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In My Father’s Shadow A Daughter Remembers Orson Welles Chris Welles Feder biography ISBN: 9781845965747 Price: £14.99 Size: 216 x 135 mm (hardback) Extent: 304 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w & integrated b/w Market: UK & Commonwealth Of all the myriad stars and celebrities Hollywood has produced, only a handful have achieved the fame – and, some would say, infamy – of Orson Welles, the creator and star of what is arguably the greatest film ever, Citizen Kane. Many books have been written about him, detailing his achievements as an artist as well as his foibles as a human being. None of them, however, has come so close to the real man as Chris Welles Feder does in this beautifully realised portrait of her father. In My Father’s Shadow is a classic story of a life lived in the public eye, told with affection and the wide-eyed wonder of a daughter who never stopped believing that some day she would truly know

and understand her elusive and larger-than-life father. The result is a moving and insightful look at life in the shadow of a legendary figure and an immensely entertaining story of growing up in the unreal reality of Hollywood.

‘An intimate, candid yet loving, very personal yet clear-eyed portrait of the complicated, contradictory, mercurial and surpassingly brilliant man . . . a beautifully written and moving memoir which should have a most special place in the extraordinary world of Welles’ – Peter Bogdanovich

Chris Welles Feder has spent a great part

of her life working in the field of education and is known to many as a writer for the children’s educational series Brain Quest. She lives with her husband in New York City.

A Russian Childhood


The House by the Dvina Eugenie Fraser autobiography ISBN: 9781845965730 Price: £8.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 368 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World

The House by the Dvina is the riveting story of two families separated in culture and geography but bound together by a Russian–Scottish marriage. Eugenie Fraser herself was brought up in Russia but was taken on visits to Scotland. She marvellously evokes a child’s reactions to two totally different environments, sets of customs and family backgrounds, while the characters are beautifully drawn and splendidly memorable. With the events of 1914 to 1920 – the war with Germany, the Revolution, the murder of the Tsar and the withdrawal of the Allied Intervention in the north – came the disintegration of

Russia and of family life. The stark realities of hunger, deprivation and fear are sharply contrasted with the adventures of childhood. The reader shares the family’s suspense and concern about the fates of its members and relives with Eugenie her final escape to Scotland.

‘An exceptionally moving and beautiful account’ – Sunday Telegraph ‘There is no other autobiography quite like it’ – Contemporary Review

Eugenie Fraser was born in Archangel to a Russian father and a Scottish mother. After the family fled to Scotland, she was brought up in Broughty Ferry and later spent most of her life in India with her husband. She died in Edinburgh in 2002. 


Soljas Graham Johnson crime fiction ISBN: 9781845966027 Price: £9.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 240 pages Market: World

‘If those pricks want a war, lad, we’ll show what some proper soljas can do.’

old girl is killed in the crossfire, extreme measures are brought in to combat gang warfare.

The gripping debut novel by the bestselling author of Powder Wars is a mind-blowing tale that is all the more shocking because it is inspired by real-life events.

Will the mayhem stop? Will the teenage murderers find redemption? Or will they be elevated to superstar status, in the media as well as the underworld?

From burgeoning organised crime to warped celebrity culture, Soljas is an apocalyptic vision of a world in freefall. Dylan, Nogger and their crew ‘tax’ rival drug dealers using a red-hot steam iron and celebrate by making videos of themselves raping wannabe WAGs. In their world, guns and knives are as common as mobile phones. But when an innocent three-year

Graham Johnson is an investigative reporter and crime writer. This is his first crime novel, following the true-crime publications Powder Wars, Football and Gangsters, Druglord and The Devil.


Ringside A Treasury of Boxing Reportage Budd Schulberg boxing ISBN: 9781845964658 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 352 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: UK & Commonwealth exc. Can

Ringside is a bountiful collection of the most memorable boxing stories by legendary fight-game writer Budd Schulberg. Schulberg takes us all the way back to an epic bare-knuckle contest in England 200 years ago; draws a revealing portrait of ‘Uncle’ Mike Jacobs, the promotional impresario of boxing in its Golden Age; expertly places Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali in the social history of their times; brings followers up to date on the careers of the great names of recent decades – Tyson, Holyfield, de la Hoya, Hopkins, ‘Chico’ Corrales; and much more. Throughout this book, Schulberg provides a perfect blend of great

writing on great fighters, laced with a realistic sense of boxing’s wrongs as well as its rights. With prose that sparkles with authority and insight, Ringside is a main event in the world of sports literature.

‘Schulberg’s prose is imperious . . . Anybody with the slightest interest in the literature of sport should try to get their hands on this book’ – Daily Telegraph ‘Schulberg is not merely a contender, he’s an undisputed champion’ – Independent on Sunday

Budd Schulberg was the author of What

Makes Sammy Run?, On the Waterfront and The Harder They Fall. A celebrated boxing writer, he won every possible award the sport has to offer. He died in August 2009. 


Home From War How Love Conquered the Horrors of a Soldier’s Afghan Nightmare Martyn and Michelle Compton with Marnie Summerfield Smith

autobiography ISBN: 9781845965709 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 304 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World Lance Corporal Martyn Compton’s life was changed beyond recognition when he was blown up in a Taliban ambush that killed three of his colleagues. His survival was described as a ‘miracle’, as he suffered thirddegree burns to 75 per cent of his body. He endured 15 operations and doctors used shark cartilage as a base for new skin on his face. But he did not have to face this gruelling ordeal alone. From the moment she heard of his nearfatal wounds, Martyn’s fiancée Michelle Clifford found an inner strength to help them both face the future. During Martyn’s treatment, Michelle kept a diary in which she revealed the emotions she wished she could relay to her wounded partner. 

Home From War gives a rare insight into the story behind the headlines when soldiers die or are injured. This exploration of how one courageous man came to terms with losing his handsome young face cannot fail to inspire.

‘Truly awe-inspiring’ – Daily Mail ‘A poignant and powerful book’ – The Scotsman

LCpl Martyn Compton, a Household

Cavalryman, miraculously recovered from a Taliban bomb attack in Afghanistan in 2006. He married his fiancée, Michelle, a school teacher, in July 2008. Marnie Summerfield Smith is a journalist who has written for numerous national newspapers.


Fabulous Thoughts on Being a Woman Peta Mathias humour ISBN: 9781845965754 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 240 pages Market: World exc. ANZ

Writer and broadcaster Peta Mathias is a woman who has never been afraid to embrace life with all its glorious inconsistencies, joys and heartbreaks. In Fabulous, she becomes every woman’s confidante, as she shares with us the wisdom she has learnt over years of living outrageously. She is a woman who appreciates the importance of a gorgeous pair of shoes and the perfect shade of lipstick. She knows the value of good friends, great music, lively conversation, beautiful surroundings and a one-way ticket to an exotic destination. And having loved and lost – more than once – Peta also has her own theories on why relationships begin and end. And then there’s the sex chapter!

Inspirational, razor-witted and irresistibly funny, Fabulous is a must-read for each and every fabulous woman out there.

‘Entertaining and very effective’ – Now ‘Deeply funny . . . bound to brighten even the worst bad hair day’ – Woman’s Weekly

Peta Mathias was born in New Zealand. Since 1990, she has been based in Auckland, where she writes books and presents prime-time food and travel programmes. In 2006, she founded a company hosting gastronomic adventures in Uzès in the south of France, Marrakesh and Rajasthan, and in 2008 she set up her own television production company to produce cookery DVDs and television series of her culinary trips. 


Monkey House Blues A Shanghai Prison Memoir Dominic Stevenson true crime / autobiography ISBN: 9781845965662 Price: £9.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World

In 1993, Dominic Stevenson left a comfortable life with his girlfriend in Kyoto, Japan, to travel to China. His journey took him to some of the most inhospitable and dangerous places in the world, from the poppy fields of the Afghan– Pakistan border to the ancient trade routes of the Silk Road. But then, while boarding a boat from Shanghai to Japan, he was arrested for drug smuggling. After eight months on remand in a Chinese police lock-up, Stevenson was sentenced to two and a half years in one of the biggest prisons in the world, the Shanghai Municipal Prison, aka ‘The Monkey House’.


The experience led him to reflect on his previous travels in Japan, India and Thailand, during which time he had taken on a varied array of jobs, including English teacher, karaoke-bar host, factory worker, busker, crystal seller and dope smuggler. From Afghan gun shops to Tibetan monasteries, Thai brothels and the stirrings of the rave culture in Goa, Monkey House Blues is a tale of discovery and rediscovery, of friendship and betrayal.

dominic Stevenson is a writer, musician and videographer. He spent 11 years living and travelling in Asia before settling in the UK, where he works in video. He continues to travel widely.


Voices of the Foreign Legion The French Foreign Legion in Its Own Words Adrian D. Gilbert military / history ISBN: 9781845965761 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 288 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World

The French Foreign Legion has established a reputation as the most formidable of military institutions. Created as a means of absorbing foreign troublemakers, the Legion spearheaded French colonialism in North Africa during the nineteenth century. Accepting volunteers from all parts of the world, the Legion acquired an aura of mystery – and a less than enviable reputation for brutality within its ranks. Voices of the Foreign Legion looks at how the Legion selects its recruits, where they come from and why they seek a life of hardship and danger. It also analyses the Legion’s ‘robust’ attitude to discipline, questions

why desertion is a perennial problem and assesses the Legion’s military achievements since its formation in 1831.

A comprehensive and authoritative guide to the Foreign Legion through the eyes of the men who have served in it Contains accounts and anecdotes from those foreign legionnaires who continue to fight for French interests around the globe today

Adrian Gilbert is a writer and editorial

consultant specialising in military and historical subjects. He has contributed to several military TV documentaries and written for a variety of publications, including The Good Book Guide, Gramophone, Time Out and The Guardian. 11


The Worst of Friends The Betrayal of Joe Mercer Colin Shindler football / fiction ISBN: 9781845965693 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 288 pages Market: World


July 1965: Manchester City are managerless and languishing in Second Division mediocrity. Desperate to reverse the club’s fortunes, the board turns to Joe Mercer, a respected football veteran hungry for a final chance to achieve management glory. Yet age and ill health are against Joe: he needs an assistant, and volatile, ambitious coaching genius Malcolm Allison is his man. City is the perfect opportunity to show off his talents – especially since Joe promises him the manager’s job in two years’ time . . .

unwilling to let go of his success, Joe breaks his word and refuses to step aside, and an embittered Malcolm engineers a boardroom takeover that risks everything he and Joe have worked for.

July 1970: City rule supreme, having just won their fifth trophy in as many seasons. The Mercer–Allison partnership is the most successful management team in the club’s history. But,

Colin Shindler is a bestselling author, film screenwriter and TV producer. His book Manchester United Ruined My Life was shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year prize.

Based on real events, Colin Shindler’s novel explores the clash of personalities that led to the spectacular rise and fall of Manchester City’s ‘Golden Age’.

‘The novel works because the author examines a fascinating relationship . . . a damned good read’ – Daily Telegraph


The Change We Choose Speeches 2007–2009 Gordon Brown politics ISBN: 9781845966324 Price: £20.00 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 272 pages Market: World

The Change We Choose brings together the key speeches made by Gordon Brown during the first two and a half years of his premiership. It reflects how the values and beliefs that have defined his political career have shaped his response to what, arguably, have been some of the greatest challenges ever to have faced a new prime minister. The speeches in this book trace what will be seen by historians as an extraordinary era in British and international history. The Prime Minister’s penetrating and insightful speeches in this period make clear his thinking on domestic and foreign policy, and his response to the events that have shaped his time in office.

We also learn much about Gordon Brown, the man, from the insights of those who have kindly agreed to contribute introductions – and from the person who knows him best of all: his wife, Sarah, who introduced his Party Conference speeches.

All royalties are being donated to the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory within the University of Edinburgh’s Research Institute for Medical Cell Biology.

Gordon Brown became Prime Minister in 2007 after Tony Blair stood down as leader of the Labour Party. Gordon and his wife, Sarah, have two sons, John and Fraser, and the Browns split their time between London and the family home in Fife. 13


90-Day Geisha My Time as a Tokyo Hostess Chelsea Haywood autobiography / travel ISBN: 9781845966096 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 304 pages Market: UK & Commonwealth, exc. Can, ANZ

‘Millionaires, surgeons, serial killers, CEOs: I light their cigarettes and mix their drinks. We engage in conversation. I am the facilitator of good times. I am a hostess.’ Step into the surreal world of a Tokyo hostess club and gain an exclusive underground pass courtesy of Chelsea Haywood as she sets out to explore a vocation where £400 dinners, Harajuku shopping sprees and first-class trips to Kyoto are just part of the job. This is the true story of one girl’s immersion in the world of hostessing, a late-night entertainment for wealthy Japanese men drawn from the traditional institution of 14

the geisha. As she attempts to make the foreign familiar, Chelsea’s initial fascination takes an unexpected turn and she struggles to maintain her sanity in an illusory world full of empty flattery, unrelenting temptation and material excess.

A vivid and enlightening insight into the exclusive world of Tokyo by night ‘An extremely entertaining debut book’ – Independent Weekly

Chelsea Haywood, born in remote

British Columbia with an insatiable appetite for life, has travelled the world independently and as a fashion model since she was 16. She is currently deciding where to call home.


Dog Days in Andalucía Tails from Spain Jackie Todd autobiography / travel ISBN: 9781845966133 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World

Cross-breed Charly was the first of what grew to be a large family of abandoned Spanish dogs taken in by Jackie and Stephen Todd after they emigrated in 1997 to a picturesque Spanish village in Andalucía. By the time Charly was four, something magical had happened: the people of the village had become true friends and the Todds’ memories of their old lives were as weak as British sunshine. Thirteen years on, they have ten dogs and eight cats of their own and regularly foster tiny strays that need bottle-feeding until they can be found homes. In 2007, 123 puppies and kittens passed through their door, in 2008 it was 119 and the tragic procession continues today.

Dog Days in Andalucía is the heart-warming and inspirational story of an ordinary British couple who turned their summer holiday into permanent reality, making a mighty impression on a village, its people and its animal population along the way.

‘Very charming’ – Margaret Forster

Jackie Todd retired early from her job

in marketing for the design industry and emigrated to Spain with her husband, Stephen, in 1997. Aside from looking after their family of ten dogs and eight cats, she writes for the Costa del Sol News and other local publications.



Rogue Nation Alan Clements politics / fiction ISBN: 9781845965808 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 240 pages Market: World exc. US, Can

The year is 2014. The Republicans have re-conquered the White House, the Conservatives have just won a second term at Westminster and hardliners dominate Russia. In a small corner of north-western Europe, the Scots have just narrowly voted for independence, a decision they immediately regret. Following the referendum, George Wallace, friend and senior special adviser to Scotland’s first minister, is desperately struggling to stem financial meltdown and political turmoil when help appears from an unlikely source. He can save Scotland, but at what price for his family and his nation? As the 100-day countdown to independence accelerates to a 16

shattering climax and the body count mounts, the action switches from the White House to the Kremlin and from Westminster to Holyrood. George is forced to choose between love and belief, loyalty and morality. He must also decide who he can trust – and which nation is really the rogue.

‘An instant Scottish classic’ – Scotland on Sunday ‘A right ripping read’ – The Guardian

Alan Clements is the director of content at Scottish Television and the co-author of Restless Nation, which accompanied the BBC Scotland television series on Scottish politics. He is married to Kirsty Wark and lives in Glasgow.


The Night Stalker The Life and Crimes of One of LA’s Deadliest Killers Philip Carlo true crime ISBN: 9781845966171 Price: £9.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 528 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: UK & Commonwealth exc. Can Twenty-five years after Richard Ramirez left thirteen dead, paralysing the city of Los Angeles, his name is still synonymous with fear, torture and sadistic murder. Philip Carlo’s US bestseller The Night Stalker, based on three years of meticulous research and extensive interviews with Ramirez, reveals the killer and his horrifying crimes to be even more chilling than anyone could have imagined. Incredibly, after The Night Stalker was first published, thousands of women from all over the world started to contact Carlo, begging to be put in touch with the killer. Carlo began to interview them and, in this compelling new edition, presents their

disturbing stories and the dark sexual desires that drove them towards a brutal murderer. Also, in an exclusive death-row interview, the killer himself gives his thoughts on the ‘Ramirez Groupies’ – and what he thinks they really want.

‘An astonishing portrait of a killer not seen since In Cold Blood’ – New York Daily News ‘An exceptionally well-told true crime tale’ – Publishers Weekly

Philip Carlo is the author of several

bestselling true-crime books, including The Ice Man, Gaspipe and The Butcher. He divides his time between New York and South Beach, Florida.



Two Wheels on My Wagon A Bicycle Adventure in the Wild West Paul Howard cycling ISBN: 9781845965617 Price: £10.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World As bicycle races go, the attractions of the Tour Divide are not immediately apparent. For a start, it is the longest mountainbike race in the world, running nearly 3,000 miles down the Rockies from Canada to Mexico. But the distance is not the only challenge – the total ascent of 200,000 ft is the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest nearly seven times. Then there are the dangerous animals likely to be encountered on the route: grizzly bears, mountain lions and wolves, not to mention rattlesnakes and tarantulas. Worse, the rewards for all this effort are strictly limited. Unlike in the Tour de France, there is no fabled yellow jersey and no prize money.


Yet, undaunted, and in spite of never having owned a mountain bike, Paul Howard signed up. Battling the worst weather for generations, drinking whiskey with a cowboy and singing karaoke with the locals, Howard’s journey turned into more than just a race – it became the adventure of a lifetime.

‘An impeccably researched book’ – The Independent on Sunday on Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape

Paul Howard is also the author of Riding

High and Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape, which was shortlisted in the Biography of the Year category at the British Sports Book Awards.


The Fixer Steve Bunce boxing / fiction ISBN: 9781845965624 Price: £9.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 240 pages Market: World English Language

Ray Lester is a fixer in the boxing business. He puts boxers together and makes fights happen. He builds a bridge, walks across it and guides boxers to the negotiating table. Ray Lester is good at his job.

A fast-paced boxing thriller, The Fixer takes the reader into the murky secret world of deals, fights and fighters – a world beyond the glitz, glamour and glory. A world where the fixer is king.

One morning, a girl arrives at Ray’s door and asks him to help her find her father, another man from the fight game. Ray agrees to help, before flying out to Las Vegas for a Ricky Hatton fight. While there, he asks a few questions, but before long the body count begins to rise dramatically in Atlantic City. The girl’s father has vanished and there are dangerous people looking for him. Ray flees to London and ends up in Blackpool, embroiled in a murderous plot.

‘A devastating evocation of the way the sport functions at its basest level’ – George Kimball, author of the bestselling Four Kings

Steve Bunce has worked as a journalist and broadcaster since 1985. He has been at five Olympic Games and reported on over fifty fights in Las Vegas. As well as being a regular columnist for Boxing Monthly, he also contributes to The Independent and the Sunday Herald. He has a monthly boxing show on BBC 5 Live and a weekly sports chat show on BBC London. He recently toured the UK with his one-man show, Bunce on Boxing. 19


Recollections of a Racketeer Smuggling Hash and Cash Around the World Patrick Lane true crime ISBN: 9781845965785 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 320 pages Market: UK & Commonwealth exc. Can

Patrick Lane’s obsession with drugs began in his early teens. Nineteenth-century French literature introduced him to a world of hashish, opium and absinthe, which he saw as a way of escaping his boring suburban English existence. Unable to find any hashish as a schoolboy in north London, he went to Morocco for supplies. Between school and university, he hitched around America in the mid-1960s, taking LSD with Timothy Leary. After teaming up with Howard Marks, they smuggled suitcases of hashish out of Afghanistan and Pakistan into Europe and VW campers filled with hashish from Lebanon into California. During the course of his extraordinary career, he witnessed 20

revolution in Afghanistan, an unsuccessful coup in Greece, the preservation of the monarchy in Nepal and illicit arms deals with Saddam Hussein. Along the way, he befriended Wall Street bankers, Mafia dons (and Oxford dons), hashish-eating goats, dissolute English lords and French peasants. Recollections of a Racketeer is a rollicking and at times hilarious tale of a life lived on the wrong side of the law.

‘Brilliant! Outrageously entertaining and absurdly funny’ – Howard Marks

Patrick Lane was born in London in 1946.

He was found guilty of racketeering in 1988 and served two years in prison in the US. He is now a full-time writer.


One of Your Own The Life and Death of Myra Hindley Carol Ann Lee true crime / biography ISBN: 9781845965457 Price: £10.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 464 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: UK & Commonwealth ‘Infamous, I have become disowned, but I am one of your own’ – Myra Hindley, from her unpublished autobiography On 15 November 2002, Myra Hindley died in prison, one of the rare women whose crimes were deemed so indefensible that ‘life’ really did mean ‘life’. Without a doubt Britain’s most notorious murderess, her death has done nothing to diminish the shadow she casts across our collective consciousness. But who was the woman behind the headlines? How could a seemingly normal girl, with no intimations of violence in her character, grow up to commit such terrible acts? Her defenders claim she fell under Ian Brady’s

spell, but is this the truth? One of Your Own explores these questions and many others, drawing on a wide range of resources, including Hindley’s own unseen writings, hundreds of recently released prison files, fresh interviews and extensive new research. Scrupulously researched and compellingly well written, this book is the challenging, definitive biography of Britain’s ‘most hated woman’.

Carol Ann Lee is an acclaimed biographer and has written extensively on the Holocaust. She is also the author of two novels and three books for children. Her works have been published in 15 countries. 21


Annie’s Girl How an Abandoned Orphan Finally Discovered the Truth About Her Mother Maureen Coppinger autobiography ISBN: 9781845965792 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 432 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World Maureen Coppinger’s earliest memory is of watching the woman she believed to be her mother walk away and abandon her to the care of the nuns at one of Ireland’s notorious industrial schools. She was just three years old. She remained in the orphanage until the age of 16, subjected to cruelty and neglect, and starved of love and affection. Throughout these tormented years, Maureen dreamed only of escape, and when she was contacted again by her mammy she believed all her dreams were about to come true. Life in the outside world brought its own challenges, however, and Maureen was thrown into turmoil when she discovered that the truth about her past


was more murky than she had ever realised. Annie’s Girl stands apart as a poignant testimony to the resilience of the human heart. This touching and evocative memoir is the incredible story of an illegitimate industrial-school survivor’s profound struggle to overcome a shame-filled past and solve the mystery of her origins.

‘A moving memoir’ – Ulster Tatler ‘Poignant’ – Sunday Tribune

Maureen Coppinger emigrated to Canada in 1955, where she married and raised three sons. She retired in 1994 and now spends her leisure time as a volunteer for the Galway Association.


Hooked Confessions of a London Call Girl Clare Gee memoir ISBN: 9781845966034 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 272 pages Market: World

In Hooked, reformed addict Clare Gee draws on her own experiences of cocaine addiction, alcoholism and prostitution in telling the sensational story of a woman living on the edge. Emotionally scarred by having never known her mother, Katie escapes to London and immerses herself in a seedy world of drugs, drink and sex, chasing happiness in the pubs and clubs, and snorting cocaine in private members’ bars with her rich punters. Finding herself in a cycle of prostitution and unable to break free, she turns to drug smuggling and becomes embroiled in a bigamous marriage in an attempt to secure some emotional stability.

From this dark emotional pit, Katie starts her painful journey back to ‘wellness’ and attempts to rid herself of her addictions for good. Hooked is a graphic tale of how life as a prostitute really is and what can happen when we search for happiness outside of ourselves. It is a poignant reminder that things can always get better, as long as we remember that when it’s time to leave the party, it’s time.

Clare Gee was born in Africa in 1977 and

was sent to live in North Yorkshire with her English father in 1982. Aged 16, she moved to London, where she descended into a life of drink, drugs and prostitution. After a period of rehabilitation, she rebuilt her life.



Tour de Lance A Wild Ride Through Lance Armstrong’s Comeback Bill Strickland cycling ISBN: 9781845965686 Price: £12.99 Size: 216 x 135 mm (hardback) Extent: 320 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: UK & Commonwealth exc. Can, ANZ Internet rumours surfaced in September 2008 that Lance Armstrong would race again, and Armstrong confirmed this himself weeks later, announcing that his return was inspired by a desire not to win more tours but to raise global awareness about cancer. In the wake of that announcement, bloggers and columnists alike crammed cyberspace with speculation about performanceenhancing drugs, the validity of his past victories and his true motivations. In Tour de Lance, Bill Strickland follows Armstrong’s return to the 2009 season from January’s Tour Down Under in Australia to the Tour de France in July. Strickland explores the motivations and struggles of a cyclist’s journey


back in the peloton, and assesses Armstrong as a symbol of our culture: why is it that we love a comeback? Strickland’s knowledge of the cycling world is second to none, making Tour de Lance a compelling book about competitive cycling and its complex dynamics.

‘The definitive inside account of one of the great sporting comebacks of all time’ – Dan Coyle, author of Lance Armstrong’s War

Bill Strickland is the editor-at-large for

Bicycling magazine, the world’s largest cycling publication, and the author of Ten Points, We Might As Well Win, which he co-wrote with Johan Bruyneel, and The Quotable Cyclist.


Take a Seat One Man, One Tandem and Twenty Thousand Miles of Possibilities Dominic Gill cycling ISBN: 9781845965853 Price: £11.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 288 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World When Dominic Gill set out from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, on his bicycle, it was to be no ordinary bike ride. His goal was to reach Ushuaia, the southernmost city in South America, nearly 20,000 miles away, and he was starting off with virtually no money in his pocket. But Dominic had a plan: his bicycle was a tandem and the spare seat was his secret weapon. He would invite strangers to join him on his long journey – strangers he hoped would become friends and help him turn a terrifying prospect into the adventure of a lifetime. Over the following 26 months, Dominic passed through 15 countries, was looked after

by countless strangers, got threatened at knifepoint by gangsters, fell in and out of love, crashed into a Mexican banana truck and was nearly attacked by a mob of Bolivian political demonstrators. Take a Seat is the story of Dominic’s incredible journey down the west coast of the Americas.

Will appeal to readers of travel/adventure books such as Long Way Round and Stephen Fry in America

Dominic Gill is 28 years old and is

a mountain climber, videographer, adventurer and the up-and-coming face of global exploration.



Ma, It’s a Cold Aul Night an I’m Lookin for a Bed Martha Long autobiography ISBN: 9781845965822 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 352 pages Market: World

In this latest instalment of Martha Long’s real-life account of abuse, deprivation and cruelty at the hands of her mother’s partner and the Establishment, Martha is now 16 and her time at the convent school is up. Here, she leads us through her first months of freedom in 1960s Dublin. With no home to go to, Martha leaves the convent carrying her suitcase and a burning ambition to shake off her impoverished past. She first finds work as a home help with a loving family, which leads her to a job in a shop, a café, then as a skivvy in a household where she is reminded of the terror her stepfather brought into her life. Chance meetings with brothers 26

and old friends from the convent lift Martha’s spirits, but soon she is back on the streets searching for work and a bed to call her own. Martha is not often deterred when fate deals her a blow. ‘Life is a bowl of cherries!’ she reasons. But heartache awaits as people turn her away and predators lurk in the shadows.

‘Martha Long has a talent of interlacing her tragic life story with humour . . . a fluently written and absorbing memoir, which will horrify and inspire’ – Ulster Tatler

Martha Long was born in Dublin in the early 1950s and still lives there today. She calls herself a ‘middle-aged matron’ and has successfully reared three children.

Available now

Available now

9781845963132 | pb | £6.99

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‘Play Away Please’ The Tale of the Sale of Golf’s Greatest Icon – The St Andrews Old Course Starter’s Box John Peter Hagen golf ISBN: 9781845966058 Price: £12.99 Size: 216 x 135 mm (hardback) Extent: 256 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World


The St Andrews Old Course Starter’s Box was sold in a controversial international auction on 10 September 2001, the day before the infamy of the Twin Towers attack. ‘Play Away Please’ recounts the glory of the little building in St Andrews, ‘the Home of Golf’, and tells the tale of those who used its services for 77 continuous years.

‘Play Away Please’ is also a personal story of patronage and odyssey to assure the Box’s preservation as the sporting world’s consummate symbol of integrity and fair play. Along the way, the author brings to life the unforgettable local characters of Fife, celebrating their customs, lifestyle and unique command of the English language.

The businessman who bought the Box was imprisoned before it reached Los Angeles, accused of stealing millions from the real-estate development that was to be its home. Eight years later, a happy ending was finally brought about, but only after a healthy dose of gut-wrenching fear and suspense became a part of the story.

‘Even those who have never picked up a golf club will enjoy his fascinating story . . . The book is a gem of a read’ – Bill Ruskin

John Peter Hagen is one of the founders of the Friends of St Andrews Links, which assists in the preservation and maintenance of the historic golf courses at St Andrews.


The Last of the Last The Final Survivor of the First World War Claude Choules autobiography ISBN: 9781845966317 Price: £17.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World exc. ANZ

In 2009, aged 108, Claude Choules became the last man alive to have been on active service before the 1918 Armistice and the last to have served in both world wars. Claude learned life’s lessons during a rural childhood in England and later in the Royal Navy as a boy sailor, before graduating to become an explosives expert. Having transferred to the Australian Navy before the Second World War, Claude was ready to do his bit against the might of the Japanese Army with the considerable quantities of explosives he had at his disposal. Only at the end of the war was there at last time

to enjoy all the riches the continent had to offer. In The Last of the Last, Claude provides a riveting account of his lifetime, one that vividly mirrors how the last century unfolded. This engaging, wryly humorous autobiography reflects the amiable nature of a truly unique man, the world’s last living combatant of the First World War.

Claude Choules was born on 3 March

1901 in Pershore, Worcestershire, and emigrated to Australia in 1926. Married to Ethel for seventy-six years until her death in 2003, Claude has three children, eleven grandchildren and twenty-three greatgrandchildren. He lives in Perth, Australia. 29


Nothing Like a Dame The Autobiography Elaine C. Smith autobiography ISBN: 9781845965914 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 352 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World

In Nothing Like a Dame, Elaine C. Smith reflects on a 50-year journey that took her from being a lippy wee lassie brought up in a mining village in the heart of darkest Lanarkshire to a celebrated performer at the peak of the entertainment world. She recounts her struggle to make it in a male-dominated, working-class Scotland at a time when women were supposed to just shut up and stay thin, especially in the sexist world of theatre and television, where she was told, ‘Look, women just aren’t funny.’ She proceeded to forge a stellar career in show business and became a household name thanks to her portrayal of Mary Nesbitt in 30

the award-winning BBC comedy Rab C. Nesbitt. Nothing Like a Dame is a heartwarming memoir: candid, outspoken, hilarious and at times deeply sad.

‘The spellbinding, bittersweet story of how a working-class lass from Lanarkshire became a national treasure’ – Daily Record

Elaine C. Smith is one of Scotland’s best-

loved entertainers, an actress, comedienne, writer and columnist. In 2008 and 2009, Elaine toured with the hit play Calendar Girls, ending in a sell-out run in the West End. She lives in the East End of Glasgow with her husband and two daughters.


The Hate Factory Thirty Years Inside with the UK’s Most Notorious Villains David Leslie true crime ISBN: 9781845966195 Price: £9.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World Convicted murderer Billy Ferris has endured more than three decades behind bars in many of Britain’s prisons. In The Hate Factory, David Leslie documents Ferris’s experiences in jail with some of the UK’s most notorious criminals.

Mixing humorous anecdotes with chilling recollections, The Hate Factory reads like a who’s who of crime, with Ferris’s path having crossed those of many infamous villains, from bombers and bank robbers to gangland murderers and cannibals.

Jailed for life in 1973 for a crime of passion, Ferris experienced betrayal and treachery on the inside. He unexpectedly formed friendships that led to his being labelled a ‘bombers’ crony’ and found love while on the run after a dramatic escape. He vividly depicts the cruelty, savagery and degradation that go hand in hand with prison life and details the nightmare that was Wormwood Scrubs, the prison he christened ‘the hate factory’.

A unique, no-holds-barred insight into prison life over the past 30 years

Foreword by Paul Ferris, bestselling author of The Ferris Conspiracy

David Leslie has worked for the News of

the World since 1970. He is also the author of the bestselling Crimelord, about Tam McGraw, as well as The Happy Dust Gang, The Gangster’s Wife and Mummy, Take Me Home. He lives in Glasgow.



Car Trouble A Childhood on Four Wheels Wensley Clarkson autobiography ISBN: 9781845966126 Price: £9.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 224 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World

Wensley Clarkson’s mum and dad lived on a different planet from most parents as he grew up in post-war London in the late 1950s and ‘60s. His mother spent much of her time nursing a tumbler of whisky and a bottle of pills, while his father edited one of Britain’s bestselling weekly newspapers. Most children were taken to playgrounds and parks to play, but Wensley was left sitting in the front seat of the family saloon car outside pubs for hours with a bottle of pop and a packet of crisps. As a result, he got a taste for driving at a dangerously early age and created his own strange motoring netherworld, away from the boozy, irresponsible, childish adults he was supposed to look up to. 32

Car Trouble presents a portrait of a middle-class boy virtually left to run his own life in one of the world’s biggest cities. Yet through that neglect emerged a quick-witted survivor whose life was uniquely shaped by his childhood obsession with cars.

Wensley Clarkson’s previous non-fiction titles have collectively sold more than a million copies worldwide

Wensley Clarkson was born in London

in 1956. He left school at the age of 15 and the only exam he ever passed was his driving test, just a few days after his 17th birthday. Since 1976, he has written for a living as a journalist, author and screenwriter. He has also made several highly acclaimed TV documentaries.


Hero of the Fleet Two World Wars, One Extraordinary Life – The Memoirs of Centenarian William Stone William Stone autobiography / history ISBN: 9781845965891 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 256 pages Pictures: 1 x 16pp b/w Market: World The late William Stone’s life bridged two wars and encompassed the remarkable episodes and adventures that fell to a British sailor of the era. Just one among many, he played his part diligently and with distinction to help win the Second World War. He would be haunted for the rest of his life by what he witnessed on the devastated beaches at Dunkirk, as the Royal Navy fought off Hitler’s Luftwaffe to save the British Army. Memories of being torpedoed by German U–boats, and enduring the hardships of the Russian convoys amid the sudden enemy attacks from the sea and air, as well as the Baltic winter, would also take their toll on his character.

It was an ordinary life lived in extraordinary times, and he witnessed many of the significant events of his era. His was a different kind of boldness and, in Hero of the Fleet, he tells his astonishing story.

‘Part of Bill’s appeal is that he represented a lost world, when Britain really did rule the waves. This charming book goes a long way to bringing that world back to life’ – Daily Express

William Stone was one of the last men

to have served in both the Great War and the Second World War. Up until his death in 2009, he made countless public appearances to pass on his memories and wisdom and teach new generations the realities of sacrifice, duty and war. He died a national hero. 33


Three Lions Versus the World England’s World Cup Stories from the Men Who Were There Mark Pougatch football ISBN: 9781845965563 Price: £12.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 320 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World Since their first appearance in the competition in 1950, England’s World Cup story has been one of broken dreams and bad luck, with one shining exception in 1966, when they famously won the Cup after beating Germany 4–2. In Three Lions Versus the World, Mark Pougatch talks to those who have shaped England’s World Cup odyssey, from Brazil 1950 through the triumph of 1966 to the spiritsapping quarter-final defeat in Germany 2006. Massive highs are recounted and crushing lows recollected by household names such as Sir Tom Finney, Don Howe, Martin Peters, Trevor Brooking, Gary Lineker, Tony Adams, Glenn Hoddle and Danny Mills. The contributors are


united in the pride they shared in wearing the Three Lions shirt for their country in this most special of tournaments. With the players’ stories and anecdotes woven around the narrative of the World Cup itself, this is an unbeatable journey through half a century of English World Cup action that no football fan should miss.

Mark Pougatch is a well-known

broadcaster who has been a sports presenter for BBC Radio 5 Live since 1998. He has also presented Football Focus and Match of the Day on BBC Television, and has worked on many major sporting events, including the Olympics, Wimbledon, the Ashes and the World Cup.


The Butcher Anatomy of a Mafia Psychopath Philip Carlo true crime ISBN: 9781845965884 Price: £6.99 Size: 178 x 111 mm (paperback) Extent: 320 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: UK & Commonwealth exc. Can, ANZ

The Butcher is a gripping and disturbing account of the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s four-year hunt to bring down Tommy ‘Karate’ Pitera, a drugdealing, murderous capo in the Bonanno crime family. Born in 1954 and raised in Brooklyn, Pitera was bullied as a child and became obsessed with martial arts as a teenager. After being trained by a martial-arts expert for three years, Pitera developed his body into a fighting machine. He began associating with gangsters from the Bonanno family and was soon dealing drugs on a huge scale, while simultaneously embarking on a killing spree that spanned almost two decades.

In 1992, Pitera was sentenced to life in prison for murdering six people and supporting a massive drug-dealing operation. Yet Pitera is thought to have murdered more than 60 people, cutting many of his victims into pieces before burying them on Staten Island. Exhaustively researched and written with the cooperation of the DEA agents who hunted Pitera down, The Butcher will send shivers down the spine of even the most hardened truecrime reader.

Philip Carlo is the bestselling author of

The Ice Man, The Night Stalker and Gaspipe. He divides his time between New York and South Beach, Florida. 35


Barack and Michelle The Love Story Christopher Andersen biography ISBN: 9781845966089 Price: ÂŁ7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 320 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: UK & Commonwealth exc. Can

They exploded onto the national political scene in 2004 and within four years captured the ultimate prize. In so doing, they became a First Couple like no other. By the time they claimed the White House in one of the most hotly contested presidential races in modern history, Barack and Michelle Obama were seen by millions around the world as the new Jack and Jackie Kennedy – brilliant, attractive, elegant, youthful and exciting. The marriage of Barack and Michelle stands as one of the great personal and political partnerships, and by the time he was sworn in, Barack and Michelle Obama were indisputably the First Couple not only of America but of the world. 36

Christopher Andersen draws on those who know the Obamas best to examine in detail their unique partnership and the grace, courage and humour that define it. An inspiring, sympathetic and compelling look at two remarkable individuals, Barack and Michelle is, above all else, a revealing and stirring love story.

Research included interviews with around 200 people who have been closest to Barack and Michelle over the years

Christopher Andersen is the bestselling

author of many controversial biographies, including Jack and Jackie, Bill and Hillary and George and Laura. He has written for a wide range of publications, including the New York Times, Life and Vanity Fair.


Voices from the Back of the Bus Tall Tales and Hoary Stories from Rugby’s Real Heroes Stewart McKinney rugby ISBN: 9781845965921 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 256 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World Voices from the Back of the Bus provides a rare behind-thescenes look at international rugby at the height of a golden period through the eyes of more than 100 players – 54 of them British and Irish Lions. Author and former Lion Stewart McKinney has collected priceless recollections of the glory days from an unprecedented number of legendary rugby names. The all-star cast includes: from England, Peter Wheeler, Jeff Probyn, Andy Ripley and Mickey Skinner; from Ireland, Willie John McBride and Moss Keane; from Wales, Gareth Edwards, Phil Bennett and Mervyn Davies; and from Scotland, Andy Irvine and Ian McLauchlan, with contributions also made from

New Zealand and South African rugby stars. Packed with true rugby tales from the days when men played purely for the love of the game and of their nation, and multimillionpound contracts and sponsorship deals were unheard of, Voices from the Back of the Bus is a refreshing, revealing and often hilarious collection that will inspire sports fans of all generations.

‘A splendid collection of reminiscences from a galaxy of rugby stars’ – Daily Telegraph

Stewart McKinney is a former Ireland

international rugby player who was part of the British and Irish Lions team that was victorious against South Africa in 1974. 37


Strictly Me My Life Under the Spotlight Mark Ramprakash autobiography ISBN: 9781845965945 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 288 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World

Mark Ramprakash is arguably the greatest English batsman of his generation, but to many people in the UK he is just as well known for his exploits on the dance floor: he won Strictly Come Dancing in 2006 and went on to win the Champion of Champions final in 2008 for Sport Relief. Prior to his re-emergence in Strictly Come Dancing, Ramprakash the cricketer was cast as a tortured soul, the media spotlight following him relentlessly while his international career fluctuated between ecstatic highs and intense lows. In Strictly Me, Ramprakash covers in detail all aspects of his cricket career – from the hot-headed cricketing prodigy who made his 38

Test debut for England at the age of 21 to finally being cast aside by his country in 2002. He discusses how he has become one of the UK’s best celebrity dancers and how his newfound status as a media celebrity has flourished since then.

‘[Ramprakash] writes with modesty and humour that will endear him to everyone’ – The Good Book Guide ‘Ramprakash serves up a refreshingly frank and honest assessment of his career and his life’ – All Out Cricket

Mark Ramprakash played for Middlesex

between 1987 and 2000, and for England between 1991 and 2002. He currently plays for Surrey, and scored his hundredth century against Yorkshire in August 2008.


Peter Manuel, Serial Killer Hector MacLeod and Malcolm McLeod true crime ISBN: 9781845965723 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 384 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World

Peter Manuel was an icyeyed psychopath and sexual predator, a petty thief and a relentless liar given to violent and uncontrollable rages. His unprecedented crimes presented the Scottish police and public with a new sort of criminal: the ruthless serial killer. Branded ‘the Beast of Birkenshaw’, Manuel was hanged at the age of thirty-one, convicted of seven murders but suspected of many more. Using the cover of darkness and skills he had learned as a housebreaker, he slew his victims as they lay sleeping in bed. Others, young girls picked up in lonely places, were strangled or savagely beaten to death.

Right up to his final arrest, he played a taunting game with the police, mocking their bungling attempts to trap him and continuing to kill with impunity – that is, until he was trapped by his own vanity and arrogance. This definitive biography recounts Manuel’s chilling story from his birth in the USA to the moment the hangman’s rope snapped his spine in Glasgow’s notorious Barlinnie Prison.

Hector MacLeod is a former solicitor who served as a director of several Chinese companies while living in Hong Kong. Malcolm McLeod is currently a trustee of the National Museums of Scotland.



Voices Against War A Century of Protest Lyn Smith history ISBN: 9781845965990 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 336 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World

On 15 February 2003, an estimated two million Britons took to the streets of London to protest against war in Iraq. Since the outbreak of that conflict, the antiwar movement has broadened and now has a global reach. Not all protesters would consider themselves pacifists – against all wars and violence – but whatever the basis of objection, their protest is part of one of the most enduring movements in history. Based on nearly 200 personal testimonies from the Imperial War Museum Collections, this landmark book tells the stories of those who participated in protest – from the Great War of 1914–18 through to the Second World War, the Cold War and up 40

to the present day, including the Falkland Islands invasion in the early 1980s, the first Gulf War in 1990–91 and the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Voices Against War is a compelling, emotional and very moving human story, essential for understanding war in its entirety.

‘A wonderful book’ – Tony Benn ‘A fascinating collection of oral testimony’ – Metro

Lyn Smith is a university lecturer and oral history interviewer. She is the author of Forgotten Voices of the Holocaust, Pacifists in Action and the bestselling Young Voices.


Red Men Liverpool Football Club – The Biography John Williams football ISBN: 9781845965570 Price: £16.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 432 pages Pictures: 2 x 8pp colour Market: World In Red Men, John Williams explores the origins and divisive politics of football in the city of Liverpool and profiles the key men behind the emergence of the club and its early successes. The first great Liverpool manager, Tom Watson, piloted the club to its first league championships in 1901 and 1906 before taking his team to the FA Cup final in 1914. Liverpool secured consecutive league titles in 1922 and 1923, and in the ‘20s Liverpool became the first British club to internationalise its playing staff. The club’s next league title came in 1947, but in the bleak ‘50s the Liverpool board ruled with an iron fist and controlled the

purse strings – until Bill Shankly arrived and won that elusive first FA Cup in 1965. The recent tragedies that have shaped the club’s contemporary identity are also covered here, as are the new Continental influences at Liverpool and, of course, the glory of Istanbul in 2005. Red Men is the definitive history of a remarkable football club from its formation in 1892 to the present day, told in the wider context of the social and cultural development of the city of Liverpool and its people.

John Williams has been studying football as a sociologist for the past 30 years and is the author of several other books on Liverpool FC.



Savage! The Robbie Savage Autobiography Robbie Savage with Janine Self football ISBN: 9781845966232 Price: £17.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World Robbie Savage could have been just another Manchester United reject after being told by Sir Alex Ferguson that he was not good enough to stay in the class of ‘92 alongside the likes of David Beckham and Ryan Giggs. Instead, he used the Old Trafford scrapheap as a springboard to become one of the most instantly recognisable footballers in the Premier League. Savage has since carved out a reputation as a hard man and wind-up merchant. From deliberately getting Tottenham’s Justin Edinburgh sent off in a Wembley Cup final to the ‘Jobbiegate’ row with referee Graham Poll, the list of controversial incidents is endless.


Yet numerous footballing legends will testify to the skill of the midfielder, who has played for several English sides and won 39 caps for Wales. Love him or loathe him, Robbie Savage’s story is a remarkable one, and in Savage! he provides an entertaining insight into his eventful life so far.

Robbie Savage currently plays for and captains Derby County. He won 39 caps for Wales between 1995 and 2005. Janine Self has been a reporter for The

Sun since 1995. She has known Robbie Savage since he played for Leicester City (1997-2002) and has reported on most of his controversial exploits over the years.


The Killer Within In the Company of Monsters Philip Carlo true crime / memoir ISBN: 9781845966188 Price: £9.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: UK & Commonwealth exc. Can

As research for his acclaimed true-crime books, Philip Carlo has interviewed at length some of the most infamous criminals and killers of our times, including LA serial killer Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker), Mafia contract killer Richard Kuklinski (The Ice Man) and crime-family boss Anthony Casso (Gaspipe). Carlo’s investigative achievements are remarkable, but what wasn’t known to his readers is that, while working on The Ice Man, he learnt he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a terminal illness that causes all of the muscles in the body to atrophy over time. Suddenly, after years of penetrating the minds of killers, Carlo was himself being pursued by the grim reaper.

In The Killer Within, Carlo documents his difficult experiences with ALS and explains how he has managed to continue working as a true-crime author in the face of adversity. He provides an intimate account of his relationships with Ramirez, Kuklinski and Casso and reveals intriguing information about writing his bestsellers while simultaneously coping with the numerous challenges that ALS presents as it slowly begins to steal his life away.

‘With brutal honesty, Philip Carlo writes from the heart’ – Robert De Niro on Philip Carlo’s work

Philip Carlo divides his time between New York and South Beach, Florida.



Hard Time A Brit in America’s Toughest Jail Sean P. Attwood true crime ISBN: 9781845966515 Price: £9.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 304 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World

Using a golf pencil sharpened on a cell wall, Shaun P. Attwood wrote one of the first prison blogs, Jon’s Jail Journal, excerpts of which were published in The Guardian and attracted international media attention.


laundering and drug dealing, he served almost six years in the infamous jail system run by the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Brought up in England, Shaun took his business degree to Phoenix, Arizona, where he became an award-winning stockbroker and then a millionaire day trader during the dot-com bubble.

Hard Time is the harrowing yet often darkly humorous account of the time Sean spent submerged in a nightmarish world of gang violence, insectinfested cells and food unfit for animals. His remarkable story provides a revealing glimpse into the tragedy, brutality, comedy and eccentricity of prison life.

But Sean also led a double life. An early fan of the rave scene in Manchester, he formed an organisation that threw raves and distributed Class A drugs. After being convicted of money

Upon his release from prison in the United States, Sean P. Attwood returned to England, where he is now rebuilding his life. He regularly speaks to audiences of young people about the perils of drugs and the horrors of prison life.


The PFA Footballers’ Who’s Who 2010–11 Barry J. Hugman football ISBN: 9781845966010 Price: £17.99 Size: 210 x 148 mm (paperback) Extent: 480 pages Pictures: integrated b/w photographs Market: World

The PFA Footballers’ Who’s Who 2010–11 is a comprehensive review of the skills, achievements and statistics of all those who played in the Barclays Premier League and Coca-Cola Football League Championship and Divisions One and Two during the 2009–10 season. At the same time, it also takes into account each player’s performances in the FA Cup, Carling Cup, Johnstone’s Paint Trophy and European competitions, where applicable. Full names, birthplaces/dates, international/club honours, heights/weights, career records, signing dates and transfer fees make this the most complete player information available. This is a vital tool for managers, scouts and backroom staff, and

an essential handbook for regular football followers at all levels. It is a unique source of information on opposition players as well as providing background information on footballers either newly transferred or on loan. The PFA Footballers’ Who’s Who 2010–11 is an ideal companion for all lovers of the beautiful game.

‘Excellent and informative’ – Sunday Times ‘Essential’ – FourFourTwo ‘The best reference book of its kind’ – The Guardian

Barry J. Hugman is an experienced

author, researcher, compiler and statistician. 45


The Goalie My Story Andy Goram with Iain King football / autobiography ISBN: 9781845966003 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World

On the field, Andy Goram was a defiant figure between the sticks who defined the history-making nine-in-a-row team that brought so much success to Ibrox; off it, he careered through three divorces and a welter of lurid tabloid headlines sensationalising his hell-raising antics. In this no-holds-barred account, Goram lifts the lid on his tempestuous life in football. His time in the Old Firm is examined in depth, from the saves that broke former Celtic manager Tommy Burns’s heart to a story that was buried until now: Celtic’s astonishing bid to sign him. Goram’s Scotland career ended in bitterness when he walked out on the squad before France 46

98 and here he smashes the myths that have surrounded his relationships with Craig Brown and Jim Leighton. This is the inside story of the man the fans voted Rangers’ greatestever goalkeeper. He remains a genius with flaws: a legend simply known as The Goalie.

‘Explosive and gripping’ – The Sun

Andy Goram played for several clubs in

a career spanning three decades, including Oldham Athletic, Hibernian, Rangers and Motherwell. He also won 43 international caps for Scotland.

Iain King is head of sport at the Scottish

Sun and has covered top-level football for the last 20 years.

British Forces’ Personal Letters and Diaries During the Second World War


The Words of War

Marcus Cowper history ISBN: 9781845965969 Price: £8.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 448 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World Using the Imperial War Museum’s vast archive of personal diaries, this remarkable anthology examines the stories of ordinary men and women who fought, and in some cases died, on the front line and home front during the Second World War.

narrative that weaves together the complete story for the reader, The Words of War provides a poignant and emotional insight into the human cost of war, whilst shedding new light on this unforgettable period in history.

The Words of War features diverse first-hand accounts from individuals who took part in the key campaigns of the war. From the young officer facing defeat and capture at Dunkirk to the Land Girl dealing with a new life in the countryside, this unique publication vividly documents the harsh realities of day-to-day life during the conflict.

‘Creates a strikingly immediate impression of life at war’ – The Scotsman

Marcus Cowper is the author of a

number of titles related to military history. His book The British Army in the Twentieth Century was published with the Imperial War Museum in 2006.

With each diary entry placed in context within a historical



Liston and Ali The Ugly Bear and the Boy Who Would Be King Bob Mee boxing ISBN: 9781845966225 Price: £10.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 336 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World Three months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, two prizefighters named Charles ‘Sonny’ Liston and Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr stepped into a boxing ring in Miami to dispute the heavyweight championship of the world. America was in turmoil. Nobody knew who or what to trust. Sport can offer catharsis in times of crisis, but not this time. Liston was a mob fighter with a criminal past, and rumours were spreading that Clay was not just a noisy, bright-eyed boy blessed with more than his share of the craziness of youth, but a believer in a shadowy cult: the Nation of Islam. Instead of a hero and a villain, boxing had served up two bad guys.


Liston and Ali follows the contrasting paths these two men took, from their backgrounds in Arkansas and Kentucky through to that 16month period in 1964 and 1965 when the story of the world heavyweight championship centred on them and all they stood for. Using original source material, it explores a riveting chapter in sporting history with fresh insight and in rare detail.

Bob Mee is the boxing analyst and

commentator for Eurosport TV. He has previously written on boxing for the Daily Telegraph, the Independent on Sunday and Boxing News.


Tommy’s Peace The Post-Great War Diaries 1919–33 Tommy Cairns Livingstone memoir ISBN: 9781845966539 Price: £20.00 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 382 pages Pictures: integrated Market: World English Language exc. USA & Philippines Thomas Cairns Livingstone began to note his day-today experiences in 1913 and continued faithfully for the next 30 years. With each witty and well-observed entry, he recorded events at home and abroad through times of war and peace, joy and sadness. In this follow-up to the successful Tommy’s War, the focus is on the post-war years. Tommy documents everything from the lingering effects of the war and post-war politics to cultural and social aspects of the era, including the rise of cinema and radio, the standard of dentists and opticians before the NHS, the partition of Ireland, the General Strike, the division of domestic

labour, the expansion of Glasgow and Clyde coastal holidays. Illustrated throughout with colour and black-and-white sketches from Tommy’s original diaries and various other artefacts from the period, Tommy’s Peace is a tremendous document of a bygone era that provides a vivid evocation of a working-class family man’s life in Glasgow between the wars.

Tommy’s War has sold over 20,000 copies to date

Tommy Cairns Livingstone was born in Glasgow in 1882 and died in 1964. He worked as a mercantile clerk and was married with one child.



Ma, Now I’m Goin Up in the World Martha Long memoir ISBN: 9781845966355 Price: £10.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 448 pages Market: World

In the latest instalment of Martha Long’s memoirs, Ma, Now I’m Goin Up in the World, her story continues through her teenage years. At 16, Martha collapses on the street, suffering from starvation, exposure and absolute exhaustion. After she is taken to hospital, she is given the opportunity to get off the streets for ever. Before long, she makes friends, begins to put the misery of her past behind her and even experiences her first taste of love. Having never experienced real affection before, Martha is plunged into the complex world of love between a man and a woman. She is locked in an 50

intense emotion that consumes her, for this is a forbidden love that can never be requited. After all, Ralph Fitzgerald is a priest, and he will never break his vow of chastity. This love brings heartbreaking consequences and changes the direction of Martha’s life for ever . . .

‘An ultimately uplifting story which salutes the strength of the human spirit’ – Irish World on Ma, It’s a Cold Aul Night an I’m Lookin for a Bed Martha Long has sold over 350,000 books since the publication of Ma, He Sold Me for a Few Cigarettes in 2007

Martha Long lives in Dublin and is the author of three other volumes of autobiograhy.

Love Letters from the Second World War


Dear Joan

Tony Ross and Joan Charles memoir / history ISBN: 9781845966249 Price: £17.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World Dear Joan comprises a unique series of letters between a young airman, Tony Ross, and a girl, Joan Charles, whom he met briefly in England before he was posted abroad during the Second World War. Through these letters, the book traces the development of their relationship from friendship to lifelong love. With the enthusiasm of youth, Tony and Joan share their dreams of an ideal life in a reconstructed, post-Second World War Britain. Joan’s letters illustrate the problems of daily life in wartime Britain, while Tony’s correspondence describes the challenges of life in the desert and his experiences in the numerous countries he visits throughout the Middle East.

Dear Joan is a touching account of how Tony and Joan’s love blossomed through letters exchanged throughout the Second World War, across the miles that separated them.

‘Personal stories, especially those as compelling as Tony’s and Joan’s, are hugely important in putting a “human” face on the War’ – Sir Peter Squire, Chairman of Trustees, Imperial War Museum

Tony Ross served in the RAF between

1940 and 1946, reaching the rank of wing commander and being awarded the DFC. After the war, he enjoyed a long career in marketing, before retiring in 1990. He married Joan Charles in 1946 and they remained married until Joan’s death in 2006. Tony lives in France and will celebrate his 90th birthday in 2011. 51


The Lost Cyclist The Untold Story of Frank Lenz’s Ill-Fated Around-the-World Journey David V. Herlihy cycling / history ISBN: 9781845964320 Price: £12.99 Size: 216 x 135 mm (hardback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: UK & Commonwealth exc. Can In the spring of 1892, Frank G. Lenz, a gallant young accountant and expert amateur photographer from a modest German-American family, set forth from his unhappy home in Pittsburgh to circle the globe atop a new ‘safety’ bicycle with inflatable tyres (essentially the modern machine). He brought along a large wooden camera, which used newly introduced film, and arranged to send regular reports to his sponsor, Outing magazine, effectively making him a harbinger of the great bicycle boom that was about to explode with stunning social and industrial repercussions. Two years, fourteen thousand miles and many adventures later, after crossing the United States, Japan, China, Burma,


India and Persia, just as he was about to enter Europe for the home stretch, Lenz vanished. His presumed murder in Asiatic Turkey jolted the American public and drew international attention. The Lost Cyclist recounts, for the first time ever, the short but remarkable life of Lenz and the heroic efforts of another American ‘globe girdler’, William L. Sachtleben, who was sent by Outing to unravel Lenz’s mysterious death.

David V. Herlihy is a freelance writer

who specialises in cycling history. His first book, Bicycle, received the 2004 Award for Excellence in the History of Science and the 2005 Sally Hacker Prize.


Ryder Cup Tales Sam Torrance golf ISBN: 9781845966294 Price: ÂŁ16.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World

In Ryder Cup Tales, Sam Torrance recalls every great moment in two decades spent pursuing Ryder Cup glory. He examines the tactics and techniques of the captains he played under, and those he played against, and tells how his huge experience as a player and his vice-captaincy to Mark James in the bearpit of Brookline shaped the way he conducted his own captaincy at The Belfry in 2002. Everything he had learned about the Ryder Cup went into his leadership during the 2002 event, and when he raised the trophy aloft at the end of it all he knew he had learned the lessons well.

As the 2010 Ryder Cup appoaches, he examines the job of captaincy and looks at how the event has changed since he was trying to qualify for it as a player in the late 1970s. Today, Sam Torrance is one of the most identifiable faces, and voices, of golf. It is the Ryder Cup, though, which made him, and this book is his enlightening account of the competition from an insider’s perspective.

Sam Torrance was a Ryder Cup-winning

captain in 2002, a vice captain in 1999 and a leading player in eight consecutive European teams. He made his Cup debut in 1981, famously holed the winning putt at The Belfry in 1985 and was also a member of the first side to win in America, in 1987. 53


True Storey My Life and Crimes as a Football Hatchet Man Peter Storey football / true crime ISBN: 9781845965846 Price: £16.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World True Storey is the explosive autobiography of notorious 1970s football legend Peter Storey, dubbed ‘the bastard’s bastard’, who had a reputation for ultra-violence on the pitch and a capacity to find even greater trouble off it – a fact borne out by a string of criminal convictions and jail sentences over the years. A key member of Arsenal’s brilliant Double-winning team of 1970–71, Storey was a confirmed ladies’ man who loved a drink. In the mid-’70s, Storey’s pub in Islington became a magnet for north London’s biggest villains and he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Great Train Robber Tommy Wisbey and Howard Marks.


Storey talks candidly about the crimes he committed, the numerous jail sentences that followed and his bitter feud with George Best. Today, Peter is a totally transformed and highly elusive character. It is only now that he feels the circumstances are right to set the record straight and tell his side of what is an engrossing True Storey.

Peter Storey played for Arsenal between 1961 and 1977 and for Fulham during season 1977–78. He attained 19 caps for England between 1971 and 1973. Now, aged 64 and retired, he lives in France with his fourth wife, Danielle.


Nicholas Parsons: Without Hesitation, Repetition or Deviation A Life in Comedy Nicholas Parsons memoir ISBN: 9781845966218 Price: £17.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 224 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World English Language exc. USA & Philippines Edinburgh Fringe Festival for Widely regarded as the finest ‘straight man’ in comedy, eight consecutive years and Nicholas Parsons has enjoyed a has provided him with a wealth long and varied career to date, of hilarious stories, as have his and is perhaps best known for experiences of after-dinner chairing the long-running panel speaking, voice-overs and film game Just a Minute. work, and the best of them are recounted here. In this quirky memoir, he reflects on the changes that he has seen Celebrating a life in comedy, in the entertainment business this is Nicholas Parsons: Without over the past two decades. From Hesitation, Repetition or Deviation, his role as narrator in the stage but with much wit, wisdom and musical The Rocky Horror Picture hilarity. Show to his work as an entertainer on cruise ships, Parsons has Nicholas Parsons was born in Grantham, been flexible enough to adapt to Lincolnshire, in 1923. He published his changing times and have a whale first volume of autobiography in 1994 and of a time in the process. was awarded an OBE for his services to entertainment in 2003. His often outrageous live chat show has run at the



Postcards from the Edge of Football A Social History of a British Game Hunter Davies football ISBN: 9781845965587 Price: £20.00 Size: 246 x 189 mm (hardback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: integrated colour & b/w Market: World Picture postcards have been in existence almost as long as professional football, but no one has brought the two together until now. In Postcards from the Edge of Football, distinguished football writer Hunter Davies explores the history of the game through soccer cards in their various forms. This expansive collection illustrates the heroic players, the great clubs and the most memorable events, while also illuminating the less-known teams and footballers to feature on postcards. Everything from the latest fashions to the rise of women footballers is documented and, in a wider context, the social history of football and its importance in


our national life can be identified, as can the changing attitudes towards the game over time. With Postcards from the Edge of Football, Hunter Davies has produced an intriguing, lavishly illustrated history of the football postcard that will be highly appealing to both soccer fans and the general reader.

Being Gazza by Hunter Davies sold over 350,000 copies, while FourFourTwo called his book The Glory Game ‘the definitive football text’ and ‘indispensable’

Hunter Davies is an established journalist

and author of more than 40 books, ranging from the only authorised biography of The Beatles to the bestselling football classic The Glory Game.


100 GAA Greats John Scally gaa ISBN: 9781845965648 Price: £12.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 2 x 8pp colour Market: World

In 100 GAA Greats, John Scally celebrates the most significant players the Gaelic games have brought us in their 125-year history. He selects those footballers, hurlers, managers and camogie players who have lit up Irish sport, becoming national treasures in the process, and highlights their remarkable skills.

Many of the profiles featured in the book are based on exclusive interviews with the stars themselves, as well as with some of their competitors. The entries offer a candid insight into the many pivotal events, major controversies, epic matches and thrilling contests to have occurred during the GAA’s existence.

Amongst those included in this unique who’s who of the sport are Christy Ring, Mick O’Connell, Nicky Rackard, Mick Mackey, John Joe O’Reilly, Nicky English, Mickey Harte, Kevin Moran, Enda Colleran, D.J. Carey, Angela Downey, Ger Loughnane, John O’Mahony, Justin McCarthy, Colm O’Rourke, Matt Connor and Liam Griffin.

Laced with humour and packed with entertaining anecdotes, 100 GAA Greats pulsates with insider’s knowledge. It will inform, entertain, enlighten, amuse and spark debate, and is a must for all GAA fans.

John Scally is the author of over 20 books, including The GAA: An Oral History, OddShaped Balls and Legends of Irish Rugby.



Ireland’s Sporting Legends Turtle Bunbury and James Fennell sport ISBN: 9781845965020 Price: £20.00 Size: 280 x 230 mm (hardback) Extent: 192 pages Pictures: integrated colour & b/w Market: World

Since the legend of Cúchulainn, the Irish have always had a fascination with their sporting heroes, with their tales of derring-do, their habit of clinching victory from the jaws of defeat and, of course, with the endless re-telling of these stories. In Ireland’s Sporting Legends, sportsmen and women across all disciplines are chronicled, with a focus on those players who, though professionals, were for the most part gifted individuals in an amateur world. It profiles stories of players and gentlemen in a time when the Celtic Tiger largely passed them by and tells of the first Grand Slam and the Lions tour where the call-up was simply, ‘Bring your own shirt.’ It 58

also records many momentous moments in Irish sporting history from the perspective of the heroes themselves. Fully illustrated throughout with exclusive photographs, Ireland’s Sporting Legends is a stunning document of Irish sporting achievement that will provide many a talking-point for fans nationwide.

Turtle Bunbury is a bestselling author,

scriptwriter, travel writer and historical consultant, while James Fennell has emerged as one of Ireland’s leading professional photographers. Together, they have published a number of books, including Vanishing Ireland, which was shortlisted for the Eason Irish-Published Book of the Year Award in 2007.


The Incredible Gorbals Diehards A Wild Sixties Childhood Colin MacFarlane memoir ISBN: 9781845965655 Price: £9.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World Enid Blyton famously wrote about the Famous Five – the wholesome kids who were always up to some adventure or other – but during the 1960s Glasgow boy Colin Macfarlane had his own gang: the Incredible Gorbals Diehards. These were young boys trying to survive in Glasgow’s toughest area. During the gang’s daily adventures, they came across a plethora of undesirable characters, including foulmouthed drunks, thieves, conmen, razor-flicking gang members, fly men and street brawlers. Through it all, MacFarlane and his band of brothers retained their sense of humour while roaming the filthy Gorbals backstreets.

In the third volume of his acclaimed memoirs, Colin MacFarlane reveals what it was like to grow up on the streets in the Gorbals during this period. Be prepared to be shocked and entertained at the adventures of the gang that called themselves The Incredible Gorbals Diehards.

‘Colin brings the old Gorbals back to life and paints a vivid picture of the characters who inhabited the streets and pubs’ – Lorraine Kelly on The Real Gorbals Story

Colin MacFarlane has written for a

number of national newspapers, including Scotland on Sunday, the Sunday Times and The Sun. He is the author of The Real Gorbals Story and No Mean Glasgow.



Darragh The Engine Room Darragh Ó Sé gaa ISBN: 9781845966560 Price: £14.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (paperback) Extent: 256 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World

For 16 years, Darragh Ó Sé has worn the number 8 jersey for Gaelic football’s most celebrated county, stoking the fires in Kerry’s engine room. With six All-Ireland medals, he is the most decorated footballer of the modern era. Darragh’s name is synonymous with his county’s unrelenting appetite for success, but throughout his illustrious career he has held his counsel, allowing his football to do the talking. Until now. This is the story of a modern Kerry icon who has helped carry the torch for the home of football. Uncompromising, passionate and possessed of a savage wit, Darragh talks openly for the first time about his life in 60

the green and gold, and about his constant drive to succeed. Elsewhere in the book, he details his setbacks, reflects on a family tragedy and reveals how his environment on the fringe of West Kerry helped shape his character, steeling him for a career in the toughest position in Gaelic football. This is the story of Darragh Ó Sé – a life in the engine room.

Darragh Ó Sé was born in 1975 in Dingle, County Kerry. He has played in midfield for Kerry since 1994 and has made more championship appearances than any other player in the history of Gaelic football.

The Untold Story of Britain’s Most Decorated Soldier


Tommy Sir Tommy Macpherson with Richard Bath memoir / history ISBN: 9781845966362 Price: £17.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World With three MCs, three Croix de Guerre, a Légion d’Honneur and a papal knighthood for his heroics during the Second World War, Sir Tommy Macpherson is the most decorated soldier in the history of the British Army. For 65 years, the Highlander’s story has remained untold. Few know how, aged 21, he persuaded 23,000 SS soldiers of the feared SS Das Reich tank column to surrender, or how Tommy almost single-handedly stopped Tito’s Yugoslavia annexing the whole of northeast Italy. Still a schoolboy when war broke out, Tommy quickly matured into a legendary commando. Twice

captured, he escaped both times, marching through hundreds of miles of German-held territory to get home. With a dizzyingly diverse roll call of characters, including Winston Churchill, General Tito, Charles de Gaulle and Clement Freud, Tommy is an astonishing story of how an ordinary boy came to achieve truly extraordinary feats when war came calling.

Sir Tommy Macpherson was born in Edinburgh in 1920. He now divides his time between London and Newtonmore. Richard Bath is an award-winning

journalist who writes for Scotland on Sunday on food, history, politics and sport. 61


Botham’s Book of the Ashes A Lifetime Love Affair with Cricket’s Greatest Rivalry Ian Botham cricket ISBN: 9781845964917 Price: £18.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 2 x 8pp colour Market: World In Botham’s Book of the Ashes, Sir Ian reveals just how cricket’s oldest and most treasured prize has shaped his life and career. From the moment he first watched the likes of Ken Barrington stride to the wicket with jaw-jutting defiance to the day he flayed Australia’s bowling attack around Headingley as if playing with his mates in the park and then onwards to his role in describing what was arguably the finest series of the lot in 2005, Sir Ian has a rich and varied connection with the Ashes, and he tells all here. The Ashes is a series that has provided incredible highs and heartbreaking lows for English and Australian fans alike over the past 35 years, and Sir Ian has


often been at the centre of the roller-coaster ride. Whether it is the story of his days as England’s dogsbody in 1974 in Melbourne or of the refusal to let Bob Willis bowl downwind until he was angry enough to skittle the Aussies in 1981, they are all recalled vividly in Botham’s Book of the Ashes.

A celebrated cricket icon recollects his myriad Ashes experiences

Sir Ian Botham OBE is a former England Test cricketer and Test team captain whose playing career lasted from 1976 to 1993, and he still holds the record for the highest number of wickets taken by any England bowler.


My Sporting Heroes His 50 Greatest from Britain and Ireland Ian Botham sport ISBN: 9781845965983 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 320 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp b/w Market: World In My Sporting Heroes, one of the country’s great sportsmen, Sir Ian Botham, draws up his template of what he believes makes a true sporting hero. Botham singles out the ten qualities he believes are the basic elements in any true sportsperson – bravery, passion, composure, determination, skill, leadership, instinct, dedication, humour and compassion – then highlights the sportsmen and women who he believes best demonstrate each quality, backing up his selection with personal anecdotes of his time spent with them or watching them in action.

of the past and present, from Ian Woosnam, Paul Gascoigne and Jonathan Davies to Joe Calzaghe, Lewis Hamilton and Andy Murray, My Sporting Heroes is a lively celebration of exactly what makes a true sporting legend – from someone who knows a thing or two about it!

‘A genuinely absorbing read’ – Spin ‘Undoubtedly deserves pride of place on any sports buff’s bookshelf’ – City AM

Sir Ian Botham OBE was knighted

in 2007 and has authored several books, including two autobiographies. He is now a writer and cricket commentator, and is regularly involved in charity work.

Covering a wide variety of sports and discussing admired athletes



A Load of Balls Football’s Funny Side John Scally football / humour ISBN: 9781845966102 Price: £7.99 Size: 198 x 129 mm (paperback) Extent: 256 pages Market: World

As former England striker and television pundit Jimmy Greaves famously said, football is ‘a funny old game’. In A Load of Balls: Football’s Funny Side, John Scally confirms the truth of his statement by providing a potpourri of double entendres, timeless quips and amusing anecdotes from the tongues of football’s elite. Hundreds of silly stories and priceless nuggets have been sourced to recreate the unique excitement, drama and unpredictability of football in the words of the sport’s practitioners. The result is a wry, quirky and sometimes outlandish catalogue of comic creations. For lovers of the absurd, outrageous and totally bizarre, this selection of 64

stories and quotes will amuse and delight. Packed with priceless gaffes from the likes of David Beckham (‘My parents have been there for me since I was about seven’), Bobby Robson (‘We didn’t underestimate them; they were just a lot better than we thought’) and Paul Gascoigne (‘I’ve never made any predictions about anything and I never will’), this hilarious collection is guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of even the most casual sports fan.

John Scally works as a teacher in

Dublin and was formerly a journalist and broadcaster. He is the is the author of over 20 books, including Odd-Shaped Balls and Legends of Irish Rugby.

Edited by Seán Potts


Voices from Croke Park

gaa ISBN: 9781845966287 Price: £17.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World

Croke Park is the spiritual home of Gaelic football and hurling, where the dreams of ambition are realised. The essays in Voices from Croke Park chart the journeys of 12 true greats of the games: men who pursued that elusive glory in Ireland’s greatest sporting arena, players whose passion and vision were embodied in their county’s jersey. These include Peter Canavan, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Ciaran Whelan, Michael Duignan, Bernard Flynn, D.J. Carey, Tony Keady, Henry Downey, Liam McHale, Mikey Sheehy and Eamonn O’Donoghue. With contributions from some of Ireland’s leading GAA writers, such as Tom Humphries, Vincent

Hogan and Denis Walsh, this collection is a celebration of each player’s achievements in the GAA. It is a paean to the heroes who take to the stage every year carrying the hopes of their county. Each player profiled in Voices from Croke Park has helped shape the rich history of football and hurling, and their stories are vividly brought to life by the writers who reported on their heroic deeds on the playing field first time around.

Seán Potts is the author of two bestselling GAA biographies of Páidi Ó Sé and Dessie Farrell, and he worked with Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh on Micheál’s GAA Odyssey. 65


The Iron Duke Bobby Windsor – The Life and Times of a Working-Class Rugby Hero

Bobby Windsor with Peter Jackson rugby ISBN: 9781845966508 Price: £16.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World The Iron Duke is the no-holdsbarred, warts-and-all life story of a working-class Welsh folk hero who rose from humble beginnings to become a permanent member of the greatest Lions team in the history of rugby union. Bobby Windsor has enjoyed triumphs beyond the dreams of most international players and suffered personal tragedy. His rugby career as the best hooker in the British Isles during the second golden era of Welsh rugby in the 1970s is a riotous tale of blood and thunder on the pitch. There are riotous incidents off the pitch, including unscheduled fights with professional boxers, revelations about illegal payments during 66

the so-called amateur era and what he did to upset the Establishment and become blackballed by one of the most famous clubs in the world. Windsor’s irrespressible sense of humour comes shining through on every page, except when he gives chapter and verse on the personal crisis that drove him to plan suicide.

Bobby Windsor was born in Newport in

1948. He won 28 caps as a hooker for Wales between 1973 and 1979.

Peter Jackson Peter Jackson, a sports

journalist since he left school in 1960, retired last summer as rugby correspondent of the Daily Mail after 35 years. His books include Bread of Heaven and Lions of Wales.

Classic Rangers Old Firm Clashes


Follow, Follow Iain Duff football ISBN: 9781845966348 Price: £9.99 Size: 216 x 135 mm (hardback) Extent: 256 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World For more than 120 years, Rangers and Celtic have vied for supremacy in one of the world’s sporting hotbeds. The rivalry between the two teams is among the fiercest anywhere in sport, making an Old Firm derby much more than a football game. Controversy is rarely far away when the Glasgow giants meet, but amid the fallout that invariably follows their contests, the actual game is often forgotten. In Follow, Follow, Iain Duff recounts the greatest footballing moments of Rangers’ illustrious history in Old Firm clashes, from their very first competitive win over Celtic in the 1893 Glasgow Cup final through to the 4–2

victory at Parkhead that was a vital factor in Rangers’ 2008–09 SPL title win. The intervening years saw famous Old Firm contributions from legendary Ibrox names such as Gillick, Meiklejohn, McPhail, Baxter, Johnston, McCoist, Cooper, Laudrup, Ferguson and Novo, all of which are revisited here, along with the goals, the flare-ups and the controversies that make these derby days simply unforgettable for every Rangers fan.

Iain Duff is an award-winning journalist and the author of Follow On: Fifty Years of Rangers in Europe and Temple of Dreams: The Changing Face of Ibrox.



Hail! Hail! Celtic’s Greatest Old Firm Victories Martin Hannan football ISBN: 9781845966331 Price: £9.99 Size: 216 x 135 mm (hardback) Extent: 240 pages Pictures: 1 x 8pp colour Market: World

For more than 120 years, Glasgow has been divided between the green and blue of Celtic and Rangers. The first official match ever played by Celtic was a 5–2 win over Rangers in 1888. Since then, the Old Firm derby has grown in stature to be acknowledged as one of the great clashes of football. Concentrating on the twenty greatest Old Firm matches from the perspective of Celtic Football Club, renowned sportswriter Martin Hannan puts these games in context, showing how the two clubs became such massive rivals and why the Old Firm derby became and remains by far the biggest match in Scottish club football. 68

With exclusive reflections from a number of Celtic managers and players past and present, Hail! Hail! covers all of the magical matches, such as the titanic, leaguewinning 4–2 game in 1979, the amazing 6–2 win in 2000 and, of course, the famous 7-1 victory in the 1957 League Cup final, which remains the Parkhead club’s biggest win over Rangers.

Foreword by former Celtic captain Neil Lennon

Martin Hannan is an award-winning

journalist and writes on sport for Scotland on Sunday. He worked closely with Eddie Turnbull on the Hibs legend’s autobiography and is the author of Rock of Gibraltar, about the racehorse owned by Sir Alex Ferguson.


Charles Buchan A Lifetime in Football Charles Buchan football ISBN: 9781845966546 Price: £9.99 Size: 216 x 135 mm (hardback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 2 x 8pp colour Market: World

An enlightening historic commentary on Britain and British football in the first half of the twentieth century, this engrossing autobiography, originally published in the 1950s, is sure to inform a new generation of football supporters about a character once synonymous with the game in its more boisterous, yet more innocent days. Born in London in 1891, Buchan enjoyed a successful playing career with Sunderland before enlisting as a soldier in the First World War, during which he saw action both at the front and on the pitch. War over, he picked up his playing career with Sunderland before being capped by his country and transferring

to Arsenal. Gradually, he moved into journalism, writing the first football coaching manual and reporting on the sport for the BBC. Then, in 1951, Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly was set up, reaching sales of more than 100,000 at its peak. Buchan’s life was tragically cut short in 1960 when he died of a massive heart attack, but in this book he left a legacy of football history, setting the matches he played in and covered in a context that makes them both vivid and memorable. A treasure.

Charles Buchan was born in 1891 and

carved out a successful footballing career before later becoming a renowned football writer and commentator. He died whilst on holiday in Monaco in 1960. 69


50 Years on The Street My Life with Ken Barlow William Roache television / memoir ISBN: 9781845966553 Price: £14.99 Size: 234 x 153 mm (hardback) Extent: 272 pages Pictures: 2 x 8pp colour Market: World

William Roache has been part of Coronation Street since the very first episode in December 1960, when he first appeared playing the character of Ken Barlow. In Fifty Years on the Street: My Life with Ken Barlow, Roache reflects on half a century of treasured memories accumulated during his time working on the longrunning soap. He revisits the programme’s most memorable moments and ponders the secret of its success, while exploring the history of the show from its very early days of live broadcasts to the demands of the Street’s schedule in 2010. Roache reveals what it is like to have played the perennially popular role of Ken Barlow 70

over decades and reflects upon the actors he has worked with during the past 50 years, using his unique perspective to provide insights and anecdotes galore. Fifty Years on The Street: My Life with Ken Barlow is also a celebration of William Roache’s acting career in a year that marks a very special anniversary both for him and for Coronation Street.

William Roache has become a true British acting icon after spending five decades playing Ken Barlow in Coronation Street. He is the only remaining original member of the cast and the longest-serving actor in a British, indeed world, TV series.

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Mainstream Sales Catalogue 2010  

New titles from Mainstream Publishihng, 2010