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480.941.8720 909 N. Hayden Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85281 E. McDowell Rd. N Hayden Rd.

E. Roosevelt St.

E. McKellips Rd.

Visit us at

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Executive Editor

Mainstream is here to stay!

Event/Production Photographer

Kevin Galbraith Chris Wartenberg

Graphic Design / Writer

Richard Baldwin


Graphic Design

Amanda Silva

Resident Photographer

Yazi Farazad

Graphic Design

Adam Wright

Creative Director

Shyla Rotmill


Shae Arellano

Website Design

Business Development


Event Photographer

Matus Mrocek

Jordan Jensen

Cassidy Doller

Mainstream Magazine is a high quality, free entertainment magazine that defines, represents, and celebrates diverse lifestyles. In a marketplace where a reader’s attention is divided among a mix of print and digital media, we offer the best of both worlds to our advertisers. Mainstream was founded with the goal of being the most appealing, up-to-date, and diverse mix of editorial subjects available between two covers. Mainstream provides exposure for both a local and national audience. Always covering what’s hot, what’s now, and what’s Mainstream! We bring you style, nightlife, interviews, models, events, in-depth restaurant reviews, and more.

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BAND OF THE MONTH Weird is the new cool Band Bio & pics inside


22 MAINSTREAM REVIEWS Mainstream reviews and shares their experience at the Clarion

46 AMY VIP Hostess and Dollhouse may_mainstream2.indd 9

32 A WOMAN’S JEWELS Fine set of women and jewelry


The way sports should be

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Photography by: Samantha Finn

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‘m addicted to crazy. Crazy women, crazy cars, crazy hairstyles. I’m addicted to crazy like most are addicted to sweets, we know its bad for us yet we continue to eat it up like an episode of “Maurey”. When I first heard the name of the band, “Weird is the New Cool”, I thought, “OK...weird.”

So, grab your flannels, fadoras and flipflops and check them out live this summer!

May 6th - Town Scottsdale May 12th - Mesa Block Party

Actually I lied. I said; “this is my kind of band! After hearing that local legend Jason Devore “Authority Zeros” frontman was a guest feature in the song Arizona, I turned it up to eleven and with my eyes closed, joined them oceanside as “Weird is the New Cool” took me back to the beach vibe that hints at “Sublime” and “Blink 182”. They just dropped ‘Girls.Love.Fun.Music!’ on itunes I wanted to check these guys out live as soon as possible to experience, what I see as our newest local break out band of 2012 and must share those dates with you.

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& team up to give away a

FREE BREAST ENHANCEMENT 3 ways to win: Most votes collectively on Facebook & Mainstream Website (must like our page in order to vote) Most people accounted for on Mainstream Magazine Party Guest List. Best Story of why you want/deserve to win.

The good news is the top 5 participants who do not win receive a 50% discount!!! All other participants receive 20% discount!!!

Mainstream and Estetica Make Everyone Winners!!!

The locations for parties are as follows: Dirty Dogg May 18th Mainstream Issue Release Party (to be announced) Devils Den June Release Party (Winner Announced and must be present) June 9th!!!

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You can also visit our website at

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Written by: Richard Baldwin Temperatures were hot, nearly unbearable Tuesday April 17th, however UNIQ Models along with AZ Finest Pools were set on their mission. What was their mission you ask? To launch and cast the finest talent The Valley has to offer. For a soon to be launched, POOLS Calendar. POOLS Calendar will be a local 2013 calendar guaranteed to show breathtaking talent set to the ambiance of some of the finest, secluded and privately owned pools stretched throughout our vast Valley. These local beauties will be fashionably modeling suits from 7th Heaven with styling by yours truly. POOLS through UNIQ Models is very excited to work with many professionals! Bryan Kinkade of Kinkade Photography will be snapping his camera, while on set Lauren Reed and Alexus Bermudez handle the make up and hair. April 28th the models were ushered in style as we traveled to our secret destinations, thanks to the funding of Victor Covarrubias and the professionals at Pink Cat Entertainment & Limo. Natural beauty was the inspiration and awe inspiring images were forever captured! Be sure to look out for this calendar as it is anticipated to be released early to mid-June. Follow the excitement:

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming 5/2/12 5:28 AM

15% OFF When you mention this ad!!

Scottsdale’s Destination for Sexy Summer Swimsuits! may_mainstream2.indd 17

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The industry of fashion is a revolving one, every decade creeps back into our style every few decades. It may seem a tad befuddled however, it should be a comfort for those fashionably challenged. Not to say that you should hold onto your sunglasses now to bust them out 30 years from now. 2012 is the year we reemerge bold faces and rounded lenses. You’ll notice there will be two major frames: the rounded aviator style and the classic look of the squared Ray Bans. Which is the best frames for your look? Although sunglasses are just an accessory, they can be known as the accessory. With the right pair of shades it can revitalize that old and tired summer wardrobe. Back to the


: by


rd a ch




may_mainstream2.indd 18

ld a B

at hand, what are the best style of frames for you? Well, first you must consider n question i your overall look. Are you conservative? Are you an aristocrat? Are you a rockstar? For those w with the more conservative look I recommend keeping to the classic and stylish look of Ray Bans. Those with a tad more pizazz and fashion forward sense should definitely go with the rounder frames and lenses. The rounder lenses also accentuate cheekbones superbly. If you have high cheek the square frames can be too bold of a look and look as though they are resting on your cheekbones. Same goes with those who have a rounder face, grab a pair of square frames and watch as it gives your face a nice contrasting shape.

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WTF TOVEREA CASTLE The historic Toverea Castle in Phoenix, Arizona was originally built in 1928 as part of a resort. But, in 1930 the neighbors across the way began raising cattle. No resort could thrive with the smells of the stockyards so close. The property then became a private residence for the next 38 years. Tovrea Castle is now owned by the City of Phoenix and it has recently been opened up for two hour weekend-only public tours. The castle is located at 5041 E. Van Buren Street in Phoenix, Arizona. Tovrea Castle 602-256-3221

GOVERNOR HUNT’S PYRAMID TOMB Did you see that Pyramid in Phoenix? I’n 1931 the first Govenor of Arizona burried his wife in a 20-foot-tall pyramid faced with white bathroom tile. When he died three years later he joined her. Dubbed “King George VII,” he was a friend of the common man and a foe (sometimes) of the railroad and mining trusts, which he called “coyotes” and “skunks.” Plaques on his pyramid declare that he was a descendant of an unnamed “Revolutionary War patriot,” that he allowed women to vote in his state eight years before the rest of the country, and that he was elected governor seven times, which “set a national record.” Admission is Free. Hours are daily, sunrise to sunset. Located at 625 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ. Phone: 602-261-8318



For those too young to have seen the blockbuster movie, “Encino Man” starring Brendan Fraser as a modernday caveman living inside an experimental world encased inside a glass dome, fret none. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s BioSphere3! Situated somewhere between Tuicson and Phoenix, this sphere is something to behold. I’m not going to give up the ending and be the “spoiler” but I will say this; I want one! For information on BioSphere3 visit

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MYSTERY CASTLE Mystery Castle is also located in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Built in 1930 by Boyce Luther Gulley, who abandoned his wife and daughter after learning that he had tuberculosis. The castle is said to be held together by a combination of mortar, cement, calciom and goat milk. The 18-room, three story castle features a chapel, cantina and a dungeon. Mystery Castle is open from early October to end of May on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. . Mystery Castle is located at 800 East Mineral Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

COPENHAVER CASTLE Copenhaver Castle is a private residence on

Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. The castle was built over a twelve-year period by Phoenix orthodontist, Dr. Mort Copenhaver, during the 1970’s and was on Bob Villa’s show, “This Old House”, It has twenty rooms, including five bedrooms, seven and one half bathrooms, four fireplaces, and three garages and carports. The living room has a seventeen foot waterfall. The Great room features a spa that seats twenty people. Above it is a retractable roof. A dungeon, is accessed through one of the many secret passageways in the home.A helicopter pad is located on the roof. There is a drawbridge and a moat. The 7000 square foot home is strictly a private residence. Drive by to view the exterior of the Phoenix landmark located at 5050 E. Red Rock Road, in Phoenix, Arizona.

AMERICAS LARGEST SUNDIAL With street nanmes like “Ho Hum” and “Lazy Lane”, Carefree AZ is not about doing anything at a fast pace. So it makes perfect sense that “The Americas Largest Sundial” (Formerly the WORLD’S largest) be located there right? I agree. Solar Engineer John Yellot and Architect Joe Wong designed the 62 foot sundial for K.T. Palmer in 1959 and remains today, pointed diorectly at that north star.

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CLARION HOTEL & Papi Chulo’s Redesigning & Redefining Positioned in about one of the most perfect locations in Old Town Scottsdale, “The Clarion Hotel Scottsdale” has taken a turn for the best! After completing phase one of the Clarion’s complete overhaul, Mainstream was asked to come experience what that loud trumpeting sound is now all about. Imagine, if you will, the mix of a modern Mediterranean theme with a splash of Spain and you’ve got Old Town Scottsdale’s freshest summer pool party retreat! When I heard they were finished with phase one I expected to see a few new changes. You know, new paint here, new plants there. I was dead wrong! Phase one included a completely remodeled lounge, business and conference center, guest laundry, pool and the newly added “Papi Chulo’s” Mexican Grill and Cantina serving full breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those who know me know I cannot pass up taking a new restaurant for a spin and rest assured, I left with that “wish I had a pillow” feeling. So, you guessed it, off to my room I went. Now this is where the night took another turn. I hadn’t even considered the chance that they touched any of the rooms in this so-called phase one, but they did. New beds! New bedding! New flat screen TV’s...and I could dock my iPhone right there in my room! At this point I called the front desk and asked what the total move-in would be because I had no intention of leaving. Of course, this was my first and only let-down of my stay at “The Clarion”. I was politely informed that checkout was 12 noon, and to enjoy the remainder of my stay. I will be back! As a matter of fact, here are the pool party dates for the summer: May 5th - Cinco de Mayo Celebration June 2nd - Liquid June 9th - Spring Bling June 16th - Valley of the Sun Meet-Up So, if you are looking for fresh, hip and the most reasonable rates in Scottsdale, reserve your experience now. Visit for a link to save 15% on your stay!

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Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18): Where did the money go? And where will more of it come from? Instead of asking these questions, go on a tithing spree. What’s that? Giving to those in need. Giving to everyone around you. Finding ways to give that no one knows about. Know that to those who give, more is given, so you can give some more. A treatise of prosperity.

Leo (July 21-Aug. 22): Money and some of its vicissitudes may leap


(Feb. 18-March 20): You may not have clear thinking this month, or next. Instead, your inner self has taken itself to a monastery, to places behind the scenes for refreshment. Inspirations come in the form of ideas on how to save the world. Hold off on them for awhile. Nothing’s realistic at this time. Only idealistic. Keep your feet warm, write poetry, and replace the mystical with the occult.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): It would be good to shift away from the self and focus on partnerships or your intimate other(s) and achieve more cooperation. This helps fulfill your life purpose, actually. And fills in any voids you may feel about your life and yourself. All tensions will have the purpose of lessons to be learned. Beware of any deception or idealization occurring. Maintain truth.

Aries (March 21-April 20): You’ve become so Piscean that no

one understands you. This won’t last but beware of feet hurting, stumbling over everything and everyone, and feeling the pressure of being lost and abandoned for a couple of months. You’re not lost or abandoned but things on an inner level pressure you into solitude. It’s a saving grace for things to come.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Your home is here and there for a time. You seek better arrangements for more comfort. Tranquility is most important as is order and organization. As you change you must inform others of your needs and wants. This allows for harmony and cooperation, two qualities that support the core of your work and relationships. Show a little more kindness if you can. The results exceed your expectations.

Taurus (April 21-May 21): Nothing but the group matters and so you will forge ahead with group plans, group dreams and goals and make sure discussion occurs concerning all future endeavors. Know that the goals pursued are not yet able to be manifested but don’t allow that to burden you in any way or stop you in your aspirational tracks. The seeding of the seekers has begun.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You see objects of beauty, artwork, things you can invest in and your desire becomes great. Careful. Only use money that remains after daily needs are met. You seek pleasure, more than usual, so you can talk more, ask more questions, be sociable. You find love in your environment, more than you realized. Tell others you love them. This is not imaginary

Gemini (May 23-June 20): Amusement may not be available. At least not the type you seek. Your needs may need to be subordinated to another’s needs. Actually you can do this if discussion is allowed with openness and truthfulness. Careful with sweets and foods you overindulge in. It’s a sensitive health time for your digestion and pancreas.


Cancer (June 21-July 20): No matter what your daily life is like, all you may think of is being rather adventurous, taking trips to places foreign and exotic, trekking to a wild piece of land and nesting there and doing it all without informing anyone of your plans. This may sound exciting but you’ll plop down somewhere and not know where you are. Look at travel brochures instead.

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 20): You will assist others this month. You will feel compassion and it will flow from your lips. You will communicate with concern and care and will help those who need you with grace, tenderness, kindness and mercy. You will consider things religious. You will make decisions based on benevolence and forgiveness. All Soul qualities.

at you like a raging tiger. Hold steady in the face of other people’s ideas, sense of power, and sad tales of love lost. You may consider the lost loves you’ve had in the past and realize they served you in ways that led to spiritual insights. Things ease up and you’ll be back in your regular sun-filled power seat soon. Then what will you do?

(Nov. 22-Dec. 20): Are you being called from home? To come home? Are you feeling like home is a place that you both want solitude in but also a place you want to flee from? Is the past upwelling and do you feel somewhat out of control? Is the money situation so difficult you want to bury your head in the warm sand and never emerge again? This will continue and you have the vision and manifesting abilities to gradually make things right again. Accept this.

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Super Yacht


escribed escribed by by Boat Boat International International as as “one “one of of the the world’s world’s most amazing super yachts, that could spell the most amazing super yachts, that could spell the future future for for efficient efficient long long range range cruising”, cruising”, the the striking striking 42.5m 42.5m Trimaran Trimaran Adastra Adastra has has recently recently been been launched launched in in China China for for Hong Hong Kong Kong clients clients Anto and Elaine Marden. Anto and Elaine Marden.


“Adastra” theresult result more five years of design and “Adastra” isisthe of of more thanthan five years of design and discusdiscussion with the owners, to build a yacht that meets the needs sion with the owners, to build a yacht that meets the needs of a very of a very experienced oceancouple voyaging and their and experienced ocean voyaging andcouple their family, andfamily, to provide to provide the level of comfort and style that would be expected the level of comfort and style that would be expected in a yacht in yacht thissize. class size.hasNobeen effort has in been in of athis classofand Noand effort spared the spared challenge the challenge to produce a beautiful yacht that will have low fuel to produce a beautiful yacht that will have low fuel consumption consumption yet provide excellent sea keeping qualities and and yet provideand excellent sea keeping qualities and luxurious accomluxurious accommodation. “Adastra” takes the power trimaran modation. “Adastra” takes the power trimaran concept further than concept than hasbefore, ever been attempted previous has ever further been attempted previous vessels before, like “Earthrace” vessels like “Earthrace” and “Cable and Wireless” were stripped out and “Cable and Wireless” were stripped out record breaking marecord breaking machines. The challenge of turning this concept chines. The challenge of turning this concept into a viable luxury into viable luxury yachtresearch has led and us to further new research and on to yachtahas led us to further to develop thinking develop new thinking on stability and comfort at sea for this type stability and comfort at sea for this type of craft. Extensive tank of craft.and Extensive tank testing andtests radioincontrolled in testing radio controlled model waves havemodel been tests carried waves have been carried out to analyze stability and performance. out to analyse stability and performance. Outrigger height has been Outrigger optimized for ease motion atshape sea, and optimised height for easehas of been motion at sea, and a newofoutrigger has abeen newdeveloped outrigger to shape has been developed to increase stability in increase stability in waves. We have undertaken waves. We have undertaken a state of the art structural analysis of a state of the art structural analysis of all the major components in all major components in the in order to achieve the light thethe yacht in order to achieve the yacht light weight required for very low weight required for very low fuel consumption. All this has resulted fuel consumption. All this has resulted in the exceptional vessel that in exceptional vessel thatinhas recently been launched in China. hasthe recently been launched China.

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480-888-8888 TO THE AIRPORT


Up to 10 miles. Each additional mile only $1.50. Call for an estimate.

$3.00 OFF* Any Fare Over $10.50

*One coupon per fare. Not valid with any other offer. Cannot be used for airport pick-up or drop-off. Exp. 6-30-12

Yellow Cab is a


Exclusive Partner!

Corporate accounts available, call 480-287-6152

Safe Drivers Wanted! 480-889-1630

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Business Cards Full-color, two-sided 14 pt., gloss, matte,

500 Qty. 1,000 2,500 5,000

$34 $48 $89 $125


Full-color, two-sided, 4x6” 14 pt., gloss, matte, silk

500 Qty. 1,000 2,500 5,000

$75 $90 $145 $225

General Dentistry and Orthodontic for Kids and Young Adults


Your Prin tic y and Orthodon General Dentistr Adults for Kids and Young

ter . . . You

iqprintin 602.231

r Partner




Office: (520) 876-52 0 Cell: (480) 234-820 Email: info@m

500 Qty. 1,000 2,000

$175 $215 $295


Full-color, one-sided, 8.5x11” 100# gloss book

500 Qty. 1000 2,000

$175 $195 $295


August 22, 2009 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

1864 E. Florence Blvd., Ste. 5, Casa Grande, AZ 85222 PRIZ

Dr. Thien Pham,


Full-color, tri-fold, two-sided, 8.5x11” 100# gloss book



CONTACT US TODAY! (520) 876-5200

AHCCCS Welcome

Blvd • Suite #1 1864 E. Florence AZ 85222 Casa Grande,


We accept most major insurance Se Habla Español

Door Hangers

Banners Full-color Custom sizes

Web Design Services Available

Graphic Design Services Available

1000 Qty. $225 2,500 $359 5,000 $455

$5.50 per sq. ft.

$85 per hour

$85 per hour

Full-color, one-sided, 4.25x11” 100# gloss cover

Need a quote? Need customized print materials? Need forms? Need mailing services? CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY!

Kiet Huynh 602-481-8727 Email: 602-437-0207

602-437-0207 may_mainstream2.indd 31

3433 W. Earll Drive Phoenix, Arizona 85017 3433 W. Earll Drive Phoenix, Arizona 85017

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A Woman’s Jewels

Photographer - Yasi Farazad Asst. to Photographer - Jennifer Fitchet Models - Christina Reynard, Courtney Shepard and Gabrielle Peterson MUA - Cynthia Mendoza Hair - Jennifer Andre' Salon Location - Hotel Indigo Jewelry courtesy of WhiteLie located in Chandler Fashion Square Mall

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33 may_mainstream2.indd 33

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8 Best iPhone Apps Spotify

Find My iPhone







While all of Spotify’s 3 million paying subscribers have access to the company’s mobile app, iPhone users get the added bonus of streaming at the near CDquality rate of 320kbps. For the sake of their data plans, Spotify Premium members can also listen to their playlists offline, plus they have access to all of the site’s great social features like the ability to share playlists and post what they’re listening to on Facebook.

A helpful tool to have when you’re out shopping, ShopSavvy tells you whether there’s a better deal to be had online or at another store nearby. It can look up products by bar code, or you can type in the product name. The only hard part? Remembering to use the app before you head to the register.

Kayak, the popular meta-search website, has created an app that makes it easy to search for hotels, flights and car rentals even while you’re away from your desk. Budding road warriors will appreciate the airport information section, price alerts and fee table, while bean counters will appreciate that the app comes in a free, regular version. High flyers wanting to book first- or business-class tickets will need the Pro version, however, priced at $1.99. Any time you hear a new song you like on the radio or in a bar or anywhere you encounter music, you can fire up Shazam, and the app will use your phone’s mic input to “listen” to the song’s waveform before quickly matching it with the correct artist and track information. You can then download the song or learn more about the artist. It’s your smartphone’s answer to the ages-old “Who sings this song?” question.

If you misplace your phone, Apple’s Find My iPhone app will pinpoint its location on a map. What’s more, if your phone is buried in the couch cushions, the app will instruct your handset to blast a sound for two minutes at full volume — even if it’s set on silent mode. And in the unfortunate event that your phone gets stolen, Find My iPhone can remotely cause the personal data in your phone’s storage to self destruct.

Got a few minutes to kill? StumbleUpon is one of the best purveyors of the fine resource known as “random cool stuff on the Internet.” Just tap the “Stumble” button, and you’ll be transported from funny list articles to delicious recipes to oddball trivia to amazing photography. The more you provide feedback with StumbleUpon’s thumbs-up and thumbsdown buttons, the more StumbleUpon remembers what kind of things you like.

The cloud comes to your iPhone with this app that lets you access important documents, photos and music from your Dropbox account while on the move. See something interesting while on vacation? Take a video and upload it so that you can watch it later on your home desktop. Other useful features include the ability to save email attachments directly to your account and mark items as “Favorites” so that you can view them offline. One of the most popular news-reading apps for the iPad has finally made its way to the iPhone. The smartphonesized Flipboard app mimics the iPad version’s trademark interface — pulling in updates from your social media accounts, RSS reader and content hand-curated by the Flipboard staff — and presents it all in a slick package of stories that you navigate with a quick flick of the thumb.

36 may_mainstream2.indd 36

5/2/12 5:29 AM

Car Audio

• Car Audio/Video/Home Theater • Automotive Security Systems • Push Botton/Remote Starters • Custom Installations/Boat/RV

Home Theater • Commercial/Residential • CCTV Security Systems • Low Voltage Wiring/Cat5 • Flat Panel TV Mounting

480-980-2469 • 602-502-0618

37 may_mainstream2.indd 37

5/2/12 5:29 AM



n 1989 the rock band Queen sang “I want it all and I want it now.” That seems like a pretty good motto to live by but unfortunately when it comes to professional sports we don’t have that luxury. We have to deal with constant bitching from all sides regarding whatever they feel is unfair when it comes to their favorite team. In the next two pages I will fix professional sports, set free the complainers and allow real sports fans to relax and simply enjoy the games.

Major League Baseball –

National Football League –

• Baseball needs a salary cap - it kills me to admit this. I am a Yankees fan, and my favorite time of the year is the free agent shopping period. I have always been of the opinion that if other teams want to compete they would just spend more money; they don’t want to compete, or can’t, either way. Unless Mark Cuban is going to buy 15 teams, a salary cap is the only way to even the playing field.

• Get rid of dancing/celebrating/other bull shit that grown men shouldn’t be doing in public. When I watch an NFL game I have to check the guide to make sure I’m not watching Dancing with the Stars. These players need to be stopped Guys celebrate every single tackle, even if it’s at the end of a 7 yard run. Football players should be more John Wayne and less Fred Astaire. It’s an eye sore for the game. Act like you’ve been there before.

• The National League needs to adopt the DH. Giving the other team free outs every single game is silly. Unless pitchers are going to start taking hitting seriously, they need to stay in the dugout while an overweight, passed-his-prime slugger swings for the fences. It extends the careers of some of our favorite sluggers and makes the game more interesting. If I were a manager filling out an NL lineup card I would write “bathroom break” in the 9 spot.

• Instant replay needs to be used, on EVERYTHING. Within 3 seconds after a close play the replay is ready to go and within 5 seconds everyone watching at home is screaming because they’ve already seen it. I won’t listen to the “it slows down the game” argument. Put an additional umpire in a booth with a TV, he will simply watch the game with a DVR type tool. He reviews the bang-bang play and relays it via radio to the home plate ump who can then hold the game if necessary. Getting the calls right is more important than anything else. We have the technology, let’s use it.

• As much as I realize that quarterbacks are the most important part of the game, I still watch football for the hits. Quarterbacks aren’t made of porcelain - let’s quit treating them like they are. The rules have gotten too harsh for pass rushers and long-standing offensive records are falling because of it. I’m sure that if Dan Marino was a protected species in 1983 he would’ve passed for 6,000 yards.

• Make a rule banning all hair that sticks out from under the helmet. It’s a terrible look. I can’t believe these players don’t have friends that tell them how stupid they look. Dread locks are for smelly hippies, not millionaire athletes. Unless you’re playing lead guitar for an ‘80’s cover band, your hair should look like you own a mirror.


may_mainstream2.indd 38

5/2/12 5:29 AM

National Basketball Association –

• Get rid of the one-year-in-college rule - it doesn’t help the players, it only hurts the colleges. I don’t know about all of you but I can’t even name 3 college basketball players who are coming back next year - how they hell am I going to fill out my pre-season NIT bracket? • Referees need to actually call traveling/double dribble/3second violations. I understand that it slows the game down and that refs are told to let them play, but c’mon, at least make these guys use some fundamentals. • The regular season AND playoffs need to be shortened. The regular season lasts 7 months, Playoffs last 2 full months. That’s too much exposure, and nobody misses it during the 2 months they aren’t playing meaningful games. The first round of the playoffs can be best of 3 then 5 in the second round. 7 game series should be reserved for the conference and league finals.

PGA Tour –

• Shortening the season should be the number one priority of the PGA tour. There are too many events filled with too many players who don’t stand a chance of winning. If we take away the events that aren’t a big draw and decrease the size of the field of the other tournaments, the tour will be much more competitive. • Allowing fans to actually have an effect on the outcome is crucial to golf being more fan friendly. If you’ve ever been to a golf tournament in person you know that without running all day or sitting in one spot all day you really only see about 5 shots all day - it’s not a good live event. If fans could yell, bring signs and just generally be fans, then it would be a much more enjoyable event to attend. These are just a few simple things that could really change the way we watch some of our favorite sports. We’d love to hear some of your ideas for some changes you’d like to see made in sports. Stop by the Mainstream Magazine Facebook page and let us know what changes you think would make the biggest difference in sports. Written by Jordan Jensen

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TUESDAY: Industry Party THURSDAY: Groove Candy FRIDAY: Live music w/ DJ Roach CLip SATURDAY: Dj convince

Concert schedule: May 4th Mergence and the regretting Man May 10th Through The Roots May 20th The Dandy Warhols

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Life Through Googles Eyes

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Project Glass Beyond Its Time? Or Technology Stunt?

Written by: Richard Baldwin For years the newest trend manufacturers have capitalized on has been releasing Youtube videos depicting what to expect with their newest gadgets. Google certainly isn’t the first nor will they be the last; however, it appears their newest video depicting their “Project Glass” has started a bit of an uproar. February 2012, the New York Times reported that Google was expecting to release their newest glasses later this year. For those who aren’t aware of Project Glass, Google is boasting they have pioneered the next best smart device. These glasses would work how most smart phones would, with features like turn-by-turn navigation, video calls, text messaging, notifications along with much more, only hands free and displayed right before your eyes. Although I fall into the hype of these glasses, I too share the skepticism of others when it comes to our technology of today having evolved enough to truly have such a functional gadget. I have a hard enough time getting a Verizon phone that doesn’t need replaced with a refurbish after a month, so the thought of these futuristic glasses hitting the market in full stride with all its promise can be warranted as a bit far fetched. Wired Magazine shares the doubt claiming, “there is no way Google can deliver what the concept video shows.” When the Director of the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech, Blair MacIntyre was asked his thoughts on Project Glass he exclaimed, “In one simple fake video, Google has created a level of over-hype and over-expectation that their hardware cannot possibly live up to.” Furthermore, MIT Media Lab’s researcher, Pranav Mistry agrees with the likely hood of Google’s glasses being overhyped. “The small screen in the photos cannot give the

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experience the video is showing.” There are many other issues researchers and engineers of competing manufacturers are bringing to light. Currently they say, there are limitations with what current head-up displays can do and the fact that actual augmented reality in display would require additional eye-reading hardware, allowing for dynamic focus. According to several researchers, the project isn’t an impossibility, rather several years too advanced and the major doubt is in Google’s claim in having the glasses ready to purchase off the shelves later this year. According to many, this technology needs at least a few more years before coming to fruition. There appear to be several concerns Google has yet to address, such as the complexity of creating a transparent display that is easily viewable both inside and out while remaining functional. One of the largest questions to the project is the glasses’ safety. With all the issues we are facing with texting and driving, one must wonder what the dangers are when there are interactive movements flashing before one’s eyes. Will Google have the ability to have their glasses compatible with consumers who wear prescription lenses? Will they have one frame, or after its launch will they open the market up to designer frames? These are only a few questions facing, Project Glass. The end result is sure to be ground breaking, whether that be good or a major predicted disappointment, we as the consumers will see.

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My name is Amy Krieger, I am 24 years old, and though I would like to say I was born and raised in Scottsdale, numerous cities throughout the U.S have shaped who I have become. From this experience, I have developed a very diverse perspective on people, life and culture. Traveling and meeting new people is one of my favorite pleasures in life. I am lucky to have been able to share such a journey with my older sister Becca, and my identical twin sister Jessica. I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2010, with bachelors in Communications. I am currently going back to pursue my career in physical therapy. During my studies, I work for a company called Full Moon Management, waitressing at their venues, Smashboxx Nightclub and Dollhouse Cocktail Lounge. Overall, I am blessed and grateful for everything in my life. I am surrounded by great people and could not be happier with my significant other. I treat people the way I want to be treated, and I wish happiness upon everyone.

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The Bomber by Stealth Electric Bikes displays phenomenal acceleration and hill climbing ability in any terrain. Combining 4.5kW of electrical output with as much mechanical input as the rider is capable of. Pedal power is transmitted via its unique 9 speed sequential gearbox, with stopping taken care of by progressive 6 pot hydraulic disc brakes. Heavy duty long travel suspension soaks up the hits and allows the rider to maintain high speed stability leaving the Bomber electric bike in a class of its own.

2011 Stealth Bomber shown with select options. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. BomberTM, FighterTM and HurricaneTM are trademarks of Stealth Electric Bikes USA Š 2012

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