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JETSA reviews projects


Vol. 98 No. 33


Nanty Glo, Pa.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

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Inspector explains odor control system

By Allie Garver

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Although Jackson/East Taylor Sewer Authority (JETSA) engineer Dan Carbaugh couldn’t attend the Aug. 8 meeting, he did send an update for chairman George Burkey to review. The Fords Corner project has been a constant topic of conversation at JETSA meetings because the authority has been working on permitting various aspects of the project in order to receive Pennsylvania Investment Infrastructure Authority (PENNVEST) funding. “The project is in the funding for the October PENNVEST board meeting,” read Burkey. Carbaugh had been waiting to receive a joint permit for a stream because of a “high quality wetland” area the sewer project has to go through. At the July meeting, Carbaugh said that the line had to be constructed through that wetland because it is the lowest point in the project area. Also, at the July meeting, Carbaugh explained that there are native trout reproducing in the stream, which is why it is considered a high quality wetland. In the written update, Burkey read that right-of-way meetings need to be set up to acquire the remaining easements from Jackson Township residents. They also need to gain ownership of the pump station sites and get subdivision drawings. The letter also stated that Rural Electric has easement forms that to be signed so the electrical lines can be constructed. As far as the Leisure Village project is concerned, Burkey read that Carbaugh is waiting to hear back from the owner of trailer court to set up a meeting time and date to review the project. According to Burkey, the owner said the project is “all right,” however that individual hasn’t seen the property since the construction has been done. “He [Carbaugh] said ‘no way,’ we want them there to see what it is and sign off,” Burkey said. In other matters, inspector Tim Burkey said he has been

Movie night

Kenna Breth (front row from left), Eli Breth, Ella Lecuyer; Emma Lecuyer, Bailey Cressley, Bently Cressley, Trenton Wilson and Deegan Kirsch are ready for movie night at the Twin Rocks park Aug. 4. The evening was sponsored by the Blacklick Township Civic Group. Photo by Allie Garver.

NG Water Auth. engineer addresses DEP letters By Allie Garver

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Nanty Glo Water Authority engineer Joel Romagna addressed a couple of letters the authority received from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at the Aug. 7 meeting. “One is for the alarm and shutdown requirements the other is for the continuous turbidity monitoring and recording requirements,” said Romagna. “I brought this up to you in prior months here, this is the start of the Chapter 109 regulations.” According to Romagna, the authority is OK for

compliance, but some SCADA (supervisory control and date acquisition) improvements will be necessary. He added that different settings will need to be used on the SCADA system so the plant can be shut down based on new turbidity requirements. Romagna asked that the authority authorize him to send a letter to DEP stating that by using a calculation the effluent turbidity numbers needed can be figured out. “Before we go through with any physical type improvement to meet that regulation, we drafted a letter to DEP stating that ... this is going to be a little tricky to get this thing installed, but based on this logic we can calculate this,” explained

Romagna. If DEP agrees to the calculation, the physical tools that need to be installed can be done, but it will be difficult. Moving on to other treatment plant matters, authority member Diane Holby asked why the workers are constantly being called out to the plant. “Well, the algae has been extremely bad this year,” said Romagna. “It hasn’t been just you guys.” Holby said that the workers can shut off the system from their phones, but then they have to



Helping out

Colton Bartlebaugh, Brody Lawrence and Tom Bracken help set up for the Nanty Glo Police Department’s National Night Out event Aug. 6. Photo by Allie Garver.

National Night Out

Rowan and Phil Vaught walk around McCoy Street in Nanty Glo during the police department’s National Night Out Aug. 6. Photo by Allie Garver.

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