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Nanty Glo, Pa.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

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Nanty Glo Water Authority to raise rates in new year By Allie Garver of Mainline Newspapers

The possibility of raising the water rates was a discussion topic at the Oct. 4 Nanty Glo Water Authority meeting. “We need to talk about our rates,” said Lynne Stock. “Everybody hates to raise rates for people, but the thing of it is, the cost of making water is rising constantly. We went into this renovation up at the plant, which was necessary in order to keep the plant in good working condition, so we can provide good water for the people.” “We can justify the raise,” added Steve Mikesic. Stock added that if the rates are not high enough, the authority is not eligible for grants. Currently, the basic

Base price will be raised from $26 to $30 rate for Nanty Glo water customers is $26. “You hate to do it, but it comes to the point where it’s a matter of necessity,” said Stock, “so what is everybody’s opinion?” Diane Holby said “95 percent” of the authority’s customers only use the basic water amount and pay $26 per month. “The overage isn’t a thing for us because most of our people are in that [basic] category,” said Holby. “I think, just raise that rate $4 to $30 a month, and then we’ll be done with it

for awhile.” “We’ve gone a long time and tried not to raise it,” explained Stock. “The last time we raised it, we raised it just a little bit, and it was like putting a BandAid on a tourniquet.” Stock asked what the other authority members thought. She opined that the authority should not go above $30. “I’ll tell you what I’d love to do, I’d love to penalize these people, because it’s the same ones, same ones, same ones who don’t pay,” said Mikesic. see rates, page 3a

Nanty Glo Senior Center director Debbie Krug (left) and Sally Shuman and her dog Betsy enjoy the one year anniversary of the center’s reopening at a ceremony held on Oct. 4. Photo by Allie Garver.

Nanty Glo Senior Center celebrates one year anniversary By Allie Garver of Mainline Newspapers

Coffee with a cop

Yvette Olsavsky (right) has coffee with police officers Ian Olsavsky (middle) and Mike Freiwald at Kimmie’s Kitchen on Oct. 4. The “Coffee With a Cop” project was put together by the Nanty Glo and Jackson Township police departments so residents could talk with the officers in a more relaxed setting. Photo by Allie Garver.

One year ago, the seniors of Nanty Glo finally got their senior center back at its old location at the Nanty Glo House located on Briar Court. The large crowd at the celebration on Oct. 4 mimicked the crowd at the grand opening last year. Those who attended the celebration were visibly excited to see such a great place hit a milestone. “It’s going pretty well,” said director Debbie Krug. Sally Shuman, who lives in the Nanty Glo House, said at first she was unsure about moving into an apartment because she lived in her home for approximately 50 years, but it turned out to be the best deci-

sion she has ever made, especially with the addition of the senior center over the past year. “It’s very nice, and you can mix with the people,” said Shuman. “I’m happy.” Gerry Nedrich said that he and his wife attended to support the organization, and they have enjoyed the day trips the center offers. No matter where the bus trips go, Nedrich always enjoys the “fun ride” to and from with the other members. Mary Lou Spade and her sister Fran Bednar, who both live in the Nanty Glo House, frequent the center and accredit the success of the place to Krug. “We’re doing great,” said Spade. “Debbie’s [Krug] a good one.” see anniversary, page 3a

Peoples Natural Gas updates council, public on project By Allie Garver of Mainline Newspapers

Representatives from Peoples Natural Gas and Superior Utility Excavating were present at the Oct. 2 Nanty Glo Borough council meeting to update the board on the ongoing gas project. “We want to know about the restoration of these sidewalks and all [that] they’re digging up the properties,” said council

president Michaela Markovich. “Some of them need whole new cement sidewalks put in, not shale.” According to the representatives from Superior Utility, the goal is to get all the asphalt restoration done before Oct. 31. Councilman Mike Edwards asked if the residents’ yards will be fixed by then, and Superior Utility representatives answered that most of them are already restored. The hope is to have both wards in Nanty Glo “lit up” by Thanksgiving. “Up on Rogers Street, nothing’s been done,” said councilwoman Karen Lytle. “Aren’t you planting grass and everything? Well, nothing’s been done up there.”

Superior Utility’s workers said that any yards that haven’t been restored yet haven’t been done because there are some minor issues that need to be fixed first. “I know you do some part of the work, and then you come back and do other work, and once you leave the job site, they probably figure you’re done with the job, and they don’t know that you come back two or three times on the site,” said Edwards. “They probably feel you’re done.” Mayor Steve Szymusiak asked if the council was aware of the way the pipes are placed in the ground and the way the construction process works. “I think there was some misinsee peoples, page 5a

Sisters Mary Lou Spade (left) and Fran Bednar celebrate the one year anniversary of the Nanty Glo Senior Center on Oct. 4. Photo by Allie Garver.

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