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Jackson Twp. Supervisors approve liquor license transfer to Sheetz Vol. 98 No. 45


Nanty Glo, Pa.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

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Petition withdrawn in regard to CPV, Merlo

By Allie Garver-Byers of Mainline Newspapers

At the Oct. 31 Jackson Township Supervisors meeting, a public hearing was held in regard to the transfer of Restaurant Liquor License No. R11911 into Jackson Township because Sheetz, at 115 Pace St., had applied for it. Sheetz attorney Mark Kozar was present at the meeting on behalf of the company and requested that a resolution be passed by the supervisors to allow the transfer of the license into the township pursuant to 47 P. Section 461 (b.3) in the Pennsylvania Liquor Code. After a few public comments on how selling alcohol works at Sheetz and the consumption of it on the premises, Kozar clarified several items. He explained that if an individual is drinking inside Sheetz, there is a two beer limit. Later in the regular meeting, John Wallet made a motion to approve Resolution 04-19, which approved the transfer of the liquor license from the Colonial Inn in Northern Cambria to the Sheetz in Jackson Township. Eric Dreikorn seconded the motion. The supervisors also approved Resolution 05-

19, approving and authorizing the submittal of an application for fiscal year 2019 funds under the Pennsylvania Community Development Block Grant program. During the public comment portion of the meeting, Dave Tucker said that he wanted to publicly withdraw his name from a petition brought to the supervisors in regard to Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) Fairview and Merlo. Lisa Crynock, who was speaking on behalf of herself and her husband, Rob, wanted to publicly withdraw the entire petition. Rob Crynock presented the petition at a prior meeting. Both individuals said that the issues they had brought forth at a previous meeting regarding noise emitted from CPV, among other problems, have been resolved. Tucker and Crynock thanked the supervisors for help in the matter. Chairman Bruce Baker announced that a Veterans Day Program will be held Monday, Nov. 11, at 11 a.m. at Veterans Park adjacent to the senior center. Col. Marty Kuhar will serve as the special guest speaker and the Menoher VFW Post 155 Honor Rifle Team, as well as other groups and individuals from the community, will be in attendance at the ceremony.

Spooky costumes

Emma Lonesky and Christa Crum are ready for a day of fun during Nanty Glo’s trick-or-treat Oct. 26. Photo by Kristin Baudoux.

Vintondale Borough Council talks police department, quads By Allie Garver-Byers of Mainline Newspapers

At the Oct. 17 Vintondale Borough Council meeting, council president Pam Palovich said that an officer needs to be scheduled on duty in the mornings to watch Plank Road and Main Street. “We need somebody here in the morning,” said Palovich. “The way them people fly down through town during the week [is ridiculous].”

Police chief Harry Reger said he would like to hire a third officer, which will help with the scheduling, especially for the morning shift. “I have somebody who is very interested, and he is a good officer,” Reger said. Currently, there are two officers in the borough and it’s hard to cover all of the shifts that need covered. Councilman Kevin Olsavsky asked if Reger could create a rough draft schedule of how it would work if there were

three part-time officers in the borough and a schedule with only two part-time officers. “[Then] we can weigh the differences and evaluate, is this [three officers] going to be better?” said Olsavsky. “The budget for the police is fixed, so we have to operate within the limits of that budget.” In other police matters, Reger asked if council had decided on whether officer Ted Divis could be promoted to assistant

chief. “He’s a good officer and he’s very knowledgeable,” said Reger. By making Reger assistant chief, he will be able to get into the system, which he cannot do now, according to Reger. “It basically just gives him more power,” Reger added. “Presently, only one officer is permitted to log in to do the state reports,” said Marines.

Church members, VFW members dedicate veteran memorial By Allie Garver-Byers of Mainline Newspapers

As Veterans Day draws near, many groups are working hard to honor the brave men and women who have risked their lives to preserve the freedoms Americans have. One such group who saw that a change needed made is the cemetery committee and Fr. Leonard Voytek, of St. Mary’s Church in Nanty Glo. According to Chuck Simmers, who is a veteran, he and veteran Mike Warmus saw a need for a memorial to those who lost their lives while fighting for this country. “We thought the veterans should be recognized,” said Simmers. After speaking with Voytek, Simmers and Warmus decided to have a monument made to show thanks to the veterans buried in the St. Mary’s Church cemetery for what they have done for the community and the country. “The church paid for everything,” Simmers added. The stone structure sits in a mulched area with flags and “U.S.


‘You’re taking time to honor those who have served’

Veteran” grave markers surrounding it. The crucifix sits directly behind the memorial. The area used to be covered in

grass, however Simmers said that filling it took 28 bags of mulch and quite a bit of time, but in the end it is better because it will not need

weeded. Simmers said that the crucifix also needed some attention, so he and Warmus had it sanded and

repainted with a coating that could withstand the harsh weather conditions. The crucifix was grounded SEE DEDICATE, PAGE 6A

Chuck Simmers (from left) and Mike Warmus spearheaded the need for a veterans memorial at St. Mary’s cemetery in Nanty Glo. Also pictured is Joe Kopsic, Steve L. Klosz VFW member, and Carol Newcomer, Steve L. Klosz auxiliary member. Photo by Allie Garver-Byers.

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