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Ebensburg denies street sweeper request Vol. 163 No. 2

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Ebensburg, Pa.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

of Mainline Newspapers

of Mainline Newspapers

Since the last Ebensburg Borough meeting when the council spoke about the possibility of purchasing a new street sweeper, the matter has been further discussed with Cambria Township, borough manager Dan Penatzer said at the Aug. 28 meeting. “We met again with the township and suggested to them that we just simply follow the terms of the existing inter-governmental agreement,” Penatzer said. The agreement details the use of the sweeper by the two municipalities. The machine is in the Ebensburg’s name and is supposed to be maintained by the borough as well. Cambria Township is supposed to be billed for its share of that work based on use. Penatzer said a log detailing use

Scanlan questions E’burg about lack of business Since 1853

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By Joshua Byers

By Joshua Byers

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At the beginning of the Aug. 28 Ebensburg Borough council meeting, Bill Shaffer asked why the borough had stopped doing business with Scanlan Electric Supply last year. “I don’t want to make this a sales call, but I want to know what we can do to bring the business back to small business,” Shaffer said. He claimed he had been told by other small business owners in the area that the borough no longer does business with them either. Shaffer said his goal in addressing council that evening was to try and fix the issue. President Doug Tusing told Shaffer that the borough is “very supportive” of small businesses. Tusing cited the council’s recent decision to remain a customer of Ebensburg Insurance as an example of the borough’s support. He also told Shaffer that the council doesn’t necessarily choose the vendors from which the borough purchases services. Tusing deferred to borough manager Dan Penatzer for further explanation. According to Penatzer, a few items contributed to the decision

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to cease business with Scanlan. He explained that prior to public works director Jeff Evans’ return, the borough was hiring Scanlan employees for some electrical work. “Some of it was electrical work that now that Jeff’s [Evans] back we’re doing that again in-house,” Penatzer said. Another point he made was that “some time ago” the borough decided to begin using what was in stock. Penatzer explained that the municipality has obtained various items over the years and kept them in the garage and basement, and instead of buying something new, the borough workers have been using what was already there, including water supplies, according to Penatzer. “We just ended up with, like, a supply house here of our own buildup over time,” Penatzer said, “so we haven’t been buying a whole lot of that stuff.” Additionally, he said the borough’s records show that it continues to buy from other small businesses, like Ace Hardware and The Long Barn. Penatzer assured Shaffer that the municipality is still buying locally, but he stated

YPCC bike rentals a County buys budget transparency software possibility SEE REQUEST, PAGE 5A

By Allie Garver

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At the Aug. 19 meeting of the Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority, program and communications coordinator Leanna Bird said she wants to partner with Ebensburg’s Young Peoples Community Center for bike rentals. “We’re going to try to apply for a mini grant,” said Bird. “The YPCC has said that they can use their front desk person as the liaison for the bike rentals so that there will be someone to pay and go unlock bikes for people. We’re looking at applying for 10 bikes to start out with: six adults and four kid bikes.” Bird explained that Ebensburg Bicycle has offered to donate bikes “at cost from last year’s model.” “It would be extremely, extremely awesome because they’re Fuji bikes,” commented Bird. The YPCC would be the applicant for the grant. The liability for the bike rentals would be something that Bird needs to look into with CCCRA solicitor George Gvozdich.

Princess for a year

Ebensburg’s Emily Kutskel is crowned the 2017 American Legion County Fair Princess by 2016 Fair Queen Rayn Oswalt during the ceremony on Sunday morning. Photo by Megan Riner.

By Ron Portash

of Mainline Newspapers

At the Aug. 31 meeting of the Cambria County commissioners, Eric DiProspero, of OpenGov, Inc., provided a presentation on the services his company could offer in streamlining the county’s budget process and providing better public transparency of the budget process. DiProspero said, “OpenGov, Inc. provides Cloud-based, easy-to-use government performance solutions to power more open, effective, and accountable government.” OpenGov, Inc. deals only with governmental

agencies. More than 1,500 public agencies in 48 states participate in OpenGov’s Smart Government Cloud to achieve better budgeting and improve reporting and operational performance, comprehensive transparency, and open data. According to DiProspero, OpenGov clients span from villages and boroughs to counties and cities, such as Allegheny County and the cities of Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. The commissioners look at this as a way to build the public’s trust during the budget process. County controller Ed Cernic sees this as a way for officeholders and the public to have real-time information about the state of the coun-


ty budget. Department heads and officeholders will be able to keep better track of their budgets, with data being entered daily. Commissioner Mark Wissinger stated that they have been talking about implementing a system like this for several years. The commissioners unanimously approved a motion to accept a five-year contract with OpenGov Inc. at a cost of $45,690 per year. President commissioner Tom Chernisky stated that the county will use its current system and the OpenGov Budget Builder and Intelligence software for the end of the year. It is hoped the new SEE SOFTWARE, PAGE 4A


I’m with the band

Central Cambria marching band members Logan Tremel, Elizabeth Less, Erica Kamiel, and Ryan Trostle prepare to play in one of their first halftime shows of the fall football season. Central Cambria is featured as the third installment of Mainline Newspapers’ coverage of high school marching bands. See the story that begins on page 1B of the second section of this newspaper. Submitted photo.

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