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JETSA engineer explains project happenings to board members Vol. 100 No. 7


By Allie Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

Jackson/East Taylor Sewer Authority (JETSA) engineer Dan Carbaugh provided an update on the system upgrade and Fords Corner line installation project at the Feb. 11 meeting. Contract one, which is the line installation, is ongoing with Kukurin. The game plan as to how many crews will be on site has changed a couple of times. After some discussion, one crew will return this week to continue working as long as no substantial snow falls. “If we get more substantial [snow], they might shut down just because it’s getting tougher to work around the snow,” said Carbaugh. As far as dollars spent, Kukurin is at 33 percent of the project and they’re at 50 percent of the work time. “They’re a little behind, but those guys will make it up once they get the warmer weather,” said Carbaugh. He added that paving cost is a big dollar item and that doesn’t take place until the end so the numbers are skewed right now. Moving on to contract two, all of Pollard’s pumps and control panels have been installed except for station 12. According to Carbaugh, until the equipment

Nanty Glo, Pa.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

for station 12 is delivered, the work will probably be put off because of the snow as well. Pollard, with the pumps they already have on site, is about 60 percent complete dollar-wise and about 50 percent of the work is complete. Moving on to the new office building, everything except for the cabinetry is complete; however, some electrical work still needs to be completed. “They have two change orders here for the communication system to run some cables,” said Carbaugh. “Once they get the cables run and that gets put all in, they can complete their alarm work and their work will be done.” Carbaugh had a slew of pay applications and a couple change orders that needed approved, which the board did. In other project matters, Robert Villa made a public comment stating that he is in the project area and has an issue with where his tap was installed. “It’s too far away from the house,” he said. “I need it moved.” “Didn’t they ask you where you wanted it?” questioned chairman George Burkey. According to Villa, he was told that someone will ask him the location of the tap, but it never happened. Carbaugh said that he will look into what occurred with Villa’s tap.

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Sledding fun

Owen and Casey Waltenbaugh go sled riding behind Blacklick Valley Elementary Center on a mild winter day. Photo by Allie Byers.

Nanty Glo Sewer Auth. talks potential pump station elimination

By Allie Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

At the Feb. 10 Nanty Glo Sanitary Sewer Authority meeting, engineer Joel Romagna’s main topic of discussion was the Cardiff Road pump station elimination project. “[I] worked with Bob George and the DEP [Department of Environmental Protection] he did come through for us and issued that planning exemption,” said Romagna. “We got around having to do a 537 update prior to the permitting process, which is fantastic news.” SEE PUMP, PAGE 3A

Future Lions

Jackson Elementary students Amelia Wetzel, Bryar Anderson and Roman Forcellini wear their favorite sports team shirts to school Feb. 11. Photo by Allie Byers.

CenCam eliminates per capita tax By Allie Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

The Central Cambria School Board of Directors voted to eliminate the per capita tax for district residents at the Feb. 8 meeting. The $10 tax had been paid by each adult resident of the district and raised approximately $80,000 per year. In a press release from the district, board president Dennis

Simmers stated that “the elimination of this tax came at the recommendation of our superintendent and business manager, both of whom are seasoned, veteran professionals in public education funding and finance.

Our board is fiscally conservative and mindful of our missions: to be good custodians of the taxpayer’s dollar. Robust board debate preceded the majority vote to eliminate this


Ready to ride

Cory Martin prepares to go down the hill behind Blacklick Valley Elementary Center last week. Photo by Allie Byers.

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