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Cambria County receives positive 2018 audit report

‘The county is moving on the right track’

By Kristin Baudoux

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The Cambria County Commissioners received good news at their June 27 meeting when the county’s annual audit showed positive results. Joel Valentine, of Wessel & Company, presented a summary of the results at the meeting. “We had very good results with the 2018 audit,” Valentine said. He said the county’s current ratio was 1.47, meaning that for every dollar in current liabilities, the county had $1.47 in assets, which he said is a strong current ratio. The county has seen growth in this ratio since 2015, when the county had a ratio of just .85. “The county has drastically improved that ratio,” Valentine said. As for outstanding debt, the county has paid down in excess of $3 million dollars in outstanding debt in 2018. The current level of outstanding

By Allie Garver

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Day at the pool

Prince Gallitzin State Park organizes invasive species boat checks

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When a species of plant, animal or insect ends up in a place it doesn’t belong, serious problems often follow. For instance, Japanese beetles, stink bugs, coyotes and a host of others cause environmental destruction and general nuisance for Pennsylvania residents each year. The rangers at Prince Gallitzin State Park are acutely aware of the problem and are running a program this summer to raise awareness of invasive species associated with boating. Assistant park manager Tim Yeager explained that their awareness program is on its third year and runs up to Labor Day. The boat checks are in coordination with a national program affecting the Great Lakes States, which are highly concerned about the health of our lakes and waterways. Boats are as effective at carrying foreign plants as they are at carrying people, and the rangers are


Kitner working on multimodal grant for Ghost Town Trail loop

Amanda, Amara, Romello, Evana, Lola and Ramir Sampson get ready for a day of fun at the Ebensburg swimming pool June 28. Photo by Kristin Baudoux.

By Jack Thompson

debt for the county is just over $42.2 million, down from a high of $58.8 million in 2015. In 2018, the county had an operating surplus of almost $2.2 million, which was down from $3.6 million in 2017, but up from 2015, when the county was operating at a deficit of almost $4.3 million. Though the surplus was down this year, Valentine said the county is moving in the right direction with its budget. “So again, the county is moving on the right track,” Valentine said, “very solid revenues over expenses.” Valentine said the county’s biggest improvement is with its unassigned fund balance. “This basically represents the reserve that the county has in place,” Valentine said. The balance is at $2.2 million, which Valentine said is good, but a county the size of Cambria would ideally have a balance of about $10 million

warning boaters of the risk of transferring various invasive SEE BOAT, PAGE 4A

Soaking up the sun

At the June 21 Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority (CCCRA) meeting, executive director Cliff Kitner said that he has been writing an approximately $3 million multi-modal grant application through the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). According to the DCED website, “the Multimodal Transportation Fund provides grants to encourage economic development and ensure that a safe and reliable system of transportation is available to the resi-

dents of the commonwealth.” “[This] is for the last 5.5 miles of the Ghost Town Trail loop,” explained Kitner. “I’m working on the budget portion on it now.” Kitner said that he is working with GAI Consultants on a cost estimate for the final 5.5 miles. GAI has done all of the engineering for previous Ghost Town Trail construction. This will give Kitner the most accurate budget. He added that once the budget is complete, he will ask for that amount of money on the grant application. “This DCED multimodal is a non-match grant, up to $3 million,” Kitner stated. “I’m pretty

sure we can do it for under $3 million.” The grant application is due by July 31. Also in regard to the Ghost Town Trail, the two mile portion from Revloc has been finished. “We are going to prepare, here in the near future, a ribbon cutting ceremony for that section of the trail,” said Kitner. Currently, the authority is waiting for a sign that lists those entities and individuals who contributed to the trail building. Once the sign comes in, Kitner said the ribbon cutting will be scheduled. SEE GRANT, PAGE 7A

Amy Endler, Helen Cabala, and Charlotte, Vivian and Evelyn Endler spend Friday, June 28, relaxing at the Ebensburg swimming pool. Photo by Kristin Baudoux.

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