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Thursday, February 7, 2019

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Northern Cambria Rec meets

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By Jack Thompson

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NC High School’s TSA team

Members of Northern Cambria High School’s TSA team include (front row, from left) Erik Smith, Caleb Born, Troy Paronish, Derek Stafford, Alyssa Delosh, (back row) Ethan Ludwig, John Yahner, Jake Paronish, Garrott Link, John Scott, Ethan Miller, Bree Rainey and Alex Snyder. Absent from photo are Shayla Bowser and Emily Jacobs. Submitted photo.

The Northern Cambria Recreation Commission (NCRC) held its monthly meeting Saturday, Feb. 2, in order to discuss plans for the upcoming year and to give updates on projects underway. During the meeting, the commission also discussed grant money use and approved several purchases for installment around the borough. After approving the minutes and looking over the finance and expense reports, the commission took inventory on the new skate park. The project has been underway for some time and is funded almost entirely by donations for the community. Its purpose is to give the local kids a safe place to skate that doesn’t interfere with local stores. The commission approved the purchase and construction of four more ramps for the skaters’ use SEE NC REC, PAGE 5A

Carrolltown Borough discusses cell plan, water policy

By Jack Thompson

of Mainline Newspapers

Carrolltown Borough held their public meeting Monday, Feb. 4, to discuss borough affairs, including corrections to last month’s minutes, a new water turn off policy, a new material for road repair and more. In last month’s meeting, a vote to appoint Tim Spangler to the municipal authority wasn’t taken correctly. The correction required a remotion and revote, which passed. Following the correction, a motion was made and passed to approve the updated minutes. The council also received ethics forms for 2018 and will fill them out as soon as they are able. After approving January’s financial report, a motion was passed to approve the paid invoices for January. Councilman Luke Baker noted that the Verizon bill would appear higher for the next few months because of a recent change to the

borough’s cell plan. Their plan is now also classified as a government plan, granting unlimited minutes, texts and data. The designation also removes taxes and gives police and managers’ lines preference in case of emergency. After accounting for the tax discount, the new plan will cost about $50 less than the previous one. In other matters, borough manager Lonnie Batdorf proposed that the borough try a new street hole patching material created by New Enterprise. The new material, designed with special fibers to increase longevity, will cost about 20 percent more, but should last a much longer time. The material is also approved for use by PennDOT. The board approved a small amount of the material for purchase, which should allow for an adequate test run before committing to larger volumes. The council also discussed measures to help deal with excessive stormwater. The Carrolltown Municipal Authority agreed to create an authority to handle the stormwater, but

Patton Boro talks snow removal, winter maintenance

By Jack Thompson

of Mainline Newspapers

The Patton Borough Council held its first monthly meeting of 2019 Jan. 29 to discuss upcoming issues and report on operations in the borough. After public comment, the council discussed a situation with winter parking. One stretch of road, the 500 block of Magee Avenue, has caused a significant amount of

headaches for snow removal personnel. People are parking there and leaving their cars in the same spot for days, making it difficult to hold the snow at bay. “Cars are halfway on the road now and it’s not being plowed properly. It’s not fair to the business owners and its not fair to the people on the streets,” said council president Don Kirk on the matter. “It looks like people just dive into the snowbanks and then let their cars there for days on end.” In response, the council determined its only option was to limit parking in that area to 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. during winter months, with the exception of holidays. The board voted unanimously for the SEE PATTON, PAGE 9A

New inventions

after looking over the jurisdiction they are currently granted, it was determined that a separate authority would not need to be formed. The engineers from both the council and the municipal authority are scheduled to discuss the best way to delegate authority between the council and the authority. It looks right now that the council will pass ordinances, and the municipal authority will enforce them. This system is based on one that is working well in Ebensburg. The council went on to discuss a new system for water turn-offs. From now on, any water shut-off will require emails to be sent to all members of the council, as well as the water authority. This prevents confusion should someone without water contact a council member with questions. Batdorf noted that he has only seen a handful of shut-offs in his entire time working for the borough. “We do not turn off water lightly here in Carrolltown,” SEE CARROLLTOWN, PAGE 5A

Northern Cambria’s Nathan Fry, Drake Weller, Caleb Dolney and Maddie Doughty show off the invention they made for TSA’s Inventions and Innovations competition. Their invention was a device to dry coats and sweaters quickly. Submitted photo.

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