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Vol. 96 No. 7

JOURNAL ISSN:1529-9910

Nanty Glo, Pa.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Active shooter class held at Nanty Glo Fire Dept.

By Allie Garver

of Mainline Newspapers

Local first responders were invited to attend a service at Nanty Glo United Methodist Church on Monday, Feb. 13, to bless them and the badges they wear. Photo by Allie Garver.

When Robert “Bubba” Fatula opened the active shooter class he held at the Nanty Glo Fire Department on Saturday, Feb. 11, he gave a disclaimer that everything learned will benefit those in attendance, and nothing will hurt or harm them. This class was meant to “train your brain,” according to Fatula. “This is not a politically correct class,” said Fatula. “This is an active situation.” An active shooter situation can happen at any time, and now, according to Fatula, since shootings are becoming more and more frequent, our brains are becoming desensitized to the situation. The problem is, no one actually knows how he or she will react in a situation where people’s lives are being taken away by a “coward.” Fatula stressed that this class would teach participants to not overthink the situation, instead the participants would react how they were taught in the class. Approximately 30 people attended the class, all of whom were ready to learn everything they could, should they ever be faced with this traumatic situation. Fatula explained that an active shooter is looking for a “condensed area of people” so the maximum amount of damage can be done. The goal of the shooter is to “kill as many people as possible,” so they often go to schools, theaters, and airports. Fatula said, “There is no rhyme or reason. There’s no begging for your life. And there’s no compromise. He’s a coward.” Active shooters just start shooting, according to Fatula, and there is no ultimate time for them to strike. The class teaches individuals they always need to be prepared. Five individuals were asked to take part in a scenario where they were situated in the front of the room on different chairs in different areas. The group of people in attendance were told to close their eyes as Fatula talked. When they were finally allowed to open their eyes, a disturbance took place with a man walking into the room and shouting into his phone, “You’ll see me on the news.” Then, shots were fired, which were blanks. Nobody in the scenario moved, which means that all of them had been “shot.” The “active SEE SHOOTER, PAGE 4A

Marie Newman (left), Adam Lechleitner, Aiden Lechleitner, and Collin Nedrich read poems about the police, firefighters, EMS, and active military during the Nanty Glo United Methodist Church’s ceremony for first responders on Feb. 13. Photo by Allie Garver.

Jackson Township supervisors approve CPV Fairview project items

By Allie Garver

of Mainline Newspapers

Bruce Baker called the Feb. 9 Jackson Township Board of Supervisors meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. Supervisor John Wallet was in attendance, while Eric Dreikorn had a prior engagement and could not attend. Since there were no public comments to be made, Baker moved the meeting on to discuss the new business portion

of the agenda. A motion was made by Baker to approve the Cambria Somerset Authority Industrial water supply and reclaimed water line project for the new Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) Fairview Energy Center. Due to Dreikorn being absent from the meeting, Wallet seconded the motion but had to make a statement because the company he works for is in negotiations with CPV Fairview to do some work. The statement read: “Because there is not another supervisor here, Eric Dreikorn is absent, I just want to state that the company I work for, my other job, other than the supervisors, is currently working with CPV in negotiations to do some poten-

tial work with them — the contract, and the section of the law reads: ‘Any public official or public employee who in the discharge of his official duties would be required to vote on a matter that would result in a conflict of interest shall abstain from voting and prior to the vote being taken, publicly announce and disclose the nature of his interest as a public record in a written memorandum filed with the person responsible for recording the minutes for the meeting at which the vote is taken.’ On the advice of our solicitor [William Barbin], because supervisor Dreikorn is not present, I will second that motion.” Barbin said that the rest of the SEE APPROVE, PAGE 3A

Bubba Fatula (right) explains to Jordan McEvoy the different options he has in an active shooter situation. Photo by Allie Garver.

Nanty Glo Sewer Auth. addresses blocked line

By Allie Garver

of Mainline Newspapers

The public comment section of the Nanty Glo Sewer Authority sparked a long discussion about a blocked sewer line on Chestnut Street. Mark and Connie Thomas own a duplex home in Nanty Glo and have renters there. There have been no problems, until recently, in the three years that the Thomases have owned the home. The two sewer authority workers, Greg O’Farrell and Ron Brown,

went to the home to see if they could solve the problem of the blocked line. Kamzik’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning was called to the site to clean the lateral that runs out of the back of the home and toward Dispatch Street. Kamzik tried to jet the line out, but it came to a complete stop. A camera was also pushed through, but it was underwater. O’Farrell and Brown suggested to jet the line from the inspection port from a resiSEE BLOCKED, PAGE 4A

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