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Jackson Township Water Authority consults solicitor over litigation Thursday, March 7, 2019

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30 cent assessment suspended, trailer park delinquency problems reviewed

By Allie Garver

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Blacklick Valley kindergarten students Madilyn Haire, Jayden Moran and Greyson Byich dressed as their favorite book characters March 4. Photo by Allie Garver.

After an executive session was requested by Jackson Township Water Authority solicitor C.J. Webb for potential litigation, the board re-entered the regular meeting Feb. 26 to make a decision on two items. “First, being related to the Ebensburg water line, and the second related to the trailer park,” said Webb. He said he was informed that a question came up regarding the Ebensburg water line and why there is an extra charge on the bills. “At this point, I’ve consulted with Ebensburg and re-satisfied myself regarding the history,” said Webb. Currently, there is an extra 30 cent charge each month “that is assessed against each residence on

that line.” According to Webb, the customers in question are on the Ebensburg water line, but a Jackson Township resident. “It was a minimal amount of money that was being collected,” added Webb. He said the reason for the charge was because the rate difference between Ebensburg and Jackson was significantly different. “Currently, those rates are basically the same, and the payment, or the charge, was to represent the difference between the rates, and that’s why you’re down to a very minimal amount,” explained Webb. The authority could either continue to charge that 30 cents per month, or temporarily suspend it. The temporary suspension is in case the rates do vary in the future, that fee could be re-visited. “So, that’s the question for the board: what

Vintondale Borough looks BVMA approves into lights for new plow truck flow meter purchase Council now requires maintenance checklist for fire department By Allie Garver

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In order to make the new plow truck safe while driving through Vintondale Borough, specific lights need to be mounted to it, according to borough worker

Mark Colangelo. Councilwoman Jane Marines said that Colangelo gave her an estimate and she also called to get an estimate for the correct lights for the plow truck. The estimates came from Stephenson Equipment and Hercules Truck Equipment. Marines said that she would like to set up the appointment because she has a question on whether warranties are available. She added that lights are needed right away, and the borough workers can’t wait another month for permission to get lights on the plow truck. “It says nothing on that estimate as to warranty or anything?” asked solicitor Joe

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Green. Councilwoman Sue Colangelo said that neither of the estimates included any warranty information. “We almost have to get another estimate for the same type of work because it’s not really apples to apples,” said Sue Colangelo. “Typically, electrical parts do not have warranties,” said Green. Councilman Kevin Olsavsky asked if either company will warranty their actual work. “Light bulbs and lights going out, yes, that’s normal wear and tear, but if they just fail to function, will they [warranty it]?”



Water shut off, turn on protocol changed

By Allie Garver

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Mike Pisarcik’s report during the Feb. 27 Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority (BVMA) meeting included the need to purchase a flow meter. “There was a request from the Nanty Glo Fire Company to purchase a flow meter for our fire hydrant,” said Pisarcik. According to him, the flow meter costs approximately $3,000. He said the fire company is requesting $1,000 from the BVMA, $1,000 from the Nanty Glo Water Authority and the company will pay $1,000 to purchase the flow meter. “They [fire company] will go out, basically check the fire SEE METER, PAGE 3A

Blacklick Valley fourth-grade students in Mrs. Kolarik’s class wrote and published their own animal poetry book. The students each had their own page to design, then the students had the opportunity to purchase their book. Photo by Allie Garver.

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