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Penn Cambria School Board hears report on district’s data rankings Vol. 148 No. 47

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By Gina Bianucci

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The Penn Cambria School Board heard from director of curriculum and instruction and technology coach Jeanette Black about the testing data collected from each of the district’s schools at the board’s Nov. 19 meeting. Though the data is not easily summarized, she said the school district has some bright spots along with a few areas where the district needs increase its focus. She started off discussing the district’s language arts data. According to Black, Penn Cambria remains above the state average in each individual grade level in language arts. However, she did say that their growth measures are not as consistently strong across all the buildings. She said her team has been meeting with the teachers to get their

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input and discuss topics that the school might need to address. Black said that the students are still meeting the state’s interim goals. She also said that the middle school exceeded the growth standard on future writing PSSA tests. There is significant evidence that the students at the high school level are exceeding as well. This year, the school has administered the G.R.A.D.E, which stands for Group Reading Assessment Diagnostic Evaluation, to all of the third- and fourth-grade students. The district needed to figure out the level their third-grade students are at, and the PSSA test they take at the end of the year is just one piece of the puzzle. Black reported that 66 percent of rising third-graders enter third grade at or above average, and about 23 percent of the students rank among the top third

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

of students in Pennsylvania. The class entering third grade walked in with about 32 percent of students ranking among the top in Pennsylvania. Black said this is a testament to some of the work the teachers have been doing in guided reading and interventions in the primary schools. Moving on to math, there were some bright spots there as well. Black said that four out of six grades scored above the state average on the PSSA. According to her, the high school data shows that Penn Cambria is already exceeding the state goal for 2030 in regard to algebra achievement. In regard to SAT scores, the students were about 1.5 percent below the national average in 2019, but that percentage has improved in recent years. SEE REPORT, PAGE 2A

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The Gallitzin Borough Council received an email from U.S. Census Bureau partnership specialist Rick Buck about the upcoming 2020 Census at its Nov. 13 meeting. In the email, Buck states that he wants to encourage Cambria County leaders to ensure that the county residents are aware of the imminence and importance of the 2020 Census to guarantee maxi-

mum participation. Buck included some facts that he wants the council to routinely share with the community. According to the 2020 Census website, the census provides critical data that lawmakers, business owners, teachers and many others use to provide daily services, products to support the community. Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads and other resources based on census data. The number of people who participate in the census determines the number of seats Pennsylvania gets in the House of Representatives. The data also is used to draw congressional and


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Penn Cambria Fall Flake

CMSA approves pipes, angle placements for residents’ private line

Joe Beiler, Lexie Mento, Catrina Crynock and C.J. Waterhouse are dressed up and ready to dance the night away at the Penn Cambria Fall Flake held Nov. 23. Photo by Gina Bianucci.

By Gina Bianucci

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Ellis Ball and Meagan Wheeler head inside for the Fall Flake and prepare to dance all night long. Photo by Gina Bianucci.

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Gallitzin Boro learns about U.S. Census

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By Gina Bianucci

Fall Flake 2019


Matthew Beck was present at the Nov. 18 Central Mainline Sewer Authority meeting to represent his parents, who are currently in Florida. Beck’s parents are developing a plan to install a private line for the sanitary sewer system under the road crossing at Blueberry Road and Colonial Drive. However, Beck’s parents want CMSA to eventually take over maintenance of the line. For CMSA to do that, Beck’s parents must follow CMSA’s rules, regulations and specifications or the authority will not accept

October Students of the Month

the line. Beck wanted to know if the board would prefer a 6 inch sewer main or an 8 inch sewer main under the road. The board, along with engineer Joe Beyer from The EADS Group, discussed which pipe to choose, as there would not be a major difference in price and both would be acceptable. They eventually decided that an 8 inch pipe would be superior to the 6 inch pipe because the larger line would be more useful to the CMSA for future expansion. Beck also wanted to know


Penn Cambria High School has announced its October Students of the Month Nov. 22. The winners are (first row, from left) Julia Gil, Jada Dorman, Hannah Fitzsimmons, Colette Costlow; (back row) Michael Poorman, Josh Lee, Gabe Lutz and Caleb Hunt. Submitted photo.

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