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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Patton Borough council deals with stormwater issues, problem lines Vol. 124 No. 35

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By Amber Stich

of Mainline Newspapers

At the August Patton Borough meeting, the council members and engineer Dave Cunningham discussed the ongoing stormwater issues that were happening on and around Mellon, Fir, and Cowher avenues. This area has had water issues after rainstorms over the past few years, but the council said the problem has gotten even worse, flooding multiple residents’ yards and homes to new levels. Cunningham said after exam-

Northern Cambria, Pa.

ining the areas in question, he believes there are either portions of the drainage pipes under the road that are crushed or they are thoroughly blocked, as no water seems to travel through them past a point. A portion of these problem areas are under state roads. The borough has tried to have these addressed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, but the work planned may be years down the road. “We have been sitting on this problem for years,” said mayor Gary Ceschini. “It is time for us to do something about it.”

Cunningham recommended the borough have the problem lines examined with a drain pipe camera — and possibly cleaned out at the same time — so the council can see what it is dealing with and make a better decision on how to move forward from there. The cost of using cameras to examine the lines, Cunningham estimated, would be around $2,000. The council agreed to get a firm price for the procedure for its September meeting. The council then heard from the Patton Volunteer Fire Department about purchasing paint and reflective beads to paint fire hydrant alerts on the roadways. This would make residents more aware of their positions so they wouldn’t

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First day back

Kaylene and Carter Hostetter walk together on the first day of school on Aug. 23 at Northern Cambria Elementary/Middle School. Photo by Amber Stich.

WBSA to enforce new posting fee for late payment customers SEE WATER, PAGE 4A

By Amber Stich

of Mainline Newspapers

CH first day of school

Ryly and Morgan Brown show off their first day of school outfits before heading into Cambria Heights Elementary School on Aug. 24. Photo by Amber Stich.

During the West Branch Sewer Authority meeting on Aug. 24, the board members discussed customers who are chronically late paying their sewer bills. Plant manager Jeff Stevens said some customers wait to pay their sewer bills for months, until the property is about to have its sewer service shut off. Before the authority can shut off the service to these properties, it must notify the property owner by letter and hang a notice on his or her door that warns the customer when the service will be cut. This process, Stevens said, takes a significant amount of preparation work, time, and dedi-

cation and it continues to be an issue. He asked if the authority would consider charging a fee for posting these properties. Solicitor William Barbin said charging a fee is a rather common practice with water and sewer authorities, and the fee charged is relatively in proportion to what it costs the authority in labor and time lost to post the notices. The authority board members agreed that this issue needed addressed. Wilbur Kelly said there are customers like that on every authority who will continue to act that way. The board hopes by instituting this charge, these customers will pay their bills on time. A motion was made to institute

a $15 posting fee assessable to customers on the day of posting, effective in October. The motion was made by board vice president Joe Kollar and seconded by Kelly. Next, the authority members discussed the Hillcrest Drive sewer line extension being created by two residents who wanted to be connected to the system. The residents agreed to install the lines to connect their homes then turn them over to the authority. Stevens said the lines are around 90 percent complete, but there has been a hiccup with the property owners and needed right of ways. He said the project has SEE FEE, PAGE 17A

Carrolltown Legion and Riders present check to Carrolltown Police

By Amber Stich

of Mainline Newspapers

On Thursday, Aug. 24, the Carrolltown American Legion Post 506 and the American Legion Riders presented the Carrolltown Police Department with a donation of $1,000. This donation was a combined effort of the two organizations to support the local police department. Carrolltown American Legion Riders road commander Steven Ingraham said the idea to create a fundraiser and make a donation began back in June when he planned and organized the inaugural Carrolltown Community Ride. The ride took place at Thunder

in the Valley in Johnstown. More than 30 riders participated in the new event, traveling approximately 42 miles over the two-hour ride, all while raising funds for the Carrolltown Police Department. Ingraham said giving back to help the Carrolltown community is a big part of the reason the American Legion Riders exists. He added that the organization has three main goals to support: the Legion, veterans, and the community. The riders do similar bike runs throughout the year to support other organizations in the community. Ingraham said the American Legion Riders also held a run during the Fireman’s Jubilee this year to benefit the Carrolltown Volunteer Fire Company. “We just want to show the community that the riders are here to support the community,” Ingraham said. SEE CHECK, PAGE 4A

Carrolltown American Legion Riders road commander Steven Ingraham (left) and American Legion Post 506 commander Ron Weakland (right) present police chief Jeff McEvoy with a $1,000 donation to benefit the Carrolltown Police Department. Photo by Amber Stich.

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