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Drivers to be fined for not obeying signs during bridge project Vol. 97 No. 20


By Allie Garver

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Nanty Glo Borough Council once again discussed the ongoing issues with traffic infractions at the meeting held May 7. Since the bridge replacement project began in Nanty Glo at the beginning of April, the traffic patterns for Chestnut, Roberts and Shoemaker streets have drastically changed. According to mayor Bill Ray, this has caused issues with drivers not following signs correctly. “These intersections, with this going on in town until we’re done

Nanty Glo, Pa.

in October or whenever, it has been a mess,” said Ray. “I don’t know if anybody else has seen it, but this First Street, I have the police on this.” Ray explained that a “do not block intersection” sign is placed at the spot where First Street meets with Chestnut Street, yet the intesection is frequently blocked. He added that First Street is “the only way in and out for what needs to come in and out for emergency vehicles.” Both the ambulance and the police use First Street as an access point. “If you sit here and count how SEE FINED, PAGE 2A

Thursday, May 17, 2018

JETSA protects lines with hauling agreement

By Allie Garver

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The Competitive Power Ventures power plant in Jackson Township will have some major hauling done soon, which has the potential to affect the Jackson/East Taylor Sewer Authority lines that cross under State Route 271. At the May 10 JETSA meeting, solicitor Alex Svirsko explained the work he’s been doing with Mammoet USA North, Inc., which is the hauling company for the

larger pieces of equipment being brought in for CPV. Mammoet sent an agreement to Svirsko stating that there will be a $10,000 bond “that has to be replenished all the time.” Mammoet will also carry insurance, just in case the hauling causes any damage the JETSA lines, according to Svirsko. “They seem very good to work with,” said Svirsko. “There was no jockeying for a position or anything with them.” Svirsko questioned which areas coming from the Johnstown side of the system go into pumps three and four because operator Tim Burkey will have to keep an eye on those pump stations. “Wherever the pumps start, watch our pumps so we can see if there’s any increase in infiltration SEE HAULING, PAGE 2A

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Nanty Glo Borough resident makes complaint about alley

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Let’s dance

Autumn Zeglen, Kaitlyn Stevens and Hailey Sheesley wait for Blacklick Valley’s Grand March to begin before prom May 12. Photo by Allie Garver.

By Allie Garver

Nevin McIntosh-Higgins and Abby Kris are ready for a night of fun at Blacklick Valley’s Prom May 12. Photo by Allie Garver.

Since 1921


Nanty Glo resident John George has been a frequent visitor at the council meetings due to an issue with his neighbor Richard Barr, which has included different incidents on several occasions. According to George, the issue stems back 12 years, but a more recent issue in November involved Barr placing glass and, allegedly, roofing bolts on the alley where George drives his vehicle. “On April 23 of this year, up at the magistrate’s office in Vinco, Mr. Barr was found guilty of putting glass on the alley,” said George. “I got cameras around my place and caught him.” George alleged that in November 2017, Barr placed eight mining roof bolts on the

Fishing fun

‘Something has to be more powerful than a warning’ alley. The glass is still on the alley from the previous incident. “My right, front tire of my Jeep is exactly where he put the glass at,” said George. “I don’t want to get a flat tire.” Solicitor Michael Carbonara asked if George could move along and explain what he wants from council. “What I need to have is the glass and the mining roof bolts taken out of the alley,” said George. “It’s a municipal alley that needs to be addressed.” George added that when the mining roof bolts were placed on the alley, he came to the police station and spoke with officer in charge Mike

Oyaski. “I kind of insisted that he [Oyaski] come up to see it because Mike is telling me that he can’t because he gets off duty at two o’ clock,” explained George. “I waited until 20 after two and he never showed. I don’t even think he filed a complaint.” George said that no officer followed up with him after filing a complaint about the roof bolts. “I’m tired of having to come down and warnings being given,” said George. “Something has to be more powerful than a warning.” George also showed a photo of his wall that had a deroga-


Gavin, Jordan and Jacob Skowron and Kaleb Ryan hope to catch some big fish at the 13th Annual Fishing Derby at Loraine Park Fishing Pond in Jackson Township May 12. The event is sponsored by the Jackson Township Community Rod & Gun Club and the township supervisors. Photo by Allie Garver.

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