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Jackson Twp. Water keeps after leaks Thursday, May 8, 2014

By Jim Lauffer

of Mainline Newspapers

Drinking water is, arguably, humankind’s most precious asset. The amount of water in the average human body ranges from 50 to 65 percent, and, truly, a person cannot live without continually replenishing the water in his or her body. Preserving this most precious of resources is, then, the responsibility of all, including both individual consumers who drink and use water and municipal authorities who provide water to their customers. Reducing water loss was discussed at length by members of the

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Jackson Township Water Authority at their Tuesday, April 22, meeting. Robb Piper initiated the discussion by asking foreman Karl Smith to explain the process that he follows to find leaks in the authority’s system. As Smith described how he goes about checking and listening for breaks in waterlines, it became abundantly clear that leak detection is an ongoing challenge and that finding leaks results from a combination of practiced skill and being in the right place at the right time. The authority’s goal is, and has been, to keep its system’s water loss at less than 20 percent. A 12-month

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water-loss percentage is included in the authority’s annual report, which is compiled by engineer Pat Mulcahy of the EADS Group. “I don’t have the report for you tonight,” he told board members, “but I’ll get it to you prior to next month’s [May’s] meeting.” “We all know that we have to keep after these leaks,” chairman Walter Ditchcreek concluded, “and we know it’s tough.” During her report, office manager Debra Buksa asked board members to consider having a third-party vendor conduct a physical evaluation of

Jackson Township hosts Fishing Derby


By James Kane Jr.

of Mainline Newspapers

the three-trout limit or those who caught one of the 30 tagged trout got to go home with a trophy. Those who reached the three-trout limit also went home with one of the 250 prizes. The club’s goal was to provide the children of the area with a fun fishing event, and members hoped that every child went home with at least one prize. Joe Kopsic, a member of the Blue Goose Rod and Gun club said, “Every kid here will get a prize, and its great; you can see how successful it is through the eyes of the kids. They have one

On Saturday, May 3, Jackson Township hosted their Ninth annual fishing derby at the Woodland Park campground. The derby began at 9 a.m. and finished at 3 p.m. The turnout was great, with 184 registered children for the event. Prizes were given for tagged fish that were caught, and four trophies were given for the first fish caught, the first palomino, the first trout limit caught (which was five) and the biggest trout. Those winners also each received a prize. In addition, every child was given a commemorative badge made for the event, plus food and a drink for participating. There were over 150 door prizes chanced off throughout the day during the event as well. Dylan Bloom, who participated in the derby, said, “Pretty much every year that they have the derby I come out. I just like having fun fishing and winning prizes and I won a fishing rod today.” Nick Gresh, the president of the Jackson Township Rod and Gun Club, said, “We have four primary prizes. First trout success-

going on for nine or 10 years now and expected a good turnout this year. Workman also talked about some of the events speakers, such as worship leader Hunter Botzman and Commissioner Doug Lengenfelder. Lengenfelder spoke about what unity in government means at the event. Lengenfelder said, “So what is unity and government? A unified government make decisions based upon what is best for the people. A disjointed government makes deci-

sions based upon self interest. A unified government seeks the input of the people and those knowledgeable about the issues at hand. A disjointed government depends upon themselves and makes decisions that benefit themselves. A unified government fights for transparency. A disjointed government tries to obscure reality. A unified government communicates to people. A disjoint government hides behind rules and regulations. A unified government hires the best qualified.

Three-year-old Lyla Emerson got to go home with a great prize after she caught the trout limit at the Blue Goose fishing derby. Photo by James Kane Jr.

Blue Goose Rod and Gun Club holds Fishing Derby By James Kane Jr of Mainline Newspapers

Blue Goose Rod and Gun Club held its 41st annual fishing derby on Saturday, May 3. The event takes place every year at the pond on the club’s grounds and gives the community a chance to come out and enjoy a great event for the children. It also gives the club an opportunity to give back to the people in the area. The event featured over 250 prizes and 38 trophies. Trophies were given to the children who had the top three longest fish, and also anyone who reached

Skylar Bloom was the first to reach the five-trout limit, so she got to take home the Steelers championships sign and a trophy during the Jackson Township fishing derby. Photo by James Kane Jr.

National Day of Prayer celebrated in Ebensburg May 1 By James Kane Jr.

of Mainline Newspapers

Ebensburg celebrated National Day of Prayer on May 1 in front of the Cambria County Courthouse. The mission of the National Day of Prayer is to mobilize prayer in America and to encourage personal repentance and righteoussness in the culture. The event featured live music and several speakers, ranging from pastors and government officials to veterans. The VFW also did a special ceremony including a gun salute. Pastor Lee Workman was the coordinator of the event this year. Workman said the event has been



A disjointed government hires buddies, family, or other individuals other then best qualified, and the list goes on and on. But what I would like to do now is pray for our government, all governments federal, state, county, local.” Ebensburg Mayor Randy Datsko spoke about how May 1 was also Loyalty Day. He started his speech talking about the loyalty and pride our area has for nation. Datsko said, “The citizens of Ebensburg Borough and all of Cambria

County are extremely proud of this nation more than 200 year heritage of freedom.” Datsko continued, “I encourage all individuals, schools, churches, organizations, business establishments and homes within Cambria County to proudly display the flag of the United States of America and participate in public, patriotic Loyalty Day activities that are cosponsored by Veterans of Foreign SEE PRAYER, PAGE 4A

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