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Carrolltown Borough talks stormwater, lateral testing

Vol. 125 No. 45

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By Amber Stich

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At the Nov. 5 Carrolltown Borough Council meeting, the council members discussed the ongoing issues the town has been having with stormwater and excessive flows to the sewer plant. Last month, the council decided to investigate an ordinance requiring lateral pressure testing upon sale of a property to address the inflow problems in a more reliable way. The borough engineer and solicitor have been working on an ordinance that will cover the lateral testing, but the council was informed at this month’s meeting that some changes need to be worked out. The council will have the ordinance with these changes to look at next month. While discussing the inflow issue, the council also discussed the town’s stormwater issues. With the increasing need for a stormwater

Northern Cambria, Pa.

system, the council has been debating how to afford to finance a new system with options including charging a stormwater fee. The council has been looking into that possibility, and manager Lonnie Batdorf said he has been working with the engineer to calculate the equivalent runoff units (ERU) in the town. These ERUs are calculated as the average impervious area of a single unit, so a home would have a smaller unit than a business with a large parking lot. This may be used to adjust the fee so residents and businesses would pay depending on the ERU of the property. So far, the borough is still looking into the logistics and details of such a fee. A few council members said they should organize a public meeting once the lateral ordinance and the details of the stormwater fee are finSEE TESTING, PAGE 4A

Thursday, November 8, 2018

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A friendly face

Landon Dolges and Charlotte Carpinello visit with Smokey Bear and Hope Fire Company firefighter Matt Barczak at Hope’s Villa daycare during a during a fire safety lesson Nov. 1. Photo by Amber Stich.

Clearfield Township discusses grant, needed bridge replacement

By Amber Stich

of Mainline Newspapers

At the Clearfield Township Supervisors meeting Nov. 1, the supervisors discussed the planned project on TR525 also known as Nagle Road. The supervisors have been looking into grant funding to help pay for repairs to the bridge which has eroded over time from the water underneath it. Supervisor Joe Vescovi said that all of the necessary work has been completed and the application for the grant funds has been submitted. He said the process was definitely one that took some getting used to, but now that he has been through it once, he feels more confident in applying for the grant in the future if the township has projects that qualify. When it comes to completing the replacement, Vescovi said the work should be done in five or six days once it begins, but the township will need to consider how the road closure will affect the bus

Fire safety


routes if the project will take place during the school year. Ideally, the project could be completed just after school is out for the summer, but it has to be completed before July. Since there is no set date for the project yet, the supervisors said they would contact Tri-County Transportation to discuss what options they would have to detour bus routes on that road if the project does happen during the school year so they could be prepared. Also under roads, the supervisors were informed that Baer’s Hardware wanted to bond a .5 mile section of township road TR518 Carl Road to SR1023. The person filing the bond said he wanted the road to be recorded before the bond is set up as some areas of wear already exist on the road, and he does not want to be responsible for them after he has finished using the road. The supervi-


John Staruch, Eli Smith, and Peter Datsko are all smiles as they meet Hope Fire Company member Bruce Moriconi during a fire safety lesson at Hope’s Villa daycare Nov. 1. Photo by Amber Stich.

Hope Fire Co. talks fire safety with local children

By Amber Stich

of Mainline Newspapers

Throughout the month of October, which was fire prevention month, Hope Fire Company and other fire departments across the area held presentations at local schools to educate and prepare students and keep them safe should they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation with a fire. While some students in the upper

grades may feel like fire safety professionals by the time they graduate to high school, Mike Finui, of Hope Fire Company, said it is never too early to start instilling these skills into the youth, as it could help save their lives. So, on Nov. 1, Hope Fire Company visited the preschoolers at Hope’s Villa to share fire safety tips for the home and brought special guest Smokey Bear to educate the students on forest fires and proper fire prevention outdoors. “You would be surprised at the knowledge that these young children can absorb,” Finui said. “They are always engaged and enjoy the presentation, wanting to learn more.”


CHHS Sudents of the Month

Cambria Heights High School principal Ken Kerchenske (right) announces the October Students of the Month. Aubrey Thiec (left) was chosen as Artist of the Month. She is a vocalist and an instrumentalist who plays the flute, piccolo and saxophone. Zoe Panaro was chosen as Community Advocate of the Month for her work helping to prepare for a benefit dinner for a family member who had a stroke. Natalie Kopera was chosen as Athlete of the Month and is a member of both the cross country and track teams. Bryce Lauer was chosen as the Academic of the Month. Some of his favorite classes include college physics, honors physics, concert band and micro computer applications. Each student chosen as Student of the Month receives a certificate recognizing their achievement as well as a gift card donated by local business. Photo by Amber Stich.

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