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Vintondale Borough appoints new mayor

After not having enough people available to conduct a meeting in April, the Vintondale Borough Council had a quorum to convene May 18.

The first matter on the agenda was to appoint a new mayor. The council had received and reviewed application letters for the position, and in a 5-0 vote, selected Matt Gresko as the new mayor of Vintondale Borough. Gresko will begin his term as soon as he can be sworn in and his background check has been completed.

Moving on, the council asked engineer Richard Wray if any movement has been made on the borough’s planned storm sewer project.

Wray replied that the Army Corps of Engineers contacted his office to request the status of the permitting, however, the application is still in the pre-permit stage with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

The application for the storm sewer project had been submitted manually in August 2020. In June 2021, DEP asked the borough to resubmit the application digitally. Since then, there has been little movement on the application.


Admiral Peary Vo-Tech

JOC votes on budget

The Admiral Peary Vocational Technical School’s joint operating committee held its regularly scheduled meeting May 18 to hear updates from the administration and vote on the proposed budget for the 2023-24 school year.

Before voting on the budget, the committee heard updates from the administration.

On the financial side, business manager Mike Revesz said that the school is in a much better spot than it was last year.

While there has been much talk of the budget being larger than it has in previous years due to many circumstances, Revesz is still pleased with the school’s current


In addition, Revesz told the committee about a new electrical trainer that will be installed soon. The school’s current electrical trainer was purchased in 2009. It can no longer be updated so the school needed to purchase a new one.

The trainer costs $42,000, but the school received a grant that will cover the cost of it

After the administrative reports, it was time for the committee to vote on the proposed operating budget for the 2023-24 school year.


Blacklick Township talks safety, updates

The Blacklick Township Supervisors discussed township maintenance and road work during their May 16 meeting.

To kick off the conversation, chairman Richard Miller said that state Rep. Frank Burns presented a $28,370 check to the supervisors.

In an ongoing process of receiving new street signs, the check presentation was the Local Share Account grant the supervisors received through Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development.

The money went toward the purchasing of new street name signs, as well as some stop signs. These signs are to be installed soon, and with that, supervisor Beverly Sherwood-Burns asked residents to be aware of workers.

“If I could just pass along for everybody to just be careful and watch when they’re out and about putting the signs up,” said SherwoodBurns. “Just keep an eye out for them. Keep them safe.”

In a similar vein, supervisor Dennis Zanin said that he has seen grass clippings on township roads, which is a safety hazard.

“That’s super dangerous for motorcycles,” said Zanin. “So, just a reminder: please keep your clippings off of the road. Blow them into your yard.”

Another issue township supervisors have been facing is the improper use of their dumpster.

According to Miller, materials such as shingles, plastic and tires have been dumped into their steel-only dumpster.

“Plastic is not steel. Tires are not steel. We only take steel,” said Miller. “We get charged for that, $2,500 from the garbage company.”

He noted that they’ve allowed use of their dumpster for years, and they don’t want to stop that allowance, so they ask that residents only


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