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Engineer brings school building consolidation proposal to NCSB Vol. 125 No. 48

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Northern Cambria, Pa.

By Kristin Baudoux

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Dan Engen, a representative of VEBH Architects, gave presentation on the tentative construction/renovation project being planned for the Northern Cambria School District at the board’s meeting held Nov. 20. Engen said that the school’s enrollment is shrinking consistently over the years. The school’s current enrollment is about 1,072, but by 2020, Engen projects that the enrollment will be down to about 900 students. Based on this data, he said the size of the school is excessively large for the number of students, especially for the number of students projected in the future. “What we have here, currently, right now, in the district in both facilities is an excess of space, and it isn’t insignificant,” said Engen. Engen made the analogy to a family with two kids and a three-bedroom house. Once the children leave for college, the house has excessive unused space that still has to be cleaned, heated and maintained. Engen said that the average amount of educational space for each high school student is around 200 square feet. Currently, at the high school, each student has almost 300 square feet of space. At the elementary/middle school, each student has 279

Thursday, November 29, 2018

square feet of space, compared to the average of 180 square feet per student. He also stressed that the board should make its decision based on how this will affect the district 10 years later. “Any money that you spend here, you don’t get the chance to do it twice. That’s the big problem.” said Engen. “We want to make sure we make the right decision.” Engen said that the high school was built in 1962 but had some renovations performed in 1991. However, he said the high school has numerous issues that need addressed. He said the windows are original to the building and are not insulated, and that the brick and masonry is being eroded and water is getting into the building. Also, some areas of the high school are not Americans With Disabilities Act compliant, particularly areas of the auditorium and gymnasium. He said that much of the piping and mechanical units are original to the building and the building has asbestos tile. He said the tile is currently not a danger to anyone, but will need to be properly removed during renovation. Engen also noted safety and security issues in the school. He said the fire alarm system is not complete because many rooms do not have speakers or SEE CONSOLIDATION, PAGE 4A

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Concerns raised over traffic light in Patton

By Kristin Baudoux

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Business owner Albert “Hap” Lacue attended the Patton Borough Council meeting Nov. 19 to bring up issues with the traffic light near the intersection of Magee and Fourth avenues where his business, Lacue Sunoco, is located. “We have an issue there that’s bad,” said Lacue.

Lacue said that traffic backs up at the light, causing problems. He said there has been three wrecks at the light so far, and customers have a difficult time entering and exiting his business, a full-service gas station. “If you’re in the inside pump, and you’re trying to get out of there, you can’t get out of there,” said Lacue. He also said people drive through his lot to avoid the light. “We’ve had a few incidents where the people are coming in and just shooting right through the pumps. I had a couple kids


Christmas spirit

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Festive for the holidays

Patton Boro proposes no tax increase for 2019

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Braving the cold

Eli, Jacob, Mandy and Brian Dutchcot explore Northern Cambria’s light up night as a family. Photo by Kristin Baudoux.

By Kristin Baudoux

Owen Holtz, Camden Simanski and Ethan Holtz brave the cold weather to watch the Patton Christmas Parade Nov. 23. Photo by Kristin Baudoux.


The Patton Borough Council voted to advertise the borough’s proposed 2019 budget at their meeting held Nov. 19. The proposed budget shows no tax increase for 2019. In other news, the council said they are looking for a new plow truck. Council president Donald Kirk said that the red truck they own is “shot.” He said they may be able to use it for the water company, but not for plowing. Vice president Fred Shilling said that there is a used truck for sale at Hummingbird Estates. He said it’s

a nice truck in good shape that was only used a few years. Shilling said their previous plow operator had died and Hummingbird Estates contracted their plowing to someone else. “I think we may want to take a look and see how much she wants for that thing,” said Shilling. He said the truck is equipped with a plow and a spreader. The council said they would look at the truck before making a decision. As far as other equipment, the sewer department’s Husqvarna zero-turn lawnmower needs repairs to the motor deck. Shilling said they tried fixing the deck, but it is


Lilliauna and Sofia Ault and Trey Wertz excitedly watch the Patton Christmas Parade head down Magee Avenue Nov. 23. Photo by Kristin Baudoux.

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