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Vol. 92 No. 14

JOURNAL ISSN:1529-9910

Nanty Glo, Pa.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Local eatery robbed Since 1921

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By Jim Lauffer

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A week after Kimmie’s Kitchen was robbed, the popular eatery’s owner is angry. “At first, I was shocked, now, I’m mad,” said Kimmie Thomas, who owns and operates the restaurant with her husband, William. “You work so hard to build something, and someone has the nerve to come in and take it. It’s ridiculous.” The robbery occurred in the early morning hours of Monday, March

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25. The thief broke a small window to gain access to the building, scattering glass fragments throughout the kitchen. Security cameras captured his activities after he entered the building. Watching the tape was an unpleasant experience for Kimmie. “It was awful; he went through everything,” she said. “He wasn’t in a big hurry. It was almost like he knew our schedule.” “He just moseyed through the

Council members hear complaint about parking By Jim Lauffer

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GOLD teamwork

One of the teams that successfully overcame the tarp challenge during the Jackson Elementary and Cambria Elementary Girls Only Leadership Development (GOLD) program on Saturday, March 30, was comprised of (front row, from left) Emma Ratchford, Alyssa Page, Abigail Reffner, (back row) Central Cambria High School sophomore Adrianne Kuhar, and Elizabeth Bopp. For additional pictures and a related story, please see page 6A. Photo by Jim Lauffer.

Because of members’ illness and travel, the Nanty Glo Borough council found itself two members shy of a quorum at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting held Tuesday evening, April 2. Although they could not conduct any official business, the two councilors in attendance, Michaela Markovich and Ken Smith, and borough Mayor Steve Szymusiak opted to hear the comments of two residents who had


signed up to address council during the meeting’s public comment time. Ray McGough brought no complaint to council, but rather offered thanks and a compliment. “I don’t have a problem,” he said. “I just want to thank the borough workers for the good job they’ve done this year. I say just give them the materials they need and let them alone.” He closed his comments by thanking councilors and the mayor for listening.

BVMA to St. Paul’s preschool teacher to retire after 21 years address customers’ inactive structures


By Jim Lauffer

of Mainline Newspapers

By Jim Lauffer

of Mainline Newspapers

The Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority has a problem. More than 60 structures owned by inactive customers remain connected to its water and sewer systems. These owners pay no monthly fee for their connections, meaning that they — unlike other authority customers — pay nothing toward the authority’s debt service or the costs associated with keeping the authority’s pipes open, its plant open, and its system available for use. In addition, the authority’s water and sewage connections add value to these properties, even though their owners pay nothing for them. Chairman Mike Pisarcik expressed his dismay over these inactive accounts at the meeting SEE INACTIVE, PAGE 4A

Since 1991, St. Paul’s Community Nursery School — one of the first preschools to open in the area — has provided a quality education to its students. For 21 years of the school’s 32-year existence, Ginny Hockensmith has taught those pre-schoolers. At the end of the current school year, she will retire from her position. Barbara McNamara has been hired as a teacher, beginning in August of the 2013–14 school year. “We want to make sure that people know the program will continue,” Hockensmith said, admitting that she’s sad about leaving the school that she has been part of for more than two decades. She will miss the presence of the school’s three- and four-year-olds. “Being around all these great kids is what I’ll miss most,” she said. “They are the highlight of my week.” In particular, she will miss doing crafts with them, putting on programs with them, and teaching them to love books and reading. “I love doing crafts. It’s fun to teach them how to explore art materials and to see their creativity explode,” Hockensmith said. Although she wants each young student to explore his or her individual creativity, she points out that even master artists began to learn by copying others. She tells her budding artists that there is a recipe for painting and shows them how artistic subjects — for example, turkeys and sunflowers — can be built and painted by combining simple shapes. Her “recipe” is apparently a good one, based on the pictures of sunflowers hanging from one of the school’s walls. Hockensmith also loves working with the children to present programs and act in plays based on books they’ve read. “Acting SEE TEACHER, PAGE 4A

Barbara McNamara (left) will begin teaching at St. Paul’s Community Nursery School next August. Ginny Hockensmith, who has taught at the preschool for 21 years, plans to retire at the end of the currect school year. Photo by Jim Lauffer.

Journal 04-04-2013  

Journal 04-04-2013

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