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READ THIS FIRST: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? In the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, there is a scene in which poor Charlie Bucket brings home a loaf of bread to his family who has been eating nothing but cabbage water. As he displays his offering to the family’s dinner, his mother questions, “Where did you get that?” Grandpa Joe retorts, “What difference does it make where he got it? The point is he got it!” Charlie chimes in, “It’s my first payday!” Charlie had started a paper route and the fruits of his labor was a loaf of bread for his family to eat. The difference Charlie’s paper route made for the family was significant. Does Main Street Church make a difference? What would happen if suddenly Main Street Church vanished from our community? Would anybody notice? We believe our church makes a substantial difference in the lives of people. The Difference is our way telling those stories. The goal of The Difference is to show you what difference our church and her people have been making lately.

IF SUDDENLY OUR CHURCH WAS A PILE OF RUBBLE, WHAT WOULD BE DIFFERENT? imagine life without what's on the next page...


We promise to deliver interesting stories of real impact from the ministries of Main Street Church. This publication will not take more than 10 minutes to read in its entirety, but will tell you the very real difference our church makes on a regular basis.

Vaca tion Bible school

Top: Jack Oswell

Bottom: Dantae Olabisi




The kids were challenged to see themselves as a neighbor to people all around the world. Through simple daily topics like neighbors are friendly, neighbors are giving, and neighbors are welcoming, the kids were taught that the way they treat others is a way to love God with their whole heart.

In a friendly competition the boys competed with the girls to see who could raise more money for Feed My Starving Children. BOYS

From August 12 to 16 our church was transformed into a wonderful fair! Vacation Bible School made a difference in the lives of dozens of kids through music, teaching, science experiments, games, and crafts.


TOTAL: $279.86

“You IMPACT so many so quickly there. It's amazing.” - Kevin Fluegel



On July 31, students in our youth ministry took a trip to Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids. They spent a couple hours packing meals to be sent to hungry people in impoverished countries. It so happened that the night they were packing meals a youth soccer team from Haiti was packing too. The team was in the area for a soccer tournament at the National Sports Center in Blaine. Many of the players on the team have grown up eating meals from Feed My Starving Children. Often it is their only meal of the day.

meals packed


kids fed everyday for a year

In a short amount of time, they were able to make a difference in the lives of the kids who will eat the food, and in the lives of the soccer players too. It was a great night.

“One pack can really make a big DIFFERENCE in someone’s life.” - Taylor Cheever

“Feed My Starving Children is HIGHLY AWESOME!” - Sean Foy

Kevin Fluegel helping a member of Haitian soccer team operate the sealer

BIKES AND BBQ On a rainy, cool Saturday in July, hundreds of people in our community were treated to a hearty meal at Main Street Church’s 2nd Annual Free Community BBQ. There happened to be two pastors in attendance who were on a bicycle trip from Oregon to Maine. They met someone they did not expect - a gentleman who was making a bicycle trip from Maine to the Oregon. The trio spent the evening swapping stories of flat tires, hospitality, and the terrain the other would soon be experiencing. These types of collisions of people are what happens when we give God room to be God. In our generosity, God makes miracles.

“The entire congregation exuded generosity... way beyond what I’d experienced in other churches.” Pastor Thomas Hall Bicyclist, Blogger

COMPLIMENTS OF MAIN STREET CHURCH Seemingly the entire community of North Branch is at our doorstep one day every year. During the MidSummer Day’s parade, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference for people. This year we really tried to maximize our opportunity. We opened the doors of our church to anyone needing hospitality or a rest room during the parade. We also handed out over 600 bottles of water to people waiting in the hot sun. Something as simple as cool water on a hot day can make all the difference in someone’s life. Jesus spoke to this idea in Matthew 25. Ultimately the way we care for the needs of each other is of primary importance. It is as if we are giving a thirsty Jesus something to drink.

“... I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink...” Matthew 25:35

MAGICAL CAMP OUT A pleasant weekend in the middle of August brought faith and fun together for more than 60 people in our church. Nancy Holmquist and her family hosted their 2nd annual camp out to kick-off the ministry year for our Children’s and Youth Ministry programs. On Saturday night, inspirational magician Norm Barnhart presented a message of faith. His ministry brought a laughter filled ending to a weekend full of games, good food, and great conversations. Nancy and her family are looking forward to next year’s camp out, and would like to offer heartfelt thanks to all who helped make this event successful. Pictured: Micah Pick (Photo Credit: Nancy Holmquist)

The Difference is a quarterly publication of Main Street Church. For more information on these an other ministry of Main Street Church please contact the church office. To submit a story for consideration in The Difference, please email

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The Difference (Fall 2013)  

The stories of how Main Street Church is making a difference.

The Difference (Fall 2013)  

The stories of how Main Street Church is making a difference.