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Vol. 166 No. 44

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Ebensburg, Pa.

Local municipalities anticipate COVID-19 rescue plan money

By Ron Portash

of Mainline Newspapers

Boroughs and townships around the coverage area are waiting patiently for the arrival of the American Relief Funds promised by the federal government. On March 11, President Joe Biden signed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package into law — The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The relief package provides $360 billion for state and local governments, with Pennsylvania receiving $13.722 billion. The breakdown of the relief package shows that the state government will receive $7.5 billion, including a capital project commitment of $279 million. Sixty-six of 67 counties will split $2.8 billion, and municipalities with a population of more than 50,000 will receive $2.3 billion. Philadelphia County will receive in excess of $1 billion in funding. School districts across the country will receive separate amounts of American Rescue

Plan funding under the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 also will provide Pennsylvania with $4.9 billion in emergency funding to support the long-term work of education recovery. Pennsylvania municipalities with a population of less than 50,000, which includes all townships and boroughs in the coverage area, will split $936 million. The funds, determined by population, for this area rank with a low of $13,248 for Cassandra Borough to a high of $562,855 for Cambria Township, with most boroughs and townships falling somewhere in-between. Half of the money for each municipality is estimated to arrive by the end of June. The second half of the funds will be allocated in 2022. Municipalities have until Dec. 31, 2024, to spend these funds. With all government funding, there are strings and limitations SEE MONEY, PAGE 2

Memorial Day fun

Addie and Ashley Staruch wear their red, white and blue for Ebensburg Borough's Memorial Day parade and ceremony held May 31. Photo by Allie Byers.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

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Pauline Reese (center), an RN and paramedic with Ebensburg Area EMS, is presented with her name added to the Plaque of Honor by association president Randy Radebach (left) and association vice president Daniel Brodish. Reese is the first employee to have her name added to the plaque, which is typically reserved for members of the board of directors. Submitted photo.

EAAA employees recognized during National EMS week

By Allie Byers

of Mainline Newspapers

Two Ebensburg Area Ambulance Association employees were recognized during National EMS Week for their dedication and commitment to emergency medical services. Pauline Reese is a registered nurse, pre-hospital nurse and a paramedic for the Ebensburg Area Ambulance Association. She has worked for over 30 years as a public servant. Reese has been employed in the emergency department, specialized trauma services and other critical patient care areas of local hospitals and trauma centers, even going as far as serving as a flight nurse and ground critical care provider in local ambulance agencies. Reese’s passion is to provide excellent and compassionate care. “Many words and thoughts come to my mind when I think of Pauline,” said Barry Blake, executive director of the Ebensburg Area Ambulance Association. “[She is] the most dedicated EMS professional I have ever known who truly and deeply cares about others and would certainly do anything within her means to better the life of a friend or stranger. And this, without any regard for herself or any repay expectations.” According to Blake, Reese will go out of her way to volunteer her time, spending countless hours at the ambulance station making sure opens shifts are covered. “Her humble approach and work ethic is impeccable and is an employee that every EMS administration would certainly want to have in their workforce,” Blake said. Reese is also the first employee to ever be added to the association’s plaque of honor, which was previously reserved for current and past board of directors members. Dennis Gresh was also honored for National EMS Week for his heroic action when he and his wife Amy, who is a registered nurse, were traveling through Winchester, Virginia. The duo stopped at Sheetz to put fuel into the vehicle when they were thrust into action with an unconscious overdose patient in the facility’s restroom. Both Dennis and Amy Gresh assisted police with airway control and nasal Narcan administration and maintained patient care and stabilization prior to and through EMS’s arrival to the scene.

Ebensburg EMS paramedic Dennis Gresh displays the letter he received from the Frederick County Sheriff's Office in Virginia for his and his wife's work helping an overdose patient by administering naloxone and performing CPR. Submitted photo.

“I find this so fitting and appropriate during EMS week to acknowledge these good people who, even on and off-duty time and with no obligation to do so, show the character of true medical professionals and the humanity to help those in need to matter the circumstance,” Blake said. The Greshes received an appreciation letter from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office thanking them for their heroic assistance. National EMS Week was celebrated May 1622 and is a time to thank paramedics, EMTs and the entire EMS workforce for their service. EMS Week is a way to raise public awareness about the critical role of EMS in the community.

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