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New phone scam can cost you hundreds, thousands of dollars newspapers

Vol. 121 No. 11

USPS 044-380

By Megan Riner

of Mainline Newspapers

Imagine you are sitting comfortably at home when the telephone rings. You answer and a voice on the other end of the line informs you that your grandson is in a holding cell and needs $2,000 bail money. That

Northern Cambria, Pa.

is the only information you are given besides where to wire the money. If this has happened to you, as

Thursday, March 13, 2014

has been happening recently in the region, you just might be the victim of a telephone scam. According to the Federal Trade

Since 1893

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Commission’s website, every year, thousands of people lose money, ranging fom a few dollars to their entire life savings,

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to telephone scams. Anyone can fall victim to a phone scam and SEE SCAM, PAGE 4A

Carrolltown Police Dept. creates page on Facebook By Megan Riner

of Mainline Newspapers

At the March 3 meeting of the Carrolltown Borough council, Police Chief William Hines told the council members that he has been working on creating a Facebook page for the Carrolltown Police Department. After the successes of other area police department’s and their pages, such as Altoona, where the department will post a picture and have the person identified moments later, Hines decided to create a social network presence for Carrolltown. Even though the crimes may not be on the same scale as the ones in Altoona, Hines believes that if someone has a problem


Northern Cambria’s fourth grade classes have been working on an electricity unit in Science, and one project is to create a flashlight. Within the flashlight, the students must use a circuit and a switch to light the bulb of the flashlight. Mrs. Ruddock’s room came up with these results. Submitted photo.

NC Water opens bids

Susquehanna Twp. seeks committee members to help organize park events SEE FACEBOOK, PAGE 3A

By Megan Riner

of Mainline Newspapers

Susquehanna Township supervisors are looking for interested persons who would want to be involved in helping with community events for the township. They are looking to expand their calendar of events to include something for every age group. Any ideas are welcome. The township is also looking into obtaining grants to construct restrooms and a concession stand in the Allport Community Park. The township is fortunate to have the parks, and the supervisors want the public to want to use them. The road crew would like to remind residents to please keep in mind that, when shoveling sidewalks and driveways, they should not throw the snow out onto the roads. This can be very

dangerous to vehicles that hit the snow piles and people may assume that the road crew is not plowing the roads. One hundred tons of anti-skid and four tons of salt has been used throughout the month of February to keep the roads clear. The amount of anti-skid used has doubled since last year, which will leave state funds lower to work with when it comes to improving the roads in the spring. The road crew is aware of the condition of some of the roads, but they cannot begin to work on them until the weather clears up. Because of the shortage on salt, the township has borrowed some from the borough of Northern Cambria to hold the township over until the township received a delivery. Almost 50 ton of salt was delivered on Saturday, March 1, though the rates for the salt had gone up $30 a ton since the township had to redo a new contract until the new sodium chloride contract is available in March for the 2014-15 winter season. The township would like to thank Northern Cambria for SEE COMMITTEE, PAGE 13A

By Megan Riner

of Mainline Newspapers


Cambria Heights student Super Amber — a.k.a. Amber Farabaugh — helps Nikki Neutron defeat super villain the Sneaker by telling him to open his eyes and be energy wise. Photo by Megan Riner.

Superheroes teach CH students about energy By Megan Riner

of Mainline Newspapers

What if a team of silly superheroes and one supervillain appeared in your home to teach you about energy? That is exactly what happened to elementary school students at Cambria


Stiffler and McGraw engineer John Clabaugh opened bids for the water project at the Northern Cambria Water Authority meeting on Thursday, March 6. For contract 1A, the general contract for the Spangler plant, the Northern Cambria plant, and the Krumenacker well site, the low bidder was Hickes with a bid of $888,500. The low bidder for contract 1B dealing with the electrical components of the Spangler plant, the Northern Cambria plant, and the Krumenacker well site was Mid Atlantic Storage Systems. Incidentally, both Hickes and Mid Atlantic Storage Systems were the original contractors for each as well. For the water distribution interconnect, the four pieces between Spangler and Northern Cambria, the low bidder was D & M Contracting with a bid of $188,424. The final bid for the meter project went to LB for $325,425.62. At the conclusion of the contract opening, Clabaugh informed the council that the next step was to authorize execution of the contract documents after they had been carefully reviewed. SEE BIDS, PAGE 11A

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