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Gallitzin Township considers wastewater plant options Vol. 119 No. 15

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By Joshua Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

According to GD&F project engineer Kenneth Beldin Jr., Ashville Borough held a special meeting to further investigate the wastewater treatment plant upgrade or replacement that has been in progress for some time. Beldin said this at the Gallitzin Township April 5 meeting and further explained that the borough had a Special Act 537 planning module done. From this, the council has decided to upgrade the current plant and seek funding for that. “I know we’ve been having talks for the past few years about potentially doing some sewage from Coupon to there and some outlying areas,” Beldin said, “but capital costs today anticipated performing on their system is approximately $3.1 million.” Because of this, Beldin introduced three possible options for the supervisors to consider. The board could offer Ashville money to contribute toward that capital cost because the township would have a majority flow for the system — about 58 percent. The members could simply be a bulk user of the newly upgraded Ashville system and construct a Gallitzin system that would pump to the plant, or the township could purchase a “package plant” of its own. “It would be your own treatment facility,” Beldin said about the last option. Following this information, Beldin informed the

Cresson, Pa.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

supervisors about various funding options from organizations like the United States Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority or the USDA’s Rural Utilities Service. This included grant funds, which Beldin ran scenarios for, from 0-75 percent. Supervisor Joe Benzie asked at what point would the township know how much grant money they would be receiving. Beldin said with the board’s permission, he could begin pursuing grant opportunities as soon as possible. He added that option three makes the most sense for the township to pursue, but encouraged the board to continue discussing the matter with Ashville Borough. Option three would extend from Burger Hut to the former Forest Zoo. Benzie then asked if the total cost of the package plant listed in the report from Beldin included a plant operator and other costs of operating a plant. Beldin said it did and that he had figured in all expenses of that endeavor. The real problem with partnering with Ashville, as far as the board saw it, was the fact that the township would have to undergo a lot of costs to build the system that would pump to the borough. The township would also have to wait on Ashville to put everything in place for the plant upgrades, which could take some time. Beldin explained that this is where having their

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Helping out

All Saints Catholic School first grade student Mitchell Eberhart, a member of the Sons of the American Legion, Cresson Squadron 238, gets ready to help load Easter candy flags for veterans at the Hollidaysburg Veterans Home. The Legion family raised $350 for this special purchase in conjunction with an All Saints fundraiser. Mitchell is also holding handmade crosses to be placed in the three chapels at the home. Submitted photo.

‘Walk Works’ path ready; signs to be posted soon

By Joshua Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

Over the last year, representatives from the Blair County Planning Commission have attended the Tunnelhill Borough meetings to provide updates to the council about establishing walking paths in the community. At the April 2 meeting, planning commission regional planner Tina Enderlein presented the members with a finished insert map explaining the route of the two walking paths and some points of interest. “We have come up with a route called ‘The Allegheny


Tunnelhill Borough updated on Blair County project

Mountain Magic Walk,’” Enderlein said. The aforementioned maps will be placed throughout both Tunnelhill and Gallitzin borough to let residents and visitors know that a “Walk Works” path, which has been funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, has been designated there. One route runs from the Gallitzin Tunnels to Tunnelhill and the other picks up there and works through the state game lands to Bennington Cemetery. The path from Gallitzin is set on the sidewalks in town

because the “Walk Works” paths use existing infrastructure to map the trails. There is no money to build anything. Following her introduction to the insert maps, Enderlein asked the council about future paving work this year. Councilman Allen Lego has been her point of contact through the development of this project and he informed her of it. Enderlein asked to preserve the existing sidewalks when

Washington Township board remembers former supervisor By Joshua Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

The April 4 Washington Township supervisors meeting began with a moment of silence. Chairman Jaime Hartline explained that former supervisor Leslie Gene Devett had recently passed, and the board wanted to take time to remember him. Devett attended the monthly gatherings regularly. Later in the meeting, under the “Good of the Township,” the members honored Devett for the month of April. They said that Devett was chosen for his years of service, dedication and overall interest in the community throughout his life. “He was always available when you needed something,” Hartline said. Previously, the Washington Township Supervisors decided to let the domain for the website

lapse until further investigation into what the future of the page held. Hartline presented a proposal from Mountain Technology Services to the board. This proposal included transfer, updates and set up of a new website for the municipality. This included making the website “mobile friendly” and email. Hartline explained that the township site hasn’t had an administrator for several months. “We would like to take steps to get it back up and running and have it updated,” Hartline said. He added that the proposed cost of $884 from Mountain Technology Services would be split between the township and Central Mainline Sewer Authority because the two share the site. Hartline suggested the township enter into an agreement with the company that includes a maintenance agreement. The company would handle all of the updating for the township for a fee of $25 a month. Secretary Pamela Flis will simply have to send the minutes to the company and the website would be updated.

Solicitor Thomas Swope asked what the term for the agreement was. Hartline told him that a term had not been discussed

Snow much fun

because the company needed to research the domain which is held by Hartline then stated that the


aforementioned fee is just for the set up. After that, the townSEE REMEMBERS, PAGE 5A

A group of children take an opportunity to enjoy winter while it still lasts outside of Children’s Express in Cresson. Submitted photo.

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