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Nanty Glo, Pa.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

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100 years old

Jackson Water Authority to have GIS presentation next month (814) 472-4110

Municipal authority reviews Vintondale water main break Since 1921

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By Allie Garver

Jackson Elementary students Audrey Gokey (left), Madison Tompkins, and Sophia Blasko go all out for the 100th day of school Feb. 2 and dress like 100-year-olds. Photo by Allie Garver.


At the beginning of January, a main water line broke on the back side of Sixth Street in Vintondale, explained chairman Mike Pisarcik at the Jan. 31 Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority meeting. “What happened was, all the bolts on an 8-inch valve were rusted out,” said Pisarcik. Prior to the meeting, Pisarcik went to LB Water with the bolts and was told it looks like “hydrolysis.” The first thought solicitor William Barbin had was the gas mains caused the hydrolysis, but Pisarcik and engineer Richard

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Wray explained that there are no gas lines in Vintondale. The closest gas lines to Vintondale Borough are located on top of State Route 22. Wray said he experienced a similar problem in Cresson and he put PVC pipe in the ground, which forces the current off of the water main at that point. “If that is electrolysis, then it has to be a relatively direct connection to that valve where these bolts came from,” said Wray. “There’s a possibility that there could be a copper service feeding current directly adjacent to that valve.” After examining the bolts, Wray SEE BREAK, PAGE 3A

CPA requests ‘year-end’ inventory discussion By Allie Garver

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The Jackson Township Water Authority and the EADS Group have been working on geographic information system mapping for the past couple of years. At the Jan. 23 meeting, engineer Pat Mulcahy updated the board on that project. “Sarah [Reasbeck] is 99 percent finished with the GIS project,” said Mulcahy. Reasbeck separated the authority’s coverage area into quadrants onto four different maps. Mulcahy said a couple smaller items need to be added

into the system, but it will not take long to complete. “She’s going to be at the next meeting to give a presentation on the system,” said Mulcahy. “Year-end inventory” was the main item under Jim Deter’s certified public accountant report. Deter explained that he wants to make sure job costs and other items are under control due to Smith’s impending retirement this year. Fred Meier said he can learn what Smith does so he will know what to do in the future. “I just want to make sure this doesn’t fall through the cracks, you know,” said Deter.

BVMA looks into budget, approves delinquent customer rule changes

By Allie Garver

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The Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority’s budget proved to be a poignant discussion point at the Jan. 31 reorganization meeting held prior to the regular meeting. Secretary Roxanne Pisarcik gave a summary of the finances

from last year and how the bills affected it. According to Pisarcik, the water side of the authority is doing worse than the sewer side. A major problem the BVMA is seeing is that a number of customers are not paying their bills and have fallen into the delinquent category. “We’re sitting [at] $14,000 in delinquent payments,” said chairman Mike Pisarcik. “There’s where it’s at.” “Those aren’t bills that we have shut off water, that we have liens against it, these are actual people that are actually SEE BUDGET, PAGE 3A

Meier and Deter planned a day to go over the year-end inventory. Officer manager Debra Buksa said she and Elizabeth Miller have been working with the new billing software system Muni-Link weekly. “We’re working on the framework of the billing,” explained Buksa. “We have all our rates in, our miscellaneous charges, things like that, before we transfer any data, but we’re working on the main frame of it.” The interconnect with East SEE PRESENTATION, PAGE 4A

Dressing up

100th day

Jackson Elementary kindergarten students (front row, from left) Gabriel Sipe, Gavin Ayers; (back row) Kaleb Yingling, and Charlotte Barron dress like 100-year-olds for the 100th day of school Feb. 2. Photo by Allie Garver.

For the 100th day of school Feb. 2, Jackson Elementary kindergarten students (front row, from left) Roman Forcellini, Jackson Stohon, Lydia Russell, Carter Bigam; (back row) Bryr Anderson, Braylen Amenti, Gavin McHugh, Alyssa Hite, and Kaylyn Findley wear clothes that they think make them look like 100-year-olds. Photo by Allie Garver.

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