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Water authority establishes tap-in fee for Watkins project Vol. 120 No. 8

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Northern Cambria, Pa.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Costs have to considered before rate is set By Sarah Wolford

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After a lengthy discussion regarding their ongoing well project with members of the public, the Northern Cambria Water Authority was approached by a resident in regards to the Watkins waterline extension project. The resident was curious as to what the tap-in fee would be for those looking to connect to the extended line. The usual tap-in fee for the authority is $1,000. Authority solicitor Dennis Govachini explained that the authority could determine the best rate. Board chairman Paul Weaver said that the authority would need to look into all of the

costs associated with the project before determining a rate. “We don’t want to take money from you that we don’t have to take. We just need to figure in the costs,” he said. The resident explained that they would like some sort of break on the tap-in fee, especially considering that they had previously put taps in when they were supposed to hook-up with Bakerton’s system, and the project never came to fruition. Weaver suggested that the residents ask for their money back from Bakerton if they paid a tap-in fee and never received water. He added that the Northern Cambria authority would run cost

Personnel, right to know matters discussed by Northern Cambria board By Sarah Wolford

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During a meeting jam-packed with necessary business, the Northern Cambria School Board also dealt with several matters related to personnel and right to know issues. Board member Delvin Lockard, who has brought up right to know issues at several past meetings, told other board members that he felt all district contracts should be posted to the website so that the public can access them easily. Lockard also noted that only the minutes of the regular board meetings, and no committee of the whole or special meetings were posted when all of the minutes should be readily available to the public. Lockard also suggested that agendas for upcoming meetings be posted to the website so that the public could review them beforehand. “We’re spending a lot of time, money, and effort on right to know stuff that people could look up themselves,” said Lockard. Northern Cambria school district superintendent Dr. John Jubas said that he would look into Lockard’s issue on the meeting minutes and report back. Elizabeth Benjamin, a lawyer with the law firm of Andrews and Beard, which works as the district’s solicitor, said that the posting of contracts onto the website would depend on what contracts, although the posting of most would be permissible


and is up to the board’s discretion. Lockard also inquired as to why the district’s policy manual had not been updated online, a question he had also posed at the board’s December meeting. Jubas said that the district is currently switching over to a new website design and that they are still working on policy changes. District business manager April Miller also noted that the SEE PERSONNEL, PAGE 11A

Carrolltown Fire Company recognizes years of service

Marty Parrish, Brad Kirsh, and Tim Burkhart were presented with gold watches, from Carrolltown Volunteer Fireman’s President Ed Owen, in recognition of their 20 years of service at the 31st Annual Firemen’s Award and Dinner / Dance held Feb. 16. Photo by Ivan Deibler.

By Paula Varner

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In any walk of life, there are people who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. You will see them everywhere, in the workplace, in organizations and in just casual gatherings. Progress would not be made without these “trench” workers. Saturday night, Carrolltown Fire Engine Company, Station 51, held its 31st annual dinner / dance recognizing four individuals for their years of service to the fire company and the ladies auxiliary. Honored were: firemen Tim Burkhart, Brad Kirsch and Marty Parrish and fire lady Betty Shaw. “Each year we do it,” Carrolltown Ladies Auxiliary president and banquet hall manager Sue Byrne said of the dinner / dance. “Our goal is to honor people who put in years and years of service.” Once firemen and ladies auxiliary members amass 20 years of service to the community, they can be SEE SERVICE, PAGE 6A

Betty Shaw was presented with a gold bracelet from Carrolltown Volunteer Fireman’s Ladies Auxiliary President Sue Byrne. Photo by Ivan Deibler.

New alternative fitness classes now offered in Northern Cambria Silver sneakers, cardio swim program added By Sarah Wolford

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Good cause

Jake Seymore makes a donation to the American Heart Association at the Northern Cambria Middle School’s “Hoops for Hearts” fundraiser, held Feb. 15. Photo by Ivan Deibler.

It always seems a little tougher to stay committed to a workout in the winter. The cold weather can be a good excuse to bundle up in comfortable clothes and park it on the couch instead of heading out to the gym or taking a jog around the block. These excuses are a little harder to come by for Northern Cambria area residents with the ever-growing slew of alternative fitness classes offered by Andy Paronish. Paronish is giving people even less excuses to avoid exercise with the advent of additional alternative exercise courses aimed at people of all ages and fitness abilities. Favorite programs are once again being offered to those looking for a fun and different way to get fit, and

new programs are being put together to those who might want a different alternative. Alternative fitness is now in its 13th session and includes workouts based on boxing, cardio, and plyometric routines. This wellestablished program is designed for adults 18 years old and older and encompasses what Paronish calls a “total body fitness approach.” The program has helped dozens of people in the community focus on health and wellness while losing weight. While improving both physical and mental well-being, Paronish guides participants through a training program designed to encourage and support instead of demean and humiliate. Paronish said that the program caters to people of all fitness levels, allow-


Star Courier 2-21-13  

Star Courier 2-21-13

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