looking for good people who can help us be better. Sometimes bringing outside experience in can help us improve.” Peter Stark added: “Going outside of Dalco has brought fresh ideas to the company. The people here know what they know. Like me, I know what I know. But by bringing in other people, I have learned so many things that would never have crossed my mind otherwise. The infusion of new people has really inspired and improved the company.”

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Dalco Headquarters LEED Certified


n the “green” front, Dal co’s main facility in the Twin Cities is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. The company underwent this process to further enhance its efforts in the sale of environmentally friendly products. “We have gone through the LEED certification to educate ourselves and understand the process,” Dummer said. “The education was very valuable and the whole concept is very good. We saved thousands of dollars just by trying to follow the LEED standards as far as recycling, water conservation, etc., and just the basic good things to do within a building in our industry. “Completing the LEED process allows us to talk a little more intelligently with our customers. We can say we have actually done more than just talked or read about good green practices.” Dalco also relies on manufacturers for help in selling and educating customers about green products and practices. “We work in conjunction with top manufacturers that have resources and education behind them. That is what customers are demanding. From a product standpoint, most green solutions work just as effectively as non-green ones,” Dummer said. “Environmentally friendly products and practices are becoming more and more a standard in the industry. Why wouldn’t a customer use green products if they work as well as others?”

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September/October 2011

Ted Stark III said: “Not too long ago, when the green movement really started to ramp up, I think it was very confusing for many in the industry as there was a lot of ‘greenwashing’ going on. Many companies were marketing so-called ‘green’ products that really weren’t. “Our goal is to understand green and have the products and resources available to make sure we can help customers where and when environmentally friendly products are the right fit.”

Training Program Enhances Customer Service Effort


significant aspect of Dalco’s customer service effort is the training the company makes available to customers. Dalco offers several seminars and tradeshow/seminars throughout the year and is willing and able to go on-site to facilitate training as well. “We conduct regular seminars that we host in our facility, as well as at some of our branches, to provide training to customers and their staffs. It is important they understand the best practices in terms of procedures,” Ted Stark III said. “We work with customers in terms of product and chemical management to reduce and eliminate waste. “We also spend a lot of time talking about equipment and showing people the benefits of the proper equipment, which can create labor savings.” While the use of proper equipment and practices was a legitimate avenue for customers to pursue to help them during the economic downturn, it became a kind of “Catch 22” situation. “It was really tough in 2009 because people were cutting back on staffs, which meant they had a big need for labor efficiencies and for labor reductions,” Ted Stark III said. “Equipment can really help deal with these issues, but many companies were so tight for Tucel provides both Simply take your pad while holding the handle, grasp cash, they were not willing to invest in Brushes and Pads for Cleaning or finance new equipment. the pad and pull it away from and off the handle. “We felt like we had a solution that Insert and snap the new pad onto the handle. would really help them, but when you can’t afford the solution, it makes it This is a fused-filament disposable tough. Our expertise in the equipment brush replacement that is field is an important way we can help manufactured from FDA our customers.” compatible resins and Dummer added: “We conduct six color, assuring that seminars here each year. We host five tradeshows/seminars, which are your cleaning tools educational opportunities for cusare hygienic and will tomers. We had one here in Septemnot cross-contaminate ber where we hosted around 800 during use. customers at our warehouse. This event was a product show, a training show and a customer appreciation day combined.” “Our seminars are expanding to other markets as well,” said Dalco Marketing Manager Barbara Grundman. “Our branches are pickTo replace, first pop off the used insert brush ing up the popular ones and they are portion from handle. Replace with a new fused, repeating the subject matter. For excolor-coded brush head. Available in both white ample, the professionals who speak and almond blocks for Food or Janitorial Cleaning. here in Minneapolis will also travel to Duluth so our customers don’t have to Tucel’s multi use “Disposables” drastically drive as far.” reduces the risk of Cross-contamination, Another aspect of Dalco’s commitreduction in Cleaning Materials and Labor, etc. ment to service is the company’s ability to consult with customers on and is completely recyclable. inventory management. “We consult with them on the prodWith our “interchangeable” head portion, ucts and procedures they use to make you will have many more benefits. sure they are using the right ones in the correct applications, and that they are not overstocked,” Ted Stark III said. Judge for yourself how inexpensive and easy it is to keep clean. “We don’t always provide just-in-time Now with Tucel’s Technology you get the Strategic Advantage, deliveries, but we do provide some inOperational Advantages as well as the Economical Advantages. ventory management to make sure a customer doesn’t have a year’s worth Tucel Industries, Inc. 802-247-6824 of products just sitting in the closet. They don’t need that when they have

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September/October 2011

our warehouse. That is why we have warehouses in each of our branch locations as well, to allow us to have adequate stock for our customers. We can get products to them when they need them, which means customers donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to have so much at their sites.â&#x20AC;? Dummer added: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our ability to consult with customers is a result of the expertise of our sales people who understand the business and have an in-depth knowledge of our customers. It is their profession. It is their life and they are experts in cleaning. They can quickly recognize opportunities for efficiencies and savings for our customers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We try to take advantage of the expertise of the manufacturing community as well. We carry what we feel are the best lines in the industry, and with that comes a lot of expertise from the manufacturing side. We try to utilize those guys as speakers, providing education to our customers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have maxed out the number of people we can have here during our seminars. We have more people than we can fit into our training room. This indicates that people are cutting back on training internally and they are looking for outside sources for training.â&#x20AC;? Grundman added: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think many facilities require their employees to have a certain amount of hours of extra training. If people need credit hours, they can come to our seminars to receive extra certification and training.â&#x20AC;? A Family Affair


alco was founded in 1959 by three gentlemen whose first names were Dale, Al and Lloyd. They took the first letters of their first names and added â&#x20AC;&#x153;coâ&#x20AC;? for company, and called the new business â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dalco.â&#x20AC;? Shortly after its founding, Ted Stark Jr., who is an accountant, joined the company to help the founders who had no real expertise in the financial end of running the business. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I came to Dalco from an accounting firm and Dalco was under water,â&#x20AC;? Ted Stark Jr. remembered. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dalco had been in business for about a year. I made a list of about 15 major creditors and I went to all of them and promised, if they would let me not pay them the current balance for a year, I would pay every invoice going forward in full within terms. They all accepted except one. I paid them all off at the end of the year. We still do business with a lot of them.â&#x20AC;? In the beginning, Ted Stark Jr. purchased a share of the company. Early on, two of



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the partners left the business. Ted Stark Jr. bought the remaining partner out in 1968. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The company did a fair amount of acquisitions early-on in some diverse areas,â&#x20AC;? Ted Stark III said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dalco merged with a contract cleaner for awhile and then got out of that business. The company also manufactured some chemicals for a time and then sold Continued On Page 36 that part of the business.




-Point Plan Designed To Combat A Down Economy

n 2008, when it became apparent to Dalco officials that a serious economic crisis was looming, they developed a four-point plan in response. While the recession has officially ended, the economy remains sluggish and Dalcoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s four-point plan is still in place. Dalco President Ted Stark III explained: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Two of the four points are to stay aggressive in sales and marketing and to stay close to our customers, making sure we are providing value. Our two biggest assets are accounts receivable and inventory. Therefore, a third point is to make sure we are managing them properly from a financial standpoint. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The fourth point is to look at our own operational expenses, making sure we are reducing discretionary expenses wherever we can and are being as efficient as we can with our own expenses. Also, we are looking at new technology that can help create value for us or our customers, and investing in training and development of Dalco employees. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There has been a fair amount of talk about the whole supply chain in recent years. I think, as an industry, we need to keep looking at this. It is going to be the manufacturer, the distributor and the customer all working together to see how we can all be efficient in terms of handling products and services. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think we will see more technology coming into play. What is next? I have no idea. We are trying to keep up with technology. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to be in what they call the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;bleeding edge,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; but we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to be too far behind either. We are constantly looking at what software we can provide to our sales force so they can be more valuable to our customers. We have a real good laptop solution for our sales force and our customers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Will we go to an iPad solution? We might some day. And what is next beyond that? As technology evolves, we just need to keep looking at how can we utilize it for ourselves to be more efficient and provide value. We are constantly asking ourselves, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;What else can we do for our customers? How can we create value?â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? As Dalco Director of Operations Peter Stark looks ahead, managing operational expenses is a critical aspect of Dalcoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ongoing growth and success through these uncertain economic times. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have taken a good look at operational efficiency and cost control over the past two years,â&#x20AC;? Peter Stark said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;For every dollar we save in operational efficiency, we need four dollars in sales, so that has been a real big emphasis for us, and we have made a lot of headway.â&#x20AC;? Dalco Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing Rod Dummer alluded to another challenge: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had a sales meeting earlier in the year and one of the challenges discussed is that status quo almost becomes our biggest competitor. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Many times if customers donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a major pain, a major hurt, they are pretty happy where they are, and they tend to not want to make changes, especially in this economy. In this scenario, to motivate a company to make changes that would benefit it in the long run becomes a challenge.â&#x20AC;? In speaking of priorities and future challenges, Ted Stark III spoke of the changing landscape involving suppliers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our manufacturers are a key part of the equation, too,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;One change that I have seen over the years and I think will continue is, it seems like most of them want to have a relationship or contact with the end-use customer in addition to the distributor. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Therefore, we try to work very closely with our key manufacturers, making sure we are conducting joint calls on targeted customers and working together to help customers.â&#x20AC;? Dummer added: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have some of the top manufacturers here in this market. In many cases, we become the guinea pigs for a new product. We would rather be the first kid on the block who has tried a new product; however, with that come experiments and failures. Nonetheless, we would much rather be on the forefront of trying and testing new products.â&#x20AC;? Dalco Marketing Manager Barbara Grundman said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really waiting for the next thing, we are helping create the next thing and customers bring that to us. They know what their needs are. They know what needs to happen in their facilities. â&#x20AC;&#x153;With our experts and our support of the manufacturers, we are creating new products that then are rolled out nationally. It starts here with the needs of our customers and the ability and flexibility of our manufacturers to meet those needs. This triangle relationship is so critical.â&#x20AC;?


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September/October 2011

“Dalco had a rug laundry for a time, which was eventually sold. The company also acquired other distributorships, including a couple in the Twin Cities, which helped it grow. A company in Rochester, MN, was acquired and a branch in Duluth, MN, was started from scratch. So, there was some fairly significant growth in the early years.” By the mid-1970s, Dalco’s acquisitions had cooled off, but the company continued to grow organically. A milestone was reached in 1985, when Ted Stark III joined the business, marking the first of the second generation to come to work at the company. “I had been working in public accounting as a CPA (certified public accountant) and decided to leave the firm I was with to join Dalco,” Ted Stark III said. “Dalco had a need for a financial person. The company had grown, but other than my father, it didn’t have a financial officer or controller. While we had a couple of bookkeepers, Dalco had grown to where it could use more financial help, so I joined the company as controller.” The next family member to join Dalco was Dummer, who is married to Ted Stark III’s sister. “I came in 1988, and believe it or not, my background was as a CPA as well,” Dummer recalled. “I was living in Wyoming, so I am the outlaw of the gang.” Ted Stark III added: “Because of his accounting background, we brought Rod (Dummer) into the accounting area, but then quickly saw he had some sales expertise. He got involved with our repair department and eventually he became the head of the entire sales group.” Peter Stark joined Dalco in December 1990 from the Burlington Northern Railroad. He had earned a purchasing/transportation operations degree in college and came to Dalco as a purchasing agent. “I was in charge of purchasing and customer service,” Peter Stark said. “I was instrumental in getting Dalco into the paper business. I learned deviated pricing and all the special techniques of selling paper products and got us rolling in that program around 1992-93. The paper side of our business really took off in 1996.” After making several significant acquisitions by the 1970s, Dalco resumed buying other companies in the late 1980s. “In the late ’80s, we acquired two companies in La Crosse, WI, which became our La Crosse branch,” Ted Stark III said. “In the mid-’90s, Dalco made a few more acquisitions in the Twin Cities area that helped it grow here. Last year, we made two more acquisitions, one in the Twin Cities that we merged with our existing facility, and a company in Marquette, MI.” Dalco Delivers Products In Various Ways


alco’s headquarters facility is located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul urban area, which is the most populous in the state of Minnesota. Around 1872, people began calling the area the “Dual Cities,” which eventually evolved into the

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“Twin Cities,” as it is commonly referred to today. “Our largest facility is located in the Twin Cities. It is Dalco’s headquarters and, to a large extent, the main distribution center,” Ted Stark III said. “We try to operate our branch locations fairly lean. They all have sales offices because we like to maintain a local presence. Relationships are very important, so we want sales people to live in the communities they are servicing, or, at least, nearby. “We utilize the branch warehouses as subsidiary warehouses and auxiliary distribution centers to provide better service. These warehouses may not contain every single item that we have in the Twin Cities distribution center, but they will have many of them. We manage that inventory to make sure we have what customers in the areas served by our branches need. “At the same time, we look at the total logistics supply chain to make sure we are not too redundant on inventory and that we are being as efficient as possible with deliveries to customers.” In La Crosse, Dalco is building a new facility for its branch there. “The La Crosse facility is one that we don’t own ourselves,” Ted Stark III said. “Most of our locations we own. We finally reached the point where financially we thought it was the right thing to do to build a new facility in La Crosse. The new building will be much more efficient. We are going to be able to create a lot of energy efficiencies with the new building.” Ted Stark III said that one rule of thumb is each location can service about a 150-mile radius before another distribution point is needed. “With the exception of our Rochester branch, a 150-mile radius is about what we have with our branches for their primary service area,” Ted Stark said. “Rochester grew out of an acquisition and is where our smallest warehouse is located, as it is closer to Minneapolis than the other branches. Rochester is a big city and, with the Mayo Clinic there, it is important for us to have a presence.” While Dalco has it own trucks, the company also takes advantage of other avenues of delivery that are more efficient and cheaper in some situations. “In Minneapolis, we have a contract trucking company that generally runs six to seven trucks a day for us,” Peter Stark said. “We also ship a variety of different ways. If it is cheaper to use UPS, we ship UPS. If it is cheaper to use a small package delivery service, then that is what we do. If it is cheapest to send it on our truck, we will do that also. The bigger the order, the more cost efficient it is to use our trucks. “At our branches, we try to use the same practice. We are just looking for the least expensive, most efficient way. The more we have talked to our customers, the more we realized this is what they are looking for as well. They are not looking for our driver to pull up, as much as they are looking for the best way to receive orders.” Ted Stark III added: “We have our own trucks, but the portion of that business is changing. In the past, maybe 90 percent of products were delivered on our trucks. I don’t know what the percentage is now, but we are using more small package delivery, where we can be a little more efficient with smaller orders. This allows us to allocate our trucks to the larger orders that require a little more handling.” The Minneapolis location has 95,000 square-feet of warehouse space. The La Crosse branch has 34,000 square-feet; Duluth has 18,000 square-feet; Marquette has 6,000 square-feet; and Rochester has 3,000 square feet of warehouse space. “Our inventory management is computerized as much as we can. In terms of our core stocking products, I think we do a real good job of managing that, and we work real hard to make sure that we have the proper stocking levels in place so that we are not back ordering for customers regarding our fastest moving core items,” Ted Stark III said. “One of the most challenging things for us is what I will call ‘special order’ or ‘non-stocking’ items. We have a fair amount of demand for these types of products, and we provide them because we want to be a full-service distributor to our customers. “Inventory is our largest asset, so it is critical that we are managing it as well

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September/October 2011 as we can. I think we do a pretty good job, but there is always room for improvement. It is something we stay on top of all the time.” Satisfaction Guaranteed



Booth 1123 Circle 47

hen the Dalco leadership was asked what is the most satisfying aspect of working in the distributorship industry, Ted Stark Jr. initiated the conversation by saying being successful was at the top of his list. “Being one the very best in the United States in the jan/san business is very satisfying. Statistics from the major suppliers show we are always one of the top 10 distributors with most of them.” Ted Stark III entered the field because his family was in the distributorship business. While he had worked at Dalco when he was a student, it wasn’t until he came to the company full-time that he began to fully understand what the industry is about. “Until I got into it full-time, I didn’t realize how close some of the relationships had become,” he said. “The industry has been, and still is, very relationship based, which is something I like and is important to me. “I agree with Ted (Stark Jr.) that Dalco’s success has been gratifying. The fact that we continue to have steady growth indicates that we are doing some things right and that we are succeeding. “Being part of a company that can get through recessionary times and survive and continue to grow, is very satisfying. The same goes for having people who want to be part of a growing organization and who are continually looking for new things to accomplish. “I often don’t think of ourselves as very innovative. We are not a manufacturer. We are not coming up with new products, but we are probably more innovative than I give us credit for, if I really think back. Maybe that term gets overused a little, but I think we do need to be innovative, and I think we are to a large extent.” Working in a family atmosphere is another aspect of Dalco that is a source of much gratification for Ted Stark III. “Being a part of the family business is a special thing and adds to the enjoyment and success of the company,” he said. “It was a real privilege and joy to be able to come to the company and work with my dad. It is great to be able to work with my brother and brother-in-law.” Ted Stark Jr. attributes the long-term success of the company to joining a nationwide network of sanitary supply distributors early in its history. “I learned an awful lot from being involved in a group with other companies. I received a lot of support. Through the group, Dalco was able to offer leading product lines,” he said. “The industry today is centered around having the best lines. It is almost essential now. You couldn’t compete at our level without the major lines. It is a two-way street. Manufacturers of these lines have to have us as well. It would be difficult for them to come into this market without our help.” Dummer spoke of Ted Stark Jr.’s reputation in the industry as another major factor in the company’s success over the years. “When I started at Dalco, I began attending ISSA shows. During one of my first years at the show, I realized Ted’s (Stark Jr.) reputation was an important part of Dalco’s success,” Dummer said. “People want to deal with people with integrity, therefore Dalco was where they stopped first when they came to town.” Peter Stark added: “I always thought one of the biggest keys to success over the years is carrying the best lines and then paying sales reps well. By paying

sales people well, they tended to not go anywhere else, which meant they gained experience and then went out and out sold everybody. “We established a good core of salesmen that stuck around and got better and better over the years. New sales people came in and learned from them, and it has been rolling ever since.” Ted Stark III added: “When I think about our success over the years, it is people and relationships that come to mind. Having good, quality people within Dalco allows us to do a good job for the manufacturers we are representing as well as the customers we are serving.” Grundman also spoke of the company’s commitment to the community. “Dalco isn’t just about the bottom line,” she said. “People here really care about the community beyond their customers. All of our employees seem to embrace the idea of community service. “We reach out to many non-profit organizations and donate hours for food drives and other activities. It is very exciting to see everyone embrace it when we have volunteer opportunities. You won’t just see a few of the employees participating, you will also see the owners there at the food shelter or wherever. This makes employees feel proud about being with a company like Dalco that really cares.” Ted Stark III Elected Secretary Of ISSA For 2012


ed Stark III has been elected to the secretary post on the ISSA Board of Directors. He will officially take office during the upcoming ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2011 convention, which will take place October 18-21 in Las Vegas, NV. Ted Stark III served as the ISSA Minnesota state coordinator from 2002 to 2004, and he was on the ISSA Board of Directors as a district coordinator from 2004 to 2006. He also served as board liaison to YES and chair of ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard Audit Standards Committee. “Dalco became a member of ISSA very early on. ISSA has been a great resource for the company over the years, helping us to Ted Stark III develop supplier relationships,” Ted Stark III said. “ISSA has helped us with information on how to run our business and to be more efficient, while providing resources that we can pass to our customers. “ISSA is an organization that really wants to promote cleaning, not only nationwide, but also globally, by putting together standards, best practices and training materials. “In recent years, ISSA has made it available for enduser customers to become members. It is ISSA’s goal to be a resource for the entire industry, which is why they feel it is important to include customers and end-users, because they are a big part of the industry. “While Dalco is not a global company, we continue to grow and I see a lot of resources that will benefit Dalco by being part of ISSA. There is a lot we can learn from other people, not only people in this country, but also people in other parts of the world.” Contact: Dalco Enterprises, Inc., 300 5th Ave., Northwest, New Brighton, MN 55112. Phone: 800-950-1975; Fax: 651-604-2961. Website: Email:

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September/October 2011

By Harrell Kerkhoff, Maintenance Sales News Editor

Being an expert in the janitorial/sanitary industry requires experience and a willingness to learn. From floorcare to disinfecting kitchen surfaces, jan/san distributors are ask to find the answers to a wide variety of problems. For many distributors, this presents not only many challenges, but also endless opportunities. Maintenance Sales News Magazine recently talked with four established jan/san distributors to see how they meet the needs of their wide customer base. They also reported on how business has been as of late while servicing various cleaning-related accounts.


ven in paradise, buildings get dirty and germs need to be eliminated. Helping customers complete such tasks in the U.S. Virgin Islands is the function of ABC Sales & Services, Inc. The company is located on the island of St. Thomas. “We have been in business since 1964 and primarily cover the islands of St. Thomas and

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St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We also service the neighboring British Virgin Islands,” ABC Sales & Services President Jon B. Strain said. “We represent many jan/san suppliers for our area, and have built solid relationships in the process.” A territory of the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands is located in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, with its western edge approximately 40 miles east of Puerto Rico. The territory consists of the main islands of Saint Thomas, Saint John and Saint Croix as well as several dozen smaller islands. The U.S. Virgin Islands is known for white sand beaches, strategic harbors and a warm climate. It has become a major destination for tourists from around the world, helping the local hospitality industry thrive. “On any given day, the population of an island can increase by 10,000 to 50,000 due to our visitors. This translates into extra sales for area restaurants, shops and other businesses,” ABC Sales & Services Vice President Saul Strain said, who is the son of Jon Strain. “Besides customers involved with the hospitality industry, we cater to many schools and other clients,” Saul Strain said. “Chances are, if we don’t have all of a customer’s business, we at least work with him/her at some capacity, such as fixing their vacuums cleaners, selling them paper or having them use our chemical dispensing system.” Getting a foot in the door when it comes to a customer’s cleaning needs often leads to more business for the distributorship down the road. “There is a hospital located on one of the islands where we provide cleaning supplies. We have now branched out to also cater to their laundry care needs,” Saul Strain said. “This has brought forth a big increase in business for us.” Besides paper and chemicals, the distributorship sells a wide variety of floor and carpet care equipment such as vacuum cleaners, extractors and burnishers. The company also services this equipment. One challenge the company faces on a daily basis is that of transporting products to customers located on the other islands. A ferry system is often used for product delivery.


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September/October 2011

bypass us, but we don’t wish them on anyone. It’s important to “Fortunately, customers are used to our delivery schedules. be alert and ready for emergencies,” Jon Strain said. We deliver once or twice a week to some islands, while others Saul Strain added that when hurricanes do strike the islands, are serviced on a daily basis,” Saul Strain said. there is often a lot of work involved during the aftermath of He added that exceptions can be made if a customer needs a these storms. particular item in an emergency. There is a plane service that “We provide service to the best of our abilities in these types can be used when delivering products, but most of the islands of situations. First priority, however, is given to our contracted are relatively close in proximity. Most ferry trips last 20 to 30 clients,” Saul Strain said. minutes and usually no longer than 45 minutes. Therefore, the When asked how business has been for his company during most economical way to transport products is by ferry. the past year, Saul Strain explained that the economy on the “We have a marina industry here that is thriving. There is a U.S. Virgin Islands mirrors in many ways the overall U.S. great deal of commerce that goes on between the islands,” Jon economy. Strain added. “We acknowledge today’s slower economy for what it is, Another challenge is receiving supplies from manufacturers. which is almost the new norm of doing business,” Saul Strain The U.S. Virgin Islands is located approximately 1,100 miles said. “Our own company, however, remains consistent as we from southern Florida, thus knowing how much stock to keep From left, ABC Sales & Services Vice President continue to provide the highest level of service possible. Makin the distributorship’s warehouse is vital when satisfying cusSaul Strain and President Jon Strain. ing sure our employees and customers receive proper training tomer demands. “We try to keep a three- to four-month supply of many types of products on hand. It can is also vital.” He added that ABC Sales & Services has products in place, such as dispensing systems, be a challenge, but one we meet everyday,” Saul Strain said. “We just finished unloading one shipment that was delayed a week because of Hurricane Irene (which took place in late Au- designed to help customers save both time and money. In return, the distributorship benegust). It’s important to have enough stock in place to cover this type of situation. We are very fits from many customer referrals. Jon Strain said it’s essential to find products that are proven to be good sellers. aware of tropical storms and the hurricane season.” “It’s easier to sell higher quality products. We look for suppliers that are going to be Jon Strain added that the U.S. Virgin Islands is located in an area often referred to as “hurconsistent, provide good service and are willing to come to the islands to train our ricane alley.” “Many of the storms begin off the west coast of Africa and come our way. Hopefully they staff,” Jon Strain said. These are the same qualities that officials at ABC Sales & Services work on for the benefit of their own customers. “We are reliable, and it’s important that our service level remains consistent. If we are switching from one product offering to another all of the time, our customers may feel they can’t always depend on us to receive their favorite products,” Saul Strain said. “We also look for loyalty among manufacturers. If distributors are all selling the same products, it really doesn't help anybody.” As for the future of the jan/san industry, Saul Strain said advances in technology continue to help those involved in running a business provide faster communication with both suppliers and clients. “Once, fax was the way to go, but now everything is done via email. This provides better customer service. If there is a question that I, or my staff, cannot answer, we can usually get in contact with a manufacturer right away,” Saul Strain said. “Today’s increases in raw material costs have affected pricing. However, if we focus on customer service and provide something that our competitors are unable, or unwilling, to do, then we will continue to prosper. “There are a lot of people selling chemicals and other products right now, but as far as having the experience behind them ... this is where I feel the jan/san industry will always lead. There is always somebody behind the counter at a jan/san distributorship who can explain and show how products work. Personalized service makes a big difference.” One common problem area for those in charge of cleaning buildings is restroom care. Helping customers properly clean restrooms is a challenge that can best be met by a jan/san expert, Saul Strain said. “Restrooms are usually open 24/7 and receive constant use,” Saul Strain said. “We are able to establish a cleaning program for our customers due to the different systems we have in place. This is value-added service.” In looking ahead, Jon Strain said he enjoys the many opportunities that the jan/san industry provides for his company. “It’s always been a challenging industry. Every day I wake up to something new. I also enjoy meeting the many different people we work with on a daily basis,” Jon Strain said. Contact: ABC Sales & Services, Inc., 110 Subbase, St Thomas, VI 00803. Phone: 340-774-1073, Email: Website:


uilding on established relationships and seeking out new ones are critical components to increasing business for any jan/san distributorship. This remains true as well for Action Chemical, Inc., of Memphis, TN. “Our business has been good, even in a down economy. One thing I have noticed in my 12 years in this industry, unless you get a spike in sales from a new customer, overall demand from the client base stays pretty consistent,” Action Chemical President Charles Barnes said. “The same can be said when the economy is excellent. People don’t buy an extra case of toilet tissue just because the economy is good. They purchase what they need — both in good and bad times.” To make his point, Barnes discussed his company’s business relationship with a nearby university. “I remember when the economy became really slow, we still didn’t lose any business with the university as it was trying to attract new students. Its representative told us, ‘We have to keep our facilities and grounds beautiful in order to make a good impression.’” Although relatively new to Action Chemical, Barnes and his business partner, CEO Sherry Crowe, have been involved in the Memphis area jan/san industry for many years. Barnes explained that Action Chemical is a full service jan/san provider, selling a variety of

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September/October 2011

cleaning-related supplies and equipment. The company partners with a business located next door, which services the distributorship’s equipment. “We are in a unique situation when it comes to equipment service. Because our trucks are always going to different locations delivering products, we are able to bring back equipment from clients for servicing, which is done next to our own facility,” Barnes said. “We then return this equipment to the client soon after the repair is made, usually while delivering more products to that customer. Being able to take care of two functions in one trip helps to reduce costs.” Action Chemical stocks its products from a 12,500-square-foot warehouse. It also works with wholesalers to help deliver products outside of the company’s main service region of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. “We are capable of shipping products throughout the country due to our strategic relationships. These companies have distribution centers all across the country. For instance, when we sell a product in California, that product is shipped from California and not from our own warehouse. We do a lot of this type of work for clients in the government,” Barnes said. Action Chemical has earned 8(a) certification with the Small Business Administration, is a women-owned company and has a GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) schedule contract. When it comes to satisfying his company’s customer needs, Barnes believes solid relationship building it critical to success. “Most companies can provide good service. In my opinion, what separates our company are the relationships we have built. This comes from our sales people as well as our customer service team of Lori Denton and April Mason,” Barnes said. “We have customers who will not budge from us because of these relationships. We also make

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sure our pricing is as good, if not better, than everybody else. You can normally do this when you have good relationships in place.” Barnes has noticed a trend in place as of late where larger distributorships have tried to extend their reach into areas of business that have traditionally been left to smaller jan/san houses. He blames today’s economical times for this change. “These larger companies are trying to keep their trucks loaded and the flow of products going. However, this trend is not healthy for anybody,” Barnes said. “Hopefully, some of these larger companies will realize that smaller markets are not where they want to be, and find areas that are more profitable.” Customer training is another important funcAction Chemical President Charles Barnes tion of doing business for Action Chemical. Barnes explained that many of his company’s clients need continual training options in place to help employees properly do their jobs. “For instance, we do business with a lot of day care providers. These customers have employees who must be properly trained on how to use chemicals. This is a lot of what we do,” Barnes said. He added that there have been times when a client has taken a lower bid from another company that did not include educational training, only to seek out Action Chemical’s help down the road. Despite losing this initial business, Barnes has been willing to provide the training. “These customers usually find a way to give us additional business because we did not leave them hanging,” Barnes said. “You have to be accountable for the products that you sell, and you have to make people feel they are getting a good service other than just receiving a low price.” The same philosophy holds true for Action Chemical when seeking relationships with jan/san manufacturers. “We don’t look for the cheapest price, just the fair price,” Barnes said. “I also look for quality products that will be delivered when promised. This is the same type of service that

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September/October 2011

our customers expect from us.” Contact: Action Chemical, Inc., 381 Cumberland St., Memphis, TN 38112. Phone (901) 522-8783, Website:


willingness to try new things and remain personable as a company have helped First Quality Supply succeed as a jan/san distributorship in the Minneapolis, MN, area for the past 25 years. “We have always been on the small side and continue to genuinely care about our customers. Our company has survived competition from larger companies throughout the years as well as the different transitions this market has brought,” First Quality Supply Owner David Keller said. “Our business philosophy really hasn’t changed. For instance, we provide not only new equipment, but reconditioned and used equipment as well. “We try to match the best product to the customer, rather than just providing what the customer is asking for initially. It may seem strange to say, but the customer is not always right. They often need help, and we have the experience to provide that help. “There are customers who have been with us since day 1. We specialized in field sales during the first 15 years of the company. I have been in the jan/san industry since 1974, while my business partner had been in the food distribution business,” Keller said. “When my partner decided to retire in 2002, a transition started at our distributorship at the request of some customers. They wanted us to cater more toward the truck mount, carpet cleaning and restoration segments.

“Because janitorial supplies were relatively inexpensive for many of these customers, they kept asking what else we had to offer and business dramatically grew.” Keller estimates that 50 percent of his company’s daily core activity now involves selling truck mounts, carpet cleaning and restoration products. “It tends to overrun the janitorial side a little bit, but it has also brought in additional contractors. What we are really doing is providing more options for our janitorial business, which is fun. It also helps to build customer loyalty,” Keller said. “We have seen janitorial customers migrate toward carpet cleaning and small restoration work. This includes mold removal as well as cleaning up from light water damage. It’s made them better janitorial companies. We also offer private label products and service many types of equipment. “It’s sometimes tough to get a janitorial customer to really listen to what new things are taking place in the industry. However, we love to show them new options. For example, it’s a whole different realm when they can professionally clean carpets for their own clients. They are not farming this work out and watching some other company take this business.” Showing customers how to properly clean tile, along with leather surfaces and furniture, has also added to increased business for First Quality Supply. The distributorship became a full time storefront operation in 2004 to better receive walkin trade. Many of its newer customers originated from other countries and now work in the Twin Cities area. They have discovered the benefits of doing business with First Quality Supply. “These people have been incredibly wonderful customers. They work hard and are very social in telling each other about the best places to buy things,” Keller said. Continually trying new things has also helped First Quality Supply remain fresh in the minds of its customer base. This includes opening for business on Saturdays, offering discount days and providing occasional swap meets so people can exchange equipment. “Sometimes we even have an auctioneer which is very fun. People can sell their used floor machines, vacuums, etc., this way.” Keller added many customers have equipment that they want to sell but don’t always know how to price that equipment. They also don’t want unused equipment setting around waiting for somebody to make an offer. Keller continues to have respect for the larger distributors in his area. “It can be hard for a smaller distributor to work with a large customer. That customer may be better served by a larger distributor,” Keller said. “There are other types of customers, however, who can be better serviced by a smaller distributorship.

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September/October 2011

“I feel distributors need to work together to ultimately make more customers happy. People tend to remember those distributors who are honest and provided good advice. When distributorships work together for the better of all customers, it makes everyone in the industry look better and show we all care.” Keller also feels hard economic times may actually be a friend to the smaller distributor. He said as larger distributorships tend to have more minimum order requirements, many customers seek out smaller distributorships to save money. “People start shopping around when times are tough, and smaller distributors are sometimes a lot more flexible with their pricing,” Keller said. “It depends on the customer. As a small distributor, I may not be able to help a large retail operation, but I certainly can be a friend in a recession to a small municipality, independent school and/or church.” “For example, we buy scratch and dents and reconditioned equipment from manufacturers. This is where the deals are at, and what many customers are looking for to save money. That scratch may be there 60 days from when a customer buys a new piece of equipment anyway, so why not purchase such equipment to start with and receive a discount? Many manufacturers need to move this inventory.” Seeking out new types of products also helps Keller and many other jan/san distributors excite customers. Keller said having something new to show people can lead to increased business. “It’s important manufacturers become progressive,” he said. “I feel there is room for more advancement in technology with this industry.” Contact: First Quality Supply, 6427 Cambridge St., St Louis Park, MN 55426. Phone: 952-920-6677. Website:

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t: 888-711-8011 t: 323-936-3566 f: 323-936-3567 w: e: 7171 Telegraph Road Montebello, CA 90640 USA

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n business since 1965, officials at Lann Chemical & Supply Co., of Aberdeen, MS, take pride in providing quality customer service with trusted products and an experienced staff. Located in the northeastern section of the state, Lann Chemical & Supply is a janitorial and packaging house with a service region centered in northern Mississippi and northwest Alabama. The company has branched out within the past 10 years to include warewash and laundry equipment installation work. “This is a busy time of the year as schools are back in session. We service quite a few schools with this type of equipment,” Lann Chemical & Supply General Manager Steve Gaskin said. “Many nursing homes also require this service. Our company has two service technicians on staff who service our laundry and warewash accounts.” The company also services other types of equipment such as floor machines. Overall, the main customer base for the distributorship can be found within three major segments: industrial, government and the medical field. “GPOs (Group Purchasing Organization) are getting very strong in the medical field. Lann Chemical & Supply If you are going to be in that industry, you General Manager Steve Gaskin have to follow that trend,” Gaskin said. “We belong to a buying group that does a good job with keeping us up-to-date in this area of business. “We try to cater to industries that are service oriented, where they need products at certain times. We work to supply these needs,” Gaskin said. Lann Chemical & Supply is greatly aided by an experienced sales staff that has seen very little turnover throughout the years. This has allowed the company’s sales representatives to stay in close contact with customers. “Our sales people do a lot with customers as far as making sure we are satisfying all of their needs and answering any questions that must be addressed,” Gaskin said. “It’s important that our sales people make sure we are servicing all possible areas of a customer’s business.” Helping with specific problem areas found in buildings is another key function of a good jan/san distributorship. Gaskin said one area of continual concern for many customers is restroom care. This is especially true with schools. “We are located in the south where it’s hot and humid. Restrooms have always been an issue. Schools have also had to cut back on staff, which is part of the problem,” Gaskin said. To help with this and other cleaning issues, officials at Lann Chemical & Supply provide training programs for customers. This training is conducted through the company’s sales staff, by Gaskin himself, and/or through a vendor representative. “The number of people who are going to be present for the training helps determine how many trainers we will need,” Gaskin said. “We don’t want somebody to just stand behind a podium and speak. It’s important to provide hands-on training. Having a vendor rep on hand is always helpful. Many customers see us all of the time and often will listen a little bit more intently to a new person. We will inform the vendor rep as to our customers’ main problems before the training begins.” With today’s fast paced business world at hand, he added it’s important to keep in close contact with key vendor representatives. This is especially true when it comes to delivery schedules. “Years ago, we might rush ship something out one time a week. Today, however, everybody wants products ‘right now,’” Gaskin said. He added that Lann Chemical & Supply relies on its own trucks to make deliveries along with smaller vehicles. Despite the competitive nature of jan/san distribution, Gaskin said he enjoys being part of this industry. “If you are in it for four or five years, you are probably going to enjoy it over the long haul. It’s the right industry for those who like helping people,” Gaskin said. Lann Chemical & Supply was started in 1965 by Gaskin’s father-in-law, Bob Stockton, who retired approximately 10 years ago. Gaskin works hard to build upon the company’s strong foundation started by Stockton. “My father-in-law became a very good teacher and was a service-oriented, hands-on type of guy while running the company. We work to continue that focus,” Gaskin said. Contact: Lann Chemical & Supply, 22019 Highway 45 North, Aberdeen, MS 39730. Phone: 662-369-8338. Website:

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September/October 2011

SCA Emphasizes Better Business In Celebration Of 10th Anniversary As the 2011 ISSA INTERCLEAN® show approaches, manufacturers such as SCA, a global hygiene company and makers of the Tork ( brand of awayfrom-home paper products, are busy preparing to showcase products and solutions developed from consumer trends that benefit cleaning industry decision makers from around the world. SCA will also celebrate its 10th anniversary in the North American market at ISSA. As the company continues to serve as leader and valued partner to customers in multiple market segments, their booth (#2430) will not only look back at key milestones but also ahead to becoming an even better business resource to their customers. What Better Business Means SCA officials say better business goes beyond customer service, it means using a segment-driven approach to understand the challenges and unique needs of target customer groups, and applying these insights to focus product, service and tool development to better meet those needs. At its core, better business drives profit for customers. After all, customers and businesses have higher levels of concern about the health of people and the planet, and this awareness is driving spending habits. According to the company, SCA has been laying a solid foundation of better business resources over the last decade. “When SCA entered the North American market 10 years ago, we took on the challenge of becoming one of the leading manufacturers of away-from-home paper products and an industry thought leader,” said Don Lewis, president of SCA Tissue North America. “Today, I am proud to say our ‘better business’ approach has helped us achieve this mission. It’s the differentiator our customers expect from SCA. We’re committed to this way of working and will continue to build on it for years to come.” With customer needs at the forefront of product innovation, systems such as the Tork Elevation™, Xpressnap™ and Performance™ lines have been developed to improve efficiency and cleanliness while reducing waste. SCA believes this holistic approach to product innovation will help fulfill evolving customer needs. Better Business Through Contributing to Customer Conversations Constructing better business includes developing research that educates customers on how consumers are interacting with a facility and what they are seeking when they patronize a business. By working with a variety of third-party research organizations, including Harris Interactive®, and academic authorities and experts, such as the Tork Green Hygiene Council™ ( (TGHC), SCA has commissioned research focused on American consumer and professional perspectives with regard to hygiene and sustainability. A few of these examples include: • Tork Report: Healthy People, Healthy Planet™ — Issued for the second consecutive year, the Tork Report is designed to provide customers with information focused on conducting better business. This year’s results showed that customers are paying attention to the details, specifically those related to hygiene. When facilities appear unclean, they are not shy about sharing their opinions, as 75 percent of American adults would be at least somewhat likely to complain to the manager or staff member of a public facility if it seemed unclean. However, the Tork Report showed that the other 25 percent of American adults keep their disapproval to themselves or tell a friend about the unhygienic facility, ultimately endangering the reputation of the facility. To review the rest of the survey’s findings and what they mean for facility management, visit; • Tork “Better Business” Podcasts — the Tork podcasts include discussions by the TGHC members about the benefits of sustainability and hygiene to create understanding for listeners on why these topics are vital to any business. The first podcast — Clean Business, Happier Customers — is led by hygiene experts Dr. Allison Aiello and Donna Duberg. It enforces how prioritizing hygienic practices can lead to happier customers and a thriving business. The experts also provide insight into both consumer and professional perspectives on hygiene and infection control.

The second podcast — Driving Success with a Sustainable Business Model — features commentary from sustainability expert Josh Radoff and SCA sustainability marketing manager Mike Kapalko on best practices to consider when incorporating sustainability into a business and the benefits it has on profitability. To download and listen to these podcasts visit; • Third Annual Green Business Survey — For three years, SCA has conducted a survey to help customers better understand how environmental standards affect consumer buying and dining habits. This year’s Green Business Survey found that 77 percent of American adults purchase green products/services, including 57 percent who do so because they believe it’s better for the environment. These results, as well as those from the 2009 and 2010 surveys, showcase sustainability as a new way of life — with both of the previous surveys revealing over seven in 10 adults continued purchasing “green” products and services, even during the down economy. Consumers are also careful about how they verify companies’ claims to sustainability, with 72 percent of American adults indicating they know how to determine if a green claim or statement is true. The survey also revealed that only 6 percent of American adults rely on reputation, awards or news stories about the company to verify green claims or statements. However, 21 percent feel that independent third-party certification is the most reliable method to determine viability; • Better Business Through Championing Sustainability — SCA recently announced their use of 12 billion pounds of recycled paper to make Tork towels, tissue and napkins used by North American facilities over the last 10 years. While SCA incorporates recycling into the beginning of a product's lifecycle, it also focuses on sustainability at the end of a product’s usage. For instance, SCA officials say the company recently became the first away-from-home manufacturer to attain certification on its line of napkins from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), one of the largest independent compost certification groups in North America. The BPI certification verifies that all Universal and Advanced Tork napkins, including custom print, can be safely disposed of and quickly biodegrade in municipal and commercial composting facilities. By offering BPI-certified napkins, SCA is able to expand on its leadership through third-party certifications and contribute to the composting efforts nationwide, especially as more cities develop composting facilities. As it looks to the future, company executives say, it remains committed to identifying ways to ensure its products truly contribute to building reputable and sustainable businesses in the communities where they operate; • Better Business Through Community Support — As part of its plan to build a better business, SCA gave back to the communities where it has regional manufacturing operations by offering Environmental Education Grants to schools hoping to fund programs focused on the environment. In doing so, SCA says it extends its spirit of environmental stewardship, inspiring teachers and students to do the same; and, • Better Business - Looking Ahead — SCA looks ahead to the next 10 years in North America. With a focus on “Better Business,” SCA officials say the company is more committed than ever to helping customers drive successful business platforms through the prioritization of sustainability and hygiene and fulfilling their needs as a strategic partner. During the ISSA show, the Tork Performance and Elevation lines will be on display at this year’s SCA booth #2430, along with handwashing stations featuring SCA’s soap products. The booth will also feature a coffee bar and spa for visitors to enjoy. Visit and for more information.

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September/October 2011

Industry Personnel Scoles Floorshine Hires Ghen As Vice President Sales/Operations Scoles Floorshine, of Farmingdale, NJ, has hired Evan Ghen as vice president of sales and operations. He is re-

sponsible for all sales activity and internal support services. Ghen was most recently employed as district manager for Public Storageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Philadelphia region. Spartan Promotes Drew Campbell Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. has announced the promotion of Drew Campbell to the position of Regional Sales Manager for Spartan's New York City region. Campbell will report to Northeast Divisional Sales Manager Jack Ellison and will be responsible for the service, sales and support of Drew Campbell several Spartan distributors. Born and raised in Margate, NJ, Campbell holds a Masters of Education from Kean University. He began his professional career in education and taught sixth and seventh grade Science and World Cultures for seven years. When an opportunity arose, Campbell refocused his career into sales. Most recently, he has worked in a sales role within the jan/san industry, servicing the metro New York market. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., with corporate headquarters, manufacturing and distribution facilities in Maumee, OH, is an international manufacturer of chemical specialty maintenance products. Petru New NISSCO Director Of Marketing NISSCO (National Independent Sanitary Supply Companies) announces industry marketing veteran

Circle 64 â&#x20AC;˘ See Us At ISSA Booth #3386

Ginny Petru as its director of marketing, effective immediately. Petru has specialized in marketing communications for the jan/san industry for over 20 years. Her expertise includes various facets of marketing communication services including planning, consultation, and implementation of both internal and external marketing activities. She has hands-on experience in advertising, public relations, sales collateral development, e-marketing, direct mail, graphic design, writing, and website development. Over the years, she has been a respected contributor to many trade publications. "Ginny's industry-specific experience makes her the perfect fit for NISSCO, its suppliers and its 225 independent distributor members as she can address our diverse and unique marketing needs," states Mark Bozich, president of NISSCO. Ginny Petru "By having Ginny on our team, our members will have access to a proven professional with a wide base of experience that is singularly committed to our industry. You will not find that anywhere else." In addition to her role as NISSCO's director of marketing, Petru will continue in her role as president of Petru & Associates, Ltd., as well as heading up the newest NISSCO partnership, AXIS GMO, which will be launched in early October. NISSCO, LLC (National Independent Sanitary Supply Companies) was established in 1985 with a mission to consistently provide its Distributor Members and Supplier Partners with new, profitable business and revenue enhancing programs. NISSCO is the premier purchasing and marketing group in the jan/san industry, dedicated to the independent distributor.

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September/October 2011

Cascades Tissue Group Introduces ServOneâ&#x201E;˘, Its New â&#x20AC;&#x153;One-At-A-Timeâ&#x20AC;? Napkin System Cascades Tissue Group introduces ServOneâ&#x201E;˘, a new one-at-a-time interfold napkin dispensing system which, according to the company is: â&#x20AC;˘ MORE ECONOMICAL: by better controlling the quantity of napkins taken by patrons, thus reducing waste and cost for restaurant owners by up to 25 percent*; â&#x20AC;˘ MORE HYGIENIC: Customers only touch the napkins they take. The dispensing pack can also be directly loaded in a dispenser further minimizing cross-contamination; and, â&#x20AC;˘ MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE: In addition to reducing waste and consumption, CascadesÂŽ for ServOne white and MokaÂŽ napkins are also made of 100 percent recycled fiber and are certified Ecologoâ&#x201E;˘ and Processed Chlorine FreeÂŽ. Their smaller case size offers a reduced environmental footprint and storage savings of up to 50 percent*. The ServOne product offering includes

at: â&#x20AC;&#x153;In this economy restaurant owners are looking for ways to improve their margins. Cascadesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ServOne system can allow them to reduce their costs with a positive impact on customer satisfaction. This hygienic and quality product offering will also enhance the image of their establishment,â&#x20AC;? says Isabelle Faivre, Away-fromHome U.S. Marketing Director at Cascades Tissue Group.

Circle 182

*When compared to traditional napkins/dispensers.

two types of dispensers: a high capacity one for counters that can also be mounted on walls, and a second, more compact, that can be placed on tabletops. Both dispensers double as an advertising vehicle with a window insert feature to display promotions, new menu items or special events. Easy to customize templates are available for download

Hand Wash

A complete line of manual or automatic restroom dispensers with the option of lotion, foam and spray.

Hand Dry

Cascades Tissue Group Debuts â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sustain,â&#x20AC;? New Blog And Website

Cascades Tissue Group has announced the launch of a new blog and website, named and specially oriented to CSR officers and other sustainability professionals. The online site, found at, will provide news and views on sustainable work and customer spaces, environmental transparency and scorecarding, supply chain greening, waste-stream mitigation and overall energy efficiency improvement. SUSTAINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s blog will feature regularly updated, original content and streaming video Air Freshener commentary from business leaders inside and

outside of Cascades Tissue, along with daily, sustainable news headlines and occasional contests or sweepstakes.

In celebration of the blogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s launch, Cascades Tissue will be offering a special giveaway to one winner who signs up for SUSTAINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s free monthly e-newsletter recapping the best and most popular posts from the blog. The winning subscriber will enable his or her employer to receive a free public restroom makeover consisting of numerous dispensers and six months worth of Cascades Tissue Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s North RiverÂŽ towel and tissue product (restrictions apply), regarded as the green standard in commercial towel and tissue offerings. Sign-up information as well as detailed rules and requirements for the sweepstakes are available online at â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s long been our belief that green business is everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s business, so weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re really excited about the opportunity the new site offers to have a rich dialogue with others in the sustainability marketplace on contemporary issues and practices,â&#x20AC;? said Cascades Tissue Group President and CEO Suzanne Blanchet, who provides an entertaining introduction to the company and website via a prominent video on the blog. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If sustainability in business is something of concern to you, we invite your input.â&#x20AC;? For more information, or

Sales Made EASY An elegant line of air fresh system for metered aerosol cans and gel fragrance.


Full line of paper dispensers products for all your needs.



Because We Care

ShowerSlim dispenser designed for hotel amenities.


Catalogs Quotes Flyers

Auto Lotion dispenser

We create and manage your internet ordering system where customers can order 24/7. We maintain over 200,000 Jan/San items (images, descriptions) representing over 1,000 manufacturers. Our package also enables you to â&#x20AC;&#x153;click and printâ&#x20AC;? in seconds FXVWRPL]HGFDWDORJVTXRWHVDQGĂ&#x20AC;\HUV See our in-booth demo!

BOOTH #2381 Jan/Sanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading provider of e-commerce shopping carts and print catalog creation software 716 S. Bon View Ave. Ontario, California 91761

Phone: (909) 933-1000 Fax: (909) 933-2728

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Email: Internet:

J&M Technologies, Inc. â&#x20AC;˘ 330.533.9000 â&#x20AC;˘

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September/October 2011

2011 Merfin Systems Sales Awards Winners Announced Merfin Systems announced the recipients of the 2011 Merfin Systems Sales Awards presented to three partners who have implemented Merfin’s solutions in the marketplace in new and innovative ways for a substantial impact on the business or organization. This includes, but is not limited to, new business and advancements on new business. The 2011 Sales Representative of the Year Award went to Murray Shelton Jr., from Murray Weyand Sales Co; the Rep. Agency Award of the Year was given to John Osborne, representing The Osborne Group; and the final award, for Merfin’s Sale of the Year, went to Mike Ciesinski from WMC & Associates. The awards were presented during Merfin’s Sales Conference. Winners are honored for demonstrating leadership and innovation in how they use Merfin Systems LLC to manage solutions for the industry.

Rep. Agency of the Year: The Osborne Group

All Purpose Cleaner Is Back And Hungry Enviro-Solutions officials say that at last year’s ISSA tradeshow, the company’s ES900CS Bio-Active All Purpose Cleaner made quite an impression on attendees because it eats soils and contaminants, resulting in a deeper level of clean and better odor elimination. It’s back for this year’s show, and hungry as ever. ES900CS is a proven-green, one-step neutral cleaner containing a specialized blend of enzymes that digest waste on virtually any surface including floors. Cost effective and unlike some other bio-enzymatic cleaners, ES900CS Bio-

Circle 183 Active All Purpose Cleaner is Green Certified by EcoLogo. Call 877-674-4373, or visit

NISSCO Announces Minuteman International As New Preferred Supplier

Sales Rep. of the Year: Murray Shelton, Jr.

Sale of the Year: Mike Ciesinski

Circle 93

NISSCO, LLC, announces the addition of Minuteman International to the NISSCO Preferred Supplier portfolio. Company officials say Minuteman's full line of commercial, industrial, and institutional cleaning equipment raises the bar on environmental requirements in today's health conscious industry. “The Minuteman equipment offering is vast and of the highest quality," notes Mark Bozich, president of NISSCO. "I should know … I started my career at Minuteman 25 years ago. It is a perfect fit for NISSCO; under its current leadership it has reorganized its entire sales model and abandoned all direct accounts." Bozich continues, "Minuteman only sells through distribution. In fact, they no

Circle 96

longer have factory branches; those are now owned by independent distributors. Distributors never have to worry about a deal becoming too big and the supplier taking it direct.” Minuteman’s product line includes scrubbers, sweepers, floor machines, burnishers, carpet extractors, vacuums, and critical filter vacuums that meet the most demanding commercial cleaning requirements. NISSCO, LLC (National Independent Sanitary Supply Companies) was established in 1985 with a mission to consistently provide its distributor members and supplier partners with new, profitable business and revenue enhancing programs. It is one of the premier buying groups in the jan/san industry.

Visit ISSA Booth #1665

Jansan & Paper Distributors Top Choice for

High Performance Software DDI Systemâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inform distribution software is the complete end-to-end solution for paper, packaging and jansan distributors. Join the thousands of users succeeding with informâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s integrated e-commerce, accounting, inventory, CRM, advanced sales tools, opportunity forecasting, performance analytics and so much more.

See The Latest Innovations Call 877.599.4334 or visit us at Circle 20



ISSA/INERCLEAN 2011 Continued From Page 20

In addition, distributors need to recession proof their businesses to protect profits for the long-term. Recession proofing the business means identifying where a business needs to be when the next recession comes along. This requires generating sustainable profits by producing a structure that is not whipsawed by economic events. Dr. Albert D. Bates is founder and chairman of the Profit Planning Group, a research and executive education firm. Tuesday, October 18 1:30-2:45 p.m. Advanced Distributor Program: Pricing Strategies for Maximum Profit Presented by J. Michael Marks Marks will present tips gleaned from the University of Industrial Distribution (UID) pricing program with a few twists. He’ll focus on finding the money that everyone is leaving on the table and describe how to increase overall margin by two full percentage points, while still being very competitive on bids and quotes. Marks will present several relevant examples for use in the cleaning industry. He also will examine implementation challenges and describe how to put together a hyper-focused action plan. Marks co-founded the Indian River Consulting Group in April 1987.

September/October 2011 Tuesday, October 18 3-4:15 p.m. Advanced Distributor Program: Strategic Inventory Management in the New Normal, Presented by Steve Deist Learn how successful distributors use inventory as a strategic weapon to grow sales and improve their return on assets. Also, find ways to optimize cash flow and service levels. Use product-line profitability to identify market opportunities and find ways to buy smarter in a turbulent economy. Deist is a Partner with the Indian River Consulting Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in the wholesale distribution and supply chain arenas. Wednesday, October 19 10-11 a.m. Advanced Distributor Program: Improving Profitability Through Joint Sales Calls, Presented by Joe Ellers Sales managers will receive specific tools to improve the most key aspect of sales — the call. Attendees will learn how to use the diagnostic tools that are proven feedback mechanisms to immediately help sales people, as well as providing information and processes needed to drive training and development efforts. Ellers has worked with numerous distribution associations consulting and training their members. He has also served as course instructor at the industry’s distribution-specific education program, University of Industrial Distribution and the Industrial Extension Department at North Carolina State University.

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Maintenance Sales News Magazine’s

monthly eNewsletter, please send your name, company & email address to Circle 3 • See Us At ISSA Booth #3848

Improved Dispensing at Your Fingertips!

RD Industries has done it again! Our new and improved portable dispensing unit meets all ASSE 1055 standards for endurance, pressure, and burst testing. This enhanced functionality brings you the best possible option for lowering your dispensing costs – all with closed-loop protection built right in. Some key features include: Dual or Single Flow Rates • Dual or Single Dilution Rates

Ergonomic Handle for Ease of Use Intuitive Trigger Design for Easy On/Off

Foaming Attachment

Locking Mechanism for Filling Large Containers • Accessories (Backflow, Quick Connect, Hose)


“Like” us on

7417 North 101 Street Facebook

Custom Branding


Omaha, Nebraska 68122

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September/October 2011

Stefco Industries Focuses On Brand Growth Stefco has enjoyed a dynamic growth year in 2011 with the company’s three major brands.

Heavenly Choice Double Layer Its fastest growing brand is the Heavenly Choice Double Layer product group, says David Shapiro, senior vice president of sales & marketing at Stefco Industries. Double Layer’s unique products feature “two plies fused into one” technology. This allows Stefco to reduce costs in paper making and converting that can then be passed through to distributors and their end-users, increasing profits while reducing endusers’ total spending. These reduced costs, along with extra savings, do not come at the expense of quality or functionality versus a conventional two-ply product. Major retailers for their washrooms, numerous cruise line operators, national entertainment companies, hospitality corporations and educational facilities have moved their purchases to Double Layer products in 2011 after extensive comparative testing. The product line consists of various put ups of small roll bath, JRTs and center pull towels with new additions slated for 2012, Double Layer will be the major theme at Stefco during the 2011 ISSA show. Stop by the booth and enter the Stefco “Double Down with Double Layer” raffle.

Confidence There has been a rapid expansion in both the number of product offerings and sales growth in the Confidence product line during 2011. The line consists of Stefco’s Confidence proprietary portion control “no touch” systems for towel and tissue, along with premium TAD towel products. Stefco’s new for 2011 electronic towel dispenser represents the latest in portion control, customizable, no-touch technology designed for reliability and prolonged battery life. The two versions of the mechanical hands-free (one full size and one compact) one-at-a-time dispenser offer Stefco customers an excellent system when used in conjunction with Stefco’s specially formulated Confidence white, natural or TAD reliable no-tabbing dispensing roll towels. Major new distributors and service customers, as well as end-users, have installed thousands of Confidence dispensers in 2011. New products for this line are in the works.

Heavenly Soft This Stefco flagship brand continues to grow and prosper, offering distribution “better than quality” at a value price. Soft, white, strong and absorbent are adjectives that describe the merits of Heavenly Soft products. Economical in use and consistent quality equal to national brand equivalents are the fuel that powers the growth of these products. A “go to” line of products for universal appeal throughout the Jan-San Industry will be enhanced for 2012. Growth from a small converter in Miami to an integrated tissue manufacturer with four strategically based plants in 2011 demonstrates that “Stefco is on the move.”

Contact Stefco At: Toll Free: 800-835-1854 Fax: 800-835-1898 E-Mail: Website:

Please visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Booth



s @ Visi t B o us i ot n h #1 65 5 Ve ga

We are your go-to network for strategic solutions Service U Knowledge U Technology U Training Tools U Sustainable Products The Cleaning Industry Management Standard, Green Building framework is the gold standard for promoting excellence and professionalism in our industry. Spartan Chemical Company’s team of more than 65 CIMS - GB Experts and several LEED Accredited Professionals are your direct line for help with achieving professional and operational goals. By delivering ongoing seminars, certification training and leading technologies for our distributors, Spartan builds knowledge, expands adoption of best practices and enhances performance throughout our supply chain. Spartan also delivers on its green promise with five categories of sustainable products that improve the health of your buildings and the people you serve. And we’re continuously improving, too. With the recent introduction of the CompuClean® v10.2 Custodial Maintenance Management program, Spartan now offers a robust platform that supports facility inspections on a variety of mobile technologies. Regardless of cleaning operation size or geographic separation, licensed CompuClean users can consistently and efficiently document, track and report custodial operations in real-time. Talk with your local distributor or Spartan Regional Manager today to find out how to put your strategic network to work for you. Circle 83

SPARTAN CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. U 1110 Spartan Drive U Maumee, OH 43537 Toll-free 1 (800) 537-8990 U © SCC 9/11


September/October 2011

SCA Tissue

Booth 2430

U.S. Battery

Booth 521

Built with an eye toward design, Tork® Elevation™ systems improve efficiency and cleanliness, while reducing waste. The line, which includes hand towel, bath tissue and skin care dispensers, provides a positive first step toward keeping facilities mess-free and hygienic, helping to ensure repeat patronage from customers. Elevation products decrease consumption at the source, positively impacting both the environment and businesses’ bottom lines. Less consumption translates into smaller quantities of product to be purchased and refilled, and the smooth product surface is less susceptible to contamination and dirt buildup, simplifying cleaning. Finally, no-touch functionality allows customers and employees to avoid touching anything but the paper towel after washing their hands. Tork Elevation dispensers have received global recognition from top design critics, including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. Be sure to visit the SCA Booth, #2430, at ISSA this year. Also visit Circle 101

U.S. Battery is proud to introduce the only true DEEP CYCLE Group 27 & 31 battery line. U.S. Battery’s engineering team has specifically designed and engineered these new and innovative products to outperform and outlast the typical “Dual Purpose” or “Marine” deep cycle types that are commonly found in this market. U.S. Battery’s brand new “US27DCXC” & “US31DCXC” Deep Cycle Batteries are designed and manufactured using the same XC® Diamond Plate Technology® as our flagship and world famous US2200XC, making them “True Deep Cycle” batteries. The new design process provides longer battery life and improved maximum capacity. All of U.S. Battery’s deep cycle batteries are designed to endure the grueling day-to-day charge and deep discharge cycles found in the cleaning industry, which cause most other competing Circle 178 brands to fail prematurely.

Xynyth Manufacturing

Zephyr Manufacturing

Booth 1131

Booth 1687

Chase Products Co.

Booth 2244

Chase Products Co. has introduced five new SprayScents® Metered Air Freshener fragrances, bringing the line to a total of 29 individual fragrances and two different assortments of 12. The new fragrances are Juicy Green Apple, Hazelnut Coffee, Hawaiian Island, Lemon Lime and Cotton Fresh. The 7-ounce SprayScents® Metered Air Fresheners have a low-acetone formula that is safe for plastics; contain Ordenone®, an odorless deodorizer that permanently entraps malodor molecules; deodorize up to 6,000 cubic feet; and last for a full month when sprayed at 15-minute intervals. The 100 percent recyclable containers have small caps to reduce plastic waste, and spray tips that fits most dispensers. Chase offers three dispensers, from the basic model 1000 to the fully programmable model 3000, with a 1- to 60-minute adjustable interval, daily start/stop time and weekend-off feature. Circle 177


Booth 1123

OmniFlex™ Crossover Cleaning System

Arctic ECO Green Icemelter™ is fast acting and powerful in temperatures as low as -29°C (-20°F). Specially manufactured using the latest encapsulating technology, combined with a multi-layered, anticorrosive formula, including CMA. It provides an environmentallyfriendly alternative to the standard rock salt and calcium chloride blends on the market. Circle 175

Zephyr Manufacturing announces the expansion of its microfiber product offering. The company’s selection now includes flat mop pads as well as colored towels and scrubber pads. Color-coding microfiber cleaning system allows end-users to improve training, elevate employee performance and prevent crosscontamination. For more information on microfiber and Zephyr’s extensive offering of hard floor care products, visit booth #1687 during the ISSA/Interclean 2011. Circle 173

With OmniFlex™, end-users can easily customize a cost-effective cleaning system for virtually any task or surface in the building. Start with the most versatile trolley-bucket available today, and then add OmniFlex components and tools to build a custom cleaning system to fit growing needs. The OmniFlex system allows end-users to begin with the components they require now and then add others as their cleaning needs evolve. The result is an approach that’s practical, flexible and multifunctional. This revolutionary system offers an unprecedented range of cleaning capabilities and the ultimate in flexibility. The possibilities are nearly endless, enabling a variety of popular and advanced cleaning processes such as traditional mopping, microfiber mopping, Dispense-and-Vac, Spray-and-Squeegee and Spray-and-Vac. Circle 176

Expanded Technologies

IPC Eagle Corporation

EES, Inc.

Zephyr Announces Expansion Of Microfiber Product Offering Arctic ECO Green Icemelter™

Booth 144

New Formfitting Wrap Around Floor Savers™ provide floor protection for chairs with sled bases. With peel and stick backs, the Wrap Around Floor Savers™ stick tight to the base of the chair. Their formed sides wrap securely around

the rail and attach to itself, while an improved adhesive system ensures a longer lasting, improved hold. An internal vinyl wear cushion distributes weight evenly to improve protection for both the chair and the floor. The small size is designed to be applied directly to the rail, while the large size can be applied over an existing glide. They are perfect for stackable chairs or any sled-based furniture. They can be used on a variety of floor surfaces. Circle 174

Booth 2078

IPC Eagle Introduces New CT30 (battery) And CT15 (Cord Electric) To Mini-scrubber Series The new CT30, 17-inch, 8 gallon battery operated automatic scrubber is the newest member to IPC Eagle’s mini-scrubber series. It’s built on the same design platform as the market leading CT15, 14-inch, 4 gallon scrubber (now available in cord electric). The CT 30 and CT 15 are very compact, and designed with an adjustable handle to clean under tables and just about anywhere. These machines bring professional scrubbing performance and productivity to smaller areas as well as smaller cleaning budgets. Circle 172

Booth 555 BED BUGS NO MORE! Kills Bed Bugs On Contact The pesky bed bug is back and stronger than ever. BED BUGS NO MORE! will kill bed bugs on contact, helping to control infestation. The “Swiss trade secret” natural Geraniol used in this product attacks the exoskeleton of bed bugs — killing eggs, larvae, nymphs and adult bed bugs on contact. Standard pesticide products are nerve agents that only kill adult insects with developed nervous systems. Insects can’t develop resistance to Geraniol. Call toll-free 1-800-473-9467 or visit EES, Inc. • 127 Riverside Dr., Cartersville, GA 30120 Circle 171

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September/October 2011

Cascades Tissue Group

Booth 2566

Who Says Bathroom Tissue Has To Be White? Introducing New Cascades Moka.

North American Salt

Booth 1881

Spartan Chemical Company

Booth 1655

Safe Step® Pro Series™ 960 Choice Formula

DfE Laundry Products

Cascades Moka bathroom tissue is made from 100 percent unbleached recycled fiber and is the most environmentally responsible choice on the market. By adding 20 percent corrugated box fiber into its pulp mixture and eliminating bleaching chemicals, Cascades has achieved an amazing feat without compromising softness. Circle 109

Safe Step Pro Series 960 Choice Formula, part of the Safe Step® line of professional ice melters, recently received the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) certification. Its formula has fewer chlorides and less environmental impact, yet it melts ice to 10°F/-23°C and contains MG 104® to help prevent refreezing up to 2.5 times longer than conventional ice melters. The patent-pending manufacturing process puts superior ice melting ingredients on each granule. When used as directed, it won’t harm plants, pets, shoes or carpet. For more information, call 877-462-7258 or visit Circle 108

Spartan Chemical Company offers three new Environmentally Preferred laundry products: Clothesline Fresh Detergent EP 18, Clothesline Fresh Softener EP 19 and Clothesline Fresh Oxygen Bleach 20. Spartan has also added the Design for the Environment (DfE) label to Clothesline Fresh Color Safe Bleach 5 and Clothesline Fresh No Dye-No Fragrance Laundry Detergent 13. The DfE label means the products were formulated in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) DfE program. Clothesline Fresh Laundry can be used by anyone who desires quality, environmentally preferable laundry products that excel in most types of water conditions. Clothesline Fresh Laundry contains new surfactant technology and biodegradable water softeners. Visit or Booth #1655. Circle 107



Lambskin Specialties

Booth 3739

Booth 2514

BISSELL® BigGreen Commercial™ -Booth #3739

A-B Plus (Anti-Bacterial System)

BISSELL, Inc., a manufacturer of consumer cleaning systems, introduces the BG10™ deep cleaning machine, a featured performer in its new BigGreen Commercial™ cleaning line. Developed specifically for commercial applications, the BG10™ provides: • Durable materials to withstand rigors of daily use; • Superior cleaning efficacy per Test Methods BTP059 and BTP158; • Rotating DirtLifter® brushes enhance dirt removing power; • Plug and use simplicity, no assembly required; •Saves time and effort and cleans in both forward and backward passes; •Removable clean and dirty water tanks for quick disposal and easy refilling; • Powerful edge-to-edge suction and wide (10.5 inches) cleaning path for thorough coverage; and, • Easy to maintain and service.

Filmop’s newest addition to its innovative line of cleaning systems is designed to meet the needs of those determined to control the possibility of cross-contamination coming from their cleaning equipment and carts. The spreading of bacteria in healthcare environment is an ongoing challenge. Microbiologists claim that 700,000 patients per year contract a bacterial infection during their visit to public healthcare facilities from infected surfaces such as cleaning equipment. The “A-B PLUS” technology from Filmop incorporates anti-microbial material into their modular cart design, as well as the microfiber material and Patented Top-Down Charging Systems used for cleaning in healthcare. The anti-microbial material helps to inhibit the growth of surface bacteria. Circle 106

For more information, call 1-855-544-7336 or visit Circle 103

Amrep, Inc.

Booth 2655

RD Industries

Booth 764

Booth 2775

Lambskin Specialties introduces the amazing Multiflex System, a multi-purpose, multi-surface tool and pad system that is a “must have” in the hotel, spa, auto detailing and cleaning industry. From boats to cars, tubs, spas and pools, hospitals and hotels the Multiflex pad holder paired with the SP-100 No Scratch Pad is a winner. The 5”x9" bendable, flexible pad holder requires little to no pressure to activate the contour function, making back straining tasks like tub or shower stall cleaning a breeze. With the microfiber MFDC09 pad for the general cleaning and the no-scratch pad for the task that needs a scrub pad safe on fine finishes, complete the job with the MFDP09 drying pad, great for drying and polishing that special surface. Circle 103

The Bullen Companies Inc.

Booth 2114

New And Improved Portable Dispensing

Amrep introduces the next generation of fresh thinking in TimeMist® premium air care. The same great TimeMist® fragrances you love in our metered products are now available in convenient hand-held versions: Citrus, Clean & Fresh, Country Garden, Mango and more. Ideal for use in office reception areas and conference rooms, hotel/motel lobbies, restaurant lounges, hospitals, clinics, restrooms, or wherever you wish to create a fresh atmosphere. Circle 102

RD Industries has done it again — portable dispensing just got even better. RD Industries’ Portable Dispensing Unit (PDU) recently received an upgrade to its functional mechanisms so that it is in line with the ASSE 1055 testing standards for chemical dispensers. Rigorous testing has verified endurance, extreme pressure, pressure hold and burst testing criteria. Secondly, end-users now have the option of dual flow rates AND dual dilution rates. That’s right, everything you need in ONE unit. Need one dilution for bottle fill applications and a different dilution for bucket fill applications? Our PDU can provide that for end-users. All this, wrapped up into a closed loop system, simply brings endusers the most advanced, most durable and most cost effective portable dispensing unit available on the market today. Call a RD representative to learn more. Circle 105

The Bullen Companies Inc. is introducing the next level in green, sustainable resilient floor maintenance with its new SanoVerde® floorcare system. SanoVerde® is a Spanish phrase meaning Healthy & Green. This philosophy of “Healthy & Green” guides Bullen’s choice of ingredients, formulations and how best to apply SanoVerde® products in a safe and sustainable manner. The SanoVerde® floorcare system, which is comprised of five green certified products, is designed to give end-users a three year minimum, no strip floor that will save money on labor and chemical costs....this is the SanoVerde® floorcare system No Strip Promise*. Circle 104

Circle 16


September/October 2011

Americo Manufacturing Co.

Booth 1255

Occidental Chemical Corp.

Booth 629

Merfin Systems


Maroon EcoPrep “EPP” Chemical Free Strip/Prep Pad Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc., a leading maker of floor pads, hand pads and floor matting, introduces the MAROON EcoPrep “EPP” Chemical Free Strip/Prep pad. This floor pad is designed to remove floor finish without the use of harsh stripping chemicals. The pad may be used wet or dry, and is also ideal for repairing acrylic or water-based urethane finishes for recoating. Americo says tests show the Maroon EcoPrep outperforms competition and is economical to use. A perfect combination of performance and price, the Maroon EcoPrep floor pads are available in round pads for standard rotary floor machines and rectangular pads for oscillating machines. Visit or call 800-849-6287. Circle 117

DDI System

Booth 1665

See DDI System’s NEW Inform Analytics at ISSA Booth #1665. Create a strategic advantage by integrating daily operations with advanced performance analytics, sales and e-commerce tools. Empower your entire team with the completely integrated business system that drives sales, increases profitability and improves customer service for jan/san, paper and packaging distributors. Visit and stop by ISSA Booth #1665. Circle 111

J&M Technologies

Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem) introduces a 40 lb. square pail to its package offering of PELADOW™ Premier Snow & Ice Melter Calcium Chloride Pellets. Compared to the current 50 lb. pail, it is more ergonomically friendly. This new package size is readily available for the 2011-12 winter season early-buy. OxyChem’s calcium chloride products are proudly manufactured and packaged in the USA. To locate the nearest distributor or for more information regarding OxyChem’s calcium chloride products, visit or call 888-293-2336. Circle 116

The Gift Sales Co.

Among the wide variety of janitorial supplies available from The Gift Sales Co., is the 12-inch, 20-gauge metal dust pan. The product, manufactured in the USA, is made with one-piece reinforced construction and is powder coated. A single pack contains 1 dozen, while 50 dozen are available per pallet. The Gift Sales Co., is located in Wichita, KS, the center of the continental United States, for more reasonable freight rates and shorter delivery times. Visit or call 1-800-9920181 for more information. Circle 114

Booth 2381

CUSTOMER ORDERING ON-LINE IS EASIER THAN EVER with the newest release from J&M Technologies, the largest provider of catalog software for the Jan/San industry. The 4.5 Internet Order Entry software delivers easy-click inventory access for customers with new functions such as integration with UPS tables for freight calculations, on-line catalog style options, newsletter sign-up, SEO improvements, video tutorials for customers and the ability to process P-cards and credit cards. In addition to on-line capabilities, software is available that also creates customer customized catalogs, quotes and sell sheets in minutes for fast in-house printing on any standard office printer. Visit or call (330) 533-9000. Circle 110

Booth 1698

From Action Pump The Action Pour-Smart™ Pail Spout Extender

Today’s facilities require disinfectants that need to have Virucidal, Bactericidal and Pseudomonicidal properties. This is why Merfin® Systems is proud to introduce the new 9600 Disinfectant Wipes. Specifically formulated for the healthcare, foodservice and hospitality industries, Merfin’s disinfectant wipes clean, disinfect and deodorize and are bleach- and alcohol-free. Merfin’s disinfectant wipes kill HIV-1 and antibiotic resistant bacteria: CA-MRSA, MRSA, VISA and VRE. Wipes kill 99.9 percent of bacteria in 15 seconds. Merfin’s 9600 Disinfectant Wipes are available in two different sizes, a large capacity with 450 pre-moistened wipes and a smaller one perfect for fitness centers with 200 pre-moistened wipes. Circle 115

Ultra Chem Labs

Booth 1297

The secret behind Ultra Chem Labs’ “Carpet Clean” is with its unique Electrolytic Cleaning Technology. • “ECT” completely returns fiber and fabric back to their original state of ionic neutrality; • Decreases the amount of time necessary for cleaning; • Keeps your carpets clean longer than ever; • “Clean” completely enriches the fibers, leaving them soft, supple and smelling fresh like the first day the carpet was walked on; • “Ultra Clean” is used at a high concentrate formula, requiring very little water which drastically decreases drying time; • “Clean” can be used as a pre-spray in conjunction with white polyester floor buffing pads, which “out cleans” the conventional cotton bonnet; and, • Special features of “Clean” have proven to significantly reduce labor costs and efforts.

Visit at ISSA booth #1297 for more information. Circle 112

Bro-Tex Co., Inc.

Booth 3664

Universal Dispenser Stand

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Bro-Tex Co, Inc. offers white or black free standing dispenser stands. The back plate is pre-cut to accept the most popular styles of dispensers. Features include adjustable height to allow wipe to dispense by pulling up or down. Steel stand is powder coated for extra durability. The stand comes complete with matching trash can and all hardware to mount dispenser. Circle 113


With Morton as your partner this winter, you can be sure your business and your customers stay on solid footing. With 24-7 customer service, performance tested products, and profit optimizing application guidelines – your winter worries will melt away faster than the ice. Contact Morton today to learn more about our full line of ice melters made just for snow professionals like you. ©2011 Morton Salt, Inc. Registered trademark of Morton Salt, Inc.


Circle 63 • See Us At ISSA Booth #869 877.912.6358


September/October 2011

Earth Friendly Chemicals

Booth 3621

Kruger Products

Booth 2973

Introducing Our Best Performing Towels Ever!

Cross Country Installations and Service, LLC Booth 2380

Ice Ban Professional Blend, from Earth Friendly Chemicals, is a powerful blend of sodium chloride (rock salt), magnesium chloride (liquid) and Ice Ban® (EFC’s patented liquid corn inhibitor). Packaged in 50 lb. poly bags, Ice Ban Professional Blend will prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement and/or roadway, allowing easy removal. The salt crystals have been colored green to enhance the visibility of the treated area. Ice Ban Professional Blend is a fast acting, eco-friendly and biodegradable rock salt, that melts down to -10°F/-23°C and is 50 percent less corrosive than traditional rock salt. For detailed information, visit or call 800-753-1548. Circle 126

Kruger Products is pleased to announce its completely new embossing pattern on all roll and folded towel brands including Embassy Supreme™, Embassy™, White Swan™ and Esteem™. Engineered using a unique cross wave design, the new embossing pattern offers more than just good looks and a softer feel, it delivers superior absorption and towel strength. That means you can use ANY brand in our mechanical dispensers and save on usage and labor costs every time. When performance matters, choose Kruger Products’ complete line of towel systems. Circle 125

Founded in 1997, Anthony Mariconda and James Barry founded Cross Country Installations and Service (CCI), LLC, in response to the warewash service industry's growing demand for qualified and knowledgeable individuals who were solely dedicated to the installation and service of commercial warewash and janitorial dispensers. Years later, CCI is now responsible for the installation of commercial sanitation equipment and dispensers for North America's most recognizable restaurant and retail chains. With professional installers based throughout the United States and Canada, CCI has plenty of teams in place that are ready to install, service and maintain equipment on regional and national levels. In fact, CCI recently performed a corporate rollout installation in over 400 locations in a single week. For more information on CCI, call 800-884-5084, email or visit Circle 124

Intercon Chemical Company

Haviland Corporation

Fuller Commercial Products

Booth 2931

Booth 1825

Booth 3835

EARTH-GARD™ Floor Sealer/Finish

New from Haviland Corporation is the Microbe SpikerT Squeegee. This squeegee is the revolution to stretching cleaning dollars.

Opti-Pak….Optimize Without Compromise! Intercon Chemical’s Opti-Pack Ultra-Concentrates for Laundry and Warewashing are the new standard in performance, convenience and economy. The Opti-Pak system delivers state-of-the-art ultra-concentrated liquid products in a simple and compact wall mounted, closed-loop system that automatically dispenses the proper concentration of chemical into commercial dishwashers and laundry machines. Color-coded for simplicity, closed-loop for safety and ultra-concentrated for economy and efficiency, Opti-Pak offers optimum performance and economy for foodservice and laundry managers and Circle 119 their personnel.

Royal Paper Converting, Inc.

Booth 225

Royal Paper Converting, Inc. has the ability and commitment to provide quality products and exceptional service. Royal Paper has high-speed paper converting machines with the capability to manufacture and package all sorts of sizes and counts. With a highly-aggressive sales force situated in Southern California, Royal Paper’s products are thoroughly distributed, both domestically and internationally. For more information, call 1-800-258-9007 or visit Circle 118

Microbe SpikerT provides revolutionary cleaning, with percentage change of bacteria on surfaces, anywhere from 55% to 99.9% reduction, without use of additional chemicals/water.  This is accomplished through the use of NANOTECHNOLOGY. For more information, visit Circle 123

Delamo Manufacturing

Booth 325

Introducing the Dynamo Extra Large Trash Can Dolly. It prevents tipping and improves transportability, especially over thresholds and uneven surfaces. The universal twist lock fits all popular round style waste receptacles. Heavy-duty, high impact plastic features 23-inch diameter. Other features include 3-inch non-marking swivel casters and a base for long handle cleaning tools to rest when used with the 44-gallon and 32-gallon Dynamo Utility Can. Visit Delamo Manufacturing at Circle 122

This Green Seal Certified sealer/finish is an acrylic self-sealing finish specially formulated from a proprietary polymer. Earth-Gard Floor Sealer/Finish works well in low maintenance, conventional and UHS systems, whether “green” is a requirement or not. Earth-Gard Floor Sealer/ Finish performs as well as non-green products in most applications. Perfect for use in any facility requiring a green floor care program. For use on all resilient and non-resilient flooring with the exception of unsealed wood. For more Information, visit, or phone 800-848-4901. Come see us at ISSA Booth 3835 Circle 120

Away Chemical

Booth 952

Away Chemical introduces Listo-Shield, a floor drain screen designed to wash away the buildup of scum, sludge and other accumulations, thereby preventing Listeria, algae, fungus and bacteria from forming. Listo-Shield is used in areas of food service preparation, hospital kitchens, and many other production areas. L i s t o - S h i e l d ’s time released product is activated by water to produce a continuous metered cleaning action. Listo-Shield drain screen is easy to use, fits all floor drains and it is safe and economical. Have the competitive edge with ListoShield. For more information, call 1-800-243-0055 or visit Circle 121



SA Vis it ar – n Bo Us Ho At w oth Yo #3 u Ca 08








ake advantage of Pro-Link’s programs and grow your business, even under the harshest conditions. Contact us to learn how we can help your business thrive and become the healthiest jan/san distributor in your market!

Pro-Link delivers: Sales Generating Programs ● Field Support and Training ● Proprietary Branded Products ● Professional Literature ● Selling Tools ● Strong Peer Support Network ● Industry Leading Rebates ●

To watch videos of our members talking about the benefits of belonging to Pro-Link, go to: To find out more about joining Pro-Link, contact: Brian Slack Vice President of Sales 877-LINK 2 PL (877-546-5275) Circle 72


September/October 2011

The Kissner Group

Booth 3717

von Drehle Corporation

STOP ICE® Ice Melter

NEW! "Touch Your Towel" Electronic Dispenser

This winter season Kissner is introducing its first Quad Action Ice Melter with 4-Way Ice Melting Power. STOP ICE® Ice Melter is a powerful new product that is safer for use on concrete, wood and near plants and vegetation. It is also less harmful to vehicles and equipment. The STOP ICE® Ice Melter formulation is coated with special 4-way melting extenders for long lasting performance. This product is easy to handle and requires no protective clothing. STOP ICE® Ice Melter has a green color indicator to allow precise and cost effective dispersion. Be ready this winter to STOP ICE® and Snow in its Tracks! Call 1-800-434-8248 to find a distributor near you! Circle 135


Booth 971

Booth 2287

No waving, no looking for a sensor — just an intuitive, flashing blue light that completely eliminates user frustrations with electronic dispensers. Simply touch the towel over the flashing light and a towel is dispensed. Since you only touch the towel you use, crosscontamination is also eliminated. Features include: • Dispenses non-perforated 8-inch roll towels; • Side viewing panels to instantly monitor paper supply; • Programmable sheet length to control usage; • The easiest loading dispenser available; and, • Eliminates false dispenses. Circle 134

Advanced Vapor Technologies

Booth 3848

KleenRite Equipment

Booth 547

KleenRite Equipment, based in Madera, CA, will be introducing a new type of escalator and moving sidewalk cleaner at its booth #547 during the 2011 ISSA show in Las Vegas. Darren Watts, KleenRite’s new product and marketing development manager, said; “We are excited to offer a machine that is so versatile. It not only has improved cleaning capabilities but offers a number of industry first accessories. The KleenRite 2240 is the first escalator cleaner to expand to clean any size escalator from 22inches to 40-inches. It will offer an expandable vac hose of up to 20-feet with attachment and a 1 gallon spotting tank with expandable hose and wand to clean oil, soda, coffee and other spills on the steps.” More information can be found on KleenRite’s YouTube Channel, on its website or at booth #547. KleenRite has been making quality products for the jan/san and restoration industry in the USA since 1973. Circle 133


Booth 2873

ACS/Scrubble® Products manufactures a complete line of Floor Maintenance Pads for stripping, buffing, cleaning, polishing and highspeed burnishing. Our floor pads are formulated with the proper amount of non-woven polyester, nylon fibers and abrasive grains to achieve maximum product performance. The bonding process of these fibers blended together with our special resins and adhesives make these floor pads tough, durable and consistent. All conventional and UHS pads are 1” nominal thickness. Our Stripping pads are 3/4” thick and our Emerald Hy-Pro is 1/2”. Floor pads are available in 1” diameter increments from 10” to 32”. We also offer the special size pads under 10” including 6-1/2”, 7-3/4”, 9” and 9-1/2”. Center holes are 3” nominal. Circle 128

A peer-reviewed study in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) concluded that Advanced Vapor Technologies’ TANCS® -equipped steam vapor units “reduced bacterial levels by >90 percent and … pathogen levels on most surfaces to below the detection limit” after only a few seconds of treatment. Researchers say the technology “provides a means to reduce the level of microorganisms on hospital surfaces without the drawbacks associated with chemicals.” Contact 800-997-6584, or visit Circle 132

SEKO introduces the Battery Powered Drain Plus, a new timed dosing system. Dose enzyme based or other grease treatment products into grease traps, reducing or eliminating the maintenance associated with clogs from buildup of solidified grease. Use in grocery store meat departments, restaurants, food processing/meat packing plants and lift stations. Benefits include: • Reliability — digital timer can be set to initiate dosings, up to 8 per day and up to 7 days per week; • Durability — The internal digital timer and the motor are protected from water with Seko's IP65 enclosure. Transaxle technology ensures maximum motor and squeeze tube life; • Battery Life — Dual commercially available lantern batteries combined with a low consumption motor ensure unsurpassed battery life typically exceeding 50 hours of motor run time; • Ease of Programming — Widely used industry timer results in familiarity and intuitive programming, allowing for single or multiple daily dosing and selective-day dosing; and, • Versatility — Power supply of 12vdc, flow rate of 3.5 oz/min. Installation kit included to meet most typical installations. Circle 129

The Royce Rolls Ringer Co.

Carroll Company

Webster Industries

Tough, Long-Lasting Floor Maintenance Pads

Booth 635

The Royce Rolls Ringer Company introduces the Super-Wide Mini microfiber housekeeping cart. This stainless steel cart is both lower and wider, with a cabinet size of 24” x 30”. Also included: a Snap Rack handle holder to keep sticks and tools in place using a stretch mount toggle strap; The TBOX stainless steel caddy lock box that provides space to lock up extra chemicals; and a stainless steel, microfiber Squeeze Bin that can store several microfiber pads in solution. The Super-Wide Mini comes pre-assembled and loaded with other features: zip bag, trash lid, 12” x 16” pouch, 14” x 24” pouch, mesh bag, wet floor sign, sign holder, and 5” polyurethane non-marking wheels. The Royce Rolls Ringer Company is a U.S. manufacturer, offering a 10-year guarantee on all of its stainless steel products. Circle 127

APIC Publishes Peer-Reviewed Study Validating Steam Vapor With TANCS

Booth 1855

Carroll Company is celebrating our 90 year anniversary in 2011! As the leader in private brand development for multi unit distribution, we uniquely offer:

Booth 2122

Webster Industries Continues To Build On Success Of Earthsense Commercial Brand

3 strategic manufacturing locations in Dallas, TX, Baltimore MD, and Los Angeles, CA u Carroll direct sales team to assist with growing your business. u Extensive product line including liquids, powders, aerosols, cartridge hand care, and dilution control systems. For information on Carroll Company programs contact Customer Service at 800-527-5722 or go to u

Circle 131

Webster Industries announced another expansion of the Earthsense Commercial brand with its new high-density recycled can liners, containing 10 percent post-consumer content. This addition further positions Earthsense Commercial as the most comprehensive, environmentally conscious can liner brand on the market. In addition to the new high-density can liners, the Earthsense Commercial product line contains a collection of certified, recycled, low-density can liners including black, white, clear, clear blue recycling can liners, and Biosense Compostable can liners. Earthsense Commercial has certifications from Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) on low-density can liners and from the Biodegradable Products Association for Biosense Compostable can liners. Earthsense Commercial is positioned for the surge in demand for green cleaning supplies. Visit or call 800-225-0796. Circle 130

Get Ready our new line up of quality

Ice Melters are finally here! NER

1 % N AT U R A





Get ready for this winter with Kissnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new quality ice melting products. Our products are geared to melt ice and snow, but each product offers a unique set of features and benefits to serve your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a no salt alternative, or some extreme power to melt ice and snow fast, Kissner has you covered this winter season.





t No Sal Quad Action

1-800-434-8248 Circle 48 â&#x20AC;˘ See Us At ISSA Booth #3717


September/October 2011

Wausau Paper

Booth 3341

CP Industries

Booth 2725

Fullriver Battery Manufacturing Booth 1694

Wausau Paper Expands OptiServ® Line

Wausau Paper has added its OptiServ® and OptiServ Accent™ controlled roll towel dispensers to its line of controlled-use dispensing systems. These dispensers feature a cover design which allows the door to be easily reversed, customizing installation. The OptiServ® and OptiServ Accent™ feature hands-free design which promotes cleanliness. Users touch only their personal towel, reducing the chance of cross-contamination. The dispensers are available in five translucent color choices (black, red, green, blue and white). Call 1-800-723-0001 for more information. Circle 144

Airosol Company, Inc.

Booth 665

CP Industries is proud to annouce that Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter® and Premiere Ice Melter® have earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) recognition. Whether you need to protect your front walk, your loading docks, or your multi-million dollar parking structure, CP Industries has developed a full line of ice melters for every job and every budget. For over 30 years, our distributors have appreciated our dedication to excellent customer service and providing educational material to help them understand our products better. Our products are available in boxes or tough poly bags. For more information, call CP Industries at 1-800-453-4931 or visit Circle 143

Fullriver Battery Manufacturing specializes in the production of sealed, maintenance-free, deep cycle AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries for the floor cleaning market. AGM batteries are non-spillable, non-hazardous and maintenance-free. They also have a significantly lower self-discharge rate compared to conventional batteries, providing a longer shelf life and making them less prone to freezing. AGM batteries have lower internal resistance as well, allowing them to be charged faster than a conventional battery. Fullriver Battery’s distributor network consists of highly experienced battery dealers equipped to provide service and technical support. Call 800-522-8191 or visit Circle 142

H & S Manufacturing

Dirt Killer Pressure Washers

Booth 336

Bed Bug Treatment Kit Airosol Company, Inc. has introduced a low odor, low residue, fast acting kit that kills bed bugs and their eggs. The kit contains two 12 oz. aerosols, one 2.5 oz. travel size, application tubes, and detailed application guide. This is an effective and inexpensive way to control and eliminate bed bugs in the home or commercial setting. For more information contact Airosol at 800.633.9576 or visit us at Visit booth #665 ISSA/INTERCLEAN Las Vegas 2011. Circle 137

Magnolia Brush

Booth 613

Introducing the newest Disposable Clean-up Kits, HEPAID® II. These complete kits provide the items necessary for prompt and efficient clean-up and disposal of blood and body fluids, containing a ready to use HEP-AID® II Disinfectant which kills HIV-1 and HVB on pre-cleaned surfaces. Also, see our total line of Disposable Clean-up Kits, HEPAID® and NEW-AID™, along with Personal Protection Kits, CPR Protection Kits, Absorbents, First Aid Kit, Compliance Manual and Storage Items. For more information, call 1-800-827-3091 or visit Circle 141

Evolution Sorbent Products

Booth 3649

INTRODUCING THE 2K-SERIES The new 2K-Series replaces the Space Shuttle series. The 110 Volt powered 2K-Series features the same APG-18 Kranzle pump and Kranzle motor as the Space Shuttle series. The performance and durability that made the Space Shuttle No. 1 in independent laboratory tests is unchanged. What is different is a new, more rugged, one piece frame. This new design makes the 2K-series more durable and easy to repair. The 20 AMP, 110 volt models produce 2000 PSI; while the 15 AMP, 110 volt models produce 1600 PSI. Both come with ground-fault interrupters and hose reels. For more information, contact Dirt Killer Pressure Washers at 800-544-1188 or send an e-mail to Circle 138

Berk Wiper

Booth 2669 ®

Circle 136

ESP focuses on creating newer and better spill control solutions to increase customers’ profitability in today’s tough markets. ESP makes sorbents that perform better, finds earth-friendly alternatives and keep products competitively priced. Check out ESPs high-tech, innovative technologies changing the sorbent industry: • ColdForm2™ – an extensive line of high-performance natural recycled oil-only and universal sorbents; • Air Matrix™ – new oil-only premium recycled synthetic sorbents with high chemical and water resistance; • Ultraclean™ – new universal-only premium recycled synthetic sorbents offering high chemical resistance and equal oil and water absorbency, and; • Meltblown – an industry standard brought to new heights through state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. ESP manufactures high-performance pads and rolls, spill kits, booms, socks, drum tops, high-traffic mats and more. Evolution Sorbent Products, LLC, 1270 Nuclear Dr., West Chicago, IL. 1-800-615-8699; Circle 140

“Bath Towel on a Roll”

x x x x

14” x 34 ½” x 300 Towels Convenient one towel dispensing More sanitary than flat pack towels 3 times the cases on one pallet (140) i 1/3 of the freight cost i 1/3 of the storage space needed

Call your sales person today for pricing, samples and availability.

Circle 139

707 North Valley Forge Road | Lansdale, PA 19446 Phone (215) 412-8181 | fax (215) 412-4010 | toll free (866) 222-BERK

Innovation–from the floor to the sky with the Greenest machines on the planet. From the Floor

To the Sky

To the Windows Chemical-Free Pure Water Cleaning



(Patent Pending)


Hydro Tube™

Pulex Window Cleaning Tools

CT70 Rider

DustPro™ Heavy-Duty Critical Filtration Vacuum

New Screen Washer

Visit us at Booth 2078 at ISSA. 1-800-486-2775 • Circle 43


Morgro, Inc.

September/October 2011

Booth 3854

Stefco Industries

Booth 2368

Sky Systems

Confidence Electronic Dispenser

Morgro’s Sno-Plow ice melter is formulated to meet those situations where maximum performance as well as pricing demands are critical. The product is a combination of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride. Sno-Plow works in temperatures as low as -27º F. Each particle of Sno-Plow is coated, not blended, with magnesium chloride, creating product uniformity and efficiency. Also, the inhibitor in Sno-Plow’s Liqui-Fire™ melting enhancer helps reduce corrosion on exposed metals. Sno-Plow is safe to use on concrete and will not harm trees, shrubs or other vegetation when used as directed. It’s also safe on carpets and floors, leaving no oily residue. Sno-Plow’s green colored granules reduce the possibility of over-application. The product comes in a wide variety of packaging sizes. Other Morgro ice melter products include: Ice Fighter Plus, CalMelt and Deep Thaw. Visit for more information. Circle 152

Stefco’s newest No-Touch Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser offers multiple service options, including paper exposed or paper hidden mode. The Confidence innovative automatic dispenser uses 4 D cell batteries to reliably dispense 130,000 towels with minimum maintenance. Adjustable time delay between cycles prevents over-use. The product can be converted to a no-touch mechanical dispenser by simple exchange of dispensing module. Emergency feed ensures that users can get the paper even if batteries run out. Confidence no-touch electronic dispensers can use a mix of natural, white and TAD roll towels. Circle 151

Spray Nine

Carolina Mop

Booth 3420 Spray Nine/Permatex has unveiled its new marketing message for the flagship Spray Nine Brand product: “Spray Nine Cleaner & Disinfectant.” Giving the name new meaning, Spray Nine’s message is “One Product, NINE uses.” Spray Nine has been trusted by professionals for over 50 years. Its new marketing message will emphasize the versatility of the product and demonstrate its product consolidation capabilities.

Spray Nine’s “NINE” uses include: 1. Cleans; 2. Degreases; 3. Disinfects against viruses in 30 seconds; 4. Disinfects against bacteria in 45 seconds; 5. Sanitizes in 10 seconds; 6. Kills fungus in 3 minutes; 7. Deodorizes; 8. Controls mold and mildew; and, 9. Removes stains. Spray Nine is available nationally through commercial distribution and at select retail locations. Spray Nine was acquired by Permatex in 2008 and formally merged in 2010. The Spray Nine Brand includes a full line of cleaners, degreasers, hand cleaners and its namesake disinfectant. Circle 146

Continental Commercial Products Booth 2054

Using hand dryers can save thousands of trees. High speed hand dryers from Sky Systems Co., Inc., include Model No. 3053 which features stainless steel material, a heater assembly of 185 F, and runs at only 1,000 watts. Meanwhile, Model No. 3051 includes a steel and porcelain enamel coating material, heater assembly of 160 F, and comes with high brightness LED to increase the ease and delight of use. Other products from Sky Systems include Non-Para Urinal Block w/Screen, and Foam Soap Dispenser Systems in 800 ml, 1,000 ml and 1,300 ml. Visit or call 1-800-451-3444 for more information. Circle 150

STEP1 Software Solutions

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Carolina Mop offers products which include hand pads, floor pads, utility pads, trash cans, trigger sprayers, dust pans, microfiber dust mops and microfiber wet mops. The company also makes a full line of mops, brooms, dust mops, handles, squeegees, hardware, frames and plastic products. Established in 1945, Carolina Mop is a full line manufacturer of quality products with a dedication to excellent service. Contact: Carolina Mop Inc., Phone: 800-845-9725; Fax: 864-225-1917. E-mail:; Website:


American Paper Converting

STEP1 Software Solutions • 3547 Old Conejo Rd. #104, Newbury Park, CA. 91320 • 800-553-2602 • email:

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R & B Wire Products

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R&B Launches New Nesting Basket Truck Line

Cleaner Floor, Cleaner Environment: New Stone Care Product Line By Continental’s Glit® Using diamond and new abrasive technologies, Cyclone™ is the latest example of Glit’s longstanding tradition of bringing new and innovative products to the market. Cyclone pads repair scratches, restore gloss, and when used regularly, provide a simple ongoing maintenance solution for a variety of stone floors and concrete. Cyclone – D™ is made with traditional diamond abrasives and features five pads: 400, 800, 1,500, 3,000 and 6,000 grit size. Cyclone™ is made with a proprietary diamond alternative technology and features three pads: White, Yellow and Green. Made with 100 percent recycled fiber, the Cyclone line can be used with or without chemicals, for a cleaner floor and a cleaner environment. Circle 145

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Eco Green ® Recycles³Reduces³Reuses American Paper Converting is committed to being exemplary stewards of the environment. Our Eco Green® product line presents an opportunity for businesses to meet and/or establish an environmentally friendly program. Products from the Eco Green line support the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programs. Both organizations strongly recommend the use of recycled paper products.

1845 Howard Way, Woodland, WA 98674 Toll Free 866-922-5272 Fax 360-225-0478

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R&B introduces its newly designed nesting Basket Trucks that are offered in a choice of a Permanent Liner Basket Truck or a UPSFedEx-ABLE Basket Truck style. Both lines include R&B's safety oriented and durable zinc plated tubular bases, eliminating an issue with many wooden bases. All units are equipped with R&B’s non-marking commercial polyurethane casters for a long life and smooth rolling. There is a choice of 8 flame retardant vinyl laminate liner color options in 6 through 20 bushel sizes in both styles — all with a heavy-duty reinforced black top rims. R&B offers a complete line of accessory spring platforms, flame retardant gray vinyl covers or hinged poly lids (many color options) for all size trucks in both lines to complement any transporting need. Visit or call 800-634-0555. Circle 180

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Diamond Wipes

September/October 2011

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Diamond Wipes® Table Cleaning Wipes provide superior, no-rinse cleaning performance in any food service environment. These allpurpose pre-moistened wipes work wonders for fast and easy, streak-free cleaning of dining tables, bar tops, countertops, glass, mirrors and more. Circle 153


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UNELKO Corporation

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UNELKO Corporation’s newly-patented Sani-Shield® and SaniScrub® products are the solution to the age old problem of cleaning, shielding & protecting surfaces in 1-step. These multi-surface, multi-functional products leave a long-lasting water, soil & stain repellent, microbe-resistant barrier coating on surfaces. The invisible barrier coating dramatically inhibits the adhesion & build-up of resoiling... and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew in-between cleaning. They provide improved surface hygiene in schools, hospitals, health clubs, day care centers and other public facilities with Unelko’s unique “Surface Protection Plan.” The products are non-toxic and VOC free. Sani-Shield and Sani-Scrub are the only surface care products that clean today... and protect tomorrow! For more information call 1-800-528-3149 or visit Circle 161

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Morton Salt

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From fast-acting to eco-safe and extreme temperature ice control, the Morton® line of Professional Grade Ice Melters can be depended on to help clear your way and maximize profits this season. Our national production and support network is ready to keep you stocked when winter weather is at its worst. To find out more about how Morton can help improve your bottom line this season, stop by ISSA booth No. 869 or visit Circle 160

GKR Industries, Inc.

Perfect® introduces the new dual motor upright vacuum. The two motor commercial heavy-duty vacuum comes with high efficiency suction motor with powerful brushroll motor.

Emsco Group, a manufacturer of quality products for almost 150 years, is proud to announce its new Emsco Commercial Products catalog of industrial-grade cleaning products, including dry and wet mops, pushbrooms, brushes, handles, corn and synthetic brooms, sponge mops, scrubbers, buckets, looped-end mop heads, custom displays, microfiber products, dustmop heads and inmate-safe products. For information on ECP cleaning products, contact Emsco Group in Girard, PA, by e-mail at or call 800-458-0839. Also visit Emsco Group Commercial Products at Circle 156 ISSA Booth #3639.

Milazzo Industries

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Providing quality ice melter products, and educating distributors and end-users on how to properly use these products, have led to the success of Milazzo Industries, Inc. The company offers a multitude of ice melter products for different applications and end-user preferences. Its flagship product is Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter®, which is a calcium chloride pellet. Another important product is Qik Joe Polar Express Ice Melt®. This is a high performance deicer containing a proprietary blend of calcium, solar salt, and potassium chloride. All of Milazzo Industries’ products are designed to fill the needs of various discriminating end-users, and are diverse in terms of application as well as budget. For more information, call 1-800-288-6358, or visit Circle 154

Other features include: • Hi-tech fire retardant sound deadening gel for quiet use during day or night cleaning; • 15-inch cleaning path; • Long lasting geared drive belt; • 3-way switch turns on both motors or suction motor only; • Patent-pending Perfect lock stretchable attachment hose with dependable screwin fit so hose locks in without fail.

Save time and money cleaning and sanitizing the inside of hard hats and suspensions. HARDLINER™ is a soft disposable cloth liner that fits inside the hard hat suspension. Helps prevent the transfer of hair and scalp disease. HARDLINER™ is an aid to help comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.132(a).

Visit or call 1-800-555-3903 for more information.

For information or free samples, call 1-800-526-7879 or visit Circle 155

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National Tissue Company

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National Tissue Company (NTC) is a leading national supplier of an extensive line of tissues, towels, wipers, and napkins used in the away-from-home market. With a commitment to superior customer service combined with unmatched quality, NTC provides the products, services, and flexibility necessary to meet the most critical of customer demands. Specialty services and products provided include short-run quantities, packaging, and custom core sizes. NTC provides jumbo and standard roll toilet tissue, large or small core jumbo bath tissue, wrapped or banded standard roll tissue in addition to numerous towels, wipers, and napkins. Founded in 1997, the company is managed by experienced industry professionals with the technical knowledge necessary to produce the product most customers need at an affordable price. National Tissue Company is located just south of Milwaukee, in Cudahy, Wisconsin. To learn more, see National Tissue Company at ISSA Booth #3386 or visit Circle 158

Ha-Ste Manufacturing Ha-Ste Manufacturing's MicroLoop HC is ergonomically sized for healthcare environments. It features microfiber power combined with the construction and familiarity of a conventional wet mop. Its factory spec ergo-small 10ounce weight is designed for easy cleaning, and it has the ability to clean room-to-room — end-users can use one mop per room just like microfiber pads. Other benefits include: Is readyto-use shrinkless… preshrunk right from the factory; Features 25 percent powercleaning Microfiber combined with a super-absorbent synthetic fiber blend; Offers better cleaning — no break-in!; Microfiber blend yarn dries more quickly, saving time and energy costs; Heavy-duty multiple-stitched fanband prevents tangles, extends mop life and improves performance and launderability. Circle 157


Metro Paper Industries Tissue Group Brings Sustainability To Disposables As Metro Paper Industries enters its 37th year, the company says it is bringing a new level of commitment to environmental sustainability and promoting its culture of service leadership. The company’s Portneuf, Quebec, paper mill was recently awarded the EcoLogo and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certifications. Metro Paper is introducing new shipping and storage footprints to carry the green initiatives throughout the manufacturing, sales and distribution process. “MPI Tissue Group’s view of leadership has always had customer service at its core,” says Karim Jadavji, president. “We believe that service leadership must include environmental stewardship. We have introduced a number of innovative programs to ensure that this exists at every level of our organizational and manufacturing processes.” The green initiatives begin at the paper mill, where, with a 35,000 ton capacity and commitment to manufacture paper with as much as 100 percent recovered fiber, more than 550,000 mature trees can be saved each year, and waste otherwise destined for landfills is substantially decreased. MPI’s chlorine-free process and the removal of suspended solids (TSS) and dissolved organic load (BOD), sends cleaner water back into the environment. As well, continued investment in a modern water treatment facility has reduced water intake by 33 percent, cut the amount of steam required to heat fresh water and as a result reduced energy consumption overall. MPI’s carbon footprint reduction initiatives continue with its new “Easy Ship” and “Easy Store” programs. “We reconfigured certain case packs and unit load configurations to improve the overall cube of our shipments,” adds Jadavji. “We are now able to ship more cases per order, thus reducing the number of trips required to deliver products, cutting fuel consumption and required storage space in our customers’ warehouses.” As 2012 begins, MPI will be gearing up for continued service and environmental leadership. “What we’ve done historically has always set the foundation for our future,” says Jadavji. “These initiatives must be both meaningful and have practical applications for our customers or the value is lost. Therefore, our customer service and support must continue to lead the way. We remain efficient, focused and green.” Metro Paper Industries opened its newest converting plant in Trenton, ON, Canada. This 300,000 square-foot facility is already home to 4 high-speed production lines, with more lines planned in the coming year. This facility will boast state-of-the-art equipment with downstream automation, enabling MPI to meet the growing demand for its products. Metro Paper’s converting capacity will now exceed 7 million cases of napkins, towel and tissue per annum. New products recently introduced by MPI to meet demands of the varying marketplace include kitchen roll towels,

natural control dispenser napkins and improved facial, bathroom and jumbo roll tissue products. Metro Paper Industries is one of North America’s leading vertically integrated

manufacturers of recycled paper products, servicing the foodservice, janitorial, away from home and retail markets. The MPI Group is one of the premier privately held paper manufacturers, and one

of only a few offering such a broad range of products. Headquartered in Toronto, the company utilizes 1 million square feet of manufacturing and distribution in production facilities throughout New York, Quebec and Ontario, with capacity of 45,000 tons of paper and over 7 million cases per year in converting capacity. For more information on how to purchase Metro Paper products, contact the customer care department at (800) 325-4758, extension 237 for U.S.-based customers, and extension 238 for Canadian-based customers.

MAKING DISPOSABLES SUSTAINABLE 37 years of leadership in service + sustainability

A commitment to the environment, from a chlorine-free manufacturing process to reduced water intake and steam requirements means a reduction in energy and overall greenhouse emissions. Our paper manufacturing process uses as much as 100% recovered fiber to decrease landfill waste and saves in excess of 550,000 trees each year. MPI·s “Easy Ship” and “Easy Store” initiatives extend our commitment to leadership in customer care through every stage, from manufacturing to distribution. Winner of the 2009 Distributor·s Choice “Supplier of the Year” Award

Participant in the “Canada·s 50 Best Managed Companies” Program

Carthage, NY Manufacturing & Distribution

Metro Paper Industries Tissue Group 111 Manville Road Toronto, ON M1L 4J2 (416) 757-2737

Trenton, ON Manufacturing & Distribution

Come visit us at Booth # 2695 at the 2011 ISSA/Interclean show in Las Vegas, NV

U.S. Customer Care: (800) 325-4758 x 237

Canadian Customer Care: (800) 325-4758 x 238

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September/October 2011

International Salt

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Arctic Thaw® Professional-Grade Ice-Melt Blend, with Calcium Chloride and CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate), aggressively melts ice and snow at belowfreezing temperatures. The product’s ability to generate heat on contact quickly breaks the bond between pavement and ice and snow. Arctic Thaw® has easy-tosee blue crystals, which act as a visual aid, enabling winter maintenance professionals to achieve even application. Arctic Thaw is one of a family of ice melt products available from International Salt®. Other packaged ice melt products include Halite Salt Crystals, Blizzard Wizard® Ice Melt, and C-FORCE® Calcium Chloride Pellets and Flakes. International Salt®, a member of the K+S group, the world’s largest producer of salt, provides pick-up and delivery of bulk and packaged ice melt products from strategically situated facilities throughout the East Coast. Visit Circle 170


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Polti Distribution Inc.

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The key ingredients are water and superheated vapor in a temperature range from 145°C and 160°C (293°F and 320°F). Pressure used in this system ranges between 82.5 psi to 97.5 psi. Visit or call 1-888-697-6584 for more information.

Remco Products

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Lots of manufacturers say their products help improve productivity. But how about a product that actually does virtually all the work and keeps on working after it has been applied? That's the ultimate in enhanced worker productivity and what you get using ES 100, the all-new bio-active odor eliminator for washrooms developed by Enviro-Solutions. Used on a regular basis, ES 100 binds to odor-causing molecules, neutralizing the odors within seconds of application. And it keeps on working for up to 80 hours after the application. Simply spray a mist on walls, fixtures and floors, and let ES 100 do its magic. ES 100 is safe, effective and proven Green by EcoLogoT. Circle 163

Remco offers a Fixed Head Squeegee that is known for maximum efficiency and security. It features a durable, one-piece molded polypropylene head and refill blades that are easy to remove and replace with the help of special finger tabs built into the cassette. The tabs help lock the cassette firmly in place during use. The blades can later be removed, so the head can be sanitized and reused. In addition, the squeegee design incorporates a double splash guard for push and pull applications, as well as a molded reverse edge scraper. These squeegees are made from FDA-compliant materials and work with Remco’s selection of color-coded European thread handles. Available in eight colors (including orange, purple and black) and five sizes including a bench model, they are part of the Vikan line of cleaning products.

QuestVapco Corporation

Mat Guys

Visit for more information. Circle 165

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Fixed Head Squeegee From Remco Products

Liquefire is an environmentally responsible solution to help fight a winter storm before it arrives. When applied to sidewalks, steps, ramps and traffic areas before a storm, it will prevent the bonding of snow and ice to the surface. This means a fast and effective clean-up after the storm. Liquefire is also excellent at melting thin layers of ice and snow left behind by snow blowers and plows. It reduces overall cleaning costs from granular residue.

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The Vapore® Professional Ecological Vapour Cleaning System uses dry vapor cleaning to eliminate bacteria and viruses. It’s also effective against bed bugs, dust mites, lice and other microorganisms.

Spray And Walk Away

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For a product catalog, call 317-876-9856 or visit

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Wide variety of commercial and industrial floor matting available. West Coast’s largest stocking wholesaler/manufacturer of carpets, runners, rubber, 3M, tiles, chair mats and designer mats. Master distributor for Anderson Mats, Crown Mats, 3M and more. Custom logo mats are the company’s specialty. Custom cuts and stock sizes available. Focused on customer service. Same day or next day order processing. Sales to distributors only. Call 877-6287787 or visit for more information. Circle 167

Draco Hygienic Products, Inc.

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Universal dispenser for soap, paper towels and metered aerosol cans. Also available are no-touch hygiene toilet seats and HRT dispensers. Quality products and services. Visit for more information. Circle 168

Janibell Janibell announces under cabinet trash disposal solution ideal for healthcare and dental facilities. When space is at a premium, the compact Janibell M250H provides convenient and sanitary waste disposal and is hidden away when not in use. With simple mounting on a cabinet door, the Janibell M250H features a fully automatic open and close odorblocking lid. The M250H mounts quickly and easily to any cabinet door. Janibell’s unique self-lining cartridge system provides flexibility in bag size and removal. Contents remain out of sight and contained at all times. The liner cartridge lasts for weeks between refills. Going Green? Janibell liners are 100 percent biodegradable. Visit or call 1-800-856-0332. Circle 162

innovation>technology>future East Coast: 1-866-651-4323 West Coast: 1-866-740-7623 VISIT SEKO!

The New DrainPlus from SEKO is our most versatile drain dosing pump.

ISSA/Interclean 2011 at the

Las Vegas Convention Center October 19th-21st


Booth # 2873


Digital Programming


Maximum speed of 6.8 oz/min dosing


Up to 48 doses per day


Automatic Switching to accept 115v to 240v Power Supply


Backlit display for ease of programming

DrainPlus Battery x

Extended Battery Life: Low consumption motor and Dual Lantern Battery


6HNRÂśV,3HQFORVXUHSURWHFWV the internal digital timer and motor from water


Up to 8 doses per day/7 days per week


Installation Kit included for common installations

SEKO Dosing Systems Corp., 1103 Branagan Drive, Tullytown, PA 19007 East Coast: 866-651-4323 West Coast: 866-740-7623 Fax: 215-945-0937 Circle 81



ISSA Announces 2011 Award Winners ISSA will honor achievers in the professional cleaning industry during ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America. Jack D. Ramaley Industry Distinguished Service Award The Jack D. Ramaley Industry Distinguished Service Award honors a person who has demonstrated leadership, professionalism, and exceptional service through his or her innovation, elevation of industry standards, and promotion of the association’s growth and development. This year’s award recipients are: Jim Ferris, formerly with Equipment Canada, and Marek Kowalski, Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce. Ferris started in the industry in 1964 with a position at a chemical and packaging plant before he moved to work for Copeland Laboratories. In 1978, he founded the Ferris Agency, one of the first commission-based manufacturer representative firms. He also established the wholesale division for the family’s business, Equipment Canada, a master distributor of commercial cleaning products to the Canadian marketplace since 1996. For ISSA, he served on the board of directors from 1985-86; was a guest speaker at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Amsterdam exhibition; and was certified as an official ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard Certification Expert in 2008. He also was active with the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (CSSA), serving on the board from 1976-83, from 1999-2001, and yet again, as president, in 2002. From CSSA, he received both the CSSA Builder Award and the association’s highest honor, the Sam Tughan Achievement Award. His service for the Sanitary Supply Wholesaler Association included board member from 1987-93, and president in 1990. Outside the industry, he has

been honored by the Toronto Rotary Club, and was a 25-year Rotarian, from which he received the Paul Harris Society lifetime achievement award. He passed away November 5, 2010. Kowalski has been board president of PIGC (which he cofounded as the Polish Cleaning Association in 2000-02), president of the Association of Polish Cleaning Industry Employers, and a member of the ISSA European Board of Representatives since 2009. In 2010, he was appointed by Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak as a permanent member of the country’s Trilateral Committee of public services team. From 2005–07, he served as the board vice president of the Brussels, Belgium-based European Federation of Cleaning Industries (EFCI). In 2005, he was awarded an honorary ISSA membership, and in 2009, the Diamond Broom Award from PIGC. He is a permanent correspondent for the European Cleaning Journal and Reinigung Markt. He also was cofounder of the Cleanliness and Hygiene Certificate. He holds an M.S. degree in mechanics. Lou Goorland Honorary Membership Award The award recognizes individuals who are no longer actively involved in the industry and have made substantial contributions to its advancement. This year’s award recipient is: Allen Soden, formerly with Deb, Inc. Soden retired after serving 10 years as president of 28-year ISSA and ISSA/INTERCLEAN show exhibitor Deb, Inc. (then Deb SBS). Under his leadership, the company grew to be a major supplier of soaps and other jan/san products. Prior to Deb, he was executive vice president for 20 years of longtime ISSA member and show exhibitor (39 years) Zep Manufacturing Co. (now part of the Amrep Professional Pds. Group). He served as Manufacturer Director in 2009 on the ISSA Board of Directors until his retirement from Deb in 2009. Most recently, he was selected to serve on the ISSA Foundation Board. He has served in leadership positions on several civic and nonprofit organizations in Atlanta, GA. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and completed his executive MBA at Emory University. Manufacturer Representatives’ Distinguished Service Award The award recognizes a person within the industry who has had a positive im-

Circle 11 • See Us At ISSA Booth #3664

September/October 2011 pact on the industry and the association, and who has been supportive of manufacturer representatives. This year’s award recipient is: Joe Rhodenbaugh, Kutol Products Co. Rhodenbaugh is president of Kutol Product Co., Inc., a manufacturer of hand hygiene solutions.  A 30-year veteran of the cleaning industry, he holds several U.S. patents related to hand soap dispensers. Most recently under his leadership, Kutol earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver certification. He is a strong advocate for the use of manufacturer representatives as a sales force. He serves as a chairperson of the Leadership Team at Armstrong Chapel United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, OH. His degree is from Miami University in Florida.  YES Industry Special Achievement The award honors an individual or company from our industry who has made substantial contributions to the advancement of the cleaning industry and the association and who has demonstrated strong support of YES. This year’s award recipient is: Jim Chittom Sr., Athens Janitor Supply Chittom serves as CEO of two jan/san distributors—Athens Janitor Supply Co., Inc., Athens, GA (an ISSA member for 48 years) and Roman Chemical Corp., Rome, GA. 3"3&-&.3 /'


"."(&-&.3 ".%

From 1991-93, he served on the ISSA Board of Directors as distributor director and from 2007-09 as vice president, then president, and immediate past president, during which time he served on various ISSA committees. In 1993, he organized the first ISSA district meeting in Puerto Rico, and he has been selected to serve as a director on the ISSA Foundation Board beginning in 2012. Also, in 1997, he co-founded the Georgia Sanitary Supply Association and served as its president from 2000-02. His strong support of ISSA’s Young Executive Society (YES) includes sponsoring the annual YES Networking Reception. He also encouraged both his sons to become involved in ISSA through YES. Outside the industry, Chittom Sr. actively serves in numerous community organizations, including the Athens Rotary Club, which recently awarded him the Robert Stubbs Ethics Award; the Northeast Georgia Food Bank; and United Way for Northeast Georgia. Star Awards To achieve Star status, a company must have exhibited at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America show for the specified number of years while retaining continuous membership. This year’s three Star 40 Award recipients are: Graco Manufacturing Co., Karcher Commercial, and Windsor. *1$4,"3*/.

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The dispenser is black* and the paper inside is bright white. But really, it’s all green. Dubl-Nature® roll towels are certified by Green Seal™ and contain up to 43% post-consumer waste. The new OptiServ® dispenser controls use to discourage wasted paper. Together, Wausau Paper products help your facility stay green, no matter what color dispenser you choose. 800.723.0001 *Of course, it could also be red, green, blue, or white, and custom-imprinted with your logo. Visit us at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2011 Booth #3341

Circle 97


September/October 2011

Ozone Generating Products Play Key Role In Eliminating Odor In Restoration Projects


he importance of restoration work was reaffirmed soon after this year’s devastating forest fires and hurricanes that struck various parts of the United States. A key part of restoration is the elimination of odors with the use of ozone generating products from The Ozone Specialists under the brand names Newaire, Queenaire Technologies and Rainbowair Activators. According to The Ozone Specialists, these products not only eliminate odors in the wake of flooding or fire, but also meet the most stringent “green” qualifications. Two products in high demand right now from distributors and their end-use customers for restoration projects are the Rainbowair Activator 1000 Series II (5401-II) and the Rainbowair Activator 2000 Series II (5600-II). “Ozone is what restoration companies have used for years after a flood or smoke damage,” The Ozone Specialists President Susan Duffy said. “Our units basically pay for themselves after 10 to 15 uses. This is a real benefit for restoration companies.” Through the years, both the weight and cost of ozone-generated products have come down. “Today’s technology is amazing. Years ago, a large ozone unit could weigh around 100 pounds and had to be brought in on wheels. Our company’s larger units now weigh between 12 and 15 pounds. You can carry them by a handle and they will cover an area of about 6,000 square feet,” Duffy said. “Costs have also come down. I remember when a larger unit would sell for around $2,000. Our units range in price today is between $19.95 for the

Newaire Auto-II to $725 for the larger restoration units. “There has never been a better time for distributors to carry a line of ozone products. There is also a profit to be made when renting these units.” The Rainbowair Activator 1000 Series II (5401-II) and other Rainbowair Activator units are ideal for such endusers as detail shops, car dealers, car rental companies, real estate agencies, contractors, etc. “We are receiving a lot of calls right now for products to help with restoration work in the northeastern part of the United States after all the flooding this summer,” Duffy said. “Our Rainbowair Activator products work well in taking care of foul odors after a disaster, while our Newaire Plugin Series II, Newaire HW500 and Newaire Auto II products can help keep odors away after the restoration work is completed.” Besides schools, hotels, restaurants, public restrooms and private homes, ozone-generated products are ideal for getting rid of troublesome odors found in automobiles. “If a car is in a flood, ozone is the best way to take the smell out. This is especially important for car dealers who may have trouble selling used vehicles with odor problems. Our products can solve this costly issue,” Duffy said. Both the Rainbowair Activator 1000 Series II (5401-II) and the Rainbowair Activator 2000 Series II (5600-II) have an optional auto kit for restoration work. In fact, the Rainbowair Activator 2000 Series II (5600-II) has an optional dual auto kit to help get rid of odors in two cars at once. “An ozone machine can turnaround the odor issue in one car and pay for itself as a result,” Duffy said. “The goal is to have our distributors selling ozone-generated products to the many market segments needing help with odor control. Our products can help distributors open new doors and provide solutions for new customers.” The Power Of Ozone zone is often referred to as nature’s own purifier. It’s most evident at the seashore, near a waterfall, in a rain forest and after a thunderstorm. Ozone makes up approximately 20 percent of the air being breathed everyday, and has been used over the past century to purify water and eliminate a wide range of odors. Ozone is not used as a re-odorant, but rather totally destroys offending gases, reacting with contaminates in air, water, and on fabrics, walls and ceilings. And ozone is green. “What can be greener than Mother Nature’s very own air cleaner?” Duffy asked. “One of the most difficult issues to deal with when creating a ‘green’ environment is that of improving indoor air quality. Lack of proper ventilation, low negative ion levels and odors all contribute to poor indoor air quality regardless of what type of industry is involved. “We can all relate to the idea of freshening our home, office and vehicle by opening the windows and letting fresh air blow through. This leaves the area smelling fresher and cleaner. What many people don’t realize is that the ozone being generated naturally in the air outdoors is what has the deodorizing effect when the breeze blows through.” She added that ozone generation is a simple and clean technology that helps naturally eliminate odors without the use of harsh chemicals. “From the restroom to the garbage area and every room in between, this is the safest, most effective means of eliminating troublesome odors while improving air quality,” Duffy said. “The bonus is that end-users will actually save money in the process. “There are a lot of companies that indicate their products are natural and green. However, the way I look at it, if you bring a product in, such as a chemical, with the idea of improving air quality — once it’s used, it still remains. To me this is not natural.” With an ozone machine, she added, basically all that is being done is manipulating indoor air by splitting oxygen molecules. This process eliminates odors. High levels of ozone are necessary in most commercial applications, allowing the user to shock the area being treated to eliminate odors quickly and completely. In those situations, the area should be vacated and proper time should be allowed for the higher levels of ozone to dissipate as it breaks down the offending odors. The larger Rainbowair and Queenaire models are ideal for these types of applications. In a smaller room or areas that need ongoing odor control, the Newaire line is perfect. “Our Newaire technology allows people to treat smaller areas such as a restroom, hotel lobby or office,” Duffy said. “These products incorporate a patented technology that allows us to significantly increase the negative ion count in a room. This removes particulates, and at the same time, produces a very low level of ozone such as found outdoors after a lightning storm.” Ozone-generated products from The Ozone Specialists are American made, produced at the company’s upstate New York facility.

O Choose 1 Product with 9 Uses! 1. Cleans 2. Degreases 3. Disinfects against viruses in 30 seconds 4. Disinfects against bacteria in 45 seconds 5. Sanitizes in 10 seconds 6. Kills fungus in 3 minutes 7. Deodorizes 8. Controls mold & mildew 9. Removes stains

Follow us on Facebook Spray Nine is a TMs of Illinois Tool Works Inc. Copyright © 2011. Permatex, an ITW company. All rights reserved. 1107-237

Circle 84

Contact: The Ozone Specialists, 9483 State Highway 37, Ogdensburg, NY 13669. Toll Free Phone: 1-877-646-9663; Toll Free Fax: 1-800-493-4550. Website:

Our Winning Strategy Spells Success The UNITED Group (TUG) is a national sales and marketing group for independent distributors that scores points with equal ownership for all members and combined purchasing power. In addition to earning high marketing allowance returns and meeting with vendors at TUGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s yearly

Conference, members also benefit from the wealth of experience of fellow members and the support of our dedicated headquarters staff. TUG promotes strong distributor-supplier relationships for increased sales and enhanced profitability for all. Opening Doors to Enhanced Profitability Š for members for 28 years

To get in the game, contact Bob Klief, VP Sales & Marketing, at 318.348.0806 or Tobie McKown, President, at 318.387.9676 Circle 89


September/October 2011

WAXIE Fail-Over Backup Benefits Customers During Electrical Outage An unprecedented power outage in San Diego county, the first of this magnitude, recently left 1.4 million customers without the use of electricity after a transmission line from Arizona to San Diego failed September 8, but there was at least one customer in the county of over 3 million people who refused to be powerless during this crisis – WAXIE Sanitary Supply. San Diego, CA, is headquarters to WAXIE Sanitary Supply, that has called the area home for over 65 years. “The products we distribute are vital to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for away from home locations,” says Charles Wax, President of WAXIE Sanitary Supply. “We have a huge community responsibility to make sure we remain open during a crisis.” San Diego houses WAXIE’s computer system and family of servers that control all aspects of running 20 locations in 9 western U.S. states where over 800 employees collectively service over 25,000 WAXIE customers; many of them schools, hospitals, municipalities, office buildings, and other public and private businesses. “After the 2007 fires, we made a significant investment in a back-up system in the event something like that happened again in San Diego… I think we just experienced another disaster,” remarks Harry Babb, VP Corporate Operations for WAXIE, referring to San Diego County’s power outage. “What we did was put a duplicate system

in one of our other inventory centers that runs about a minute behind the live environment and is mirroring everything that is happening on the main unit. When disaster strikes, we ‘fail over’ to the back-up system, which takes over for the main. This allows us the ability to conduct business as if nothing ever happened,” says Babb. “The beauty of it was that our folks in Seattle or Salt Lake City never even knew we had a power outage, but most importantly, we were able to service our customers uninterrupted.” Charles Wax gives credit to his team of

professionals whose commitment, expertise, and above and beyond attitude got the company through a crisis situation and made sure customers would get their much needed supplies. “I’m just so proud of the team and the leadership shown by these folks, it’s times like these that a person’s character is revealed, and without exception, this is truly a team of champions,” says Wax. “Our customers can be sure that WAXIE will always be there for them, even during a historical power outage.” About WAXIE: WAXIE Sanitary Supply is America’s

largest family-owned distributor of sanitary maintenance supplies. WAXIE is an industry leader in the distribution of quality cleaning chemicals, equipment, disposables, and accessories to the building service contractor, school, hospitality, health care, military, government, industrial, and retail markets. Based in San Diego, the company consists of over 800 professionals working out of Inventory Centers servicing the western United States including California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Alaska. Additional information about WAXIE Sanitary Supply may be obtained at

Cascades Wins International Stevie Award For Its Intelligent™ Antibacterial Hand Towel Cascades Intelligent™ antibacterial hand towel was recently awarded the Stevie trophy for Best New Product or Service of the year, in the health category. The 8th International Business Awards Gala will take place in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, on October 11, 2011. The International Business Awards, also known as the Stevies, are among the most prestigious awards of the business world. “We are proud of having been recognized for this prestigious award for our new antibacterial hand

towel,” declared Suzanne Blanchet, President and CEO of Cascades Tissue Group. “It is a unique and innovative product that eliminates residual bacteria almost instantly and provides a 30minute additional protection, contrary to the usual alcohol-based hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps.” Winner of five innovation awards since its launch in May 2010, the antibacterial hand towel offers a release process unique to Cascades. Recognizable by its green color, the hand towel offers a solution to reduce bacteria

propagation. It is referred to as IntelligentTM because it compensates for people's imperfect hygienic habits without changing the way they dry their hands. The company says that since 80 percent of infections are transmitted by hand contact, the antibacterial hand towel is marketed mainly to sectors where hand hygiene is a daily concern, such as healthcare, foodservice, food processing and education. More information about the antibacterial hand towel is available at:


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Circle 8 • See Us At ISSA Booth #2669

Sanitize the Air to Kill

ltraSan® is the first air sanitizer to be offered in all three aerosol alternatives – Hand-held Space Spray, Metered Dispenser Refill, and an industry-first Total Release Fogger. Each product in the System is designed for either spot, automatic, or saturation air sanitizing, integrated with a single formula, single fragrance. Wherever or however you need to treat your facility, don’t just deodorize, sanitize – remove bacteria from the air.


• Chemically Bonds to Malodor Molecule to Kill Odor Source • Nonflammable, Ultra Dry Hydro-Alcoholic Formula

425 Franklin Road, Suite 530 • Marietta, GA 30067 800-241-7766/770-422-2071 •

• Low VOC Content with Less Than 30% by Weight • Premium Fresh Linen Fragrance

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September/October 2011

Circle 53


September/October 2011

BISSELL® Extends Commercial Cleaning Line With BigGreen Commercial™ Products BISSELL, Inc., a consumer appliance manufacturer, has entered the commercial cleaning market with a new line of products under the BigGreen Commercial trademark. The line features a commercial grade version of the company’s industry-leading deep cleaner, its deep cleaning carpet solution, and a selection of support cleaning systems. The BigGreen Commercial line was developed for applications such as hospitality operations, small businesses, food service outlets, schools, janitorial services and contract cleaning. Even though the new line is a natural extension of BISSELL’s core competency, the company’s entry into the commercial market was a deliberate process, according to Jim Krzeminski, president of BISSELL Business Ventures (BBV), a BISSELL subsidiary marketing the BigGreen Commercial brand. “We’ve looked at this market for some time,” Krzeminski explained. “But we wanted to make sure we had the right products to offer.” Having the right products meant a focused approach to development. BISSELL finessed its deep cleaner design to meet the cleaning and end-user demands of the commercial cleaning industry. The company says the BG10™ features tougher materials, longer cords, ergonomically designed handling features — all developed to withstand

BISSELL’s New BigGreen Cleaning Line

Circle No. 184 the rigors of heavy day-to-day use in challenging environments. Maintenance was an equally important consideration. The BG10 has easily removable and washable tanks and an exclusive cord replacement system that significantly reduces downtime. The BISSELL support network is also open to commercial customers. In addition to the BG10, BISSELL also merged its core cleaning technology with a manufacturing development partner to produce additional cleaning systems. These include: a trio of upright vacuums, a canister vac, and a selection of carpet and floor sweepers. These products follow the lead of the BG10 by combining straightforward design with ease of use and maintenance to produce systems that deliver consistent cleaning performance. “There are a lot of good products on the market,” commented BigGreen Commercial’s General Manager Dan Heidenga. “We know we have to meet a high standard to get

noticed, and our products have to deliver to stay noticed.” “We talked to people in the various industries,” Krzeminski said. “We wanted their take on what was working for them, what they wanted to see, what they really needed most.” The company says, the answers that were given when talking with potential customers were consistent, regardless of market: • Tighter budgets and smaller staffs, cleaning operations have to do more with less; • More staff turnover demands products that require less training and are easy to use; • Maintenance — replacement components and parts — are a hassle; • Cleaning systems have to be easily portable; and, • Products have to be able to effectively clean any type of surface or material The BigGreen Commercial line addresses these issues and its story has already earned favorable early returns. “People I’ve talked to are excited about the new line,” reported Craig Frechette, National Account Manager for BigGreen Commercial. “They’re anxious to see the products in action. We already have customer commitments.” The BISSELL BigGreen Commercial product line will hold its official launch party at the ISSA/Interclean® show Las Vegas, October 18-21, Booth #3739.

From Enviro-Solutions

Principal Gives School An “A” Northeast Elementary School in Evergreen Park, SD, was recently evaluated but not on teachers’ and students’ performance, but rather on how clean it looks. Teachers, students, parents, and visitors were asked to walk-through the school and provide unsolicited comments on what they thought of the school’s appearance. In preparation for the examination, the school recently transferred to new cleaning chemicals that are proven-green and manufactured by Enviro-Solutions. “The feedback I received was exceptional,” says Jeff Nightingale, the school’s principal. “Everyone commented on the school’s enhanced appearance and even the building’s overall air quality.” The principal adds Enviro-Solutions’ third-party Green certification program helps promote his school’s commitment to health and wellness of students and staff. “We are very pleased with our transition to Enviro-Solutions and would recommend their products to other educational facilities,” Nightingale concludes. Enviro-Solutions is a manufacturer of environmentally preferable cleaning products. An ISO-9001 certified company, Enviro-Solutions was established in 1994 with focused goals: To develop and market a superior line of environmentally preferable cleaning products and solutions. Using advanced technology, the company manufactures products that offer proven safety, health, and environment benefits without sacrificing product performance and are competitively priced.


Push Brooms

Concrete Finishing Brushes

Galvanized Pails

Street Brooms

Utility Brushes

Bi Level Scrub Brushes

Direct importers/distributors of hot dipped galvanized pails, tubs, chip brushes, corn brooms, handles and other quality products. P.O. Box 932 * 1001 N. Cedar * Clarksville, TX 75426 (903) 427-2261 phone * (903) 427-5230 fax email:

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September/October 2011

Studies Endorse Steam Vapor System A peer-reviewed study, “Reduction in the microbial load on high-touch surfaces in hospital rooms by treatment with a portable saturated steam vapor disinfection system,” conducted by Sheri L. Maxwell, BS; Charles P. Gerba, PhD; Jonathan D. Sexton, MS (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ) and Benjamin D. Tanner, PhD

(Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, Round Rock, TX) concluded that TANCS®equipped steam vapor units “reduced bacterial levels by >90 percent and reduced pathogen levels on most surfaces to below the detection limit” within only a few seconds of treatment. The study was carried out in 8 occupied rooms of a long-term care wing of a hospital. Six surfaces per room were swabbed before and after steam treatment and analyzed for heterotrophic plate count (HPC), total coliforms, methicillin intermediate and resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MISA and MRSA), and Clostridium difficile. Researchers reported “The steam vapor device consistently reduced total microbial and pathogen loads on hospital surfaces, to below detection in most instances” and that the system “provides a means to reduce levels of microorganisms on hospital surfaces without the drawbacks associated with chemicals.” The study report was published online June 8, 2011 by the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC). AJIC covers key topics and issues in infection control and epidemiology. Infection control professionals, including physicians, nurses, and epidemiologists, rely on AJIC for peer-reviewed articles covering clinical topics as well as original research. As the official publication of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (APIC), AJIC is the foremost resource on infection control, epidemiology, infectious diseases, quality management, occupational health, and disease prevention. NDM-1 Superbug Strain Destroyed By Steam Vapor System According to a news release from Advanced Vapor Technology, tests conducted by Texas-based Antimicrobial Test Laboratories (ATL) have demonstrated rapid destruction of the NDM-1 strain of Klebsiella

Circle No. 172 pneumoniae bacteria using Advanced Vapor Technologies’ TANCS®-equipped steam vapor units. "The studies we conducted show that the steam vapor device can eradicate NDM-1 Klebsiella on a hard surface within just two seconds of contact — much faster than traditional disinfectants," said Benjamin D. Tanner, PhD, President, Antimicrobial Test Laboratories. "These findings are exciting because ‘shorting’ contact times for liquid disinfectants is a major problem in hospitals, and is undoubtedly responsible for environmental surface conditions leading to many infections." New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase (NDM -1) is a gene that makes bacteria resistant to powerful antibiotics called betalactams or carbapenems. According to Brandi Limbago, PhD, CDC Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, Klebsiella pneumoniae is a type of “gram-negative bacteria that normally lives in our intestines. When not held in check by our body’s normal defenses, these bacteria can cause serious infection. These infections are typically treated with beta-lactams, but when a resistance gene such as NDM-1 gets into the bacteria, the result is a multidrug resistant organism (MDRO) that can be very difficult to treat. The challenge now is motivating the health care community to take action, including using antibiotics wisely, following transmission prevention

guidelines, and implementing overall infection prevention recommendations.” A common reason for environmental contamination with an MDRO is the lack of adherence to recommended facility procedures for cleaning and disinfection, according to the CDC. With fewer chemical cleaners to purchase or manage responsibly, steam vapor sanitation often makes staff maintenance efforts safer, faster, easier and more thorough. The MondoVap 2400 with TANCS uses tap water, a proprietary water-treatment module and applied nano-technology to generate steam for cleaning and killing pathogens without leaving chemical residue. The low-moisture 6 percent steam leaves surfaces dry and those areas can be returned to service almost immediately while reducing slip and fall hazards. TANCS steam vapor kills bacteria and germs and emulsifies soil, grease and oil. It also removes deeply embedded contaminants and prevents their re-accumulation. With the TANCS option, the AVT steam vapor system qualifies as a disinfection device under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules. “We are deeply gratified that our steam vapor models equipped with TANCS have been shown to be effective against NDM-1 and many other superbugs,” said Rick Hoverson, principal of Advanced Vapor Technologies. “We are sharing this proven cleaning and disinfection intervention with healthcare and other facilities across the country with very positive outcomes.” About Advanced Vapor Technologies Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) is the maker of proprietary, water-only steam vapor cleaning and disinfection systems. AVT systems reduce health risks associated with typical chemical cleaners, eradicate a wide range of bacteria and pathogens, improve indoor environmental quality and help prevent indoor hazards and surface degradation associated with chemical use.

From von Drehle

New Feature Videos Available For Viewing On Website von Drehle has produced three new feature videos that are available for viewing on its website ( or on its YouTube page ( The “About von Drehle” (3 minutes, 35 seconds) video features a brief overview of the company’s history, capabilities, products, services and business philosophy. This vedio contains unique video footage and is narrated by Raymond and Steve von Drehle. The “von Drehle Production” (1 minute, 40 seconds) is a fast-paced video set to music showing some of von Drehle’s fully integrated and modern production equipment and methods. It includes footage from von Drehle’s paper mill and one of von Drehle’s converting facilities. According to the company, The “von Drehle Testimonials” (4 minutes, 40 seconds) video shows why industry leaders have chosen von Drehle Corporation as their preferred supplier of quality towel and tissue products and dispensers.

Circle 37

Maintenance Sales News


From Enviro-Solutions: Eats As It Cleans

Mike Sawchuk

Visitors to Enviro-Solutions’ booth at the upcoming ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America tradeshow in Las Vegas will note an expanded and growing line of biobased/bio-enzymatic cleaning products. Enviro-Solutions believes “bio” cleaning products will play a far bigger role in the professional cleaning industry in years to come. So what are bio products? A bio-based product is completely or significantly made up of renewable agricultural products such as corn, and soybeans. Bio-enzymatic products take this a step further. These contain specific enzymes, bacteria, and microbial nutrients that are designed to digest chemical and organic waste such as odor-causing bacteria. Although these products are the ultimate in sustainable cleaning, not all are Green certified or proven Green. However, those manufactured by Enviro-Solutions are certified and do meet the environmental standards of EcoLogo™, a major Greencertification organization, and/or have been registered or are in the process of being registered with the USDA Bio-Preferred Program.* Pros And Cons The fact that many of these bio products are Green as well as sustainable makes them attractive options for all facilities. However, there are some factors that cleaning professionals and managers should be aware of before making a selection. For instance: • Performance — Many early bio products did not meet the performance standards of conventional and Green cleaning products…and some still do not. However, Enviro-Solutions’ bio products are now recognized as good as, if not better than, most conventional and Green cleaning products; • Costs — Bio products can cost a bit more than comparable Green and conventional cleaning products. However, this can vary depending on how the products are diluted; overall, these costs are coming down or comparable; • Proven Green — As mentioned earlier, some bio products — not all — are Green certified. Certain bio products contain resins, citrus, or other plant by-products that, while effective for cleaning, may be considered toxic. It is easy to determine if a product is proven Green and certified…it

will be proudly noted on the label. • Chemical mixing — Be aware that mixing bio-enzymatic cleaners with bleach or disinfectants can reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of both the cleaners and the disinfectants; and, • Odor control — One of the key benefits of bio-enzymatic cleaners is that they eat away at bacteria that can cause odors. When applied on an infected area, they begin to work immediately, and it is not uncommon for odors to disappear within minutes. The performance standards of most bio

products make them effective alternatives to conventional chemicals. And for facilities that are putting greater emphasis on sustainability, bio products, and in particular bio-enzymatic products, cannot be beat. Mike Sawchuk has been involved with the Green and professional cleaning industries for more than 15 years. He is currently vice president and general manager of Enviro-Solutions, a leading manufacturer of certified-Green cleaning chemicals based in Ontario, Canada.

Circle No. 171 *The USDA Bio-Preferred Program is a federal program designed to promote the increased purchase and use of bio-based products.

First to develop and package aerosols in 1943.


he Airosol Company, Inc. developed and T packaged the first aerosol spray can in the

Our new Black Knight line of products consists of highly effective, insecticides that have been developed to fight bedbugs, roaches, wasps and hornets, and clothing protection sprays. These products have been formulated to minimize odor and staining and to maximize efficacy and safety. This combination of attributes makes them the best in their class and opens up an enormous opportunity for our customers.

world. The design of a refillable spray can dubbed the “Bug Bomb” was designed in 1943 and is the ancestor of many spray products. Pressurized by liquefied gas, the small portable can enabled soldiers to defend against malaria-carry mosquitos in the Pacific during World War II.

From our beginning over 65 years ago, Airosol continued to expand the original facility to the now 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and technical center located in Neodesha, Kansas. Investment has been constant so as to create a very flexible state of the art formulating, blending, and manufacturing facility. New upgrades are under way to further expand capacity and performance of our multiple liquid and aerosol lines.

In July of 2010, the company announced its new Jan San Division with the introduction of twenty new products. Another series of products are planned for introduction in early fall 2011.

Packaging capabilities now include aluminum, steel and plastic packaging utilizing multiple propellants and delivery systems. The company has a formulation library of thousands of formulations and a development team that will produce new unique formulations to your specification. Custom in-house carton and label printing is also available. Airosol circa 1943

insecticides, cleaners, adhesives, and lubricants. The products are available in both branded and private label programs for orders as low as 10 Included in the line are metered air fresheners, cases at a time.

Circle 4 • See Us At ISSA Booth #665

From the beginning Airosol has looked forward to developing the best products and services for our customers. For more information visit Call 1-800-633-9576


September/October 2011

Keep Cleaning Solutions Dirt Free With Pro-Link’s Split Bucket II Pro-Link, Inc., a jan/san buying and marketing group located in Canton, MA, introduces the Advanced Microfiber System

Pro-Link’s Split Bucket II

Circle No. 185 (AMS) Split Bucket II, a bucket and wringer system for wet mopping. The Split Bucket II is a dual bucket sys-

tem has a permanent divider separating the cleaning solution from the rinse water. It helps to reduce cross-contamination. The Split Bucket II is designed for use with Pro-Link’s folding mop holder and Mega-Loop™ microfiber folding mops when used with the optional roller wringer. The mop holder attaches, locks, holds and folds the flat mops. The Mega-Loop mop extended loop technology allows for the mop to pick up dirt and grime throughout the entire mop, not just at the leading edge. Mega-Loop mops have no foam fillers, reducing the risk of cross-contamination, mold, and mildew. Featuring an optional Extra Capacity Down Press Wringer, facilities can continue to use traditional wet mops instead of transitioning to flat mopping if they choose. Worker safety can be enhanced with the Split Bucket II’s high handles and increased bucket height making cleaning strain free. In addition, the integral bottom drains for each bucket makes it simple to drain at the end of shifts, eliminating heavy lifting when a floor drain is available. Visit for more information.

Pro-Link’s Distributor Network Grows DIBS Chemical & Supply Co., Inc. of Gulfport, MS, has recently joined ProLink. DIBS grew as one of the Gulf Coast’s only full service janitorial supply houses. The current owner, Michael Lott, joined DIBS in the mid 90’s as general manager, leaving his position at a local bank. He ended up buying the business shortly thereafter due to unexpected circumstances. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed DIBS’ 30,000 square foot building. However, Lott and his son Michael II, quickly rebuilt the business in another location in Gulfport. Since then, they have regrown the business, much like the area that they service. Michael Lott II is now the general manager of the business. Brian Slack, vice president of Pro-Link said, “I am excited about DIBS becoming a member. I really enjoy working with multiple generation businesses, as there is a real excitement around how things can be. I think that both DIBS and Pro-Link will enjoy a long-term business relationship.” Richco Products Company of Springfield, MS, has also joined Pro-Link. Richco Products has been in business since 1933 and has a long history of serving and solving customer needs in West-

ern Massachusetts. Brian Slack, vice president of sales for Pro-Link says, “I am excited that Richco has become a member of Pro-Link. They have built a solid customer base due to their proven capabilities as well as their relationships with their customers. This complements Pro-Link value proposition for independent jan/san distributors: building core competencies with quality member controlled brands and experienced, professional sales support and training, combined with a strong peer network. Pro-Link, Inc., founded in 1984, is a national full-service janitorial supply, marketing, and buying organization. Based in Canton, MA, this jan/san-focused organization currently has more than 70 members and over 100 distribution points throughout the United States. Pro-Link provides its distributor-members and customers with a nationally-recognized brand of high quality products and services that help deliver consistently cleaner facilities at lower total cost. With a sales force of industry professionals, the organization also provides national field support, troubleshooting, and training for members and end-customers. Pro-Link has developed a sophisticated program for national accounts allowing for centralized procurement, online ordering, and advanced reporting, all supported by fast delivery and service.

Starco Chemical Will Exhibit Liquid And Powdered Chemicals At ISSA/INTERCLEAN USA Starco Chemical, a division of Diamond Chemical Co. Inc., East Rutherford, NJ, will be exhibiting its full line of liquid and powdered specialty Starco chemical products at booth 447. Attending the show will be Harold Diamond, president, Diamond Chemical Co. Inc.; Harvey Wasserman, vice president, Starco Chemical Division; John Russo, sales manager /Mid-Atlantic Region; Robert Dattoli, Starco Chemical regional sales manager; Scott Koenings, Midwest regional manager; and Michael Zibit, vice president, Starco Chemical and Diamond Chemical Company. Also in attendance at the show and representing Starco Chemical will SHM Sales Associates, Plainview, NY; SNE Sales, Philadelphia, PA; Progressive Marketing, Rochester, NY; Sharpe and Perkins, West Palm Beach, FL; Inter-Mark, Norwood, MA; WB Brokers, Aurora, IL; MACC Marketing, Coral Springs, FL; Walsh Sales Co, Nashville, TN; and Krehbiel and Associates, Cleveland, OH. Starco will introduce a broadened DfE Green Key® product line. Starco now has 14 DfE certified products available for housekeeping and floor care. Additionally, Starco has introduced new bulk-fill, foaming, anti-bacterial hand soaps. Also on display from Starco will be a complete line of kitchen and laundry chemical products. Diamond Chemical can also provide full service laundry and warewash programs. Experts will be available to answer questions about products, and full service programs. Starco will be promoting its line of powdered and liquid products. With a large powder manufacturing facility, Starco is among a select few companies producing powdered laundry, dish wash and general purpose powders. On the show floor, look for the floating STARCO yellow sphere. Be sure to say hello to Starco’s booth hostess, Ms. Starco Chemical 2011.

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Permatex® Wiper Restore Can Extend Blade Life And Help Performance Permatex®, a leader in chemical technology for automotive apply the treatment to the blade rubber, and wipe dry. Each pouch maintenance, repair, and appearance products, has introduced its provides enough conditioner for treating up to three blades. new Permatex Wiper Restore™, an effective treatment for wiper Visit: for more information. Permatex is blades that revitalizes wiper blade rubber to extend blade life and a leading manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of premium improve overall wiper performance. chemical products to the automotive Permatex Wiper Restore's watermaintenance and repair markets. Since based, silicone emulsion formula features 1909, Permatex has been a leader in the a special surfactant that aids in cleaning, development of innovative new prodsoftening, and conditioning the wiper ucts and services for the automotive afblade rubber to make it more pliable. termarket. This can increase wiper flexibility and Permatex markets a wide range of help to minimize chatter, streaking, and products under well-known ITW brand skipping. Permatex Wiper Restore works names such as Permatex®, Fast Oron both old and new blades, and saves on ange®, No Touch®, NOS®, Spray blade replacement. Nine®, The Right Stuff®, Gel Twist®, According to Andrew Charleston, PermaPoxy®, Ultra Bond® and Dr Senior Product Manager at Permatex, Bond®, Ultra Cherry®, Grez-Off®, “Wiper blade prices have gone up draand Earth Soap®. NOS is a registered matically in recent years, reaching uptrademark of Nitrous Oxide Systems®. wards of $25-30 each, especially the Permatex currently operates in the new technology ‘beam’ style blades United States, Canada, Mexico, and the found on most new cars. When your United Kingdom, and exports products wiper goes bad, you can't replace the to more than 85 countries around the rubber portion. You have to buy the comworld. North American operations inplete assembly. It could be very costly to clude Permatex's headquarters in Hartreplace both front blades and the rear ford, CT, their state-of-the-art manublade, if the vehicle has one.” facturing, distribution, and technical cenCircle No. 173 Permatex Wiper Restore is alcohol and ter located in Solon, OH, and a manufacpetroleum free and will not deteriorate the blade rubber. It comes turing facility in Kansas City, KS. Permatex is a division of ITW in a specially designed, single use, 1.25 g pouch, which makes (Illinois Tool Works Inc.), a US based, NYSE listed corporation, application easy and mess-free. All the customer needs to do is founded in 1912. ITW is a Fortune 200 diversified manufactursimply peel back pouch to reveal specially treated towelette, ing company.

Slips and falls cost American businesses $70 billion annually in lost time and medical bills.* Use ice melt – avoid a costly accident. *National Safety Council, Injury Facts.


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September/October 2011

“Grow As You Go” Cleaning System Introduced By Kaivac Kaivac, developer of the No-Touch Cleaning® system, is now pioneering a new “growas-you-go” cleaning concept called Crossover Cleaning. Crossover Cleaning includes Kaivac’s new OmniFlex™ customized cleaning tools. The company says these are inexpensive modular components that allow professionals to customize a cleaning system to meet their specific needs while moving away from traditional and less effective string mops and buckets. The patented OmniFlex Crossover system offers these optional components: • The KaiMotion Flex™ Trolley-Bucket; • Heavy-duty handle with built-in storage tray for tools; • Wet/dry vacuum designed for commercial and industrial floor maintenance; • 150 psi “Black Box” pump for indoor pressure rinsing and chemical injection (used in the spray-and-squeegee and spray-and-vac configurations); • Components that can be configured into complete spray-and-vac, spray-and-squeegee, and dispense-and-vac systems to meet a vari-

The OmniFlex Crossover system.

Circle No. 186 ety of multi surface cleaning needs; and, • A super durable down-pressure wringer for the Trolley-Bucket. According to Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing for Kaivac, the OmniFlex system’s foundation is the 10-gallon TrolleyBucket that allows users to precisely apply fresh cleaning solution to hard-surface floors, preventing chemical contamination. “From here, users can add components as needed,” he says.

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The components are all designed for use in restaurants and foodservice areas, schools, small restrooms, offices, and many other areas. Morrison adds that initial tests also indicate the system is 30 times more effective at removing soils and contaminants from surfaces than more traditional mopping. “This is our ultimate goal for Crossover Cleaning and the OmniFlex system: to help end-users ‘cross over’ from traditional mopping to an inexpensive system that is faster, safer, healthier, and more hygienic,” concludes Morrison. Headquartered in Hamilton, OH, Kaivac, Inc., is the originator of NoTouch Cleaning®. Kaivac offers an integrated portfolio of environmentally friendly cleaning products designed to remove the maximum amount of soil and potentially harmful biopollutants in the most cost-effective manner possible. For more information, visit

Nexstep Commercial Products Purchases Assets Of Hamburg Industries Nexstep Commercial Products (exclusive licensee of O-Cedar) headquartered in Springfield, OH, has announced that it has purchased the assets of Hamburg Industries, Inc., in Hamburg, PA. Hamburg has manufactured cleaning products (brooms, brushes and mops) since 1894 and sells to distributors across the United States. Nexstep Commercial Products will relocate Hamburg’s manufacturing and distribution facilities to its Paxton, IL, and Springfield, OH, plants. Hamburg’s line of products will be added to Nexstep Commercial Products’ line of products for the commercial and foodservice markets. Richard Stiller, president of Hamburg Industries, will become part of the Nexstep team to ensure that the acquisition is seamless for all of Hamburg’s customers. This is Nexstep Commercial Products fifth acquisition since the company’s inception in August of 2003. Todd Leventhal, president of Nexstep Commercial Products, said, “The acquisition of Hamburg Industries is a tremendous opportunity for our company, as it provides our customers with a wider range of products.” Visit for more information.

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By Harrell Kerkhoff Maintenance Sales News Editor


t’s no secret that today’s Internet can provide a wealth of information and be beneficial for both individuals and companies alike. Getting the most out of the Internet, however, does provide some challenges. How to successfully navigate through so much information and find important resources from today’s key search engines, such as Google, were answered during an American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) Educational Institute. The event’s speaker, Sam Richter, is author of Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling and an expert on such topics as online information technologies, personal reputation management, and marketing and leadership development. In front of a large gathering of ABMA members, Richter discussed various ways to use the Internet to find valuable information that will allow business professionals to ultimately find new customers and increase sales. “Within your industry there has been an incredible amount of consolidation take place over the past few years with mergers and acquisitions,” Richter said. “What I want to show is how to better find new prospects and then be able to relate to them. Maybe you have never done business within a particular prospect’s industry before, but there are ways to find out what is important to them in their world, and what is relevant in their lives. Being able to do this will allow you to help solve problems better and faster.” He added that there are standard ways to find out basic information over the Internet about a person or client. Visiting a company Web site is usually a start, but this may not provide the full story. “How do you really understand what the other person’s business issues are? What are the things they care about?

What is going on in their industry? Who are their competitors?” Richter asked. “If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then you are ‘winging’ it. The questions we want to answer today are: Can your business be better if you have access to better information? How can you get access to this information in an ethical manner? And how can you ethically use that information to your advantage, and more importantly, to the advantage of your prospects and clients? “Sales are all about relationships, and selling is changing when it comes to the Internet. From a consumer prospective, you can buy anything on the Internet. From a business prospective, you can sell any product or service online these days. What has really changed with the Internet, in my opinion, is the traditional role of the sales person and the ability to build one-on-one relationships.” According to Richter, there are many sales training courses that talk about the ability to ask great questions and build relationships. In other words, how to figure out what’s going on in the other person’s world. “The beautiful thing today is the Internet will allow you to answer many of those questions before you even walk through the door. That is how the Internet has rapidly changed the way people can sell,” Richter said. The problem is, he added, more than 90 percent of business information that is free and fully accessible is not easily found through search engines. There are ways, however, to unlock this information by knowing how to properly work search engines such as Google. Unlocking The Mysteries Of Search Engines any of the Internet search engines, such as, are very well known to today’s Web surfing public. During his presentation, however, Richter showed that there is much more than meets the


eye when it comes to successfully navigating a search engine. Richter explained that although he likes to focus on Google, his tips can also work with other search engines as well. “We all realize that when you go to Google and type in something, you usually find some type of response. However, there are times you can’t find exactly what you want. Or you think you have found exactly what you want, and you click on the link and it says, ‘Page no longer appears.’ This is when you want to kick your notebook across the room,” Richter said. “There is a lot of confusion out there, and thousands of business people have had these same experiences.” He explained that it’s important to understand how search engines really work in order to successfully mine them for important information. “Google,forexample,isreallynothing morethanabigvacuumcleaner. Imagine abigvacuumcleanergoingallovertheInternet looking for Web pages. When it finds aWeb page with words in it, it sucks up those words, goes back to Google headquarters,andthrowsthosewordsinto abigdatabase,”Richtersaid.“Then,when somebodygoestoGoogleandtypesinone or more of those words, all Google is doing is listing the Web sites that have those words in them.” The problem is, if a person types in a common word, such as “brush,” the user can be overwhelmed by the number of Web site offerings which appear. Richter said it’s essential to provide good information to a search engine in order to receive good information in return. Some “tips of the trade” that Richter provided to get the most out of a search engine, such as Google, are as follows: n USING THE MINUS SIGN (-) OR (NOT) — “Using the minus sign (or not) actually allows a person to remove search results that are not wanted,”

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September/October 2011

Richter said. For example, if a school girl is assigned to write a report on the Vikings who lived in Norway 500 years ago, and types in the word “Vikings” on a search engine, that child will receive hundreds of sites about the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL. “This child doesn’t want to know about football, so she could type in lots of words such as ‘Vikings from Norway with swords,’” Richter said. “But if she simply types in ‘Vikings -football’ she can greatly remove many sites that reference the football team. This is a tip a lot of people don’t use.” n USING “QUOTATION MARKS” — Richter said when searching for a phrase, use quote marks to treat the phrase as a single entity. Always use proper nouns. “Quotation marks are important when doing business searching. They actually tell the search engine that the words within the quotation marks must be in that exact order every single time,” he said. “Any time you are searching for a proper noun such as the name of a company, name of a person or even a phrase, this can greatly cut down on the number of results that are not wanted.” n THE USE OF A SEARCH ENGINE’S “ADVANCED” LINK/BUTTON — “Most of us look at a search engine’s ‘Advanced’ link and we think, ‘Oh, that can’t possibly be for me. That must be for a librarian or scientist,’” Richter said. “When Google built its search engine, it didn’t think like the rest of us. If we were building Google, we would call the ‘Advance’ link something like ‘Easy Search’ or ‘Simple Search’ or ‘Searching for Business Executives.’” He noted that using an advance search allows the person to greatly limit the Web pages that come up. It helps provide a more focused and limited search on specific topics.

n USING GOOGLE’S “CACHED LINK” TO FIND WHAT A WEB PAGE USED TO LOOK LIKE — One problem people have when using a search engine is that sometimes pages can no longer be found. There are ways, however, to “find” that page after all. “Any time you get ‘Page Can No Longer Be Found’ what you need to look for is a little link called ‘cached.’ Again, if we were putting together a search engine, we would not call this ‘cached,’ we would call it ‘Polaroid Picture,’” Richter said. “Think of it this way, on top of the Google vacuum cleaner going all over the Internet is a Polaroid camera. Anytime it finds a Web site, it not only sucks up those words, it also takes a picture of that Web site and stores the picture back at Google headquarters. “If you do the right search in Google, information you are looking for will still appear even though the Web page is no longer there. The good news is, Google took a picture of what that Web site used to look like.” He added the “cached” link will highlight the words the user wanted to look up. Therefore, the person does not have to read a bunch of copy he/she is not interested in. n USING AN ASTERISK WHEN YOU CAN’T REMEMBER (FOR EXAMPLE: “VICE PRESIDENT OF *”) — “This helps when you can’t remember a person’s name, job title, etc.,” Richter said. “Knowing how to do this kind of search can be a huge time saver when looking for information that is missing. “If something you are looking for has not shown up in the first 10 listings you see on a page, then put in different words. I very rarely go to the second page of a Google listing.”

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n FINDING AN E-MAIL ADDRESS USING “*@XXX.COM” — Richter said when searching for an email address, replace “xxx” with the Web site address of a specific company and surround the query with quotation marks. “Once you know what a company’s Web site address is, you can usually find the email address you are looking for,” according to Richter. n CLICK “SHOW OPTIONS” ON THE GOOGLE RESULTS PAGE TO SORT RESULTS — By doing this, the user can find the latest in up-to-date news and visit the timeline feature for historical information on a company. Richter said by using the “Show Options” feature, a person can better relate to a client’s business in a positive sense. “The Internet has completely changed the way the traditional sales person does his/her job. In the old days, you had to ask, ‘Tell me a little bit about your company?’ Now you can find answers to these types of questions before you walk through the door,” Richter explained. “You can click on the timeline link (under Show Options) and it will provide a timeline of all the news Google has ever found about a particular organization over the

years. “One of the neat things about the timeline is that the more colorful the graph, the more information Google has found about the company.” n GOOGLE FILE TYPE SEARCH — Doing a search on a company can be more rewarding by typing in the company name and then the file type extension. File type extensions are xls or xlsx for Microsoft Excel; ppt or pptx for Microsoft PowerPoint; doc or docx for Microsoft Word; and pdf for Abode PDF format. Richter said there are millions of files “floating” around the Internet. They can be found using this method. “Let’s say you created a big PowerPoint presentation and you want to e-mail it to somebody, but their e-mail doesn’t accept large attachments. Therefore, you post that attachment online and then e-mail that person a link where he/she can download the presentation. You may think that the only person in the world who knows where that document is, remains the person it’s intended for,” Richter said. “What you don’t know is, once a file gets posted online, Google is going to find it, and Google is not only going to vacuum up the name of the file, it will actually vacuum up every single word within that file. For example, it will open up an Excel spread sheet and vacuum up every word on that spread sheet. “Every budget and sales proposal a company has submitted to the government can probably be found online. This includes spread sheets, PowerPoint presentations, word documents, presentations at conferences, etc.” Richter added that one of the things he likes to find out regarding a company before an initial meeting is that company’s core values. The same is true before meeting with an individual for the first time. “Oftentimes, somebody is not going to post his/her core values online, but you can usually tell what is important to somebody based on where he/she has volunteered, etc.,” Richter said. “The good news is, most non-profit organizations will post their annual reports online. And remember, Google will open up that annual report and pick up every single word within that report.” When conducing online searches, Richter explained that it’s good to be a critical thinker. This is an important trait that is often lost with today’s younger generation. “A lot of kids today are taught that if they type in a question on Google and an answer doesn’t appear, then it doesn't exist,” he said. “I encourage people to work with the younger generation in a company to help them develop critical thinking skills.” Richter also stressed the need for individuals and companies to protect against identity theft. He said it’s very easy today to get somebody’s Social Security number or other sensitive material via the Internet. It’s also easy to find protection. “I recommend everyone to talk with his/her insurance companies, bankers, investment advisers, and lawyer — somebody out there will offer protection for you,” Richter said. “If they don’t, there are (various companies) to get this done. I protect my entire family for $250 a year. It’s not fool proof and perfect, but the analogy that I use is, ‘If a bad guy is driving through my neighborhood, and my garage door is open and my neighbor’s garage door is closed, whose bicycle is going to get stolen?’”

Maintenance Sales News


n GOOGLE E-MAIL RESULTS THROUGH — Google Alerts are e-mail updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on a person’s choice of query or topic. Some handy uses of Google Alerts include monitoring a developing news story; keeping current on a competitor or industry; getting the latest on a celebrity or event; and keeping tabs on a favorite sports teams. To use Google Alerts, a person fills out a form. The service is free. “What I recommend is to type in the name of every one of your prospects and competitors. Any time Google finds new information on a subject, it’s going to send you an e-mail. It doesn't send, for example, 50 e-mails one at a time, but it finds 50 new bits of information and then sends one e-mail,” Richter said. Using The ‘Invisible’ Web eb pages not found through the index search engines represents 80 percent of the Internet, according to Richter, 95 percent of which is


accessible. “We are all used to going into Google and getting thousands of search results, but this represents only about 20 percent of the free and publicly accessible information,” he explained. Richter added that there are Web sites that, for technical reasons, Google can’t get into. “How many of you have gone to a Web site where you had to register to access information? Registration is free, and once you register you could enter that site. Well, Google can’t register. It can’t get in these sites beyond the registration page. So in the sense, this is the ‘Invisible’ Web,” Richter said. “These are invisible to Google, while still being free and publicly accessible Web sites. Sometimes Google will get a portion of the information from these sites, but if you really want to get the entire information, you have to register.” Richter gave some examples of invisible Web sites:


n COMPANY INFO ( — Once registered, this site provides basic information about the company that may be helpful in a search. n MANUFACTURERS AND PRODUCTS ( — “Thomas Register is like the White Pages of manufacturers. A person can type in the name of a company and learn basic information,” Richter said. “You can also type in basic words such as ‘brushes’ and find companies (in the United States and Canada) that are producing brushes.” n BUSINESS NEWS ( and ( — According to Richter, these sites are good for seeking company news. “If a company makes the news in its local community newspaper how do you find that information? There are a couple of sites. I use, which is in about 50 markets in the United States,” he said. “You can type in the name of the company and pull up some good information about an organization before meeting with its representatives. Another source is” n PATENTS / PATENT APPLICATIONS ( — “Most people don’t know they can actually find patents online, but more importantly, they can find patent applications online. These are products that might not have been introduced to the marketplace yet,” Richter said. He added that when conducting these searches, it’s good to classify a specific time period.


Eco Green ® Recycles³Reduces³Reuses American Paper Converting is committed to being exemplary stewards of the environment. Our Eco Green® product line presents an opportunity for businesses to meet and/or establish an environmentally friendly program. Products from the Eco Green line support the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programs. Both organizations strongly recommend the use of recycled paper products.

1845 Howard Way, Woodland, WA 98674 Toll Free 866-922-5272 Fax 360-225-0478

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n INSTANT INFORMATION / TWITTER SEARCH ( — “Having a Twitter account and knowing how to use Twitter is an incredible tool for sales as people are out there typing what is going on ‘at that very moment,’” Richter said. He added is a Twitter search engine. “You can find out what people are saying about a company,” Richter said. “I would encourage everyone whose products are used by consumers to go to this Web site and type in the name of your products. I will guarantee you, if your products are not performing correctly, or are performing exceptionally well, somebody will be tweeting about it. “This is a great way to head off problems before the problems get bigger.” n INDUSTRY INFORMATION / ASSOCIATION OF ASSOCIATIONS SEARCH ( — “Let’s say you want to sell brushes to the car washing industry. You can visit the car wash association and find out what’s going on in their world,” Richter said. “By the way, a lot of these associations feature their member directories online, which is synonymous with sales leads.” Other Web sites Richter recommended include:, which focuses on industry Web sites; for information on free trade publications, research reports, white papers,

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and more;, which provides an information database about people;, which helps build personal networks;, a site detailing political contributions;, a USGA golf handicap and information network;, which can be used for criminal searches; and, for personal information and people searching; and,, used to find property records. Richter added that the nation’s library system also provides a wealth of information and data, a lot of it usually only accessible to large Fortune 500 companies. “If I ran America’s library system, I would put a big dome on top of every library that said, ‘The No. 1 resource for business in the United States,’” he said. He added that by logging into a library’s Web site and using a library card ID number, a person can access premium content via various databases. “These databases can be accessed for free 24/7 from your own home or work computer as long as you have a library card,” he said. Learning The Platinum Rule ost school children learn at an early age the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” There is, however, a different rule to go by for those who want to better succeed in business, according to Richter. “Everything I talk about is based on a real simple rule that I call The Platinum Rule. This is


September/October 2011 ‘Do unto others as they would have it done upon themselves’ or ‘Treat others as they want to be treated,’” Richter said. He added that, in the business prospective, the Golden Rule can be viewed as being exceptionally arrogant. “Think about it. If you go to a prospect or existing client and say, ‘Hi, I have this catalog with great brushes. I have no clue if any of them are part of anything you care about, but we are going to go through all of them. And when we are done we will have about 15 minutes left where you can ask questions,’” he said. “This is the type of presentation your prospects and clients hear if you go in with the same catalog and the same presentation and same sales pitch all of the time.” Living by the Platinum Rule, however, shows the seller is more concerned about satisfying the needs of prospects and clients. Richter also discussed the benefits of living by the Double Platinum Rule, which states: “Do unto others before they even know what is ahead of them.” The idea behind this rule is to help solve people’s problems before they even know what those problems are, and to help them find solutions. “That is when you start to become a true business partner. It’s all based on asking really good questions,” Richter said. The more information a sales person has, even if that person chooses not to use it, allows him/her to feel more confident and can provide a much better sales presentation, Richter added. “When you are more confident and feel powerful during a meeting, the (prospect or client) is able to pick up on that positive energy,” he said. Visit for more information.

Manufacturers Of Industrial Laundry & Linen Transportation Equipment R&B Wire Products is a diversified manufacturer of wire, tubular, poly, vinyl sewn bushel products and other sewn products serving the coin-laundry, healthcare, hospitality, commercial laundry, janitorial supply, material handling and car wash sectors. According to the company, “R&B is the industry leader, and the standard in the laundry cart business, and has been since its inception in 1946. R&B’s commitment to innovation and leadership ensures product improvements and the highest quality available. The upgrade to our “Clean Wheel System” on our laundry carts is a great example of product improvement and innovation.” R&B has expanded its product line over the years beyond the extensive line of stanR&B Headquarters, dard and front-loading laundry carts to inManufacturing, and clude a core product line of garment racks, Distribution facilities. wire linen and utility carts, wire shelving, bulk linen trucks, turnabout trucks, poly trucks, vinyl bushel and elevated trucks and an extensive line of hampers. The company’s products are manufactured for efficient handling of laundry, housekeeping, material-handling, janitorial and other general transport needs. R&B also provides select high volume custom manufacturing capabilities that include many diversified products – across numerous industries. All of its custom products are made to their customer’s specifications with R&B’s same commitment to quality and service. R&B has extensive manufacturing expertise – and a can-do attitude where customers are No. 1. The company says, “Our ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ policy is the backbone of our company, and simply stated – we will correct or replace any product problem due to workmanship or quality that you encounter, period. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We continue to be committed to bringing innovation and leadership to our products to meet the current and future needs of our customers.” For more information, contact R&B Wire Products at 800-634-0555.





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Amrep Inc. ...............................................85

Lindhaus USA..........................................87

Away Chemical Corp. .............................96

Magnolia Brush .......................................88

Berk Wiper Converting & Packaging...84

Mat Guys ..................................................44

BISSELL BigGreen Commercial™ ......31

Merfin Systems ........................................47

Bro-Tex, Inc..............................................80

Metro Paper .............................................77

Bullen Companies, The...........................10

Midlab Incorporated.................................6

Carolina Mop Mfg. Co............................44

Milazzo Industries inc.............................63

VVF Amenities

Carroll Company ....................................56

Mor-Value Parts Co. ...............................42

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Cascades Tissue Group...........................37

Morgro, Inc. .............................................33

Chase Products ........................................65

Morton Salt ..............................................67

Clean Control Corporation......................2

National Tissue Company ......................52

Colgate-Palmolive Company .................23


Continental Commercial Products........28

North American Salt ...............................13

CP Industries .........................................103

Occidental Chemical Corporation....95, 97, 99

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(800) 432-7627 Ext. 13

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Cross Country Installations & Service...41

Perfect Products ........................................5

DDI System ..............................................57

Polti Distribution, Inc. ............................16

Delamo Manufacturing, Inc...................48

Pro-Link ...................................................69

Diamond Wipes .......................................89

QuestVapco ..............................................34

Dirt Killer Pressure Washers ...............100

R & B Wire Products ................................9

Distributor Partners Of America ..........24

RD Industries...........................................59

Draco Hygienic Products Inc. ................54

Remco Products.......................................55

Earth Friendly Chemicals ......................43

Royal Paper Converting, Inc. ................29

EES, Inc....................................................58

Royce Rolls Ringer Co............................88


SCA Tissue .................................................7

Enviro-Solutions ......................................18

SEKO Dosing Systems............................79

Evolution Sorbent Products ...................45

Sky Systems Co., Inc. ..............................20

Expanded Technologies ..........................39

Spartan Chemical....................................61

FILMOP® USA LLC. ............................35

Spray Nine................................................82

Fuller Brush Commercial Products ......46

St. Nick Brush Co..................................102

Fullriver Battery Mfg. Co. Ltd ..............21

Stefco Industries ........................................3

Gift Sales Company ..............................100

STEP1 Business Products.......................46

GKR Industries, Inc................................52

Tucel Industries, Inc................................32

H & S Manufacturing.............................92

U.S. Battery ..............................................51

Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. ...................40

Ultra Chem Labs .....................................56

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Haviland Corporation ............................14


Intercon Chemical.................................104

United Group, The ..................................83

International Salt.....................................49

von Drehle Corporation..........................19

IPC Eagle..................................................73

Wausau Paper..........................................81


Webster Industries ..................................53

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J & M Technologies.................................54

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp............25


Zephyr Mfg. Co., Inc.................................8




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