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Carrolltown discusses stormwater, road project Vol. 125 No. 15

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By Amber Stich of Mainline Newspapers

Carrolltown Borough council members held their monthly meeting April 2. The main topic of discussion was the condition of borough roads and recent stormwater pipes that have collapsed and require extensive repairs. Luke Baker, of the borough’s street committee, said the stormwater pipes that collapsed on Old Dutch Road also collapsed in a resident’s concrete driveway and have caused multiple issues. He said that the borough never gave the resident permission to put a driveway in that area, and that upon further inspection, the

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borough realized there are multiple water, sewer and stormwater lines under the driveway with boxes and confusing tie-ins. This will require the engineer to look into the issue to find a solution. Borough manager Lonnie Batdorf said he will check the lines with the camera to see what collapsed. Regardless of the condition, Batdorf said this area will be a significantly expensive fix. “The amount of stormwater that funnels and drains into that area is going to require probably different pipe sizing and stormwater calculations,” Batdorf said. The pipe cost alone could total around $12,500. Batdorf said the SEE PROJECT, PAGE 4A

The Wedding Singer

Cambria Heights lead actors Peyton Gaida (left), Christian Yarnish, Jocelyn Rezk, William Hoover, (back, left) Brett Eckenrode, Julie Snedden, and Morgan Schreyer play out a scene during a dress rehearsal for their spring production of “The Wedding Singer.” See more info on page 3A. Submitted photo.

NCMA addresses three-year theft of services by authority customer

By Amber Stich of Mainline Newspapers

Voice of Democracy

Cambria Heights student Alice Hoover (left) was recently awarded third place in the Sankertown Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars 7377 Auxiliary Voice of Democracy contest. Hoover had to write and present an essay on this year’s topic, “American History: Our Hope for the Future.” VFW District Auxiliary president for Cambria, Indiana and Armstrong counties Nancy Hoover was there to present Alice with a certificate, as well as a cash prize for her win. Photo by Amber Stich.

On April 4, Northern Cambria Water Authority members discussed a case in which a resident removed their water meter and effectively stole water from the authority for an undetermined amount of time. Chairman Paul Weaver said that while the individual was paying the base rate, he never paid for his usage, which is theft of services. The authority sought the advice of the authority solicitor Bill Barbin on the issue. Barbin suggested charging the individual the average water usage plus a fee for as long as the meter has been inactive and a significant fee on top of that amount for the late payments. Authority secretary Evelyn Long said there is no exact date that they could pinpoint to when he removed the meter, but the last time the meter was functioning was in 2015. Long said the resident told her the meter froze two years ago and he

removed it and replaced the area with a different pipe. Authority member Wilbur Kelly agreed that they should charge for the months he did not pay as well as a fee. If the resident does not pay the amount, he encouraged the authority to pursue pressing criminal charges against the resident. “When he took the meter out without notifying the water authority, he already did wrong,” Kelly said. Weaver added that this is an issue because customers who aren’t being charged for usage will use whatever they want, putting the burden of paying that difference on the other customers. “I’d like people to realize they can’t steal services, because when that happens, we have to raise other customer’s rates to cover what they used for free,” Weaver said. The authority agreed to charge the customer for three years of average usage and late fees. If the SEE SERVICES, PAGE 3A

Susq. Twp. talks park usage, sanitation contract

By Amber Stich of Mainline Newspapers

On Tuesday, April 3, the Susquehanna Township supervisors met for their monthly meeting. The supervisors discussed a few park issues, starting with the use of the Emeigh ballfields. A few individuals claimed to have exclusive contracts to use the Emeigh ballfields, however supervisor Fran Ligda said that is not

true. She said the fields are not exclusive to one group, they are open for all to use. Ligda said anyone who wants to use the fields can call the township office and reserve a field on certain dates, but “it will not be exclusive.” She said it is a first come, first serve basis. “We want to accommodate everybody,” Ligda said. Moving on, Ligda said the Parks and Recreation Commission is still looking to add bathrooms at the park with a flush toilet, as well as the addition of an awning installation to avoid the need for tents. Next, the supervisors heard from resident Rich Sheredy about a subdivision. He was asking to divide SEE CONTRACT, PAGE 3A

NC Song Fest students

Northern Cambria students Isabella Sherry (front row, from left), Belle Janosko, (back row) Kiera Boring, Teagan Pala and Taylee Pala will be attending the 2018 District 6 Song Fest at Forest Hills High School Friday, May 4, to participate in a choir comprised of approximately 170 fifth-grade students from Blair, Cambria, Somerset and Bedford counties. The students were selected through an audition process. Submitted photo.

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