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Northern Cambria, Pa.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

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The end of an era

S. Township to buy computer

The long-standing rivalry between Cambria Heights and Northern Cambria ended on Friday, Nov. 1, with Cambria Heights taking home not only the prized Coal Bucket to display in their trophy case to be admired by generations of students, but the pride of their fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers who kept the rivalry strong all these years. It all came down to Friday night. Friendships off the field became rivalries as hometown pride fueled the passions of the young men battling for the bucket, each team hoping to bring home the win that would be written in the history books and talked about by the two towns for days to come. Each team played their hearts out, but Cambria Heights came out the victor over the

By Megan Riner

By Megan Riner

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You can almost smell the turkey wafting out of the oven, taste the cranberry sauce, and I bet your mouth is now watering in anticipation of the savory sweet potatoes bathing in a marshmallow and brown sugar sauce. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with it all the wonderful things associated with the gluttonous holiday: dinner at multiple fam-

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Colts 17-13. Heights fans rushed the field to embrace and celebrate with the Highlanders as fireworks burst in the sky over the Patton stadium. Friday night’s game was likely to be the final Coal Bowl between the rival schools, as Cambria Heights is no longer permitted to schedule games with schools outside of its conference. And even though the two schools will no longer be facing each other on the gridiron, there are many years of contention that will color the two towns’ history forever. “Coal Bowl: Battle for the Bucket” is a feature-length documentary film written and produced by 2001 Northern Cambria graduate and assistant football coach Matt Hoover. The film will cover the history of the Cambria Heights / Northern Cambria rivalry and mainly “honor the rivalry in the

VFW awards scholarships


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All aboard!

Erica Hassen (left), Makayla Gibbons, and Ileigh Hassen pretend they are riding in a fire engine at the Spangler Fire Company Community Park in Northern Cambria. Ileigh drives while Makayla rings the bell to let everyone know the firetruck is leaving the station. Photo by Megan Riner.

St. Benedict, St. Vincent de Paul food pantry offer free Thanksgiving dinner SEE COMPUTER, PAGE 7A

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By Megan Riner

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Agendas at the Monday, Nov. 4, meeting of the Susquehanna Township supervisors were hand-written due to the office computer dying. The council has previously discussed purchasing a new computer for the office and a motion was made to purchase this new computer with all the new updates. In other business, six permits were issued through code enforcement for the month of September. The Tax Collector collected $1,297.94 for the month of October. Cambria County sent the township a check for $10,400 for reimbursement for October’s road project. The October bills amounted to $50,944.14.

Coal Bowl documentary keeps CH, NC rivalry alive Since 1893

By Megan Riner

Cambria Heights students show their support for the Highlanders by painting themselves red and blue despite the chilly temperatures during the Coal Bowl on Friday, Nov. 1. Photo by Megan Riner.


ily members’ homes, football games, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to kick off the day. Amongst all the cooking and eating and lounging around after dinner when the tryptophan starts to make you drowsy, we mustn’t forget the real reason of the season — giving thanks for all the things we have. Saint Benedict Church and St. Vincent de Paul are having a free Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Saint Benedict Church Hall. The dinner is for “anyone in need or anyone that wants to come,” said Theresa Deckard. “My theory is that if we help one person, we have done our job,” said SEE DINNER, PAGE 14A

Pride r uns deep

College can be the best four years of your life. The freedom of living by yourself, meeting people from all over the world and all walks of life, being challenged to think in new ways with new perspectives. But college tends to be very costly. Tuition alone is enough to break the bank. Add on a meal plan, room and board, books, and the occasional Monday night pizza and you have just created enough debt to last well into your 40s. The Saint Benedict VFW found a way to help shoulder the burden of post-secondary education financing. The VFW is awarding five $1,000 scholarships to five Cambria Heights SEE VFW, PAGE 5A

Northern Cambria fans cheer on the Colts during the Coal Bowl played at the Patton stadium on Friday, Nov. 1. Photo by Megan Riner.

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