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Nanty Glo Borough Council approves donation Vol. 100 No. 23


Nanty Glo, Pa.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Since 1921

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By Allie Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

Four members of the Tri-Area Historical Society, based out of Nanty Glo, attended the June 7 Nanty Glo Borough Council meeting to question a donation they asked for several months ago. The donation, if received, will be used toward the costs of a new roof on the Liberty Museum on Shoemaker Street. Historical society treasurer Suzette Shay stated that a grant was applied for that is based on the amount of money in the society’s bank account. “Because the money wasn’t in the bank in May for the grant, we could only get … apply for $19,000 instead of $30,000,” said Shay. She added that receiving a $30,000 grant would have taken care of the new roof and provided a start on the doors and windows. “We still desperately, desperately need your $5,000 to get that roof done before winter,” Shay said. “We’re really trying. We’re really struggling and we need your help.” The historical society held a basket raffle in May that brought in $3,300. “The delay was due to the solicitor,” said solicitor Mike Carbonara. He stated that an executive session is needed to discuss the donation. “I’m the president, if you have any questions here I am, ask me,” said historical society president Marty “Doc” Sebetich. Carbonara said he didn’t have any questions for Sebetich or the society. “I don’t have any questions. Again, I have information … I did some research, I want to present it to the board and then they can make whatever decision they want to after the executive session,” Carbonara said. Shay stated that the society has nothing to hide and the finances are available for anyone to review. In the beginning of the society’s formation, Shay said Jackson Township donated $10,000 to pay for the engineer and the plans for the Liberty Museum, but it never received a donation from Nanty Glo Borough. “We can’t do it without your help,” said Shay. “We’ll find a


Maria McConnell, Emerson George, Emily Marines, Hayley Teeter and Madison Smith prepare for Blacklick Valley High School’s graduation ceremony June 3. Photo by Allie Byers.

Jackson Township Water Authority approves summer intern position, emergency contractor

By Allie Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

Since last year, the Jackson Township Water Authority has been operating on a one-man crew with foreman Fred Meier. At the May 25 meeting, chairman Robb Piper stated that he had spoken with University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown mechanical engineering professor Jerry Samples about a potential student intern. “The kids are all gone but he [Samples] said, ‘We’ll try to get the word out,’” said Piper. He added that he spoke with someone at St. Francis University as well. “We’ll see what shakes out,” said Piper. At previous meetings, Meier has asked if another worker will be hired and even sug-

gested that the authority hire an intern to assist with leak detection. Piper asked engineer Pat Mulcahy how much an intern should make per hour, if the authority is able to hire one. Mulcahy said around $12 per hour is acceptable. The board approved hiring a summer intern at $12 per hour, if one can be found. In other matters pertaining to workers, Piper said there was an issue while Meier was away. The authority thought there was a major water leak on Pike Road. “It turned out to be somebody draining their swimming pool. It kind of got us thinking,” said Piper. He asked if the board would make a motion to retain James Excavating for emergency sit-

uations. The authority already has the company’s rate schedule. “They’re available 24/7 for emergencies?” asked board member John Wallet. “I would think that they are. If they aren’t, we would ask them if they would be,” said Piper. Wallet made a motion to hire James Excavating for emergency situations contingent on their availability 24/7. Piper stated that when someone is away, he could let James Excavating know so they are aware 24/7 coverage is necessary. “I think that brings a reaction that we should have a plan in place, it’s good working business,” said Wallet. Piper seconded the motion.


Big catch

Within minutes of the Jackson Township fishing derby beginning, Reece Crowell reeled in a trophy-size fish. Reece’s dad, Ryan, was happy with the catch too. Photo by Allie Byers.

Important day

Ty Mallin and Tawni Doliveira wait for the start of Blacklick Valley’s graduation June 3. Photo by Allie Byers.

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