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Dallas Seese and Santa have a heart-to-heart talk during Jackson Township’s light-up night on Nov. 26. Photo by Allie Garver.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Jaron Moon (left), Camille Carter, and Jaquan Davenport talk with Santa and Mrs. Claus in Nanty Glo on Nov. 25. Photo by Allie Garver.

Twin Rocks school to be demolished within weeks By Allie Garver

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The unsafe conditions of the Big Bend School in Twin Rocks has been a topic of discussion at Blacklick Township meetings in previous months, and a decision was finally made to have the owner, Roger Shaffer, tear it down. Shaffer was present at the Nov. 21 meeting to update the supervisors on the demolition of the school. “He’s [the contractor] trying to get the machines in there, [but]

Owner of Big Bend says contractor is stuck on another job

he’s stuck on another job,” said Shaffer. “He’s got the machines tied up on another job down in Davidsville.” “What does that mean?” asked chairman Joseph Sherwood. “It’s a hazard.” Shaffer said he hopes the hired contractor will be at the site within two or three weeks to tear the school down. Right now, according to Shaffer, they’re working to

get the windows blocked so the glass can be blown into the building. Sherwood said the Twin Rocks Veterans of Foreign Wars is looking for clean fill for its parking lot, but Shaffer knew nothing about it. Shaffer told Sherwood to have Joe Kopsic from the VFW call him to work out the details. “I can get it all arranged, that’s not a problem,” said Shaffer.

Moving on, Craig Camell made a public comment about a flooding problem. Camell brought photos of the flooding to show the damage being done to his property. “I have a drain coming down the alley by my house and when the water authority came through, they pulled the pipe out and blocked it shut. Now, I’m getting flooded,” said Camell.

Council addresses personal items on Vintondale Borough property

By Allie Garver

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Deegan Kirsch sits with Santa at Blacklick Township’s tree lighting ceremony on Nov. 26. Photo by Allie Garver.

After a phone call with a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation representative, Camell said he was told it’s the township’s responsibility to divert the water from State Route 271 down the alley and past the houses. “That’s up to the water authority to fix that,” said Sherwood. “The township’s not going to get

Since the beginning of this year, some Vintondale residents have had an issue with the placement of personal items on borough property at the top of Fourth Street. At the Nov. 16 meeting, the council made a decision on what needs to be done. “We had a meeting with the lawyer, and the lawyer sent them [Shays] a certified letter, which they refused to pick up,” said councilman Mike Malloy. “[Chief] John [Cobaugh] ended up with the letter, so we all agreed they were made to move everything off of there except the deck they built nine years ago.” Jane Marines, who lives next door to the Shays, said recently there has been work done in front of the home, which she believes is on borough property as well. “Where is all that going to stop?” asked Marines.


“If he’s building on borough property, he needs to stop now,” said Malloy. “He needs charged for it right now.” Malloy said if Cobaugh tells the Shays they need to stop and “police it,” then they will stop. Cobaugh said he will have a discussion with the Shays about the property. Councilwoman Bonnie Lucas said the borough needs to approve a setback ordinance for future construction projects. Lucas said she has done a lot of research on a setback ordinance and the borough does not have one. “Almost every town has a setback ordinance,” said Lucas. “Right now with the way it is in the borough, you can build right on the property line and it would not affect the ones that are already built, but I think we need that for everybody’s sake.” In other matters, borough secretary Erin Jansure asked what the council wanted to do about the blocked storm drains complaint made

CCCRA wants more precautions for Nanty Glo trail crossing By Allie Garver

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Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority executive director Cliff Kitner raised

some concerns with trail crossings during construction on the bridge in Nanty Glo, which will be performed in the spring of 2018. According to Kitner, crossing the Ghost Town Trail during the construction is standard, but he wants more precautions. “We want to see if we can try and up that standard a little bit for this intersection,” said Kitner. “We just want to do it for more safety for our trail users.”

Kitner would like to see flashing lights along Chestnut Street, indicating to drivers that there are trail users crossing the road. Kitner feels that painted lines on the road aren’t enough and go more unnoticed than flashing lights. The Ghost Town Trail will also see an influx of users on Dec. 2 for Global Fat Bike Day, hosted by Pour on Center at the Ebensburg trailhead. Program and communications coordina-

tor Leanna Bird has been working with the marketing manager at Pour on Center to develop a partnership between the two entities. “A lot of their customers are trail users, and a lot of trail users like good craft beer too. It kind of goes hand in hand,” said Bird, “so they started that Global Fat Bike Day last year where they raised money for a bike work station.” The work station is at the trail-


head by the Young Peoples Community Center, according to Bird. This year’s proceeds from Fat Bike Day will be used toward signs to be placed on the trail and point to the “business district” of Ebensburg, explained Bird. “[It’s] so people know that just a few blocks up the road, uphill, you can go check out the town,” said Bird. Near the bike repair station, SEE CROSSING, PAGE 3A

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