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ECET 365 Week 2 Quiz Click Here to Purchase the Tutorial ourse/For more course tutorials visit Derscription 1. Question : (TCO #5) Identify the step size for an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter with Vref= 2.5 VDC? Student Answer: 10 millivolts 25 millivolts 4.9 millivolts 5 volts Comments: 2. Question : (TCO # 5) How many steps are available with a 10-bit ADC? Student Answer: 10 1024 512 256 Comments: 3. Question : (TCO #5) What is the cutoff frequency for a low-pass filter with a resistor R = 3000 and a capacitor C = .01 Âľf? Student Answer: f = 5.3 KHz f = 3300 Hz f = 120 KHz f = 6 KHz Comments:

4. Question : (TCO #5)A band-stop filter is a filter that _____ frequencies below low-limit and above high-limit frequencies and _____ frequencies between the limits. Student Answer: blocks; blocks passes; blocks blocks; passes has; blocks Comments: 5. Question : (TCO #5) A bridge with R1= 5.1 K, R2= 2 K, and R3= 15 K can be at null if R4is _____. Student Answer: 10.5 K 5.88 K 588 1K Comments: 6. Question : (TCO #5) An instrumentation amplifier with two buffers has a feedback resistor of 100 K. The two resistors from the buffer’s output to the input of the last stage OP-Amp are 1 K resistors. Voltage levels to the non-inverting buffer inputs. Voltage levels to the non-inverting buffer inputs are V1= .06 volt and V2= .02 volts. What is Voutof the instrumentation amplifier? Student Answer: 4 Volts 20.4 Volts 3.3 Volts 15.3 Volts Comments: 7. Question : (TCO #5) An embedded system with an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter is connected to a transducer with an output voltage of 10 millivolts. This signal is amplified by an amplifier with a gain of 25. Assume that this signal level is appropriate for the ADC input. If the reference voltage of the ADC converter is 5 volts, what will be the output of the ADC in binary form? Student Answer: 01100110 00110011 00001101 01111011 Comments:

8. Question : (TCO #5) An 8-bit analog-to-digital converter has maximum output voltage of 2.5 VDC. What is the reference voltage to this ADC? Student Answer: 2.5 VDC 5 VDC 1.25 VDC None of the above Comments: 9. Question : (TCO #5) A well-behaved analog signal with a frequency of 20 kHz is being sampled. What is the sampling frequency if frequency aliasing occurs? Student Answer: 90 kHz 40 kHz 85 kHz 60 khz Comments: 10. Question : (TCO #5) To model a nonlinear transducer, one can _____. Student Answer: use empirically determined nonlinear equation use a piecewise linear system use a lookup table located in memory All of the above

Ecet 365 week 2 quiz  
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