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BVMA engineer says 422 project is almost halfway complete Vol. 98 No. 32


By Allie Garver

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As of the July 31 Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority (BVMA) meeting, the Route 422 east wastewater project is 46 percent complete, according to engineer Rich Wray. “It’s been an eventful month, we covered a lot of ground,” said Wray. One item that has recently come up with the project is the need for a driveway occupancy permit through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). “PennDOT has a new program, that when your sewer line comes up to, say, a state road, whether it’s 271, 422, Expedite Road, Cardiff Road, you now have to get a driveway occupancy permit so the construction vehicles can enter the project site through that easement,” Wray explained. “It’s something new to me, it’s new to the contractor.” Wray said that although the contractor may be

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

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Every year new technology is developed to better benefit police departments in both equipment and communication. In order to provide better policing, the departments need to stay up to date with that equipment and sometimes that can be difficult with the increasing cost of technology. In many cases, local businesses will provide funds to help the police departments, which is what

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on an existing driveway, it needs to be marked as such and where the sewer line will be needs to be shown. The new permit also requires that site distances are shown, as if it is being developed as a brand new driveway. “We have to get five permits, they have to be in the landowners name,” Wray said. “They have to agree to this, even though they’ve signed an easement for us to install the sewer.” In other project matters, Wray said there was an issue along Route 422 because the contractor removed a portion of corn crop. “The contractor was, I will call it, a little wide on his disturbance up through there,” said Wray. He said the farmer is going to put together a cost estimate of the damage for the authority, who will then submit it to the contractor so restitution can be made for that loss. Wray added that he had plans to discuss project efficiency and disturbance on properties with the contractor.

CPV donates $10,000 to Jackson Township Police Dept.

By Allie Garver

Since 1921


Competitive Power Ventures did for Jackson Township. Since deciding to construct CPV in Jackson Township, the company has worked to give back to the community in various ways, including donations to organizations. Recently, CPV made a $10,000 donation to the Jackson Township Police Department for communication and equipment upgrades. “CPV has been very community oriented since starting the plant project in the township,” said police chief Phil Vaught.

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“The generous donation will help the department to upgrade our portable radios as well as SEE DONATES, PAGE 3A

Movie night

Braxton Young pulls up a chair with his popcorn and juice ready for movie night at the park in Twin Rocks. The evening was sponsored by the Blacklick Township Civic Group. Photo by Allie Garver.

Summer nights

Elizabeth Smith, Stella Lanzendorfer, Sara Forgas and Sara’s dog, Dixie, are ready for a night of fun at the park in Twin Rocks for the first movie night. The evening was sponsored by the Blacklick Township Civic Group. Photo by Allie Garver.

Municipal Authority discusses sewer connection distances

By Allie Garver

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Book sale

Wesley (back), Nathan and Emmalyn Matthews search through the books at the Nanty Glo Library’s annual book sale Aug. 3. The sale is always the first Saturday of August. Photo by Allie Garver.

Required sewer connection distance was discussed at the July 31 Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority (BVMA) meeting. During the June meeting, authority chairman Mike Pisarcik said that he had been asked a number of times about what the ordinance is and if the 150 foot rule is in place. “Last month, the authority asked me to examine the documents on connection distances,” said engineer Rich Wray. In June, Pisarcik and BVMA solicitor Bill Barbin explained that the Blacklick Township ordinance states that any property “adjacent to” a main line

could be required to tap in and the distance is “unlimited.” Barbin added, though, that the authority needed to be reasonable. Wray said he would map roof outlines to compile a list of house distances from the sewer line. According to Wray, 143 homes are within zero to 150 feet, 20 homes are from 150-200 feet away, 12 homes are within 200-250 feet away, and only six homes are between 250 and 300 feet from the line. He added that four homes are 300 or more feet from the line. These distances are for the houses in the new 422 wastewater project.


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