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Tunnelhill discusses park fence repairs Vol. 119 No. 23

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

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By Joshua Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

Last year, the fence around the park on Tunnelhill Street was damaged and the borough’s insurance wouldn’t cover the repairs. The council believed someone had hit the fence and fled the scene. Since that’s happened, the fence has started to lean, and during the June 4 meeting, mayor Le Hritz asked if there was anything the borough could do about it. “I don’t know what to do about the fence up at the park,” vice president Tom Krozel said. He said that the actual repair is pricey and it doesn’t help that the insurance company wouldn’t cover the repairs. Krozel suggested that a borough worker could possibly pull the support straight and try to fix it. Hritz asked if a steel pole could be woven through the fence to provide extra support. But Krozel said the original pole is still intact and said it might be able to be pulled straight and have the cap put back on. “It won’t be perfect, but it’ll be better than what it looks like right now,” Krozel said. Moving on, councilwoman Heather McCloskey then asked if the borough had ever followed up with checking on the residents’ garbage

Jane and Dan Rice (left), Annie Sybert, Zach Itle, Ian Miller and Katelyn Zembrzycki enjoy the festivities at the annual Vale Wood Summertime Jubilee June 3. Photo by Joshua Byers.

Despite weather, New community center manager crowds still gathered shares passion for position at Vale Wood jubilee SEE FENCE, PAGE 14A

By Joshua Byers

of Mainline Newspapers.

For Laura Bagley, the new manager of the Mainline Area Community Center, working with seniors is a passion, and she is excited to undertake the adventure of managing the center. “I love this place,” Bagley said. “Seniors mean everything to me.” Bagley was first introduced to the older community a few years ago when she worked as the property manager for Graystone Court in Ebensburg, where she’s from. The everyday interactions with older adults and getting the chance to hear the stories and learn from them was an enriching experience, according to her. That’s what led her to pursue a job with the Nutrition Group, a company contracted through Cambria County to manage the area senior centers. The Cresson location is Bagley’s first time managing something like this, but she said she loves planning events and trips.

But with this new position, Bagley said she’s trying to go beyond just planning events. She wants to bring more people into the center and start up new activities. For instance, recently she worked out a deal with Helen Barlick to begin painting classes every Thursday from 9-11:30 a.m. This is on top of the various local journeys, casino trips and ceramics classes already offered. Bagley said that she wants the community to know that there is more than just bingo being offered. Another popular endeavor is the Wii bowling league. “There’s always something going on at the center,” Bagley said. The center is also a good resource for seniors, Bagley said. She explained that if the staff can’t find something out they will search for it. Another aspect Bagley is pushing at the center is socialization among members. She said it’s important for older adults to get out and

By Joshua Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

Sunday was a dreary affair for outdoor activities in the Mainline area, but on the Vale Wood farm, in Loretto, the weather wasn’t affecting the patrons of the annual Summertime Jubilee. “It’s a fun thing, even though it’s raining,” Paula Neatrour said. She brought her great-grandchildren, Christopher and Charles Bealonis, to the event for the food, fun, and of course the ice cream Vale Wood is known for. Neatrour said that she had some doubts about how the rain was going to affect the festivities, but she figured she’d come out anyway. This was also the case of Sarah DeBose and her daughter, Mila, of Johnstown. Sarah DeBose said that this was her first time to Vale Wood, but she wanted to start taking her daughter to different events around the area, and this was a prime opportunity to start that endeavor. “I think it’s a nice family event,” DeBose said. SEE JUBILEE, PAGE 6A


Strawberry Festival provides residents with sweet summer treats

By Joshua Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

On and off over the last few decades the Cresson Presbyterian Church has been gathering to kick-off summer with a symbol of the season, the strawberry. One of the organizers, Cathy Vargo, said that the actual festi-

val started quite some time ago as a fellowship gathering for just the church members but it fizzled out. Then, in the 1980s the church started hosting the Strawberry Festival again and that went on “for a number of years” in which it was opened to the public. “At that time, we would pick our own strawberries,” Vargo said. But the festival again dwindled and was stopped. Then in 2010, the church members decided to revive the old tradition. “We make homemade white cakes, use Vale Wood ice cream

and provide drinks,” Vargo said. “This time, we solicited area businesses for gift cards and baskets and held a silent auction along with entertainment.” These added activities brought some more interested attendants to the event that benefits the church. Vargo said that when the auction was added the church needed a new roof and the sanctuary needed new carpeting. The festival and auction act as the main fundraiser for the church. Vargo said around 200 SEE FESTIVAL, PAGE 3A

Kylie Garrett and Corey Bennett wait their turn to get strawberry shortcake at the Presbyterian Church in Cresson June 3. Photo by Joshua Byers.

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