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Jackson Township residents bring flooding issues to supervisors Vol. 98 No. 27


By Allie Garver

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Jackson Township residents attended the June 27 supervisors meeting to discuss some issues with a water line installed in conjunction with Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) Fairview. Adams Avenue, Gillen Lane and Blackburn Road were all affected, according to Rob Crynock. He provided the supervisors with a petition residents signed regarding the problems. “Our attorneys wanted us to come [to] you with this petition,” said Crynock. Crynock said that the petition reads CPV “installed two water lines down the center of Gillen Lane, Blackburn Road and Adams Avenue from August to November of 2018. After postwater line construction, property owners are dealing with uncontrolled stormwater runoff, unsafe driveway access, flooded basements and property damage from the CPV Fairview Energy Center project.” Crynock alleged that one property has a sinkhole where there

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Legal action to take place if problems aren’t resolved

previously was a garden and another property had a mudslide. “I have photos here that I want to put as exhibit two, of my house of the uncontrolled water issues that I still have trouble with that are flooding in my garage,” Crynock said. “Eighteen years in this township, I have never had any water issues in my basement and I’m getting flooded.” He wants to see drainage systems installed to correct the issue. Crynock also wants the supervisors to have a punch list for items that need to be taken care of with the water line installation. According to Crynock, he received a phone call and voicemail from a CPV representative about the damage to the properties of those roads in October 2018. In the message, which was

played for the supervisors, the representative stated that CPV is aware of the groundwater issue and a new contractor was to resolve it. “I have reached out several times to these individuals,” Crynock said. “Basically ... you get blown off.” Crynock said that there was 6 inch perforated line put in on each side of the road, but it has just moved the water. “With regards to that water and the way that road has crowned, we are still having water issues on that road,” said Crynock. “We’re going to give you a month, 30 days, and if we don’t have anything we are going to take legal action.” Another resident, David Tucker, who lives on Adams Avenue, said he is also having issues with water in his base-

26 meeting. At the June Blacklick Township Supervisors’ meeting, supervisor Denny Zanin said that the contractor was open cutting the road without attempting to bore it. “At the request of the township supervisors, the decision to bore

or open-cut a township road will involve specifically [chairman] Rich Miller,” Wray said. “Before they touch the road, we want to see why they can’t bore the road and move forward accordingly after we’ve all caucused on this.” Authority chairman Mike

Fast friends

Evan McEvoy has a fun afternoon with Loco, the Altoona Curve mascot, at the first Nanty Glo Community Days June 29. Photo by Ron Portash.

BVMA engineer explains change in protocol for 422 project By Allie Garver

of Mainline Newspapers

A change in protocol for the Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority’s (BVMA) 422 wastewater project regarding the open cutting of roads was explained by engineer Rich Wray at the June


Pisarcik asked how the decision will be made on boring versus open-cut. “On South Street, they didn’t know they hit the rock, you know, until they dug down there,” said Pisarcik. “So, they’re going to have to do an exploratory dig?” Wray said that the contractor will have to open up the bore pit and set a machine in it. If the machine cannot bore in three

tries, then an open cut of the road will occur. “This is a PennDOT rule,” Wray said. “It’s a three try system. You cannot touch PennDOT highway without getting three tries on the boring.” “We have settlement along Red Mill Road,” said Wray. “They will be replacing a lot of the pavement on Red Mill Road.” He added that he isn’t “pleased SEE PROTOCOL, PAGE 3A

Community days

Nanty Glo Beautification Committee members Janet Crookshank (left), Denise Lomire, Joni Phillips, “Chill” Olstein and Cindy Olstein enjoy themselves at the first Nanty Glo Community Days held June 28 and 29. Photo by Ron Portash.

Quads, dirt bikes remain an issue in Vintondale Borough

By Allie Garver

of Mainline Newspapers

At the June 20 Vintondale Borough Council meeting, coun-

cil president Pam Palovich expressed an issue with quads and dirt bikes that ride on the coal refuse pile parallel to Plank Road. Palovich said the major problem is that they are “trucking them from out of town.” The area where the quads and dirt bikes ride is private property, and councilman Mike “Mickey” Palovich said that the borough needs to contact the owner of the property to see if they can do

anything to stop the problem. Mickey Palovich added that the noise runs from 5 to 9 p.m. every night. “It’s gotta stop,” Mickey Palovich said. “I didn’t mind it every once in a while at all, but this has got to stop.” Mickey Palovich said that the coal company that owns the property is out of Armagh, and reiterated that the borough needs to SEE QUADS, PAGE 4A

Youth fair

Aubrey and Avery Molinick are ready to check out the Cambria County Youth Fair in Nanty Glo June 25. Photo by Allie Garver.

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