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Mariner 2 pipeline causing road issues in Jackson Township Vol. 96 No. 36


Nanty Glo, Pa.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

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‘Corporate culture’ blamed By Allie Garver

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The condition of the roads in Jackson Township due to the Mariner 2 East pipeline was brought up by Vince Brisini at the Aug. 31 supervisors meeting. Brisini, who lives in Vinco, specifically talked about the pipeline at the Adams Avenue access because he has a problem with the lack of clean roads the contractor is leaving behind on a daily basis. “I had been trying to work with them and I had been in contact with their land agent, their permitting person, their community representative,”

said Brisini. In the past, Brisini worked in Harrisburg and got to know many individuals, one of whom he worked with who is now in conjunction with the pipeline project. Brisini showed some pictures of the road conditions to this individual and spoke with him about the problem. “He asked for some time before I started going to the Department of Environmental Protection, and also I had gone to senator [Wayne] Langerholc and representative [Frank] Burns and I called people that I know in both the Senate and the House of Representatives in Harrisburg,” said Brisini. “The SEE PIPELINE, PAGE 3A

Good times

Braden Boothby (left), Jon Henry, and Bryce Boothby take a break from playing at the Vintondale Homecoming on Sept. 2. Photo by Allie Garver.

Resident voices complaint over Route 422 sewer system project

BVMA explains funding agency sets rates By Allie Garver

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Sister bonding

Layla (left) and Eva Harshbarger wear their coolest sunglasses on Sept. 4 at the American Legion County Fair. Photo by Allie Garver.

George Jones questioned the Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority about the Route 422 sewer line to which he will be required to connect. “I just want to know more about this, the sewer,” said Jones. “I know nothing about it, just rumors.” Chairman Mike Pisarcik explained that Jones will be hooked in because the authority will be crossing over Route 422. Pisarcik told Jones no buildings will be involved with this project besides a small pump station on Allie Buck Road. The entire line is gravity flow, according to Pisarcik. Jones has a septic system that will be bypassed. He will be sent a letter informing him that he has public sewage and connection is required, said solicitor Bill Barbin. “What will happen is when

we start this project, we’ll get you guy’s flags out there and you’ll mark where you want your tap at,” said Pisarcik. “We’ll give you a scope along the line you can pick and that’s where we’ll put the tap,” said Barbin. “We can’t move to the back of your house.” “I really don’t want it, to tell you the truth,” said Jones. “This has been going on five years, I could care less if I get it or not. My septic tank is fine. All this is going to cost me is more money.” “You may not be one of the ones with the failing septic system, but there’s a whole bunch with the failing septic system,” said Barbin. Jones said that he was forced into getting public water as well from the authority when he had a well that worked great. “Then your water blew out in my house, caused me a lot

of problems,” said Jones. “You guys were exempt from that, my homeowners had to pick that up.” “That’s how Pennsylvania law is written,” said Barbin. “It was proved that we did nothing wrong there,” added Pisarcik. Jones then asked what a monthly bill and tap-in fee would be for the new sewer system, and when he will have to tie into it. “Seventy-five dollars a month,” said Pisarcik. “Depending on the bidding process with the contractors and stuff, where we land in that. It could go up, it could come down.” The tap-in fee for the sewer system will be $2,000. “We don’t set the fees and what your monthly rate is,” said board member Desmond Warzel. “The funding agency does,”


Property dispute continues to bring residents to Vintondale Boro council

By Allie Garver

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Bella Wicks and her horse Shining Armor wait their turn to enter the barn for one of the competitions at the American Legion County Fair on Sept. 4. Photo by Allie Garver.

A property dispute in Vintondale Borough continued to be a topic of conversation at the Aug. 17 council meeting. At previous meetings, neighbors of Glen and Regi Shay have made complaints about the Shays’ placement of personal items on borough property. Jane Marines asked the council about the trimming of a Christmas tree that is on borough property. The issue was first brought up at the July meeting, but Marines wanted to follow up with police chief John Cobaugh. “We had talked about the cop going up to see Mr. [Glen] Shay, and I was wondering if you made a visit,” said Marines. “I did go up there and talk to him, and as far as him,

he came home, they [tree limbs] were cut down, laying there, he drug them up the hill,” said Cobaugh. “He denies cutting them.” The council said borough workers did not trim the tree branches. There is nothing that can be done, according to the council, until solicitor Joe Green contacts them about the legalities of the issue. Marines had one other questions for council revolving around the old Catholic church on Fourth Street. “Around the church, where the sidewalk and the road meets, there’s a lot of weeds,” said Marines. “Is that the owner that bought the church’s duty to cut the weeds?” “Yes it is, and I will get after them,” said Cobaugh. Cobaugh further explained how the ordinances in SEE DISPUTE, PAGE 3A

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