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Thursday, October 12, 2017

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Sankertown VFW gets upgrade from Home Depot veterans program By Joshua Byers of Mainline Newspapers

For the last seven years, The Home Depot has been helping veterans and veterans organizations with the “Celebration of Service” program. On Oct. 4, volunteer store associates visited the Sankertown Veterans of Foreign Wars to work on a veterans park. A fence, flag pole, and patio were installed, and picnic benches were placed. An M48 A5 Korean and Vietnam War-era tank and a UH1H Huey helicopter that did two tours in Vietnam are already in place there. “If projects seem worthwhile, we get them money and they get what they need,” Home Depot department supervisor Justin Santichen said. The Home Depot Foundation has pledged to donate $250 million to veterans and organizations by 2020. Mark Woleslagle, an assistant store manager for Home Depot who was working on the project, said organizations like the Sankertown VFW have to submit ideas for the grant and a team see veterans, page 4a

Home Depot associates (front row, from left) Greg Solomon, Bill Drobnich, Rick Link; (back) Sankertown Veterans of Foreign Wars junior vice commander Larry Wade, Home Depot department supervisor Justin Santichen, assistant store manager Mark Woleslagle, and associate Butch Butler stand near the project area of the new Sankertown VFW veterans park, which was funded by the Home Depot Foundation. Photo by Joshua Byers.

Washington Twp. works with Sunoco engineer for future road repairs By Joshua Byers of Mainline Newspapers

Fast friends

Cresson firefighter Matt Poorman (left) and Lilly firefighter Chayenne Gohn (right) give Maverick Boylan, Zach Stitko, and Cambri Boylan a closer look at a fire truck during the Lilly Community Volunteer Fire Department open house. Photo by Joshua Byers.

An engineer for Sunoco Logistics attended the Oct. 4 Washington Township supervisors meeting to discuss the future of Mountain Road once the company has completed its work on the Mariner East 2 pipeline. Richard Cotter, a senior engineer for STV, told the board that there is video of the road, including film from 2015 and early 2017. Following review of the video and comparing it to what the road looks like now, Cotter said there is obvious damage, thanks to having all the new potholes circled with paint. “In order to confirm what the difference was, I’ve had a guy go through, and he found each hole, brought up the old video, and put a

photo side by side,” Cotter said. According to him, before Sunoco began using the road, there were only two potholes. Now, there are “many more than that.” On the bright side, most of the potholes are fairly small. Cotter said the two contractors are going to share the cost, and the potholes are set to be secured for the winter. He added that in correspondence, Sunoco has stated that if the contractors don’t complete the work as promised, the company will do it and back-charge the contractors. “We will get the potholes patched,” Cotter said. “I’m fairly certain it’s going to be next week.” Cotter went on to state that there’s only one major concern with the road and that’s near the top where see road, page 3a

Tunnelhill approves request Gallitzin Township for proof of garbage service holds no decision on Borough hopes to curb nuisance burning By Joshua Byers of Mainline Newspapers

The topic of garbage collection was broached during the Oct. 2 Tunnelhill Borough meeting. Mayor Le Hritz asked vice president Tom Krozel, who was running the meeting due to the absence of president Michael Taddei, what had happened to the borough sending out letters for collection. “We’ve never really gone fur-

ther,” Krozel said. According to him, the council has talked about implementing one garbage collector for the entire borough, but after the discussion, the council decided to allow each resident to hire their own company. Krozel had investigated contracting Lee’s Disposal in the past, but now that the company has shut its doors, he’s not sure how the borough should proceed. The topic was again brought up because of reports some residents are burning their garbage instead of having it hauled away. “One problem’s leading to another,” Krozel said. The borough does have the power to designate a trash collector, it just hasn’t yet.

Councilman Larry Bem suggested the council send a letter to the citizens of the borough requesting current proof that their garbage is being picked up. “If you don’t have a collector, then we will appoint one to you,” Bem said. He also stated that the ordinance details that every resident has to have proof of a collector. Bem then said the borough could mandate a collector, which he said he’s against, but if that’s what it comes down to, then that’s what it has to be, according to him. The council approved a motion to send the letters to the residents and have them either see proof, page 4a

Sutton Road paving

By Joshua Byers of Mainline Newspapers

Dean Township resident Rick Pettenati attended the Oct. 5 Gallitzin Township supervisors meeting to see if the board had decided if it would be moving forward with the suggestion of Dean Township supervisor Ted Fudalski to pave Sutton Road. At the last meeting, Fudalski suggested the two municipalities split the cost of paving Sutton Road, which Dean maintains even though the township line runs down the middle of the road. Pettenati lives on Sutton Road. “We didn’t actually come to a decision yet,” supervisor Larry Grimes said. “Our understanding is it’s still under contract through Dean until 2019.” The two townships signed an agreement around 30 years ago that states Gallitzin Township will turn its liquid fuels money for Sutton Road over to Dean in exchange for maintenance of the road. Pettenati initially attended a Gallitzin Township meeting to see if the supervisors would take over complete maintenance of Sutton Road because he claimed it’s in poor shape and Dean won’t do anything about it. see paving, page 3a

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