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Munster Township reorganizes, hears from citizen during regular business Vol. 119 No. 2

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By Joshua Byers

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The Munster Township Board of Supervisors gained a new member at its Jan. 3 meeting. At the December 2016 meeting, longtime supervisor and roadmaster Jeff Freidhof resigned from his positions. At this January meeting, it was decided that Francis (Jake) Hoover would be nominated to take over the supervisor position. However, during the reorganization meeting, which took place before the regular meeting on the same night, supervisor Pat Lee was named the new roadmaster. Chairman Gene Orlosky retained his position and Lee was also named the vice chairman. Alice Mento kept her position as the secretary/treasurer. She explained that the bond for treasurer had to be increased, though.

Cresson, Pa.

“It’s going to have to be increased to $75,000 for this year, because it has to be enough money to cover what comes in under liquid fuels,” Mento said. She went on to state that she was informed that this increase needed to happen at the last audit. Both the current solicitor, Goldstein, Heslop, Steele, Clapper, Oswalt, and Smith, and engineer, Hegemann and Wray, were retained as well. Additionally, Ed McMullen was appointed as the vacancy board chairman. This was an important decision because the last chairman, Charlie Wirfel, had passed away, leaving the position open. After a series of retention motions, which were approved unanimously, the board closed the reorganization meeting and moved on to regular business. At the opening of the regular meeting, Ron Farabaugh, who

Thursday, January 12, 2017

attends most township meetings, requested the floor to discuss issues he had. First, he asked that all the checks being approved at a meeting be read aloud as well as what that money is being spent on. Farabaugh said that he would like to see this done so “the taxpayer knows what that money is being spent on.” Mento informed Farabaugh that she didn’t have to read the checks off at the meeting. She said it’s not “mandatory” so she wouldn’t be doing it unless the supervisors asked her to. Lee said that he didn’t see a need for this because Farabaugh requests a copy of all the checks anyway after every meeting. According to Farabaugh, he had an issue with “missing checks” from some time ago. He was informed that, that was just a mishap, not that the township SEE CITIZEN, PAGE 3A

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A big honor

Josh and Lindsey Gallagher enjoy the Steelers game in Pittsburgh on Jan. 8, where Josh had the honor of singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the game. At halftime, he also sang his song “Pick Any Small Town.” Photo by Chris Hochrein.

Park fence fix tabled until spring in Tunnelhill

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By Joshua Byers

Christiana Koytek (middle) waits patiently for her turn to get lunch with her parents, David (left) and Karen, during the monthly luncheon at St. Michael School in Loretto. Each grade gets a turn to ask their parents and grandparents to eat with them. Photo by Joshua Byers.


During committee reports, Tom Krozel, vice president of Tunnelhill Borough council, said that he hadn’t heard anything about the new truck the borough had ordered. He said the last he heard it was supposed to be going to the body shop. The council held its reorganization meeting previous to the regular monthly meeting on Jan. 3 because the New Year’s holiday was observed Jan. 2. Krozel went on to talk about business discussed at the December 2016 meeting where the council was informed that the fence in Tunnelhill Park had been hit and was damaged. Some of the piping is bent and the fencing is broken. “We’re going to have to pay for

it ourselves,” Krozel said. He explained that when secretary Cathy Kent contacted the insurance company she was told that they wouldn’t be covered. Krozel said that according to the insurance company, if the fence was hit by an incident like an airplane or a natural disaster, the borough would be covered. “I couldn’t believe it, that’s why I forwarded it you [Krozel],” Kent said. Krozel also said that there was a quote to get the fence fixed and it’ll be a little more than $700 to fix. He suggested tabling the issue until spring to see where the council was at. “No use getting it fixed now,” president Michael Taddei said. Councilwoman Heather McCloskey said that she would SEE FENCE, PAGE 3A

Washington Township supervisors talk new vehicle possibility, subdivisions

By Joshua Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

A notice from the Central Mainline Sewer Authority was brought up during the Jan. 3 Washington Township supervisors meeting. It detailed the authority’s plans of seeking grant money from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) to

improve the sewer system, according to Jaime Hartline, chairman of the Washington Township board. There was no roadmaster’s report, but supervisor Ray Guzic Jr. asked that he be allowed to pursue the idea of buying a new truck. He said that he thought there may be a need for a new one this year because the current one “has seen better days.” He said he just wants to explore it and come back to the board. “I don’t have a problem with shopping,” Hartline said. Under the solicitor’s report, Guzic asked Thomas Swope if he’d seen the subdivision agreement map that the board signed off on at the December

2016 meeting to provide the necessary 150 feet around the Lilly Borough well. Swope said he hadn’t seen the final version. Guzic said he was asking because he wanted to know who would be preparing the deed. “As the grantor, we should prepare the deed,” Swope said. The board also discussed the other easements in the same area, including the one “on the front end” for Dick Sweeney, the township crossing the borough’s land and the borough crossing the township’s land. This easement included access for Bob and Joanne Courtot as well. Authorization was granted to SEE TOWNSHIP, PAGE 4A

Team pride

Elijah Chyr (back row, from left), Carter Szpala, Steven Mayhew, (front) Sophia Beard, and Colvin Mallory get ready for their practice with the Penn Cambria K-2 basketball team on Jan. 9. Photo by Joshua Byers.

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